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Sugar Has Been A Major Money Earner Marketing Essay

In this chapter, a clear lineation of the attractive force is given whereby the of import facts and figures are listed every bit good as offering a circuit of L’Aventure du Sucre, whose chief purpose serves as a museum, to be more specific a ‘sugar eco-museum ‘ . Side by side, it gives an penetration into several properties of the museum ‘s profile peculiarly to service quality from the direction position and its impact on client satisfaction while it is delivered to visitants during the service bringing procedure through the company employees.


3.1.1. Profile of the company

Sugar has been a major money earner for the island for two centuries and is therefore considered as a critical portion of the Mauritanian cultural heritage. With the variegation of the economic system, sugar has lost its topographic point as basic pillar of the economic system being encompassed by the fabrication, touristry, Integrated Resort Schemes, offshore among the other dynamic industries. However, to capture its importance on the island throughout all these functioning old ages, the Beau Plan Sugar Estate, which was a former sugar mill founded in 1797, has been reconverted into a cultural heritage site every bit good as the lone sugar museum over a infinite of 5,000 mA? dedicated the history of sugar in 2002 after 3 old ages of redevelopment when the mill closed its door in the twelvemonth 1999. Furthermore, it is situated in Pamplemousses and merely at a distance of 300 meters from the Botanical Garden, another major attractive force in the North of the island. The chief mark market is tourers ( single and Tour operator visitants ) including local occupants and group visits ( pupils and associations- adult females and senior citizens ) .

3.1.2. Products and Services

The museum re-created the atmosphere of a traditional sugar factory where visitants can see the original rock chimney, historic milling and processing machinery, in add-on to interactive shows detailing the importance of Mauritius sugar industry to the island ‘s economic development. Therefore, in footings of merchandises and services, panels, exhibits and synergistic shows provide information on the history of sugar, the agribusiness of the island, and the assorted stairss of sugar production from the Fieldss to the Millss and finally to the finished merchandise exported to Western markets. Furthermore, there is besides an on-going expounding held in footings of lending to environment protection and the modern-day 1 is based on Biodiversity. L’Aventure du Sucre besides aspires to be a pedagogical tool for both for local occupants and tourers who want to indulge in researching the history of Mauritius and how learn about its civilization and roots, from the distinguishable colonizations to the modern-day Mauritanian period. In add-on, the museum Village Boutik offers alone gifts, keepsakes and tasting of particular unprocessed sugars and local rum, while Le Fangourin eating house offers an reliable Mauritanian gastronomy and sweets made with unprocessed sugars. As a whole, the distinct installations available give the individuality of an amusement composite to the attractive force.

Interestingly, harmonizing to trip adviser, a good recommended travel site ranked L’AS second among the six chief attractive forces in Mauritius with La Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes exceeding the list followed by the other four chief attractive forces which are Blue Penny Museum, Frederik Hendrik Museum & A ; Vieux Grand Port Historic Site, Natural History Museum and Chateau Labourdonnais of Mapou.

3.1.3. Fiscal facts

L’Aventure du Sucre belongs to Terra Mauricia Limited once known as Harel Freres Limited which diversified its activities throughout the old ages, from an basically sugar-oriented company to one with involvements in energy production, intoxicant production and commercial distribution, belongings development, building and fiscal services and L’AS is a signifier of investing in the Leisure industry. Terra group took acquisition of The Beau Plan Sugar Estate Company Ltd in 1940A and in 2011 the group owned 30.7 % of Sugarworld Limited ( Sugarworld ) , a company which operates L’Aventure du Sucre. Towards the terminal of 2011, Terra offered to the stockholders of Sugarworld ( Constance La Gaiete, Deep River Beau Champ Sugar Estate and Harel Freres Limited ) to purchase the portions of the museum. Upon transportation of portions the group now holds 95.2 % of Sugarworld. As the remainder of the leisure industry, the company did non execute good and after revenue enhancement net incomes fell by 12.1 % to Rs 5.8 Million ( Source: Terra Annual study 2011 ) . Contribution to group net income after revenue enhancement was Rs 1.7 M ( about 0.2 % of entire group net income after revenue enhancement ) compared to Rs 2.1 M in 2010 ( Beginning: Terra Annual study 2011 ) . Despite the current troubles experienced by this industry, Terra group remained confident in its hereafter, and the part to net incomes in the short term from Sugarworld should be in line with that of 2011 ( Beginning: Terra Annual study 2011 ) . Additionally, the group soon employs about 1,300 staffs on a lasting footing compared to 58 employees working in the different sections ( museum, Boutik and the eating house ) at L’AS along with one General Manager and seven functional directors responsible for the efficient operation of the administration in footings of presenting high quality of service and accordingly fulfilling the visitants.


