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September 13, 2017
September 13, 2017
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Is There Any Evidence For Paranormal Phenomena Environmental Sciences Essay

In this introductory portion, we would wish to happen out if there is any scientific grounds for the being of extrasensory phenomena. We will seek to happen this out by utilizing the aid of cyberspace, books, documents, universities etc.

In decision, we are traveling to reduce down our research to one topic that we think is interesting and possible for us to look into.

Our first measure is to split the extrasensory facets into several topics. Following, we will happen a precise definition. Finally, we will seek to happen out if there is any scientific grounds.

In extrasensory footings, magnetic attraction describes a critical fluidum that can be passed through by the human custodies. This fluidum can be used for mending intents. In scientific discipline and biological science, magnetic attraction ( like from magnets ) does hold some sort of influence on the human and carnal encephalon. It is said that the migration of animate beings is caused because animate beings can feel magnetic Fieldss on Earth, hence can find where they should be traveling with the alteration of seasons.

Magnetism influences parts of the encephalon. This causes bogus thoughts of paranoia, the persecution composite, motion and so on.

1774: Mesmer, an German doctor and astrologer who discovered “ carnal magnetic attraction ” produced an “ unreal tide ” in a patient by holding her sup a readying incorporating Fe, and so attaching magnets to assorted parts of her organic structure. She reported experiencing watercourses of a cryptic fluid running through her organic structure and was relieved of her symptoms for several hours. Mesmer did non believe that the magnets had achieved the remedy on their ain. He felt that he had contributed carnal magnetic attraction, which had accumulated in his work, to her. He shortly stopped utilizing magnets as a portion of his intervention.

Muncaster Castle 2009: Muncaster Castle in England is celebrated for its celebrated ghost-stories. Peoples claimed to hold seen unusual shadows during their visits at the palace, and some people even say they got chased by by the “ shades ” . a group of brain doctors, psychologists and experts ( newscientistA© ) examined the palace with sensitive magnetic attraction metres, and in the divider moquette chamber the metre went brainsick. The metal grating under a mattress appeared to upset

the normal magnetic Fieldss in the room. This perchance supports the theory that there is a nexus between magnetic Fieldss and unusual experiences.

A§ 1.2 Mending

Related to magnetic attraction. Healing is used for allowing mending energy flow from one homo organic structure to another human organic structure. The whole organic structure is used and the therapist will non be tired after mending, in contrast to magnetic attraction.

1988: Psychologist Hans Attevelt experimented with asthma patients. Half of the patients were treated from a distance by professional therapists at several times. The patients themselves did notknow whether they were treated or non. The absence of a therapist did n’t look to hold a disadvantageous impact on the trial consequences.

1988: A 2nd similar trial was done by the same psychologist. This clip, he tested the influence of mending on blood force per unit area. Again, there was no difference between the trial group with, and without the healing.

2001: A university in England gathered people enduring from chronic strivings. This clip, the trial individuals could really see the “ therapist ” . One portion of the group was treated by a existent therapist, and the other portion by some random individual who merely made convincing manus motions. Besides, no difference between the trial consequences.

More trials like these were done. But none of them had a truly clear result.

A§ 1.3 Reiki

Reiki is related to magnetic attraction and healing. The difference is that reiki claims to free energyveins. Besides, Nipponese symbols are used to explicate different forms in auras.

Wendy Wetzel, a nurse, describes in her article “ Reiki Healing, A Physiologic Perspective ” an experiment she did to prove the consequence of Reiki. The trial was done with an experimental group of 48 individuals and a control group of 10 individuals. From both groups, blood samples were taken. Following, the values of the hemoglobin ( portion of the ruddy bloodcell that transports O ) and the hematocrit ( the proportion of ruddy blood cells in the blood ) were measured. After the reiki-treatment, 13 from the 48 individuals had an addition in their per centum of hemoglobins and heamatocrit. The 25 other individuals had a lessening in per centum. In the control group, no singular alteration was measured. The result looks similar to the coveted consequence of reiki: a harmonizing map on an single footing.

A doctor, Otelia Bengssten, did an experiment with an experimental group of 46 patients with divergent upsets, like encephalon tumours, emphysema, hormone upsets, arthritic arthritides and chronic bosom upsets. Besides, there was a control group of 33 individuals. The consequence was said to be so strong that even the malignant neoplastic disease patients who were treated with medical specialties that could do a lessening of the hemoglobins in the blood showed an addition alternatively. For most of the treated people, the symptoms got a small better, and in some instance, disappeared wholly.

