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Peace and progress


The Nigerian Coat of Arm has “ Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress ” inscribed as the national slogan. For several old ages the slogan was “ Unity and Faith ” . The add-on of “ Peace and Progress ” was a sort of response to a carefully thought out doctrine that brings out the best of the national aim and focal point. Peace is sine-qua-non to meaningful advancement and that is why it is ne’er expensive to seek peace at all cost. Advancement can merely be made in ambiance of peace. Unfortunately there are so many factors and issues that militate against peace in human community. So, peace should be sought at all times at place, community and in the state. The demand to hold peace at all times can non be underestimated.

Ocassional confrontation between the security forces and other stakeholders in university campuses is non unconnected with how both parties perceive each other. While the security work forces are seen as being less educated and excessively fanatic in the discharge of their responsibilities by both the staff and pupils, the security perceive the academe, pupils and non-teaching staff as chesty and undisciplined. The perceptual experiences of both parties are misplaced for none is right. Hence, there must be a manner to make via media and have better apprehension and perceptual experience of each other in order to advance peace and maintain security on campus.

What is peace:

Peace in the military palance, may be conceived as absence of war. This will be excessively narrow a definition for an academic scene. It would instead be defined as the being of conducive ambiance within the academic environment that is learner and worker friendly that warrants freedom, security of lives and belongings and devoid of torment, bullying, molestation or any signifier of menace or force. A peaceable academic environment will be calm, quiet, and lively. It will exudate brightness and be fascinatingly condusive for larning. It is the sort of state of affairs that the direction of the establishment will desire to advance at all times and by all agencies.

Stakeholders in Academic Environment:

Who are the stakeholders in an academic environment? They are persons and/or organisations that have a interest in what goes on in the establishment, either straight or indirectly. They include the staff, pupils, visitants: including parents and defenders of the pupils, friends and relations of staff and pupils, functionaries of other educational establishments or bureaus, contractors working for the establishment, etc. The list is about inexhaustive, but we can restrict ourselves to those that are most concerned when security becomes an issue. These are the pupils ( full-time and parttime ) , staff ( academic and non-teaching ) and visitants. Security of lives and belongings of these stakeholders is of paramount importance to the disposal as absence of it spells day of reckoning for the continued being of the constitution, talkless of the advancement of such an establishment.

Features of the Nigerian Universities Security Outfit:

The Security Department of any Nigerian university is normally staffed with trained, certified and chiefly discharged officers from some of the military and paramilitary governmental bureaus and establishments charged with the authorization to keep order, continue peace, investigate offenses and do apprehensions as held by other province security officers. The section enforces federal, province and local Torahs every bit good as University ordinances and operates 24 hours to supply protection and service to the university community. The section is committed to the bar of offense and the protection of life and belongings ; the saving of peace, order, and safety ; the enforcement of all Torahs and regulations ; and the safeguarding of the community members ‘ constitutional warrants.

The Department works closely with the other province and federal jurisprudence enforcement bureaus to accomplish the larger end of care of peace and security of lives and belongings in the state. The section is guided in its activities by the spirit of common regard, equity, and gracious intervention of individuals in the campus community. In some of the establishments, the security section is to the full portion of the constitution with all the staff on the pay-roll of the university. While in others, peculiarly in some private universities, they are staff of the security bureau that undertakes the contract tomaintain peace and security on campus. Normally they are equiped with some pieces and they appear in unvarying peculiar to their administration or the university for easiness of designation. Staff and pupil members are accountable to the community and are expected to conform to community criterions and outlooks. It is of import that security forces are flexible, independent minds and are tolerant of assorted public attitudes and different types of behaviours. In kernel, every sensible attempt should be made to decide conflicting interpersonal state of affairss by treatment and ground.

rPeculiarity of University Community: :pon petition, this publicationis available aomat. FormProviding security to staff, pupils and visitants in a university is unambiguously different from making so for any other constitution. The fact is that University community parades the largest group of extremely enlightened persons with varied cognition and backgrounds. They mostly know what their rights and duties are and they expect highlevel of understanding from those they work with. Very frequently there are face-off between staff and security forces on one manus and between pupils and security forces on the other.

