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The Issues Of Teenage Speech English Literature Essay

What is the first idea that comes to mind when I say the word adolescents? Is it that we ‘re responsible, smart, high accomplishing? No. It ‘s that we ‘re violent, out-of-control, egotistic or merely apparent rude. I know for a fact that this is non an accurate representation of who I am, or who my friends and schoolmates are.

Merely because the media bombards us, all the clip, with images bumping teens, it does n’t intend that we all act and/or behave that certain manner. I believe that the negative coverage in today ‘s media could merely be used to portray a minor group of teens.

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Good morning/afternoon Prime Minister, distinguished invitees and fellow Youth Representatives. My I am here on behalf of my school, Palm Beach-Currumbin SHS, and to give a voice to today ‘s young person. I will discourse some of the issues that face adolescents in today ‘s technological society every bit good as why and how they came approximately, although the chief issue I will be concentrating on is all the different elements that control and manipulate immature people from non merely today ‘s society but from past coevalss as good.

Every adolescent is different and an person in their ain right, merely the same as grownups. I think most adolescents are merely looking for intending in their lives and seeking to make a point of independency.

I am truly surprised by all the misanthropic and prejudiced premises most people make. As a adolescent, I ( and most of my friends ) strive to larn and turn, hold proper grammar accomplishments and make non travel off partying every dark. I hope that you, as unfastened minded, responsible grownups are able listen to what I have to state on behalf of my coevals and to give us a opportunity before you write us off as ‘stupid punks ‘ . For the most portion, if you respect teens, we will esteem you in return.

Every older coevals makes the claim that teens today are out of control, have no subject, are into offense, their apparels are eldritch, their music is noise, etc. It ‘s a subjective semblance that leaves no room for corrections. This is nil new. Older coevalss would wish to believe that they were well behaved teens and that offense did n’t be in their clip, but they ‘re merely gulling themselves. Obviously, it ca n’t be true that every coevals is acquiring “ worse ” , because that would intend the universe was a utopia merely 200 old ages ago, and history shows that it clearly was n’t. Socrates said that “ The kids now love luxury ; they have bad manners, disdain for authorization ; they show disrespect for seniors and love yak… , ” 2400 old ages ago, so did the universe somehow acquire better and so resorted back to the ways that Socrates has stated? In the 1950 ‘s teens defied their parents and society by following the rebellious tendency that was Rock ‘n ‘ Roll, the 1960 ‘s presented the universe with the ‘Hippy Era ‘ which created an addition in drug usage and unwilled gestations as a consequence of the Vietnam war, there was sexual release in the 1970 ‘s due to the creative activity of the preventive pill, which so led into the 1980 ‘s where teens were foolhardy with their relationships and therefore the find of AIDS.

The media can non show the universe to us, despite their averments of truth and world. The media offer us perspectives or selected positions of the universe around us. They construct images and behaviors to act upon their audience into believing their positions of what is “ right ” . So we are cognizant of what household life is like represented in a scope of telecasting soaps such as Neighbours and Home & A ; Away. We have knowledge of sportspeople through athleticss coverage in the imperativeness and on telecasting programmes. We are dependent on the media for our penetrations into what is go oning in today ‘s society and what it was like to populate in a clip before we were born.

This article I found was written by an anon. adolescent explaining:


What is incorrect with today ‘s teens is today ‘s grownups.

You used to wake me up, do my breakfast, pack my tiffin and take me to the coach halt.

Now – I get myself up, eat no breakfast, and catch a confect saloon for tiffin.

You used to be at that place when I got off the coach – you listened to my twenty-four hours. Then you went to repair dinner while I played with my friends.

Now – I come place to an empty house, allow myself in, allow the Canis familiaris out and seek to happen something to make to make full the alone hours until you come place from work. This unsupervised clip is the best clip for me to acquire into problem.

You used to listen to my jobs and rede me.

Now – You are so busy with your occupation that you ignore my jobs, and hope that they will travel away – THEY DO N’T

You used to take me on walks, bike drive with me, or swing me at the resort area.

Now – You buy me “ stuff ” , the best money can purchase, but you are n’t around to pass clip with me any longer.

We used to acquire up and travel out on Sunday as a household.

Now – It ‘s your lone twenty-four hours to kip in – so we do n’t travel any longer.

You used to take clip to train me – to care adequate to learn me right from incorrect.

Now – You ‘re excessively exhausted to be concerned about me and the individual I ‘m going.

I miss you – I miss the clip we used to pass together. Where am I suppose to larn about life, to larn about character, belief in myself, honestness, work ethic, subject and unity? ? ? ?