1997: K. Olson en J. Hanson wanted to happen out if there was a lessening in hurting after the passing on from reiki to people in the testgroup. The intent of the survey was to research the utility of Reiki as an adjuvant to opioid therapy in the direction of hurting. Since no surveies in this country could be found, a pilot survey was carried out affecting 20 voluntaries sing hurting at 55 sites for a assortment of grounds, including malignant neoplastic disease. All Reiki interventions were provided by a certified second-degree Reiki healer. Pain was measured utilizing both a ocular parallel graduated table ( VAS ) and a Likert graduated table instantly before and after the Reiki intervention. Both instruments showed a extremely important ( p & lt ; 0.0001 ) decrease in hurting following the Reiki intervention.

2001: D.W. Wardell and J. Engebretson conclude that after a reiki-treatment, both anxiousness and blood force per unit area decreased. ‘Comparing before and after steps, anxiousness was significantly reduced, T ( 22 ) =2.45, P=0.02. Salivary IgA degrees rose significantly, T ( 19 ) =2.33, P=0.03, nevertheless, salivary hydrocortisone was non statistically important. There was a important bead in systolic blood force per unit area ( SBP ) , F ( 2, 44 ) =6.60, P & lt ; 0.01. Skin temperature increased and electromyograph ( EMG ) decreased during the intervention, but before and after differences were non important. ‘

A§ 1.4 Hypnosis

Hypnosis has become scientifically recognized. The healing facet, on the contrary, is non.

Hypnosis is difficult to turn out scientifically. This can be explained by the fact that there are so many factors that find your province of consciousness, such as outlooks, earnestness, purposes, unity of both the hypnotist and hypnotised and conflicting experiences in the subconsciousness which are different for everyone.

2008: A British adult female undergoes an operation under hypnosis. She talked with the sawbones during her operation. She claimed to be an experient self- hypnotizer. It is said that, with the aid of self-hypnosis, people can anesthetize themselves.

A§ 1.5 Aura healing

Specifically mending of the human and carnal aura. With the custodies, perturbations in the aura can be detected en treated.

In popular literature, it is frequently said that an aura is the same as an electromagnetic field.

A physical aura does be. Charles T. Tart ( University of California, Davis ) : “ Now we know that there is a physical aura. For case, a individual is sudating: this means that there is a assortment of organic molecules assorted with H2O vapor in the immediate locality of his organic structure. A individual is normally warm with regard to his milieus, so there are thermic gradients and attendant air currents in the air instantly around him. Thermal ( infrared ) energy is being radiated from the organic structure. There is an electrostatic field around a individual, and electric ion Fieldss ( ionised atoms and gases ) surround him. Electromagnetic radiation ( radio moving ridges ) in the microwave part of the spectrum is emitted at a low degree, every bit good as low frequence electromagnetic radiation of up to one hundred kilohertzs being generated by musculus action and perchance radiated ( Volkers, 1960 ) . At any given clip, any or all of these possible “ auras ” may be in a complex mixture around a individual ‘s body. ” . However, you ca n’t mensurate this aura with mechanics. The atmospheric noise is excessively big. Natural factors could perchance act upon this sort of aura.

So the human organic structure does, in fact, give off certain radiations, including weak electromagnetic emanations ( from the electrical activity of the nervousnesss ) , chemical emanations ( some of which may be detected, for case, as organic structure olfactory property ) , sonic moving ridges ( from the physical actions within the organic structure ) , etc.

1972: Charles T. Tart developed the “ doorway trial ” . A mark individual is standing behind the border of a room access. . His shoulders should be merely behind it, so that none of his physical organic structure is seeable to the sensitive, but his ( psychological ) “ aura ” should be lodging out several inches beyond the room access. Following, you have to put up a random test agenda, where sometimes the mark individual does stand instantly behind the room access, sometimes he stands 10 pess further back from the room access. On each of these tests an experimenter, who is with an “ aura-reader ” , asks: “ Is the aura stick outing beyond the room access or non? ” . The doorway trial is used several times for different researches with different aura-readers. Every clip it had the same result: The aura-readers guessed right about whether there was a individual behind the room access or non as many times as “ normal ” people ( who ca n’t see auras ) , approximately 26 % of their conjectures was right. It ‘s the same for normal opportunity outlook.

