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Largest consumer products company

Executive Summary

The study on this major FMCG and decorative elephantine trades with the advanced beauty advisers channel and the publicity of the beauty merchandises through this channel utilizing both the consumer and the channel publicities.

The information and audience go a long manner in increasing the gross revenues of the merchandises and heightening the service experience of the clients with the merchandise category and class.

The recommendations on the executing can increase the effectivity as regular reappraisal and monitoring of the channel is a must.


HUL once Hindustan Lever Limited, is India ‘s largest consumer merchandises company with leading in Home & A ; Personal Care Products and Foods & A ; Beverages. HUL ‘s trade names, spread across 20 distinguishable consumer classs, touch the lives of two out of three Indians. It was formed in 1933 as Lever Brothers India Limited. It is presently headquartered in Mumbai, India.

The company was renamed in late June 2007 to “ Hindustan Unilever Limited ” to supply the optimal balance between keeping the heritage of the Company and the future benefits and synergisms of planetary alliance with the corporate name of “ Unilever ” .Its mission is to “ add verve to life. ” The Anglo-Dutch company Unilever owns a bulk interest in Hindustan Lever Limited.

HUL ‘s trade names – like Lifebuoy, Lux, Surf Excel, Rin, Wheel, Fair & A ; Lovely, Pond ‘s, Sunsilk, Clinic, Pepsodent, Close-up, Lakme, Brooke Bond, Kissan, Knorr-Annapurna, Kwality Wall ‘s – are household names across the state and span many classs – soaps, detergents, personal merchandises, tea, java, branded basics, ice pick and culinary products.They are manufactured over 40 mills across India. The operations involve over 2,000 providers and associates. HUL ‘s distribution web consisting about 4,000 redistribution stockists, covering 6.3 million retail mercantile establishments, making the full urban population, and about 250 million rural consumers.

HUL distribution system ‘s focal point to enable easy entree to their trade names, touch consumers with a three manner convergence of merchandise handiness, trade name communicating, and higher degrees of trade name experience.

HUL has ever believed that distribution is the best path to link better with clients. Today ‘s consumer has many picks and comes across crowded store shelves. HUL wants to regenerate it distribution focal point to reach the client at the point of purchase non merely through merchandise handiness but besides trade name communicating and direct trade name experience. One illustration is the presence of beauty advisers who provide advice, information, trying and in shop publicities. they besides provide unrecorded presentations of the benefits of the merchandises.

The diagram below demonstrates the function of assorted service related facets like information and audience in beauty merchandises and services.

The Beauty Advisors, are the people most of import to the success of cosmetics line. HUL works with retail shops to assist choice people who will run into and transcend single gross revenues ends by custom-fitting merchandises to the single demands of the client while presenting superior client service.


  • Knowing in tegument attention and make-up.
  • Loves to sell.
  • Service-oriented.
  • Friendly and smiling.
  • Stylish and professional.
  • Proud to have on THE COMPANY ‘S superior merchandises.


1. Counter Gross saless

  • Meet or exceed day-to-day gross revenues end.
  • Behavior audiences utilizing charts, along with other tools, to assist find client demands.
  • Demonstrate merchandise systems.
  • Educate clients.
  • Meet clients ‘ outlooks

2. Business development ( pulling new clients )

  • Increase counter traffic by nearing clients from in forepart of the counter.
  • Participate with antagonistic staff in planning and put to deathing particular events/promotions.
  • Use Customer Purchase Records to follow up with clients via phone or mail.

3. Non-sales

  • Merchandise counter ( rotate stock ) .
  • Check in new stock
  • Take stock list.
  • Clean counter and examiners.
  • Attend compulsory educational seminars and other meetings
  • Keep the image

It is said that beauty lies in eyes of the perceiver. But you can ever heighten your natural characteristics by using some good quality make-up to look more attractive. In this respects, cosmetics offered by the Lakme, a taking trade name name in the field of beauty merchandises, are highly good.

Lakme is a popular name among all subdivisions of adult females.

