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Assessing The Computer Industry And Production

Computers have come a long manner since their coming in the 1900s. Their size has greatly shrunk but their processing power has increased enormously. Initially computing machines were so expensive that merely the elect category could afford them but now they have become really low-cost for most of the economical categories & A ; are about a family point.

This has become possible due to the betterment of engineering & A ; legion makers providing computing machines doing stiff competition to increase market portion & A ; earn gross by increasing gross revenues volume therefore ensuing in diminishing monetary values of computing machines.

Furthermore computing machine makers know that computing machine theoretical accounts become disused reasonably rapidly due to rapid technological promotions therefore the turnover rate is high & A ; the client ca n’t lodge with 1 computing machine for excessively long & A ; would come back for the latest version hence industries can afford to sell at lower monetary values.

In order to analyze the monetary value finding of computing machines in a free market, we will hold to use the economic rule of demand & A ; supply to the computing machine market & A ; analyze the factors that shape the demand & A ; supply.

Law OF Demand:

Other things being equal, the higher the monetary value of a merchandise, the lower is the measure demanded ( Qd ) .

Law OF Supply:

Other things being equal, the higher the monetary value of a merchandise, the greater is the measure supplied ( Qs ) .

( Beginning: Ellie Semsar, talk notes, 2010 )

Sing these Torahs the decrease in monetary values for computing machines has increased the Qd/demand while on the other manus the supply has increased despite the falling monetary values because of multiple industries seeking to outcompete each other by cut downing monetary values in order to derive market portion & A ; therefore do net incomes by increasing gross revenues volume.

Now we will hold a expression at the different factors which shape demand & A ; supply & A ; use it to the computing machine market tendency of falling monetary values despite increasing demand.

NUMBER OF Manufacturers:

The competition in the computing machine market is ferocious with trade names like Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, IBM etc. seeking to outcompete each other & amp ; in making so driving down the monetary values. These manufacturers know that if they could capture a large part of the market portion they could do good net incomes even at low monetary values due to increased gross revenues volume.

Furthermore since computing machines can be produced in about limitless measures as opposed to natural resources, for illustration oil, that have limited militias on our planet, therefore the manufacturers can bring forth computing machines in high volumes that result in lower cost per unit. Thus they can afford to sell at lower monetary values.

The manufacturers know that computing machines are about indistinguishable to perishable merchandises as they become disused rather rapidly due to increasing velocities of newer computing machines. Hence they try to sell their stock every bit rapidly as possible by bit by bit take downing the monetary values with transition of clip & A ; so turn over out their newer, faster theoretical accounts.

The addition in supply could be illustrated by a graph as follows:

Harmonizing to the graph, as the figure of manufacturers increases the supply of computing machines additions. The extra supply drives down the monetary values that consequences in an addition in the measure demanded of computing machines.

In the longer run increased demand for the newer computing machines raises the monetary values of latest computing machines whereas lowers the monetary values of the old 1s & A ; that is how manufacturers get compensated for any losingss or lesser net incomes than desired.

Factor OF Production:

The factors of production include land ( rent, natural resources, metals, oil etc. ) , labour ( rewards, manpower etc. ) & A ; capital ( involvement, money, buildings/factories, equipment, assets etc. ) .

A lessening in the cost of factors of production consequences in an addition in the supply therefore diminishing the monetary values.

In the instance of computing machine market the cost of production has decreased due to:

increased mechanization,

switching of fabricating to take down labor cost parts of the universe e.g. China/India,

lower substructure costs/rents in these parts,

lower involvement rates/taxation to pull to foreign investors in the south Asiatic states etc.

Though this has caused an addition in the unemployment in western states but on the other manus it has reduced the cost of making concern for the business communities of these states ensuing in higher net incomes for them & amp ; as a side-effect assisting the economic system in the larger context.

Wagess ; for illustration the lower limit pay in UK is ? 5.80/hr whereas in Pakistan the minimal pay in tantamount footings is 25 p/hr.

Rent ; for illustration the rent for a standard 2 sleeping room house in London is ?1000 / month whereas in Pakistan it is ?100 / month.

Therefore the reduced cost of production of computing machines has resulted in increased supply & A ; in bend has caused a lessening in the monetary values of computing machines.


Technological promotions have revolutionized the industrial age change overing it into the information age.

The computing machine market epitomizes the technological promotions in the fabrication procedure every bit good as from a merchandise point of position excessively. Computers have revolutionized the concern procedures of all concerns & A ; are now a necessity for non merely concern organisations but for ordinary human existences every bit good.

