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Introduction To Problematic Area Of Letchworth Environmental Sciences Essay

Sing the importance of renovation in planning and how it solves different issues such as ; CO2 emanation decrease, conveying back attraction and verve within the community. It is hence expected that using land usage mix development in Letchworth will assist the local abode in their mundane demands, make the country redeveloped attractive. Finding alternate utilizations for Plinston hall and the Grammar school edifice and developing Broadway garden is the solution for the country in inquiry. Regenerating the grammar school edifice into lodging units or constructing a new lodging unit on its location, change overing Plinston hall into an instruction and art Centre, and constructing a greenhouse garden on Broadway garden, will assist Letchworth


There is a 3rd option of human colony, apart from the known urban and rural colonies – the 3rd being the mixture of features of both colonies i.e. the bunco and bustle features of the urban colony combined with the repose of the rural colony ( Howard, 1898 ) . The 3rd option is the Garden City which is a blend of good things in the life manners experienced in both colonies, therefor, a “ garden metropolis ” can be regarded as a metropolis that is sustainable as Ratcliffe ( 1974 ) states “ the metropolis would be self-sufficing in footings of employment, possessing its ain industry, commercialism, stores and agricultural production ” ( p 30 ) .

The garden metropoliss act as the first presentation of sustainable development. Therefore, sustainable development is viewed as non merely concerned with wealth creative activity and environmental protection, it besides includes the well-being of the people and guaranting that the people gets a good life and doing certain that coevalss to come will bask and profit from the environment as we do or much more than we do soon ( Environment Agency, 2000 ) .

The cardinal rule of a garden metropolis includes ;

Communal land ownership and plus preservation,

Contemporary designs for places and gardens,

A assorted term of office places which are low-cost for ordinary people,

Beneficial green infinite linked to the wider countryside,

Entree to strong local cultural, recreational and shopping installations.

Integrated accessible conveyance systems,

Local nutrient supply, including allocations,

but over the past 100 old ages, garden metropoliss globally have passed the trial of clip but presently sing different menaces to its being, as respects the issue of its sustainability and the issue of clime alteration, because modern-day and modern colonies are in front of all past bing types of colonies at accomplishing sustainable development by supplying assorted benefits such as ; zero C design, societal lodging, sustainable conveyances.

( TCPA: garden metropolis rules )

The country on which this study is based is Letchworth ( Letchworth garden metropolis ) ; it ‘s the first of all time garden metropolis, which has served as a design theoretical account for other garden metropoliss and new towns around the universe. Bing the first garden metropolis does n’t relieve it from the modern-day challenges other garden metropoliss, towns and metropoliss are sing. As Letchworth garden metropolis is concerned, the chief issue is ; seeking to redevelop without holding negative impacts on the environment and to pull visitants and investors to the metropolis ( Heritage Foundation, Letchworth, 2011 ) .

The job countries which include some portion of the chief street subdivision of the metropolis Centre which contains some unoccupied stores after much investing towards beautification, the stores still remain unoccupied, and the wide manner park which is non been utilized, and some edifices which are non presently utilized – the grammar school edifice and the Plinston Hall. This job contradicts sustainability due to the fact that the substructures are non in usage or non optimally utilised, but that does n’t intend Letchworth Garden metropolis does non hold assets that can pull people and these assets can be capitalized on to beef up the individuality of the town, and beyond and these includes ;

Letchworth ‘s position as the first garden metropolis in the universe, with possible to set up the town for argument on the hereafter of towns, including an international festival of negotiations, movies and events.

The town ‘s attractive physical environment and green infinites, which provide a pleasant environment in which to populate and see and can back up the of import leisure and cultural utilizations that now represent a cardinal function for town Centres in the United Kingdom.

Letchworth ‘s niche, independent stores, which already have a high local profile and draw people from beyond the town. This can include set uping Letchworth as a recognized Centre for unusual finish stores, whilst go oning to run into local demands.