Lakme offers big scope of merchandises runing from colour cosmetics to clamber attention precuts to hair attention merchandises. It offers merchandises for adult females of all ages. For illustration it has lip colourss and nail colourss which can accommodate all ages. There light pastel sunglassess to bright sunglassess to glisten sunglassess. This is the trade name even adolescents can utilize safely. May it be a on the job adult female traveling to office everyday or a traditional housewife ; there are merchandises to accommodating to the gustatory sensation of all sorts of adult females. There is particular scope of lip colourss specially designed for working, “ 9 to 5 ” , adult females who have no clip in a twenty-four hours to update their make-up once they put it over their faces. These lip colourss do non melt off or free their shininess for long hours and act as a long lasting impacter.

There are many particular occasions when we look for appropriate things to endow to the adult females in our life, be it your female parent, sister, married woman, girl or girlfriend. Lakme gift battalions are the perfect point in this respect. These gift battalions are the set of cosmetics which are normally used by the adult females on day-to-day footing. For illustration, a peculiar Lakme Gift Set may incorporate merchandises like one Lakme compact, Lakme Lipstick, Lakme Lip Pencil, Lakme Kajal Pencil and a Lakme Eye Shadow. Price scope of this set is really sensible and even discounted if you compare to monetary value these Lakme merchandises individually.


  1. On purchase of Rs 500-a decorative pouch free.
  2. On purchase of Rs 550-a glyde on oculus coloring material free.
  3. On purchase of Rs 750-a starshine lip rubric free
  4. On purchase of Rs 850-a clasp bag free.
  5. On purchase of Rs 950-a oculus shadow of nine to five free.
  6. On purchase of Rs 1500-a trousseau box free.

Major Observation:

Duing pujas most people buy cosmetics deserving RS 500 and hence the decorative pouch is more acceptable to them as they feel that they can take their cometics in it which is easy to transport, voguish and attractive.

It is besides seen that even if the clients are doing a purchase of Rs 650, but still opted for decorative pouch alternatively of the oculus shadow as because comparing between the decorative pouch and the oculus shadow they felt it would be better to choose for the decorative pouch than the non traveling uneven unattractive coloring material and besides by taking the former it would be perfect for their travel intents.

It was once more the same with clients who purchased merchandises of Rs 850 and they r still non accepting the clasp bag because they feel that the clasp bag is really little and they wont be able to transport anything in it, non even their mobile.Then they start comparing between the clasp bag and decorative pouch and once more opts for the later.

Those clients who are doing a purchase of Rs 750 but still non choosing for free star radiance lip rubric worth Rs 275for perfectly free because they feel that the free colorss are non traveling.

Apart from the coloring material job, some say that the merchandise is good, but unhappily, it looses its overall entreaty because the container is so non easy to transport and maintain.

Customers are besides of the sentiment that other rivals in the market like Revlon, maybellene, Nelumbo nucifera provides free lip rouges, nail colors from running sunglassess which enables them to take from a wider scope and thereby fulfilling their wants.

Customers are more interested in Revlon trousseau box as it is large, broad and it can transport many things whereas the lakme one is really little but good looking.

Pond ‘s is the taking tegument attention expert including a deep apprehension of adult females ‘s emotional demands. Pond ‘s besides believes that beautiful tegument will non merely do them experience complete and more confident in their visual aspect but will assist them to happen love and love affair in life. This is reflected in the new communications run by Pond ‘s that attractively integrates the “ Romance Realized ” in all trade name elements as it evolves through different phases in life. 1 ) Love affair Awakening for teens whose beautiful tegument will open doors to wonderful dating experiences 2 ) Finding True Romance for adult females in their early 20 ‘s who are in hunt for committed and true love and 3 ) Love affair Revival for married adult females who long for renewed love affair throughout their matrimony.

Pond ‘s is a planetary face attention expert that has a presence in 58 states including Asia ( Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan ) and the US – doing it one of the most preferable trade names in tegument attention. Pond ‘s utilizations state-of-the-art R & A ; D installations led from Pond ‘s Institutes at New York, Tokyo and Madrid, assisting it to make international beauty solutions for the spoting adult female. The Pond ‘s doctrine is based on the application of leading-edge engineering to face attention, and doing it suited for different tegument types.


