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The Level Of World Urbanization Environmental Sciences Essay

As province by the United Nations, there will be more and more people will traveling to remain in the urban countries instead than the rural 1. The degree of universe urbanisation will increase from 50 % in 2009 to 69 % in 2050.

And because of this population, there are many urban metropoliss in the universe are confronting jobs of urban heat island and besides deficiency of verdure infinite. By this opportunity, there are several ways that can be created by the residential as an enterprise to acquire the better quality of life in their environment.

Whatever it does, there is a must that people have to happen out the solution to diminish and forestall the environment crisis instead than go on fighting for endurance without sustainable planning for future. To forestall the environment crisis, it is sensible that the solution must be start from the densest population country because of the environment quality there which is the urban country. So that, in order to better the environment quality, the urban agribusiness patterns have to be done where at the same time to the higher criterions of life style. The combinations between the higher criterions and the betterment in agribusiness engineering, the little part of agribusiness have been created ( Razak and Roff, 2007 ) . Harmonizing to Mougeot ( 2006 ) , some of the metropoliss have taken the alternate to heighten sustainability by bettering urban verdure and advancing the urban agribusiness of farming. This can be said that the community which with the densest population should affect in the urban verdure by advancing the urban agribusiness of agriculture.

To better the quality of environment and community relationship, the community garden can be created and by that, it is possible to accomplish environmental, societal and economic sustainability for the edifices in urban metropoliss because it can lend to the extenuation of environmental jobs, sweetening of community maps and development of urban nutrient systems ( Bay Localize, 2007 ; Canadian CED Network, 2007 ; Kisner, 2008 ; Kortright, 2001 ; Lim and Kishnani, 2010 ) . The community garden should follow the guideline of the urban agribusiness and the jurisprudence of land in Malaysia.

Urban agribusiness is an activity which apply intensive production methods, and ( rhenium ) utilizing natural resources and urban wastes, to give a diverseness of harvests and farm animal which can be state that it produces, procedures, and markets nutrient and other merchandises, on land and H2O in urban and peri-urban countries ( United Nations Development Program, 1996 ) . By pattern the agribusiness activities, it can heighten the value and quality of life, which in footings of economic, sociocultural facets by turning the workss and animate beings utilizing assorted, so that it can go the assortment infinites in urban country particularly in residential country where they need this nutrient supply ( Viljoen, Bohn and Howe, 2005 ; Mougeot, 2006 ) .

In this topical survey, it is more focusing in the planing a community garden by utilizing the rule of urban agribusiness and use the engineerings which can be pattern in the compact country. Because of the critical position in the urban country, it is the well patterns for the local people to aware about the environment. The site for this proposal will be in the residential country, where people who live in the compact country need the green infinite where they can fresh up themselves from the low quality environment and at the same clip, they can acquire the fresh nutrient particularly the veggies and fruits from their ain community farm.

1.2 Issue and Problem Statement

Presents, the urbanisation in Malaysia has addition to 51 % comparison to the rural country. The largest population is in Kuala Lumpur where up to 1.6 million ( S. Abd Razak and M. N. Mohamad Roff, 2007 ) . Due to the higher criterions of life in urban countries, where can be combined with the betterment in agribusiness engineering, the little part of agribusiness can be done in residential country and besides the commercial country. The population have move towards the bring forthing their ain nutrient merchandise because the high cost of life and besides the population growing with the alterations in their life style.

Table 1.2: The tabular array shows the population by the territory in 2010.



2010 population

Area ( )



Petaling Jaya

1, 812, 633


Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya ( portion of Greater Kuala Lumpur )


Kuala Lumpur

1, 674, 621


Kuala Lumpur


Johor Bahru

1, 386, 569

1, 865

Johor Bahru, Pasir Gudang


Hulu Langat

1, 156, 585


Kajang, Cheras, Ampang

( Malayan General Census, 2010 )

The tabular array shows the highest population in Malaysia which is ranks up by Petaling Jaya and followed by Kuala Lumpur. It can be seen that the highest population in the little country. The country that has the highest population is in the high life criterions country. This country has possible to patterns the urban agribusiness.