( Heritage foundation, Letchworth, 2011 )

Image ( one ) Broadway Garden ( beginning ; Google Earth ) . Image ( two ) Grammar School Building ( beginning ; Google Earth )

Img ( three ) Plinston Hall ( beginning: Google Earth )

Therefore solutions will be suggested sing few constructs of which the “ bottom-up ” construct is portion. Sing the audiences ( community battle ) carried out by Heritage foundation, Letchworth Garden City, the audiences which can be regarded as utilizing a bottom-up attack in be aftering. El Asmer, Ebohan, Taki ( 2011 ) found that the semisynthetic environment is a subdivision of the environment that truly needs to follow the “ bottom-up ” or participatory procedure to present an effectual battle of the interest holders most significantly the people populating in the community, and besides to administrate an effectual diagnostic mechanism to mensurate the efficaciousness of the substructure provided and therefor concluded that “ there is demand for a bottom-up attack to urban direction ” . Harmonizing to Chavis and Wandersman ( 1990 ) , community engagement is the right manner to “ bettering the quality of the physical environment, heightening service, forestalling offenses, and bettering societal conditions ” , the audience which is the best manner of cognizing what the community wants.

The last and the most of import construct to be considered is the construct of “ assorted land usage development “ , which Rowley ( 1996 ) described as the facet of a colony that determines the property and the distinctive feature of a colony, which has its chief elements as grain, denseness and permeableness, which are determined by the design of the roads, streets and waies, besides that the grain of a town and metropolis is the mode in which the town inhabitants, their hustle, land usage, edifice and infinites are blended. Land usage mix exists in different contexts which are:

Within territories and vicinities,

Within the streets and their public infinites,

Within single edifices or street blocks,

Within single edifices.

The assorted usage rule should be adopted, most significantly in the metropolis and/or town Centres in order to convey up verve and assortment in an urban system. Residence and employment zones and leisure zones should interact closely spatiotemporally so as to cut down motion within zones, cut down energy ingestion and cut down pollution ( ECTP ‘s New charter of Athens, 1998 ) .

The purpose of this study is to propose possible development strategies that can convey verve and quality back to Letchworth garden metropolis centre – as Jacobs ( 1961 ) is of the sentiment that a balanced mixture of employment, abode and leisure brings about an active and safe public zone. This will be done by proposing alternate utilizations for some of the substructures available in the town Centre, sing the studies of the audiences carried out in the town.

Consultation Reports

Community battle is really of import, that is why El Asmar et Al. ( 2011 ) suggested that community battle grants the community members the chance to give their positions to be aftering strategies in order to acquire solutions to jobs in their communities, so as to hold an thought of what the people wants. It should come before any signifier of development or renovation.

This has been done at Letchworth, and many issues came up on how the people want their town to look like, and all thoughts have been put together in subjects, which are ;

Transport motion and parking,

Green infinites and public infinites,

Building manner and character,

Shops and services,

Jobs and the economic system,

Aims for the Wynd.

But for this study, merely the undermentioned issues within the subjects will be addressed and they are ;

Re-landscape Broadway Gardens,

Introducing modern-day architecture to Letchworth,

Further develop Letchworth ‘s programmes of events and activities,

Explore the feasibleness of set uping a conference infinite or thought Centre.

Possible Development Schemes

The first possible strategy trades with redeveloping Broadway Garden, because developing or redeveloping Parkss and unfastened infinites will function as an drift for the revitalising of the vicinity in which the unfastened infinite and/or park is situated. Parks/open infinites have different definitions as its dependant on the persons that use them, hence, apart from what it means to different people, it can transcend single pick of usage to take up a cardinal social demand, the cardinal elements of a park – grass, trees, unfastened infinites, benches, and play equipment – can blend to go more than merely a public topographic point ( National Recreation and Park Association, 2011 ) .

The thought is to redevelop Broadway garden into a nursery botanical garden that houses alien and wild flowers found in the Torrid Zones and the Mediterranean e.g. the dark blossoming cereus – coinage of flowers that blooms merely in the dark particularly the Selenicereus grandiflorus that blooms merely one time a twelvemonth and its at dark and often fragrant – which when they bloom, it ‘s a beautiful and memorable experience. The nursery garden will function as a public topographic point where people can loosen up and bask the verdure of nature during the cold periods ( particularly during winter when most workss change coloring material and leaves fall off ) , and warm their organic structure as a nursery is ever warm.