The security officers of the university should endeavor to better service the University Community. The end should be to construct a solid relationship with pupils, module, staff, and decision makers as they provide plans and developing on safety consciousness embracing the campus and environing community. They should hold a vision of a safe and unafraid university environment, with hands-on community security which delivers the highest degree of professional security service to all University employees, pupils, and visitants. They should hold a mission of working diligently, efficaciously and hand in glove with other federal, province or local jurisprudence enforcement bureaus and give the uttermost regard to the campus community, maintaining its safety and good being at the head of their attempts at all times.

Campus security and safety are of import issues at universities today. Supplying pupils countrywide with a safe environment in which to larn, and maintaining pupils, parents and employees good informed about campus security are ends that have been voiced by many groups. ( Hart and Weltz, 2007 ) .

Theft, loss of belongings and other signifiers of offense on campus are major concerns today. Universities invest 1000000s of naira in security engineering with the purpose of increasing security, protecting pupils and staff, and deciding security issues. This engineering includes burglar dismaies, fire protection systems, picture surveillance, entree control systems, and invasion sensing devices. Technology, in the custodies of competent and capable security officers, can cut down offense, cut material losingss, and maintain people safe. But maintaining security staff trained on separate, stand-alone systems can be ambitious, and must be addressed as portion of broader campus security aims. ( tac, 2006 ) .

The cardinal systems of security are invasion sensing, entree control, and picture surveillance. If each of these systems is purchased individually, disposal and preparation can burthen a university ‘s resources. The safety of pupils, staff and visitants on college and university campuses is the duty of security officers who must pay close attending to the topographic points where people spend most of their clip, such as halls of abode, schoolrooms, talk halls, libraries and offices. But campuses consist of more than these edifices. A school might be home to sensitive research undertakings that require restricted entree and closer examination. A campus besides might hold other installations that warrant particular watchfulness: research labs with valuable informations, libraries with rare volumes, museums with valuable and historically important artefacts, and walls and corridors dotted with athletic trophies, pictures or sculptures. Furthermore, college and university campuses are place to 1000s of pupils hours a twenty-four hours. As residential and work communities likewise, campuses are dynamic environments with changeless activity. As a consequence, an effectual campus security plan must turn to the protection of pupils, module, staff, and the safeguarding of campus belongings and installations from harm or loss. ( tac, 2006 ) .

1 Burglaries, sale and usage of difficult drugs, slaying, aggravated assaults ; sexual assaults, incendiarisms, illegal ownership of fire weaponries are the major signifiers of offense on the Nigerian university campuses. The dimension and magnitude of the happening of these offenses may be hard to cognize as many of them are non reported peculiarly as the activities of cult groups and country male childs are overriding. Security of lives and belongings therefore remains a critical concern for university decision makers. Hence a big sum of budget is being spent on a assortment of engineering and equipment to increase campus safety and protect belongings.

Electronic Security System:

Electronic security system is bit by bit deriving impulse in its usage and application inthe Nigerian universities. It has to make with the application of engineering to efficaciously cut down offense and protect people and belongings on campus. Regardless of the size of the campus, its location or the degree of security hazards that need to be addressed, its indispensable constituents of invasion sensing, entree control, and picture surveillance are extremely effectual, though expensive, in usage in the custodies of competent and capable security Line

Scheme to Maintenance of Peace and Security on Campus:

It is of import that establishments and section in-charge of security on campus designs guidelines as to the procedure of describing condemnable activity or other exigencies on the campus, procedure of look intoing reported instances of infringements/violations, entree to the usage of university installations by stakeholders, intitution of safety and security processs with the full support of the pupils, module, staff, and visitants of the university community, maintains a concerted relationship with all other Federal, State, and local jurisprudence enforcement bureaus.