For the environmental issue, Malaysia has confronting the pollution, particularly the air and H2O pollution. By practising the urban agribusiness, it can cut down the impact by turning urban wastes into a productive resource.

In many metropoliss, local or municipal enterprises exist to roll up family waste and organic garbage from vegetable markets and agro-industries in order to bring forth compost or animate being provender. Quality compost is an of import input that can bring a good monetary value. Less chemical fertilisers will be use by using the compost and besides forestalling jobs related to the taint of groundwater. It besides provides income to the urban hapless ( Resource Centers on Urban Agriculture and Food Security, 2005 ) .

1.3 Research inquiry

I. How the urban agribusiness give consequence to the environment quality?

two. What type of engineerings that can be use in urban agribusiness which give less impact to the environment?

three. How to use the design layout of urban agribusiness without upseting the bing layout of the compact country?

1.4 Scope of the Study

This survey was boundary line to the using the design layout, researching the sustainable engineering and uniting both boundary line into the design that I can derive some apprehension and happen joy in survey the urban agribusiness and the hope this part will do the betterment in term of the economic system and besides the environment.

The chosen site is around the Petaling Jaya, where it is the highest population in Malaysia. The pick of the site was doing due to the concentration of the country. It is tight with the residential and commercial country and because of this ground it has possible to be developed to the urban agribusiness by using the sustainable engineering to the urban husbandmans.

In add-on, the survey will concentrate on the people who work in the large metropolis and want to cut down their life cost due to the higher criterions populating in the urban country. It will assist them to cut their cost and utilize the fresh veggies or fruits instead than they buy it from the market. Peoples tend to be populating in the wellness environment when surrounded by the green country even in the little part because it helps them to breath healthily.

1.5 The Aim of the Research

The purpose of the survey is to analyze and use the design rule of the urban agribusiness in the urban country by using the sustainable engineering into the design. Resulting the rule design and the engineering, it might be possible to make a better and healthy life infinite that people feel ideal which at the same time can cut down their life cost and better their environment quality.

1.3.1 The Objective of the Research

The aims of the research are:

I. To research the sustainable engineering that can be patterns in urban agribusiness. two. To analyze the design planning of urban agribusiness in residential country.

1.6 Significance of the Study

This survey will give us profit on how of import the urban agribusiness towards the large metropolis such as Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. On the other manus, it can assist to plan the interesting design layout instead than the typical layout for agribusiness planning. In add-on, the urban agribusiness besides portion of the urban ecological system and can play the of import function in the urban environment direction system.

1.7 Development of Research Methodology

This subdivision is demoing the research methods and processs for the survey, the content of the research country summarized by each phase show as below.



Scope of Study


Phase oneObjective

Literature Review

The Urban Population

The Urban Residential

The Community Garden

The Principle of Urban Agriculture

Phase two

Phase threeReference and Case Study

Phase fourAnalysis, Finding and Discuss

Phase fiveRecommendation and Decision

1.8 Study Outline



Chapter 1

Introduction of the survey

This chapter will give a basic position and understanding about the statement of background of survey, the issues and jobs of urban community garden with the relationship of urban population and urban residential at the same time with the range of the survey, research inquiry, purpose and aims. A development of research methodological analysis and the important of the survey will be presented in the chapter every bit good.

Chapter 2

Literature Review

This chapter will discourse about the deep survey of the urban population, urban residential and the issue of deficiency of infinite. Then it will cover the definition and the rule of the urban agribusiness as one of the solution on how to work out the job in urban country particularly in the residential country. Other than those, it will besides present some of the new engineerings that can be use in urban agriculture that has late been developed.

Chapter 3

Case and Reference Study

This chapter will discourse about some current instance and mention surveies about urban agriculture that aid to cut down their cost life, better better environment with the engagement of the community. Some mention on a green roof agriculture to be inspiration to develop a community garden.

Chapter 4

Analysis, Finding and Discussion

This chapter will analyse between two mention surveies by comparing, harmonizing to the old chapter, the treatment will utilize to develop design guideline and survey theoretical account for community garden in urban residential.

Chapter 5

Recommendation and Decision

This chapter will explicate more about design guideline and develop design. Those accounts will be based on old analysis and findings. Then is the terminal of the whole study.