The “ Doorway-effect ” by Charles T. Tart

by Charles T. Tart

In decision, we assume the so called “ psychological aura ” is n’t likely to be.

2003: Rob Nanninga published an article in a doubting magazine. In this article, Rob Nanniga explains what he thinks is the account for people who seeing auras. As such: In the retina are 1000000s of light-sensitive sensorcells. The so called single-cone cells have a maximal sensitiveness for colourss such as bluish, green or ruddy visible radiation. Scientists assume that ruddy and green are complementary colorss and so are bluish and xanthous. They are each others extremes. For illustration, when 1 is looking at the coloring material blue for some clip, the cells which respond to this coloring material seem to acquire tired. As a consequence, when one looks off to a white paper -or an object or an human that stands before a white surface- the coloring material yellow ( the antonym of blue ) is seen. These visions can be confused with auras.

These so called after-images can besides be seen along the borders of an object. This is because our eyes ever tremble. The minimal frequence of the shaking of our eyes is about 50 times per second. If our eyes did non travel like that, people would non be able to advise objects that are non traveling. Sometimes, this shaking causes a bigger after-image than the original. The outer rim of the after-image is seeable around the object because of this.

The 3rd account that Rob Nanninga gives to explicate the visibleness of auras is because of chromatic aberrance from the lens of the oculus. This means that different colorss ( wavelengths ) of visible radiation do non hold the same focal distance. The same thing can go on with inexpensive image cameras: in a image, a colored rim is seen around the object. This chromatic aberrance is strongest when you observe person from the corner of your oculus in bright sunshine.

Nanninga based this last theory on the scientific theory of G. M. Woerlee in his book, “ The Unholy Legecy of Abraham ” . G. M. Woerlee is a physician and anesthetist who has taught and practiced in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Scientific theory by G.M. Woerlee

from “ The Unholy Legacy of Abraham ”

A§ 1.6 Chakra healing

Related to aura healing. The difference is that non the auras, but the chakras are examined. If necessary, energy can be taken or given. KayAhRah ( member of the “ Spiritual Network ) ” : “ The word ‘chakra ‘ is derived from a Sanskrit word intending ‘wheel ‘ ; but possibly even a better interlingual rendition would be whirling wheel. If you could see chakras ( as many of us who work with them do ) you would be able to see each primary chakra -there are seven of them- as a whirling whirl or wheel of energy ; whirling inward from the forepart of your organic structure towards the centre point of that chakra on the kunilini and so whirling outward from that same point from your dorsum. ”

Chakra encyclopaedia: Chakra healing is said to hold nil to make with electric or magnetic Fieldss, but with religious forces working on the mind and spirit.

2003: The Skeptic ‘s Dictionary by Robert Todd Carroll describes that the alleged energy of chakras does non look to be scientifically mensurable. At best, the chakras are metaphysical Chimeras and at worst some sort of anatomical falsity.

Merely a small scientific research has been done so far and no cogent evidence of the being of auras has every bit yet been found.

A “ Chakra Map ” representingthe seven chakras ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

A§ 1.7 Pranic healing

Prana is an etheral energy in nutrient and O, but besides in the “ colourss ” that you breathe. The energetic manifestations of Prana are said to be subproducts of an indispensable, ubquitous Prana that penetrates everything.

There is no scientific cogent evidence for the being of prana except the experience of people, because prana besides contains the theory about people holding chakras. Besides, pranic healing is sort of modern, so non many scientific trials have been done done so far.

A§ 1.8 Decision

Scientific research on the being of the paranormal ( mending ) is done occurs more often than earlier. Peoples seem to be interested in what is true and what is non. The extrasensory seems to acquire a bigger function in today ‘s society.

However, the being of the paranormal is difficult to turn out. Most of the clip, there is no more proof besides one ‘s word. Furthermore, a batch of external effects could act upon the result of one ‘s experience. Therefore it is harzardous to find which sorts of extrasensory experiences are true and which are non.