– Anonymous

Every clip you pick up a newspaper or watch a intelligence plan, you see another narrative speaking about how there something incorrect with the present twenty-four hours teens. After adolescents shot their schoolmates at Columbine High, Newsweek ‘s screen showed the face of a troubled adolescent that looked angry and unsafe. The headline stated in bold letters, “ The Secret Life of Teens. ” So what does everyone presume from this one incident? They instantly assume that all teens are concealing their true egos, which is really foolhardy and out of control.

Who writes this material? Have these editors talked to a adolescent recently? They make it sound like we ‘re all ready to blow up our schools with bombs that we built in our sleeping rooms. They accuse us of holding secret lives, but we ‘re non the 1s that are traveling around holding personal businesss with housemans so that Time magazine can print a cover narrative stating “ How the Scandal Was Good For America ” ( February 22, 1999 ) . That screen seemed to pardon President Clinton for his matter with Monica Lewinsky.

When a adolescent commits a awful offense, the media connects the offense with the adolescent ‘s age. They make it sound like all teens are like that. But when an grownup commits a atrocious offense, the media does n’t seek to do it sound like all grownups are consecutive slayers.

Adults talk about desiring teens to win but frequently they block the way to success. They wo n’t engage us because we do n’t hold experience. But how do we acquire experience if we are n’t hired for a occupation and given a just spell?

It is grownups who cut the instruction budget. It is grownups who make the determinations that leave us with tatterdemalion books, unqualified instructors and chairs that rock back and Forth because their legs are uneven. It is besides grownups who allocate more money to captives than to pupils. So why does n’t the media study how difficult it is to acquire into a nice college or how many hours teens spend a dark on prep and assignments?

So following clip an grownup asks, what ‘s incorrect with today ‘s teens inquire them, “ What ‘s incorrect with today ‘s grownups? ”

This survey ( shown on powerpoint ) by The Australian Leadership Foundation in January 2002 shows that the biggest divide confronting our society is non a gender divide, racial divide, income or engineering divide but it is the generational divide. For those of you who are involved in prosecuting immature people, like me, you must retrieve that the spread between us and you is invariably turning, teens today are the technologically savvy and globally connected coevals that is refashioning the image of the typical consumer.

The media, including telecasting, magazines, wireless, cyberspace and hoardings surround everyone day-to-day, sending messages about what points to purchase every bit good as how to move and respond. While the consequence is obvious among the grownup population, the consequence is even more profound on the adolescent population. The present twenty-four hours media has established a mark on striplings, act uponing them to smoke, imbibe, look a certain manner and dress a certain manner in order to be accepted by society even if you are excessively immature or it is illegal for you to make these things. We are described as ‘Generation-me ‘ , and the lone thing that of all time comes out of our oral cavities is ‘I Want ‘ .

Those of you old plenty to drive without an ID cheque might turn over your eyes. “ I was ne’er that egoistic, ” you say. “ Back in my twenty-four hours, [ insert epic narrative about walking five stat mis to school barefoot in a snowstorm here ] . ”

Holden Caulfield, born in 1951 at age 16, in the pages of “ The Catcher in the Rye, ” may non hold been the ‘original ‘ adolescent, but he was the 1 who introduced to the universe the construct of teenage problems angst, which is still strongly in attending about 60 old ages subsequently.

Possibly today there is n’t the same bang in picking up “ The Catcher in the Rye ” and reading Holden ‘s self-absorbed return on the universe. The thought is barely extremist or utmost any longer, non when most youth publish every minute of their lives on their societal networking sites such as Myspace, Twitter and Facebook. “ The Catcher in the Rye ” still held rebellious traits of some teens today such as imbibing, flunking/ditching school and avoiding parents.

Although in a clip period non long before this book was written, teenage-hood was much different. A miss was considered nubile age when her parents said so, this could be every bit early as 12. Most kids merely attend school until the 6th class, and so they were considered old plenty to get married and get down households. Teens normally worked in whatever type of concern their household was in, if your Dad was a shopkeeper, you worked in the shop. If your Dad was a husbandman, you would work on a farm. Normally by the clip they were 15 old ages old, they were get downing their households.

Elementss such as teens ‘ up-bringing, the media and past events all combine to impact on teens ‘ find of their ain individuality. The chief component being the media, as it is such a common portion of mundane life. The media has so become really controlling and manipulative in this modern universe ; the media shapes us and we shape it.

Today ‘s teens are traveling to be like everyone else who has gone through the teenage old ages. When you were a adolescent you likely gave your parents heartache and so, they would hold wondered what would go of the younger coevals. Now you are the older coevals and you wonder what will go of the younger coevals. We will finally be the older coevals and will inquire what will go of the younger coevals — therefore the rhythm continues as it ever has and ever will.


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