1. OPT-IN Offer

a. Buy age miracle twenty-four hours pick of Rs 525/pump twenty-four hours pick of Rs 595 and acquire PAM [ Pond ‘s age miracle ] serum worth Rs 495 free.

The aim has been to try an evolved merchandise to a twenty-four hours pick user so as to enable it to construct government and alter the typical wonts of the consumers.

B. Buy PAM microderma kit of Rs 739 and acquire PAM mask of Rs 365 free.

c.Buy pool ‘s unflawed white twenty-four hours of Rs 399/night of Rs 449/lotion of Rs 449 and acquire a compact free of Rs 395

The aim has been to try the foundation pulverization to the pick user so as to enable it to construct government and alter the typical wonts of the consumers.

d.Buy Pond ‘s white beauty twenty-four hours pick of Rs 150 and toner of Rs 175 and acquire pool ‘s white beauty facial froth free of Rs 60.

The aim here was to advance cleaning, chanting, humidifying modus operandi.

e.Buy perfect matte oil control dressed ore of Rs 150 and acquire clear solutions pimple attention facial chaparral Rs 60 free.

The aim is to provide to younger Target Group at the counter.


  1. Buy PAM twenty-four hours and PAM oculus crem an get 220 off.
  2. Buy PAM twenty-four hours pick and PAM dark pick and acquire Rs 200 off.
  3. Buy pool ‘s unflawed white twenty-four hours pick and dark pick and acquire Rs 180 off.


  1. Buy any pool ‘s merchandise of Rs 495 and acquire a voucher of Rs 500 which gives free hair cut, facial, manicure and pedicure from LBS [ LAKME BEAUTY SALOON ]
  2. ON purchase of Rs 800 pools merchandises get a beauty barroom card of Rs 1000 which provides free seventh cranial nerve, manicure, pedicure, caput massage, skin purming and hair coloring.


Customers were more interested in barroom cards.

Customers were non so interested in opt in offers and gay offers as it was expensive.


1.Purchase of Rs 450-elle 18 lipstck

[ does n’t desire because the elderly clients do non like it because it isa really calendered… .they say it does n’t accommodate harmonizing to the conditions. ]

2.Rs 850-clutch bag

[ same bag that lakme offers and the same job ]

3.Rs 500-cosmetic pouch.

[ good sale.same ground as that of lakme ]

4.Rs 150-pouch of conditioner,

Major Observation

The elderly clients do non like it because it is really calendered. They say it does n’t accommodate them harmonizing to the conditions.


This channel to advance beauty merchandises is more on the lines of institutional channel which doubles up as a large purchaser semen adviser. From the following existent life service experience of AN John we can understand the same.

This Diwali, I had gone to a “ A.N.John ” , a construct hair-cutting salon, to hold a haircut. I was looking frontward to it, because I had seen the beautiful haircuts they had performed on my friends, and they clearly transformed the expressions of my friends. I was certain they would be able to make thaumaturgy on me as good! ! !

I called up and got an assignment. The monetary value surprised me, a cool Rs 500 for a individual haircut, my God! But so, my outlooks were farther enhanced- I truly wanted a new expression, for the monetary value I was paying.

I went to the salon in City Centre, on the bound twenty-four hours. The first thing that hits anyone who sees the shop is the glass walls- really clear and intelligent scheme to make craving in the bosom of the ladies so that they want to acquire a hair-cut from at that place every bit good. The atmosphere is awesome in the salon. Great music, and the odor is wow. It is highly clean, non a hint of hair on the floor. The shop has comfy couchs for people to wait on, and a scope of magazines to read. A scope of hair merchandises of world-reputed trade names are displayed, therefore farther heightening the experience. The best portion is the people who service you and cut your hair. They are pretty and cool, both the cats and girls- because it ‘s a unisex salon. They interact a batch with you, are educated and modern and after cognizing what you are looking for suggest you a expression. The best portion is that they ever assign a male hair creative person to a female client, as it helps to interrupt barriers faster, and its easier for a hair creative person to do an feeling on the opposite sex. During the hair cut they interact systematically with the me, giving me suggestions how to take attention of my hair and besides asked personal information like what I did, what places I visit frequently, etc.

