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Panasonic Company Analysis Marketing Essay

1. Panasonic Corporation ( Personal computer ) once known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. , Ltd was founded in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita and is headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. The company changed its name to Panasonic Corporation in October 2008. This is a Nipponese transnational corporation where its chief concern is inA electronics fabrication and it produces over 15,000 different merchandises under different names including Panasonic, Technics, Sanyo and Ramsa Professional Audio Systems. From the information given, Sanyo became a subordinate of Panasonic on December 21, 2009. It has been 82 old ages since the company foremost established and it has successfully grown to go the largest Nipponese electronics manufacturer. Other than fabricating electronic and electrical merchandises, Panasonic offers non-electronic merchandises and services such as place redevelopment services. Harmonizing to the Forbes Global 2000, Panasonic was ranked the 89th largest company in the universe in 2009 but it has dropped to 444th largest company in 2010. Besides that, Panasonic was besides ranked the sixty-fifth universe ‘s largest corporation by FORTUNE Global 500 and is among theA Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Gross saless Leaders. Today, the company operates in many states around the universe and employs about 384,586 people. Panasonic Corporation has been a proud protagonist of the Olympic Games for more than 20 old ages as an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Video and Audio Equipment class.

Panasonic is comprised of 14 concern sphere companies which have over 680 companies in the universe. This company offers a assortment of merchandises and services such as fabrication and merchandising electronic and electric merchandises, systems and constituents for consumer, concern, and industrial utilizations around the universe. The company besides offers picture and audio equipment, information and communications equipment such as security system, electronic merchandises, Internet-enabled equipment, flat-panel and plasma Television series, blue-ray phonograph record and DVD recording equipments, digital picture cameras, personal computing machines, and nomadic phones. Besides that, the company besides offers an automotive electronics, including auto pilotage systems, engine control units, and batteries. It besides produces place contraptions which consist of iceboxs, room air conditioners, rinsing machines and vacuity cleaners, java shaper, serve washer, micro-cook oven, staff of life shaper and steam Fe. Furthermore, the company manufactures, sells, installs, and provides services related to assorted merchandises that include electrical building stuffs, place contraptions as mentioned before, edifice merchandises, electronic stuffs, and mechanization controls. In add-on, it besides provides semiconducting material merchandises such as electronic devices, batteries, and electric motors for use in place contraptions, industrial equipment, and office merchandises.

In decision, it serves consumers, industrial and concern corporations, authoritiess and other establishments by bring forthing electric and electronic equipment, automotive makers every bit good as other machinery merchandise.

2. Panasonic is one of the universe ‘s largest consumer electronics makers. Its merchandises such as place contraptions are good known in Malaysia excessively. Let ‘s discourse about the macro environment such as demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural forces in with the company that operates harmonizing to the invested state. Demographic characteristic such as age, sex, matrimonial position, personal income, business and instruction are basic factors that affect the market of the merchandises in a peculiar state. As we know, merchandises demands frequently vary with the consumer age. For illustration, most of the place contraptions manufactured by Personal computer is frequently used regardless of age groups, get downing from the birth of a new babe which uses fans or air conditioner to a adult females who uses kitchen merchandises such as icebox. Besides that, gender has ever been the of import factor in the market of the merchandises. Harmonizing to the research, it has been found that adult females were buying the Panasonic Shaver as gifts for work forces in Canada. This suggested that the market marks females with the age of 35 and supra. Sing the economic sciences position of the state such as India, The Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association have said that the industry in this field has posted a 30 % growing in the first one-fourth ended March 31, 2010. While level panel shows registered a growing of 70 % , air conditioner gross revenues increased by 50 % and place contraptions concern grew by 40 % . “ Due to the great selling chances for place contraptions in Indian, Panasonic India plans to put around USD 30 million over the following three old ages to set up itself as a place contraptions leader in the state ” , as quoted by the Panasonic India Marketing Director Manish Sharma. Harmonizing to the information given, Panasonic India is presently the market leader in plasma and LCD TVs, with a 48 % portion of the 3.6 million-unit level Television market. Besides that, the level Television panel gross revenues have grown 250 % over the last twelvemonth, therefore reflect a really good consumer response in India. However, presently this Nipponese house is looking for methods towards increasing its market portions in place contraptions such as iceboxs, air-conditioners and rinsing machines while keeping its place as a prima Television player.A Furthermore, Panasonic India mark to earn 15 % portion in the rinsing machines market from the current 5 % over following two old ages. Panasonic is besides re-working on its pricing scheme. It wants to turn over out newer theoretical accounts, which will cut down the entry-level monetary value of other merchandises like place theater and digital camera. The monetary value is brought down by casting unneeded merchandise characteristics which may non be required in the smaller towns in India.

