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Flexible workplaces are important for todays organizations


As the type of occupations available addition and corporate universe sees higher engagement from assorted sections of the society, the demand to hold flexible working options is increasing. Organizations have recognized this demand and are modifying their workplaces. Flexible options include flexible work timings, working portion clip, working from place, occupation sharing and telecommunicating. Companies are detecting that these options non merely assist in retaining scarce endowment, but can ensue in cost film editing every bit good.

Literature Reappraisal: Position of assorted authors

The study released by Executive Office of the President of United States, Council of Economic Advisers ( Work Life Balance and The Economicss of Workplace Flexibility, 2010 ) shows how flexible workplaces have become of import with altering demographics and working wonts of the working population. The study high spots that many companies are traveling towards supplying flexible work options to the employees as they realize the benefits of these options and its importance for the employees. The study says that the difference in income between high skilled and low skilled work force is acquiring bigger and therefore, many workers are choosing for equilibrating surveies with their work. More adult females are acquiring into work force with households to take attention of. The study concludes with grounds on cost nest eggs that companies can bring forth with proper execution of flexible work policies.

Many companies are modifying their offices to accommodate flexible working options ( Voordt, 2004 ) . The writer negotiations about how the offices are altering and the consequence on and labour productiveness and employee satisfaction. The writer says that employees look for deriving pleasance from their work and companies look for minimising cost while retaining endowment. The writer argues that acquiring these aspirations together is possible with invention in the country of flexible working options.

Flexible workplaces and its impact on employees in Canada under bad economic system were studied and it was found to destabilise household lives ( de Wolff, Alice, 1994 ) . The book examines the tenseness between professional and personal lives. The writer argues that for some households integrating flexible working options are indispensable to get at a good balance. This is even more of import for households where a individual earning is non plenty to back up the whole household.

Flexible workplaces are really of import for adult females back uping households, particularly the 1s coming back to corporate after giving birth ( Annual Premier ‘s Women Summit, 2007 ) . The study highlights the importance of work for single adult females, the community and economic system and authorities at big. The study urges companies to integrate more flexible options providing to the working adult females. This will assist them re-enter work force.

Importance of Flexible Workplaces

The importance of flexible workplaces in today ‘s concern environment and its impact on assorted stakeholders is discussed in the undermentioned points

Leting Employees to derive extra accomplishments:

As shown by the study of Executive office of US authorities, it is good for employees every bit good as organisations if the workers gain higher accomplishments and go on working with the company. The company additions dual benefit of an experient and skilled worker familiar with the company. For employees, it ‘s a good option to increase their accomplishment set without go forthing the work.

Retention of Endowment:

Many organisations lose established employees and endowment due to miss of flexible work options. In many industries, growing is constrained by endowment pool and the demand to retain campaigners with needed accomplishments. This is particularly in instance of adult females coming back to work after a interruption, as shown in Annual Premier ‘s Women Summit.

Cost Economy:

Companies using flexi-policies can potentially salvage a batch of money ( Voordt, 2004 ) . The cost nest eggs are in footings of recruiment costs and preparation costs due to decreased abrasion. Besides, the productiveness of employees is shown to increase with flexible options and the absenteeism is reduced. The companies leting employees to work from place saves on existent estate cost which can be important.

High Engagement Degree:

If companies show attention for their workers by supplying them options, workers reciprocate. They tend to remain loyal, are more productive and are more dedicated towards their occupation. This ensures high degree of battle between a company and its work force.

Kraft Foods: Deducing Benefits from Flexible work options

Kraft Foods is a Food and Beverages Company that employs 1000s of employees in its fabrication installations. Most of these employees work hourly rewards and the company was confronting jobs with the low morale and high abrasion of these employees. Kraft nutrients had flexible working options for professional workers and similar options for hourly workers were needed harmonizing to a study of the employees. To this consequence, Kraft introduced “ Fast Adapts ” for these employees. This plan allowed hourly workers to increase their work installation. Measures such as holiday for a twenty-four hours, option to trade displacements and impermanent employment to retired workers were introduced. The employees were besides reimbursed for on-line tuition classs. All hourly employees were covered under this plan or other flexible working options.

A study once more after the execution of “ Fast Adapts ” showed that occupation satisfaction and keeping had increased significantly among the hourly employees. Employees were happier and more committed towards the company. The directors at the workss were given a duty to implement the plan and develop new 1s if required. They were responsible for making a good working topographic point and were given liberty to better the current plan. This increased the overall productiveness of the workss and decreased costs in enlisting and preparation.

Negative Aspects of Flexible Workplaces

Though the advantages of supplying flexible workplace are evident, non every organisation buys into it. The ground is frequently improper execution of the policies, but many times there are certain negative facets associated with the flexible workplaces. These policies might non be suited for some concerns. Some of these negative facets are:

Inducing unfairness: Every organisation today lays accent on equal working chance. It is non easy to supply flexible working options to all the employees in an organisation, and supplying such options to a few employees might look unjust. This would in bend affect employee morale and can take to unhealthy working environment.

Maltreatment of the options: There are ever traveling to be some employees in an organisation who take undue advantage of workplace flexibleness. This becomes more of an issue in instance of work in which it is hard to maintain a regular path of employee productiveness. Peoples working from place can stop up non working at all or working for a little clip. In instance of flexible working hours, people tend to pass less clip in office than required. These state of affairss lead to cut down in productiveness and hence can backlash for the concerned organisation.

Promoting Flexible Workplaces

Though a batch of organisations identify the importance of flexible workplaces, they lack the expertness to implement these policies and are incognizant of the stairss required to promote such policies. Few of the stairss that these organisations can use are:

Raising consciousness:

The top direction should be made responsible for raising consciousness about importance of flexible working options in an organisation. Commitment to equilibrate in personal and professional life should be included in the organisation ‘s ends and values. Flexible enterprises should be included into periodic studies and programs. Besides, the organisation should be promoted as the 1 that encourages and supports work life balance.

Technology execution and connectivity betterment:

Sometimes pressing work is required from people working portion clip. A good connectivity to office resources is such a instance is necessary for smooth operation. This is besides necessary to let option of working from place. Facilities such as teleconferencing and video-conference allow interaction from a distance and promote work life balance in the organisation.

Training and committedness:

Senior direction and center directors should be educated about the importance and benefits of flexible working options. These directors should be trained to plan good policies harmonizing to the demands of the employees and to implement these policies. The directors should be made responsible for planing such policies and cut downing abrasion while bettering employee satisfaction. These steps can be included in incentive constituent for the directors.


Good reappraisal system should be put in topographic point to mensurate the impact of flexible working policies. Visible betterments due to these policies will promote other squads in the organisation to advance such policies. Besides the policies should be reviewed from clip to clip to do certain that they are antiphonal and relevant to the current demands of the employees. Besides the reappraisal procedures are needed to guarantee that employees are non taking undue advantages of such policies.


The demand to happen a good work life balance for employees is increasing and this has forced assorted organisations to look at developing flexible work policies. Companies are detecting that there are important benefits to be derived out of these policies. Good policies with proper execution are good both to the employees and the organisations.

Still most of the organisations have non evolved significantly on this forepart due to disputing execution and a few negative facets. Resistance to alter is normally high and no measuring mechanisms are at that place. Making consciousness and educating direction are other of import steps required for success of these policies.

Finally, it is apparent from assorted surveies and studies that in today ‘s germinating concern environment is it become progressively of import for organisations to present some kind of flexible work options.