The best portion was when the cut was over, I was looking really good, and my expression was wholly changed. I was happy, and the best portion is that, I was certain I will ever cut my hair here, and from the same hair creative person. Such was the impact the shop had on me! ! ! !

On the overall, I would rate the service a 4.5 out of 5. The single constituents can be given the mark:

Ambience/service scape- 4.5/5

Service given by hair artists- 5/5

Waiting time- 4/5

Customer centricity- 4.5/5




  1. Buy 1sparkling blaze twenty-four hours and dark pick of Rs 310 and acquire a twinkle blaze face wash free.
  2. Buy any merchandise of Rs 500 and acquire a gents wallet free.


  1. Purchase of Rs 1000 and acquire gilded China cups.
  2. Buy 2 enamel of Rs 150 and acquire a nail buffer free.
  3. Buy merchandises of Rs 1000 and acquire street wear decorative free
  4. Buy merchandises of Rs 750 and acquire an album free.
  5. Buy merchandises of Rs 450 and acquire a card holder.
  6. Buy merchandises of Rs 950and get a bracelet box free.
  7. Buy merchandises of Rs 1000 and acquire an umbrella.
  8. Purchase merchandises of Rs 750 and acquire a street wear comb set free.
  9. Purchase merchandises of Rs 2000 and acquire a trousseaur box free.

Here we can see that the clients are given an chance to choose from aange of assorted offers.Apart from cosmetics Revlon is besides supplying other uility and fancy points like bracelet box, card holder, umbrella and comb set thereby covering the full scope of a adult female ‘s demands.


  1. Buy 2 lip rouges and acquire 1 free..
  2. Buy 1 compact of Rs 150 and acquire 1 compact free.
  3. purchase for Rs 1500 and acquire a trousseau box free.


Buy 1 Lipstick and acquire 1 lipstick free of Rs 245

2.Buy for Rs 1000 ad acquire a trousseau box free.


HUL is keeping a dominant place in decorative merchandise. It offers good deepness of merchandise mixture and caters good to client ‘s beauty demands. However, long term sustainability of continued gross revenues growing requires certain alterations in selling attack. Some suggested recommendations originating out of this undertaking are

Better Store Layout- The best offers available on day of the month should be showcased in the show windows outside the shop to lure the clients. The company ‘s popular trade names or freshly introduced trade names must be placed at oculus degree so that it leaves an feeling in the heads of the clients as merchandise class leader.

Reaching out to customers- each client doing a purchase must be asked to make full up a signifier provided by the beauty advisers in which their names and contact Numberss are to be entried.

Every societal juncture or festival should be utilized to link to its loyal clients. Invitations sent to clients on these particular occasions would increase client trueness towards the company ‘s trade names.

HUL can establish some trueness programmes for the loyal clients so that these strategies strive them towards the purchase.

For illustration they can be provided with some priviledged cards which can be used during purchase and points will be added on each consecutive purchases.With these points they can either purchase merchandises of that value or they may choose for a price reduction based on the points.This service can somehow be similar to the green cards provided by Pantaloons, future cards or petro cards.

When widening the merchandise line loyal clients can be invited for a little party where free sampling of that merchandise can be done thereby making consciousness among them.

Customer Purchase Records can besides be used to follow up with clients via phone or mail.Along with these clients information can besides be sent to non users.this may convey in some new chances

HUL can besides offer some food market points as free gifts aiming the house shapers as Revlon does purchase supplying gilded China cups on purchase of Rs 1000.

Home demands like, Umbrellas, Emergencies, Tiffin box, hot flask, and casseroles can besides be provided by the company which would function as a one halt finish for beauty and common place demands.

Workforce Presentability- proper uniform would add value towards store uniformity and add to trade name value of the shop.