In our sentiment, the best extrasensory facet to concentrate our survey on is magnetic attraction. This is because magnetic attraction besides occurs in other scientific jobs, such as the migration of animate beings. Besides, surveies have already scientifically proven that there are existent magnetic Fieldss on Earth and that worlds emanate some sort of elektromagnetic value. Magnetism is an facet that seems to hold a large impact on our lives, but still we do non cognize much about it. Does magnetic attraction act upon the homo encephalon? And if so, can this value be used to act upon other people? What sort of influence does magnetic attraction hold on animate beings? Is at that place some kind of comparing to worlds? There are a batch of inquiries that we hope to reply.


( cyberspace )

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( books )

Gordon, Richard. Quantum Touch – een doorbraak in heated genezen met je handen. Deventer: Ankh-Hermes B.V

Marletta-Hart, Susan. Leven met hooggevoeligheid. Baarn: Ten Have

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( articles )

“ Large mammal feels magnetic field ” – knowledgelinkarticle from Zenit

( individuals )

Klaas Huijsman – biological science instructor

A§2 Magnetism on Earth

2.1 The cause of magnetic Fieldss

An electric field ( in other words: an electrostatic field ) is being produced by not-moving electrical charge causes electric influence on other charges. A magnetic field is being produced by traveling electrical charge. That is why it is besides being called an “ electrodynamic field ” . For illustration, in a magnet, the field is being caused by the motion of negatrons in the stuff. Every electric charge generates some kind of magnetic field, as proven by Orsted[ 1 ]nut Ampere[ 2 ].

It is possible to detect magnetic Fieldss. When you sprinkle some Fe dust around a magnet, this dust lines up in the form of the magnetic lines of the magnet.

The term “ electromagnetism ” implies that electric and magnetic phenomena are confounded. For illustration, a variable magnetic field can trip an electric field and the other manner around. This phenomenon is called “ electromagnetic initiation ” and is the base for the operation of dynamos, electric engines and transformers. So fundamentally, magnetic attraction plays a immense portion in our mundane society.

In decision, a magnetic field is being caused by either magnets or electrical charges.

2.2 Magnetic Fieldss on Earth

The fact that the Earth is magnetic has something to make with her Fe centre, her “ outer nucleus ” . Because of the heat, the Fe there is liquid and is traveling invariably. This motion causes electricity, which once more causes an earth magnetic field. The outer nucleus of our planet seems to work like some kind of dynamo. The earth magnetic field looks precisely the same as the field around a random magnet. It consists of magnetic lines which vanish at the northern pole into the Earth, and they appear once more at the southern pole. This alleged magnetosphere reaches more than 50.000 kilometres into infinite. It protects us against a changeless barrage of high energetic parts coming from the Sun ( cosmic radiation ) . Because of this, the energetic parts can merely make the Earth with the aid of chutes in the magnetosphere over the poles. They cause the Northern visible radiations.

Nothern visible radiation

Hemorrhoids of the Earth

The motion in the liquid outer nucleus of the Earth is, of course, non changeless. Because of this, the class of the earth magnetic field alterations all the clip. Largely is does non travel more that several grades a twelvemonth. Because of this, there is a difference between the North and South of the universe ( the north- and south pole ) and the magnetic North and South.

But sometimes, all of a sudden they change topographic points ( magnetic reversal ) ! The magnetic lines all of a sudden go into the Earth at the geographic south pole, and so come out at the north pole. This reversal merely happens one time in every few hundred thousand old ages. We can state this because of research in iron-holding hemorrhoids in the Earth, because steel moves by influences of the earth magnetic field. The following reversal is really close by. Scientist believe it will merely be 1,500 old ages from now until the following 1.

For measurement of the power of the magnetic field and the class of the magnetic north pole, we use a alleged gaussmeter. The magnetic field differs from topographic point to topographic point because the fluctuation in the concentration of steel-rich stuff. So, a gaussmeter is some sort of metal-detector. You can happen iron coins with it, or stones which contain Fe ore. The gaussmeter is besides being used for happening bombs from World War II.

The magnetic field of the Earth is n’t merely as strong everyplace you measure. Variation in the thickness and the composing in the crust of the Earth causes divergence in the strength. Plus, the value of the magnetic field of the Earth has declined by 15 % since 1670. If this worsening continues, the Earth could lose its full magnetic field in about 2000 old ages. Compasss will be useless, the Northern visible radiations would disappear and our Earth would be exposed to cosmic radiation. But no 1 is certain if this will of all time go on. The magnetic field could besides change by reversal its tendency and get down deriving strength, maintaining integral the magnetic universe we have come to depend on.