On top of that, Panasonic Corporation is non merely a maker for consumer merchandises, it is besides concern about the environment every bit good. As we can see, Panasonic strives to be a Green Innovation Company with a planetary position by advancing environmental activities defined by ‘eco thoughts ‘ Declaration which was issued in October 2007. There are a few activities that have been carried out by the company such as partnership with WWF ( World Wildlife Fund ) , ‘Lights-out ‘ Campaign, Tree-Planting Activities, Recycling Activities, ‘eco thoughts ‘ House, ‘eco thoughts ‘ Factory Modal Transportation Shift and Panasonic Eco Relay. Sing the recycling activities, Panasonic, together with Sharp Electronics Corporation and Toshiba America Consumer Products established Manufacturers Recycling Management Company, LLC ( MRM ) which is in charge of the recycling of electronics. Furthermore, this company has pledged to cut down its planetary C footmark by 300,000 dozenss by 2010. Panasonic has besides pledged to immensely increase the figure of energy-efficient merchandises it makes. To increase the energy efficiency of the merchandises, fundamentally the company focuses on bettering the power efficiency in usage and standby manners by reexamining the merchandise ‘s basic circuitry such as usage of advanced designed circuitry known as 3-Terminal Intelligent Power Devices ( IPDs ) . With this, the IPDs for the power supplies consequences in the decrease of approximately 81 % compared with conventional theoretical accounts. The IPDs besides represent a resource and infinite efficient bit constellation since everything in the modern universe is concerned with miniaturisation. In financial 2010, Panasonic Corporation has developed ECO NAVI ( eco-navigation ) functionality to increase the energy efficiency of their merchandises. Equipped with this map, air conditioners will optimally command the airflow volume and room temperature by placing the places of people, furniture, and the volume of sunlight for the most energy-efficient operation. The same thing goes for washers or driers where it conserves energy and H2O by spoting the sum of the apparels and how soiled they are. Other than that, the new theoretical account of US manner side by side fridge-freezers is an illustration of energy-efficient icebox. The engineering utilizing for this kitten contraption is Panasonic ‘s Inverter engineering. There are U-Vacua vacuity insularity panel and Twin-Eco Cooling System. Basically, they use a system of detectors and microprocessors to choose automatically from multiple possible power degrees, leting the merchandise to run on minimum power overnight and at times of low use, thereby conserving valuable energy.A With the advanced engineering implemented, the company has produced more than 445 ENERGY STAR measure uping merchandises which is more than any other manufacturers.A From the information given, this company has received acknowledgment for seven back-to-back old ages ( 1999-2005 ) for ENERGY STAR award.

In a political position, the company may hold to cover with the political interventions that may be practiced by different state. Harmonizing to research done, political systems of states affect the conductivity of concerns, for illustration some states may pattern Bolshevism while others may pattern capitalism political systems. For case, the UK authorities patterns capitalist economy in that it allows factors of production to be in private owned by the company and the authorities performs merely limited responsibilities that the private sector can non be executed unlike in communism and Bolshevism that stresses on group ends instead than the single ends. Fortunately, Panasonic UK which is a private belongings and have vast of capital has no limitations if the company insists future invests into that state. Besides that, the manner the company operates in footings of operating regulations of jurisprudence and ordinance is an of import factor that affects its selling every bit good. For illustration, how Panasonic Company trade with the legal regulations in the UK is of import because it can forestall struggles from go oning and will heighten the success of the concerns as good. The company is engaged in legal concern pattern of marketing electrical merchandises which consist of place contraptions, telecastings, high fidelity sound system that is permitted by the UK Laws and besides must hold with the jurisprudence stated by invested state excessively. Last, when covering with the cultural difference in different state, Panasonic provides different types of linguistic communications for the user manual in different states. Taking Malaysia as an illustration, the user usher for the place contraptions has two chief linguistic communications that are Malay and English while in Spain, the chief linguistic communication on the user usher will be in Spanish.

3. If I were the “ foreman ” of the Panasonic Corporation, I will continuously put in identifying and utilizing more sustainable stuffs and develop a new engineering with the purpose to bring forth energy efficient and environmental friendly merchandises. Through this, consumers benefit through energy nest eggs and lower electricity measures. Besides that, advertizement or run sing ‘eco thoughts ‘ must be done so that people have a clear thought on what is it about and possibly this may raise the consciousness in taking attention of our environment and present our energy efficient merchandises to them. Possibly, reexamining the unneeded characteristics that are non required in certain little town or state and thereby cut downing the cost of the merchandise so that most of the demographic can afford it is besides a good attack. Last but non least, I will farther put into large markets such as India and the Russian Federation. As we can see from the research done, India has a really good response in place electronic merchandises, and therefore, farther investing may the increase the growing of the company. The ground for taking Russian Federation as one of the investing state is because of its population and targeted consumer, where it has 141,927,297 populations and the ratio of male to female occupants with the age between 15 to 64 old ages is 0.92 % . This will be our targeted custormer. However, farther research on its economic and political position demand to be done if I were to put in this state.