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The Teach Less Learn More

The “ Teach Less Learn More ” ( TLLM ) policy enterprise was launched to promote pupils to go active scholars and take ownership of their ain acquisition ( Ng, 2008 ) . To this terminal, schools and instructors are to implement teaching methods to ease pupils ‘ larning procedure in this way. For get downing instructors, we may confront challenges as we try to implement it. Current instruction policies have been around for many old ages and it may be hard to carry instructor co-workers, school leaders and our pupils to alter their mentalities. This calls for everyone to rethink our attack to instruction.

Traveling towards Engaged Learning

Get downing instructors need to follow a wholly different larning paradigm ( Ng, in imperativeness ) . Alternatively of modulating pupils on their acquisition, pupils have to pull off their ain acquisition as they define their ain acquisition aims and undertake activities that lead them toward the end.

However, some pupils may excessively trust on instructors to supply the information. Students, particularly those at the lower spectrum are barely taking charge of their ain acquisition. They frequently require instructors to spoon-feed them with information and force them to larn ( Ng, 2008 ) . Thus it will be hard to prosecute them in active acquisition.

We should non be persuaded to spoon-feed information to such pupils, but merely provide counsel for pupils to develop their acquisition. Rather than stating all the clip, we can ease treatment between the pupils themselves. They are encouraged to join forces in activities to larn different point of views which can enrich their acquisition procedure and be in control of their ain acquisition. These activities may use much clip to implement in the schoolroom, something that many instructors lack. They frequently have to hotfoot to finish the course of study, with small or no clip to provide for excess activities during course of study clip. As get downing instructors ‘ public presentation is normally measured against pupils ‘ scrutiny consequences, we may be loath to concentrate less on consequences which straight determine our public presentation and work assessment.

Therefore, we need to introduce and make lesson thoughts which stimulate their critical thought and yet do non take up much lesson clip. We can originate or take part in coactions between instructors and other schools to plan advanced lessons.

Teaching to Excite Passion in Students

One major purpose of instruction is to excite passion in the pupils to larn. Teachers are encouraged to be after activities that foster active acquisition among pupils. However, as get downing instructors, we are exposed to the school ‘s course of study and feverish instruction agenda. We will be tempted to merely be distributing information to pupils instead than exciting their thought. As a beginning instructor, the challenge is to believe of advanced methods of learning that enables pupils to larn and creates a stimulating environment for pupils to reflect on what they have learnt. Eventually pupils will be converted from inactive receiving systems into active scholars of cognition.

Our instruction system emphasizes to a great extent on academic excellence. For the pupils, it means stand outing in scrutinies and they learn mostly for the interest of obtaining good classs in scrutinies. As instructors, we should instill them that instruction is about invention, develop rational wonder and seeking new and unseasoned paths toward academic success. Teachers need to excite passion in pupils to larn non merely to hit in scrutinies, but besides to wide their skylines and detect new evidences. As mentioned earlier, get downing instructors tend to learn pupils merely those content that is required for pupils to regurgitate in scrutinies. Therefore, we have to set our focal point toward learning to excite passion to pupils, through originative activities and schoolroom treatments, so that our pupils can accomplish academic excellence and at the same clip develop an enquiry mentality toward larning.

Focus more on the acquisition procedure instead than the merchandise

As get downing instructors, we are assigned a peculiar topic to learn. However, we should supply a holistic instruction for our pupils. In the thick of our lessons, we can leave certain values and ethical motives such as honestness to our pupils. At the opportune minute, we can besides permeate National Education values such as nationalism into our pupils. Teaching should non be kept purely within the capable content. When we teach certain topics such as Mathematicss and Sciences, we frequently show the set expression to obtain the reply. Though acquiring the right reply or merchandise is of import, we should besides concentrate on the procedure of acquiring it. We can promote pupils to seek alternate, new and unseasoned paths or do critical comparings between different processs. Similarly, when we pose inquiries to our pupils, we should non stress to a great extent on standard text edition replies, but instead promote them to follow an inquiry attitude toward the capable affair. We must apportion clip for pupils to reflect and oppugn their ain acquisition so they can develop rational wonder and accomplish a holistic instruction.


The thoughts of “ Teach Less Learn More ” may be imparted to get downing instructors in our preparation procedure, but to implement it in a schoolroom scene may turn out hard. We are exposed to past instruction policies as pupils, so it may be hard for us to alter our mentalities in our instruction teaching methods. The current educational success is still mostly determined by scrutiny consequences, which determine the degree of prestigiousness to instructors and the school ( Ng, 2008 ) . As get downing instructors, we must develop advanced ways of implementing TLLM teaching methods in the schoolroom that will enable our pupils to larn and progress in their surveies.