The technological advancement has resulted in increasing mechanization of the fabricating procedure of computing machines doing progressively lesser engagement of manual labor for fabricating computing machines therefore ensuing in increased truth, productiveness, efficiency & A ; effectivity of the fabrication procedure.

Technology has therefore greatly reduced the cost of bring forthing computing machines leting the industries to sell them at lower rates & A ; have a competitory advantage over those who lag behind in the engineering dimension.

Furthermore uninterrupted research for newer engineering to do faster computing machines helps the manufacturers to do immense net incomes for the latest theoretical accounts.

Integration of webcam into laptops has made audio/video conferencing at a personal degree more convenient & A ; helps people save costs of international nomadic phone calls therefore adding value to the computing machine & A ; doing it more competitory against the replacements available like smart phones.


Population is an highly of import factor for any concern to thrive. A mixture of different age groups is besides really of import in a population. For the ingestion of goods produced, concerns need consumers.

As respects to the computing machine industry, with the addition in population the demand for computing machines has increased incrementally but due to a greater addition in the figure of providers & A ; therefore the supply of computing machines, the monetary values have n’t increased instead have decreased due to competition.

Manufacturers want to capture the market & A ; increase their market portion by low-priced leading schemes & A ; therefore make gross via increasing gross revenues volume. Furthermore due to the fast gait of computing machine industry & A ; shorter merchandise life rhythm of computing machines, manufacturers keep establishing latest theoretical accounts & A ; to unclutter the older theoretical accounts ‘ stocks, give particular offers/deals therefore driving down the monetary values of older computing machines but doing up for that in the latest theoretical accounts.

Computer MARKET Statistics:

( Beginning ;, 2010 )

The computing machine market has grown springs & A ; bounds since its origin. In 1975, the birth twelvemonth of PCs, 50,000 units were sold worldwide gaining a gross of $ 60 million. In 2005, 207 million units were sold gaining a gross of $ 301 billion which reflects the tremendous growing of the Personal computer market over the 30 old ages. However, in 2009-10, the no. of units sold increased to 301 million but the gross earned decreased to $ 300 billion which reflects the diminishing monetary values due to intense competition for deriving the market portion of this multi-billion dollar industry.

The following tabular array & A ; graph exemplify the tendencies of the personal computing machines gross revenues volume & A ; gross from 1975 onwards to 2010 & A ; forecasts the figures up to 2015 for the industry.

Leading Personal computer Manufacturers:

( Beginning ;, 2010 )

Dell & A ; HP are the two taking personal computing machine makers in the computing machine industry.

Presently, Dell is no.1 in USA ( 29.08 % market portion ) whereas Hp is no.1 worldwide ( 20.15 % market portion ) . Dell due to its direct selling via website became the leader in 2001 & A ; retained its lead in USA due to strong, developed web & A ; to the full developed concern theoretical account in the part but lost its leading to Hp in the worldwide context after the amalgamation of HP & A ; Compaq. Dell so regained its lead from 2003-2006 but HP once more overtook Dell in 2007 to go the universe ‘s prima maker & A ; has retained the top slot since so.

Dell is successful because of the concern theoretical account in which Dell has about no stock list to stock therefore salvaging the costs of storage every bit good as avoiding the hazard of stock list going disused before being sold & amp ; that is made possible by taking client orders straight from the web site & A ; mobilising the supply concatenation on an on-demand footing & A ; presenting the customized Personal computer to the client in the minimal possible clip. This consequences in cheaper monetary values of computing machines & A ; therefore more consumers can afford to purchase them. As the cyberspace develops in the 3rd universe states Dell would be able to perforate these possible parts more efficaciously in add-on to reseller distribution tactics employed in theses parts.


Hence, the computing machine market behavior of diminishing monetary values despite increasing demand makes sense after analyzing ;

the factors of supply like ;

Number of manufacturers ( a†‘ ) ; ensuing in increased supply & A ; lower monetary values.

Cost of factors of production ( a†“ ) ; ensuing in cost-effectiveness/increased supply & A ; lower monetary values.

Technology ( a†‘ ) ; ensuing in efficiency/increased productivity/increased supply & A ; therefore lower monetary values.

the factor of demand like ;

Population ( a†‘ ) ; ensuing in increased demand/increased supply for deriving market portion therefore lower monetary values.

These tendencies would prevail into the hereafter due to competition within the computing machine industry every bit good as from emerging replacement merchandises like smart phones / i-pad etc.