Even human seems to hold some kind of magnetic value. Scientists have found magnetite in the human encephalon tissue. Miniature magnets among the nerve cells. Scientists believe that it is a possibility that in our evolutionary yesteryear, it might hold been really of import to us to be able to voyage, for a batch of animate beings use their ability to feel magnetic Fieldss in order to voyage ( an built-in compass if you will ) . But this importance may hold deminished over clip, when our other centripetal systems became more and more sophisticated.

In the late 1700, Franz Anton Mesmer proposed the being of a force called “ carnal magnetic attraction ” . His theory was that there was some sort of flow that flowed from the Earth ‘s poles through the human poles. If this flow was, for some ground, “ blocked ” , people were taken ailment, harmonizing to Mesmer. His therapy was to rub people with magnets.

2.3 Natural phenomena

2.4.1 The Bermuda Triangle

The conditions in the Bermuda Triangle can alter in a affair of proceedingss. Harmonizing to the seashore guard, around 120 boats vanish each twelvemonth without a hint. Besides, who has n’t heard the narrative about the disappearing of flight 19, military planes who were doing a flight over the Bermuda Triangle ne’er to return. On the wireless transcript one can hear that the pilotage system of the pilots failed and they flew the incorrect class. They lost contact with the base. Nothing is of all time heard from them once more. A deliverance plane was sent out to look for them. 27 proceedingss subsequently, it, excessively, vanished into thin air. It is these unexplained disappearings that keep the enigma of the Bermuda Triangle alive.

Because of the bad conditions conditions and the unsmooth sea, it is truly difficult for the coast-guard to happen drowning individuals in the H2O, hints of shipwrecks or whatsoever. Sailors talk of monolithic monster moving ridges, looking as if from nowhere, and hammering ships into limbo.

The Bermuda Triangle

A possible account could be a gas eruption in the ocean, which causes a boat to drop. This is possible, because research has shown that there is an tremendous sum of gas in the Bermuda Triangle. This gas eruption could besides do the instruments of an aeroplane to halt bespeaking the skyline, doing the plane to crash. Research has besides shown that most of the plane wrecks where caused by errors of the pilots or defects in the building of the aeroplane.

However, the telecasting programme “ Earth Investigated ” on the National Geographic Channel indicates that the magnetic field of the Earth is weaker around the Bermuda trigon than elsewhere. Scientists have non found an account so far. But fundamentally, this would explicate why the compasses of air planes fail while traversing the Bermuda trigon. Another fact is that from a point of position in the Bermuda trigon, the magnetic north pole and the geographic north pole are in one consecutive line. In other words, a normal compass in the Bermuda Triangle will indicate to the geographic North, alternatively of the magnetic North. This causes the weakness of the pilotage systems in the Bermuda Triangle.

Cochrane, writer of the book “ Gateway to Oblivion ” , claims that these trigons can travel to another topographic point, merely like temblor zones. He claims that this is precisely what is go oning to the Bermuda Triangle at the minute. This seems logical, because we know that the magnetic north pole moves a few grades a twelvemonth and that at the trigon the north pole and the geographic north pole are in one consecutive line. Harmonizing to Cochrane, the zone is traveling towards the West, to the east seashore of the United States. A possible consequence might be that Er will be more train- and airplane accidents on the land.

2.4.2 The Devil ‘s Sea

The Bermuda-Triangle is non the lone topographic point at sea where ships and aeroplanes are invariably vanishing. In an country in the Pacific Ocean, merely before the shore of Japan, besides called “ The Dragons ‘ trigon ” , many ships have cryptically disappeared. The Nipponese authorities even declared this country officially danger zone. Nipponese scientists believe that these disappearings can be explained by the bad conditions conditions, merely as in the Bermuda Triangle. Severe winter storms and tremendous tidal moving ridges, better known as Tsunami caused a batch of ships to drop. But there is another singular geological characteristic of the Dragons ‘ trigon. The true North and the magnetic North are in a consecutive line, which causes the weakness of the pilotage systems in the Dragons ‘ Triangle. Precisely the

The Dragons ‘ Trianglesame like as the Bermuda Triangle..