Creation of Awareness by the Security Department:

The University Campus Security Department speaks to all incoming pupils at orientation for the new consumptions, doing them cognizant of how to reach Campus Security and of the importance of describing condemnable activity. Additionally, Campus Security forces besides give verbal offense bar tips to pupils on an informal footing, promoting them to near Security with information about offense on campus.

It is besides ( as specified in inside informations by the Chicago State University ) the duty of the security section to edify stakeholders on personal security, office and vehicle security tips, security in halls of abode, telephone tips, safety while driving, protection against assault, auto security, good security wonts and how to reach security on campus.

Security on Campus:

The overall safety of the establishment requires the active cooperation, aid and support of the full campus community. Safety and the turning away of offense are community issues and/or non limited to the Security Department. The section serves to keep a safe campus environment and assumes duty for affairs affecting major incidents and/or hurts. The general bar, sensing and enforcement of processs to place jeopardies, assess grades of exposure, mitigate hazards and specify exigency responses are the duties of the Department of CampusSecurity. It is the map of the section to minimise chances and conditions which nurture or result in offense or safety jeopardies by the development and execution of proactive bar and review plans and stoping pes and motorized patrol. The map of the campus community is to see their behaviours and deter inappropriate activity.

Access and Security of Facilities:

University installations exist to back up the establishment ‘s chief maps of instruction, research and service. In add-on to schoolrooms, research labs and offices, the University has lodging, nutrient service, diversion and sports, administrative support, care and public-service corporation installations. As a public establishment, the University by and large seeks to keep unfastened entree to its installations, but it maintains and regularly exercisings the right to curtail entree to installations. For illustration, entree to service, care, public-service corporation and office installations are restricted for safety and operational grounds, and entree to student lodging installations is limited to occupants and invited invitees. In cases where a individual, through his/her anterior action, has demonstrated an inability or involuntariness to carry on him or herself in agreement with University policy or applicable jurisprudence, that individual can be denied entree to all University installations.

Crime Prevention:

As portion of their patrol duties, Campus Safety officers report fixs needed for exterior lighting. Students and staff are besides asked to describe exterior illuming lacks or other needed fixs. To better nighttime visibleness, trees, bushs, and other flora on campus are trimmed. Surveies of campus installations, including lighting, are to be conducted sporadically.

Enlightenment Programmes on Security on Campus:

Student Programs. All new pupils attend summer orientation, which includes a seminar by Campus Safety Officers on campus offense, policies, and offense bar. Freshman/transfer pupil seminars are visited by Campus Safety officers who speak on sexual assault, intoxicant and offense bar.

Employee Programs. Like new pupils, new module and staff that attend an orientation session will have information on offense on campus, policies and offense bar by Campus Safety Officers. These officers besides speak with module and staff groups and office countries yearly on safety, security and crisis planning. Booklets and other stuffs associating to offense bar and offense consciousness are distributed at these presentations and at information centres throughout campus. Attend seminars, which will better inform you of your options. Ask inquiries.

College and university campuses, like any busy vicinity, are non exempted from offense. BUT, pupils, module and staff can do this particular community a safe topographic point to populate, larn and work by taking common-sense safeguards, being watchful, and looking out for others.


Students have high outlooks when they select a college or university. They require a quality instruction and campus experience at a sensible cost. State-of-the-art installations, safety and security are of primary concern. In order to run into lifting outlooks within this cost-sensitive market, colleges and universities must put sagely in their installations as a strategic plus to enroll pupils and pull module and staff. Fortunately, new edifice direction solutions are able to increase campus security while besides maximising energy efficiency and public presentation. This leads to a decrease in operating costs and enables resources saved to be reallocated within the budget to new plans for pupils. Technology must work efficaciously as a tool for well-trained security staff.


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