A house with a strong client satisfaction ( positive remarks with mention to welcoming visitants and the merchandises and services offered at the site ) and trueness ( high per centum of repetition visitants ) , can last and thrive even when faced with hard state of affairss ( e.g. touch economic system and unanticipated catastrophes ) . For that intent, L’AS strives to offer and run into the demands and outlooks which include supplying a scope of value-added services, high quality accessory installations among others besides showing their committedness to high quality client service. Consequently, several stairss are implemented to set accent on the quality facet at L’AS as outlined in the followers:

Offering complementary services to heighten quality of visit

Supplying inspiring and appealing experiences

Geting consciousness and cognition through their aggregations and research

Enrolling antiphonal staff to present high profile services

Put into pattern environmentally friendly patterns and policies to prolong the museum on a long term footing.

3.2.1. Service Standards

Service Standards at L’AS helps to present a high degree of client service as staffs are motivated to:

Warmly greet, acknowledge and welcome visitants at every point of contact

Listen to what visitants demands are, and strive to run into or transcend their outlooks

Respond to visitants enquiry or issue and convey it to a promise

Create an experience relevant to visitants by explicating their services, installations and products.A

Therefore, in order to heighten client service through service criterions, front-line employees need to stay by the five pillars every bit good as the three Cs of client service which have been reproduced on paper and placed on the notice board at the back-office of the response:

Therefore, the 5 pillars of L’AS client service are:

Feel positively towards clients

Feedback ( promote client )

Respond to client jobs

Develop repetition relationship

Seek to transcend client outlooks

( Beginning: L’Aventure du Sucre Front-office section )

Simultaneously, the 3 Cs are:

Consistency – in our lovingness for the demands of our invitees

Courtesy – positive attitude

Cleanliness – in every facet of our lives at place and at work

( Beginning: L’Aventure du Sucre Front-office section )

3.2.2. Morning Briefings

Each section at L’AS is capable to different criterions and work processs to guarantee quality services aboard achieving day-to-day aims and mark gross revenues. Hence, every forenoon directors do a briefing with their staffs to pass on indispensable instructions and depute each staff undertakings and responsibilities to guarantee coherence in work. Furthermore, functional directors need to guarantee occupation rotary motion and expansion to antagonize humdrum by increasing occupation Scopess and do occupations more challenging in order to hike employees ‘ motive and satisfaction. Therefore, the Front-office, Boutik Maintenance and Restaurant directors conduct forenoon briefings with their staffs working at operational degrees, to heighten the degree of service to be experienced by visitants as employees ‘ satisfaction leads to presenting fulfilling experiences to clients.

3.2.3. Guest Remarks

At the issue of the museum, there is a Guest Comments book available where visitants can subscribe and enter their remarks, personal messages and wants. Feedbacks in the signifier of either verbal or written remarks during visitsA provide penetrations and information about invitees ‘ positions, experiences and apprehensions. Every afternoon, the guest book is reviewed by the Front-office employees and the resourceful feedbacks ( positive and negative ) to be communicated to the director. Additionally, on a hebdomadal footing the receptionists gather all the remarks received during the hebdomad and convey the information to the Front-office and Communications directors which are discussed during Management meetings conducted really month to ease developing new SQ schemes and better existent service bringing patterns.

3.3. Decision

It is important for L’AS to invariably find client outlooks through visitants ‘ feedbacks and to be antiphonal to how they perceive their experiences every bit good as any fluctuation in demands that might be self-generated or future based with the purpose of invariably presenting SQ and overcome concern challenges in this dynamic touristry environment.