2.4 Electromagnetic moving ridges

Magnetism has the ability to transport energy through the existence. Electric and magnetic Fieldss that vibrate at right angles to each other create the moving ridges that transport radio- and telecasting signals through infinite. Even light travels in the signifier of an electromagnetic moving ridge. So the incorporate force of electromagnetism that makes an engine tally, besides transports the visible radiation and energy that sustains life on Earth.

Global people investigate the influence of electromagnetic radiation on our wellness. There might be some allegations that childs who live in the vicinity of high-voltage lines have a rated up opportunity to acquire leukaemia, and some people think they are extremely sensitive to electricity. When they get near to computing machine screens, TL-lamps or other electric mechanics, neurological symptoms will happen, such as skin ailments.

A batch of research has been done, but no clear replies have been found yet. The authorities thinks that, on the footing of current cognition, there is no ground to be worried about electromagnetic moving ridges. However, environmental organisations do concern.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

As we can see on the spectrum, the electromagnetic moving ridges of gamma beams, X raies and shortly have a really high frequence, therefore are unsafe to human wellness. However, wirelesss, microwaves and power pylons have a low frequence. For the usage of nomadic phones, electromagnetic moving ridges of a small higher frequence are necessary, for it is easier to direct information that manner.

But, for illustration, power pylons do hold the ability to act upon human wellness. The electromagnetic moving ridge causes perturbation of the working of the nervousnesss and musculuss. This can do one to see sudden visible radiation flashes. However, you have to mount all the manner up and acquire every bit near as possible to the power pylons to make electromagnetic Fieldss of this high frequence.

In decision, human contraptions like microwaves, power pylons, computing machines and wirelesss and such should non act upon our wellness in an obvious manner. Although scientists are n’t certain yet about all the influence of electromagnetic Fieldss, these influences are really little and there should be nil to worry approximately. For illustration, when the addition of kids enduring from leukaemia because of power pylons is so the truth, it will do us one excess immature leukaemia patient in two old ages at soap.

2.5 Losing our magnetic field: a catastrophe?

As you now understand, we are really dependent on our Earth ‘s magnetic field. But, said before, our magnetic field is easy dropping in its value. And, right before the magnetic reversal of the magnetic field of the Earth, the magnetic value will besides drop to zero. Is n’t this some kind of catastrophe, you might believe, because we will be exposed to all sorts of cosmic radiation, animate beings will lose their ability to voyage and besides some of our ain pilotage systems will interrupt down. A batch of people are panicked about this fact. Will it be a catastrophe? Some people besides believe that the magnetic reversal is the cause of the day of reckoning twelvemonth of the Maya-calender, 2012. Sony even made a movie about this ( “ 2012 ” ) .

However, earth- and planetal scientists don non see many grounds to get down panicking. Harmonizing to them there is no manner to make up one’s mind whether in a reversal or non ; the Earth ‘s

field fluctuates in magnitude and way all the clip. To believe the field will change by reversal in the following few thousand old ages, on the footing of the lessening we see today, is like believing you ‘ll go weightless in two old ages, because you lost 10 pounds last month. And besides, because it is a diffusion job, an instantaneous alteration deep within the Earth can non be felt at the surface right off ; it takes 100s of old ages for the field to disintegrate. Just like baking a murphy in the ( conventional ) oven – it takes an hr for the heat to spread through the murphy into the centre. The Earth is a really, really large murphy.

Last, but non least, life on Earth has evolved over 1000000s of old ages, through tonss of magnetic field reversals, so we ‘re adapted to it at the really least. The birds, bees, and sea polo-necks that use magnetic Fieldss to either navigate ( sea polo-necks and pigeons ) or jointly

construct their urtications ( bees ) – they all manage to acquire it done even when the

magnetic field is unavailable for that intent.

Besides, the sudden alteration should non impact the people ‘s encephalons. In short: we ‘re all right.


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( docudramas )

The Bermuda Triangle: Beneath the Waves ( 2004, BBC 1 )

Understanding Magnetism ( Discovery Channel )

( books )

Berlitz, C ( 1991 ) – Universe of the Odd and the Awesome, New York

3 ( Paranormal ) mechanics and the possible influence of magnetic attraction

I ( Vera ) went to a extrasensory convention in Arnhem, the Netherlands. There I examined mechanics which had something to make with the paranormal, like a camera that claims to do images of the human aura. Besides, I did a “ Medical Diagnostic Body Scan ” , which has already been introduced in infirmaries. In this chapter I will depict my experiences, explicate how the mechanics work and seek to happen out if there might be some kind of connexion with magnetic attraction.

