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Analysis Of The Product Daddies Sauce Marketing Essay

Presents, vast of concerns in the universe becomes booming and some failure because of deficiency of cognition, information, particularly in marketing communications which we have to analyze how concern works insight before execution gets started. Harmonizing to the instance survey of Daddies Sauce demonstrates that Sauce is one of the critical merchandises that needed to hold in houses in order to heighten the favor of nutrients and satisfy clients most as there are many assortments of sauces available in the market but, It is non easy to go successful as H.J. Heinz, a planetary company who is taking in tomato sauce and brown sauce in the universe, known as Tomato Ketchup and HP Sauce. In add-on, Daddies sauce is besides owned by Heinz in 2005 but, has been overlooked in late.

In order to win, the followers of this paper is intended to back up the Daddies sauce to make clients, retaining loyal clients and becomes good known in the market by utilizing the tools of selling communications, media and etc in efficient manner yet, it besides helps to establish new run for 2010 to increase consciousness in community and mark audience with adept aim by compared with the old one.

Part 1

In the regard of a run called “ Dad of the twelvemonth ” by John Terry in 2009, a captain squad of England football who was chosen as a presenter of Dads sauce does non fit with his behavior where he late had a negative intelligence about matter with his teammate as it evidently affected to Brand image. To back up this point, BNET ( 2010 ) confirmed that John Terry who had an matter with Wayne Bridge ‘s married woman has a negative significance if compared to his award. Furthermore, the selling web log ( 2010 ) stated “ Daddies Sauce-that is the merchandise I wo n’t be purchasing any longer ” as he is a womanizer who ever does bad things in public. However, John Terry was taken out his captainship of England to Rio Ferdinand alternatively ( guardian, 2010 ) .

Therefore, I personally think that John Terry should non be a presenter of Daddies Sauces under the run as it seemingly contrasts with the trade name image because of his bad repute to consumers yet, besides lose loyal clients as I have mentioned before. Hence, that is non right to confer him with the name of “ Dad of the twelvemonth ” . On the one manus, he is a popular and has tonss of fan, in contrast, they should look at the background before they select.

Equally far as the Daddies sauce is concerned, it seems so difficult to happen Daddies in supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys and other food markets. But, there is still some loyal clients who are willing to devour the cherished brown sauce have written remarks on cyberspace recently. To back up this point, holding reviewed from ( Daddies Favorite Brown Sauce, hypertext transfer protocol: //www.dooyoo.co.uk/food/daddies-favourite-brown-sauce/reviews/ ) demonstrated that people here love to hold Daddies sauce, brown sauce alternatively of catsups as they prefer to hold Dads sauce with sandwich since it has a really typical feature, particularly for the spirit is lemony and non every bit fruity as other brown sauces yet, non excessively piquant and non excessively sweet of sugar. For illustration, “ The consistence of this sauce is great for sandwiches – I love corned Beef and brown sauce and a Bacon sandwich truly is n’t a bacon sandwich without a bead of sauce ” . ( Dove3066, 2009 )

Dads sauce is contained in glass of bottle and plastic which is non every bit expensive as others as it costs about 90 pennies. “ As this Daddies sauce is cheaper than most others and tastes better I will go on to purchase it. If you have non tried it I recommended you do! ” . ( reviewingqueen, 2009 )

In term of Competition, mass of rivals are in the market could be spread out into two as direct and indirect. Harmonizing to Ciao ( 2006 ) claimed that he chief rival of brown sauce of Daddies is Hp Sauce and Heinz tomato catsup for Tomato sauce even though they are owned by Heinz Company. For case, Coca-Cola has several favors such as Diet coke and Coke Zero which illustrates that even though they are in the same company but, still competitory as Diet coke likely tends to aim on female and Coke Zero on Male. Furthermore, Colman ‘s Mustard, Brandston and mayonnaise are besides

The state of affairs analysis

We must cognize where we are now which SWOT analysis is a important component that is needed to be used in the concern as it is supposed to analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and menaces since I must cognize the background of trade name first before I could travel on to new concern program for Daddies Sauce.