Examples of bing nursery gardens in Europe include Eden Project located at Cornwall, United Kingdom ( which was a development undertaking to repossess a kaolinite cavity ) and Palm nursery which is portion of St. Petersburg botanical garden on Aptekarsky Island, St. Petersburg. Both nursery gardens gets a batch of visitants from around the universe, and such undertaking can be modelled besides at Broadway garden at a considerable graduated table, making a ocular attractive force to the town Centre as the nursery will follow modern-day architecture rules.

Image ( four ) Palm nursery, St Petersburg Image ( V ) Eden Project, Cornwall

The 2nd possible strategy will cover with happening an alternate usage for Plinston hall, and a possible alternate usage for Plinston hall will be change overing the edifice into an instruction and art Centre – a topographic point to shelf graphicss, and a topographic point to promote art patterns and to supply comfortss such as exhibition locale and gallery infinites, conference countries, cafe , educational installations and proficient equipment such as free cyberspace and group survey suites. An illustration of this type of alteration in usage can be found in Cardiff, Wales. Where a edifice officially Canton High school was converted to an art Centre – Chapter – which now attracts about 750,000 visitants a twelvemonth ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

Therefore, to do Plinston hall attractive, the edifice should be renewed to look more modern-day, adding an excess floor to the edifice so as to supply a conference infinite and other needed infinite, and besides doing it more energy efficient should be portion of the reclamation procedure.

Image ( six ) Chapter Art Centre, Cardiff

The concluding possible project/scheme is redeveloping the grammar school edifice into low-cost lodging units with different lodging term of offices – either by conserving the edifice by renewing or pulverizing and retracing, depending on which is cheaper. Examples of school edifices being converted into lodging units can be found in Mitcham, United Kingdom, where Rowan High School is being redeveloped into flats, as portion of a partnership undertaking between The Homes and Communities Agency ( HCA ) , Crest Nicholson Homes and Merton Council ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . This is aimed at conveying employment and lodging near, either in same edifice or in close propinquity.

Since the country concerned – Broadway garden, Grammar school Building and Plinston Hall – meets two out of four conditions where land utilize mix development may be used in be aftering i.e. located at the metropolis Centre and Greenfield location where planning policy licenses ( Rowley, 1996 ) . Therefore, happening alternate utilizations for the Grammar school edifice, Plinston hall and Broadway garden will be in line with the basic attack of keeping and advancing assorted usage development, therefor conveying lodging, leisure, societal and employment activities all in close propinquity will in bend cut down mobility and do the town Centre more sustainable in the sense that energy ingestion will cut down and the C footmark of the vicinity will cut down ( Priemus, Nijkamp, Dieleman, 2000 ) .

In redeveloping these three locations – Broadway garden, The Grammar school edifice and Plinston hall – it is expected that people from different socio-demographic groups will utilize the installations, thereby lending to the addition in the diverseness of people and increase in the assortment of activities found within the town Centre. Besides, because the edifices will be renewed, the new designs will be modern and more energy efficient, and besides constructing a nursery garden at the town Centre will convey about ocular attractive force to that portion of the town Centre, Grant ( 2002 ) explains that assorted usage development brings about economic thrust, societal equality and improves the quality of the environment, but can non convey all these when homo and market forces aid zoning.


In decision, this study gives an overview of how land use-mix development can be applied within the possible land usage development scenes all within the Letchworth town Centre, and how it solves some modern-day issues. Rowley ( 1996 ) concluded that mixed-use development can better the quality of the community, make the community more attractive visually, make the community more comfy for life, a topographic point to retrieve and a sustainable community, but cautiousness must be placed in make up one’s minding the locations to utilize assorted development and the best place to accomplish the ends.

It is besides to be noted that redeveloping the two edifices is non merely aimed at happening alternate utilizations for the edifices and increasing the functionality of their location, but besides aimed at sustainability in medium and long term by doing the edifice more energy efficient thereby cut downing C emanation. Besides sing that different maps are brought together in close propinquity, vehicular motion would be reduced, thereby, cut downing C emanations from vehicles.