A§ 3.1 Aura picture taking

Aura picture taking is really popular these yearss. You can happen people with these cameras in Parkss, on the streets and, of class, at extrasensory conventions. The proprietors of the cameras claim to be able to snap your psychological aura. They claim that they can subtract from the image what sort of personality you have.

Many people have tried to snap the human aura, but many have failed. Even the ground forces tried. Infrared picture taking can bring forth images of people who seem to hold an aura around them. However, these are really lone emanations of the organic structure temperature ( Nickell 1994 ; Permutt 1988 ) .

An “ aura-camera ” When you want to hold a image, you have to sit down in forepart of a black background. You have to set your custodies down on two boxes with detectors on top. These detectors register a few force per unit area points of the organic structure and your electromagnetic field ( aura ) . The detectors are connected to the camera with wires. The camera produces a polarized image. In that image, the upper organic structure of the photographed homo is seen. Around the caput of the human, a colored coronet is seen, the “ aura ” .

An aura exposure of me

Actually, the aura exposure is a dual sample ( Wolf, 1999 ; Nickell, 2000 ) . At first, a normal image of the client is taken. Second, the aura is being photographed over the first image. The fade colors of the aura are caused by a coronet of little LED ‘s which are assembled in forepart of the lens of the camera. These lamps throw visible radiation upon the country that would hold been black in the image ( because of the black background ) . Some cameras make usage of a colored LCD-screen and in the most advanced cameras, the image is being edited. In all of these state of affairss, the aura is unnaturally created. The difference in colorss between the auras of people is caused by certain radiations, caused by the assortment of organic molecules assorted with H2O vapor in the immediate locality of the organic structure, as explained in the introductory portion. This is the ground why when you take a 2nd image, and your custodies are a little more sweaty ( doing the chemical reactions on your organic structure ) , your image appears to be different from the one you took earlier.

An aura exposure of my female parent

A§ 3.2 Medic Diagnostic Body Scan

Medic Diagnostic Body Scan

Extrasensory Convention at Arnhem – self-made pictureThe following portion is really interesting. When I was at the extrasensory convention, I besides did a “ organic structure scan ” . Afterwords, it appeared that this was an sole undertaking, one of a sort. Therefore, when I asked the gentleman who took the trial on me if I could hold some information, flyers etc. about the working of the mechanics, he told me that it was O.K. , if I would non portion this information without his permission, because he was still puting a batch of money in it. So I will inquire you ( the reader ) to make the same. Make non portion this information without my permission, please. i?S

First, I will state you what I did. I had to sit down before a large computing machine screen. In forepart of the screen, there were ( merely like with the aura picture taking ) boxes with hand-shaped detectors on top. I was told to put down my left manus on the detector. Then, the gentleman made a “ Medic Diagnostic Body Scan ” , and printed it out for me ( appendix ) . He told me that, with the aid of this organic structure scan, he could mensurate the operation of my variety meats and the cause of all kinds of upsets, like unhappiness, solitariness and so on. On the print of my organic structure scan, it could be seen that my “ aura ” was rather green, so the decision was that I was truly healthy. The purple in my caput meant that I was in some kind of mourning procedure ( perchance because of my parents ‘ divorce ) and that I had literally cold pess all the clip ( true ) . The yellow/orange around my shoulders meant that I worked excessively difficult and had problem allowing things go ( besides true ) .

Next, he gave me some kind of gelatin to lubricate my custodies with. There were different colorss of jelly, but he recommended me purple. He told me to set my custodies on the detectors once more and made a new organic structure scan. All green now ( appendix ) ! After I wrote my article about aura picture taking, this seemed sort of leery. Have n’t we merely found out that the aura of people can by measured by detectors because of radiations, caused by the assortment of organic molecules assorted with H2O vapor in the immediate locality of the organic structure? Is n’t it sort of logical that my aura alterations when I rub some kind of gelatin on my custodies, because my assortment of organic molecules will alter, therefore non because I feel any better. However, the gentleman claimed that I would no longer hold to cover with cold pess -not true, I still have cold pess all the time- and advised me non to bothered with things so

Detectors – Medic Diagnostic Body Scan

Extrasensory Convention at Arnhem – self-made picturemuch and suspire a little more -kinda worked, but it is n’t at easy asit seems- .