The Old trade name since 1904

Low monetary value


Lack of market research

bad repute late by John Terry as a presenter “ Dad of the Year ”

Not available in most of supermarkets



Undertaking 2

Before making mark audiences, we must ab initio see about purchasing behavior.

Harmonizing to Egan ( 2007 ) references that “ it is non possible to analyze what goes on in the consumer ‘s head because it is so complex ” . At this point, the behavioral paradigm ( figure 1.1 ) is briefly explained by Egan ‘s book ( 2007 ) that a ‘black box ‘ is what are in client ‘s head since we do non cognize much about it which those effects from the black box might carry to the future behavior as it could be seen below.

Figure 1.1!


Brief recommendations for Dads Sauce

New run for Daddies Sauce and scheme

From the analysis of the Daddies Sauce market and understanding the run procedure ( figure 1.2 ) is explained by Egan ‘s book gives me the thought to lend by making a new run in order to take to be good known in the market finally.

Equally far as the aims are concerned, the selling communications tool is a cardinal portion for carry throughing the aims by utilizing tools such as advertisement, Sale publicity, exhibition Public Relation and etc.

The chief aims of Dads are as the followerss:

Better the trade name image by altering presenter

addition sale

spread out the concern

assist kids without parents

To better the trade name image – a new presenter for Daddies Sauce would be Jamie Oliver, a 34-year-old British chef, known as “ The Naked Chef ” . ( Ervin, 2009 ) He late has launched a run called “ Jamie ‘s nutrient revolution. ” ( Ehrlich, 2010 ) The intent of altering presenter is to better the trade name image of Daddies Sauce. To do it wholly effectiveness, I suggest taking Jamie for a presenter demoing the cookery by utilizing Daddies Sauce to do nutrients go attractive and delightful through the telecasting and newspapers

Ad would be applied due to it is perfectly first-class to appeal and make tremendous people with a simple message. As a consequence, most of consumers are cognizant of merchandise quickly. However, apart from its capableness to make people, the chief functions of advertisement are to construct trade name values and to repositing by altering perceptual experience. Besides, the aim is to construct and prolong consciousness of merchandise or administration. ( Fill, 2009 ) However, Stuart et Al ( 2009 ) expresses that “ Doing concern without advertisement is like winking at a pretty miss in the dark. You know what you are making, but cipher else does. ”

.The chief grounds to unite are as followerss:

Easily acquire in touch with consumers with a short message

Many people love Jamie ‘s cookery

Consumers could to alter the attitude to seek Dads Sauce by following Jamie

Interesting and attractive

Become good known in the market

Increase the merchandise value

On the other manus, Powerhomebiz ( 2003 ) states disadvantages on advertisement on telecasting and newspapers are listed below in the tabular array:

Disadvantages in both of Television and Newspaper


Message could be forgotten easy

Limited the length of advertisement


In term of marketing communications scheme, Fill ( 2009 ) claims that the 3Ps scheme aids to make up one’s mind the aim and action program which 3Ps base for Pull, Push and Profile as each scheme plays in different function:

Pull scheme

Basically is to promote user clients as this attack aims demand to draw merchandises through the channel web. ( Figure 1.3 ) The promotional tool such as Ad, Public Relations, Direct Marketing and Sale publicities could be used to excite demand.


Tocopherol: ooksPe_ukPowerpointFill-pptFinalGifch12C12NF02.gif

Push scheme

This tactic focal points on Channel mediators in order to develop relationships and distribution web as it is intended to force the merchandises down via other trade channels towards the consumer or purchaser. ( Figure 1.4 )

Tocopherol: ooksPe_ukPowerpointFill-pptFinalGifch12C12NF03.gif

Profile scheme