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Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems Essay

1. Name and describe assorted classs of e-commerce.

There are three types mentioned in our reading for this hebdomad. but. there are five that I can believe of. The three mentioned in our reading this hebdomad are concern to consumer ( B2C ) . concern to concern ( B2B ) and consumer to consumer ( C2C ) . There is besides peer to peer ( P2P ) and M-Commerce. B2C refers to concerns that sell to consumers online. such as Walmart’s web site. Fingerhut. and other’s section shops or online shops. B2B are concerns that sell to other concerns such as sweeping points. equipment. etc. C2C refers to consumers covering with each other. such as EBay. P2P helps people portion files and computing machine beginnings without interacting with a cardinal web waiter. M-Commerce is where consumers interact with each other with a nomadic device that could take to concern.

2. Compare and contrast electronic payment systems. What sort do you utilize most frequently? Which type is most applicable for organisations you interact with on a regular basis?

There are micropayments. which are designed for payments that are excessively little for recognition card payments. normally under 10 dollars. Digital look intoing enables consumers to utilize their checking history to shop online. Stored value payment systems allow consumers to do minutess immediately. such as with paypal. Electronic charge allows consu. Ers to pay repeating measures online. The 1 that I have used most frequently is PayPal and it is the type most applicable for the minutess I interact most frequently. I do non hold a checking history nor do I utilize recognition cards. The lone thing I do non like about utilizing PayPal presently is that they have changed some of their policies. which means I must wait a period of clip before having my money. but. when I make a payment through them it is instant.

3. Explain how internet engineering supports concern to concern e-commerce. Businesss can associate to their clients. providers. spouses and investors. makers. distributers. jobbers. service suppliers and end-users in a much quicker manner. It improves efficiency and may be more cost-efficient in the long tally.