Therefore, I do n’t truly believe in the working of this organic structure scan. Sinces a trade name new single undertaking, acquiring nonsubjective information is really difficult. For illustration, there is no information in books on this topic, the cyberspace and I have non met people who besides did this organic structure scan. However, in the flyer the gentleman gave me, it is said that this Medic Diagnostic Body Scan has been approved lawfully and that “ something similar ” has already been introduced in over 20 five states. After making such a scan, physicians should be able to name the disease and hence order a perfect medical specialty. Kind of strange, I thought. Does he intend MRI-scans ( following paragraph ) by “ something similar ” ? Because those are so scientifically proved and used by many infirmaries, but this organic structure scan is truly different. No infirmary order some “ liquid to set on your custodies ” to bring around asthma or something. The gentleman ( who is called Mr. A.M. Zuidinga by the manner ) , told me this: “ It is n’t the therapy that is of import, but the measurement. You have to retrieve this, or else you ca n’t make anything with this equipment. In short: a blood force per unit area metre is a value metre, a thermometer is a value metre and so is MDBS. Nothing more, nil less. The duty lies with the individual to find how to utilize his or her therapy or medicine. The new step indicates this. This can besides be reached with the aid of magnetic attraction. The of import thing is mensurating, because measurement is cognizing ” .

After the research I have done so far, I do non believe that you can utilize the detectors to mensurate one ‘s one ‘s physical province. Besides, this Mr. A.M. Zuidinga did n’t look so professional to me. For illustration, he makes a batch of grammar errors in his electronic mails and flyers. So in decision, I do non believe this MDBS is scientifically dependable.

A§ 3.3 MRI scan

MRI bodyscan The MRI, an abbreviation for magnetic resonance imagination, uses magnetic signals to make image “ pieces ” of the human organic structure. Like all imaging techniques, an MRI scan creates images based on differences between types of tissues. The MRI shows us the different tissues, and therefore creates an image inside the organic structure.

An MRI scan is frequently used to analyze nervousnesss, musculuss, ligaments, castanetss, and other tissues in the organic structure ; the item of the survey can be rather unbelievable. An MRI is frequently used to measure the possibility of hurts to ligaments and sinews. Problems in the spinal column, such as a phonograph record herniation are seen good on an MRI image. Multitudes and tumours within soft tissues can besides be evaluated with MRI.

A patient is put in a magnetic field 10 thousand times stronger than the Earth ‘s. This field causes some of the organic structure ‘s nuclei to act like whirling compass acerate leafs and line up. Then, the karyons are hit by pulsating wireless moving ridges. Once the pulsation Michigan, the nuclei bead back to their original province induced by the magnet. The energy released Acts of the Apostless like illumination wireless station signals. These signals are delivered to a computing machine, where they are translated into an image. MRI-images save lives by observing, for illustration, life endangering malignant neoplastic disease. This technique can besides be used to do short films of the human ideas. From these films, people use find what portion of the encephalon responds to certain influences. Besides, scientists are utilizing fast MRI to analyze maladies like epilepsy and schizophrenic disorder. MRI provides a magnetic window into one ‘s concealed kingdom of the human organic structure.

However, there are side-effects to this far developed mending engineering. Sir William Stewart, the U.K. Health Protection Agency president, said: “ MRI scanning has some undoubted benefits in medical specialty, particularly as an assistance to accurate clinical diagnosing. However we need to bear in head that the magnetic Fieldss produced by the machines are rather significant and that these Fieldss are increasing in order to accomplish improved lucidity of image. The exposure to patients and medical staff of the magnetic Fieldss can be high and there is a deficit of information on possible inauspicious long-run wellness effects. ” The magnetic field one experiences during this scan, has a really high frequence. Therefore, patients who have any metallic stuffs within the organic structure ( metallic bone home bases, bosom pacesetters, metal implants etc. ) should non do usage of the MRI scan, as it may do the metal in their organic structure to travel.

Another organic structure scan is a “ CT-scan ” . This scan uses X raies. The MRI-scan is a small spot more precise.

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