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Use Of Technologies In Fast Fashion Marketing Essay

For this term paper I aim to analyse and measure the public presentation of the engineerings used to do Fast-fashion scheme successful. Fast manner is a term used to depict vesture aggregations that are based on the recent manner tendencies presented at a manner hebdomad. These tendencies are designed and manufactured rapidly with medium quality and low-cost monetary value leting the regular shoppers to take an advantage of current vesture manner at an low-cost monetary value.

The “ Fast-fashion ” scheme that involves speedy fabrication at low-cost monetary value dress merchandises is used in big retail merchants such as ZARA, H & A ; M, NEW LOOK, and TOPSHOP ( fast manner talk ) . All these four trade names are rivals. ZARA is the chief ‘Fast-Fashion ‘ specializer, which can run on a lead clip of 15 yearss or less, where as the other trade names take up to 280 yearss to run.

The first popular Spanish international vesture retail merchant and innovator of ‘Fast-fashion ” , Inditex opened the Zara shops in 1975, in A Coruna. It was founded by Amancio Ortega, their purpose for presenting fast manner was to fulfill costumier ‘s demands and wants by offering costumiers the latest manner in good quality at low-cost monetary values.

In an article, The Economist claims: “ the consumers today are far more

Fashion-savvy and demanding so in the yesteryear ” ( The Economist, 2005 ) . The article besides suggests that some high manner retail merchants have compressed their lead-times to fulfill market demand by holding the right merchandise in the right topographic point at the right clip. Fast manner is normally strongly influenced by, or in some instances reproductions of, a catwalk or famous person manner ( The Economist, 2005 ) ( fiscal catch shooting ) .

Successful retail merchants such as Zara have the ability to respond immediately to consumer demands and to the current tendency, which has expanded throughout the universe with alone success. This speedy response expression has attracted others in the manner industry and has highlighted their inability to alter the manner rapidly.

In Zara shops there is ever limited stock, which persuades the costumiers to purchase the merchandise rapidly, in the fright of the merchandise non being available if the costumiers leave it at that place to buy it some other clip. There is ever a sense of teasing exclusivity, due to merely few points being on show even after the infinite of the shop being broad plenty. Such retails depend on the regular creative activity and rapid refilling of little batches of new goods. Their interior decorators make about 40,000 design yearly, from which most of their designs are influenced by the latest couture, nevertheless they do pull off to make better than the high manner houses in the market and offer about the same merchandises, made with less expensive cloth, at much lower monetary values ( Dutta, 2002 ) .

The concern theoretical account for the company is based on offering the latest manner in high quality with low-cost monetary value, with a originative squad of more than 200 professionals, Zara design procedure is closely built harmonizing to consumer demands.

This new scheme adapted by Zara and other retail merchants have developed and made the manner industry more successful as they are now able to react quicker to consumers demand, as the industry no longer has to wait for the top interior decorator to put six months tendency twice a twelvemonth. Now retail merchants can function their clients with new blossoming designs in a short period of clip, whilst being inspired by the films, humanistic disciplines and other retail sectors ( Matassa, 2008, 18/12/2009 ) .

“ Fast manner ” system relies on the changeless exchange of information within every portion of the Zara supply concatenation, from consumers to directors. The communicating within Zara ‘s supply concatenation is exchanged through Information Technology ( Such as their PDA ) as this allows the director to update the stock list. It is used to garner the consumer ‘s sentiment about the merchandises and what they wish to see in shops. The information is gathered on a regular footing and is sent to the central offices. All this takes topographic point within Spain with no outsourcing fabrication, which reduces a important sum of clip. This device is non merely used to maintain the interior decorators informed about the fast-changing client demands but it besides provides the company with the interior on the less desirable ware and tendencies ( Anon, 28/12/09 ) .

“ Business pattern, in bend, led to shorter lead times and debut of more manner manners. The execution of the information and communications engineering helped augment the concern processes at Zara ” ( Gaebler, 01/01/10 ) .

In the past 30 old ages computing machine engineering has had a great impact on fabrication success, which besides applies to a map diverse such as paysheet, stock control, parts production, procedure planning and constituent testing. The combination of CAD and CAM has caused betterments in the costs effectivity, quality and the easiness with which a broad assortment of constituent parts can be produced.

The term “ speedy response ” has been the most of import scheme used to accomplish fast manner. It has been defined as:

McMichael et Al. ( 2000, p. 613 ) defined

QR as:

[ . . . ] a consumer driven concern scheme of concerted planning by supply concatenation spouses, to guarantee the right goods, are in the right topographic point, at the right clip, utilizing IT and flexible fabrication to extinguish inefficiencies from the full supply concatenation ( Sheridan, 2006 ) .

“ It is a manner of operation in which a fabrication or service industry aims to supply merchandises or services to its clients in the precise measures, assortments and within the clip frames that those clients require ” ( S.G. Hayes and Nicola Jones, Financial catch ) .

Assorted types of techniques are used for clip denseness and hence fast manner can besides be defined as a speedy response scheme.

The chief engineerings identified as speedy response elements used in fabrication and retailing are:

CAD/CAM: Computer aided design and fabrication. This design tool is used in making design forms and garments, and CAM is a fabricating tool that controls machine-controlled procedures such as cutting ( Gray, 1998 ) . It is an advanced attack to model doing to guarantee that you can make forms for your ain alone designs that will suit your form or each of your single client ‘s size & A ; forms.

You can besides make practical illustration of your designs by “ dressing up ” mock up theoretical accounts with different designs. This package is used to do the design procedure easier, which allows the design to be seen three dimensional. It besides helps the designs to develop and prove the thoughts to be tested without really being commenced into signifier, therefore utilizing less work and less mistake.

Automated film editing: is a cutting system with high-speed, inactive tabular array cutting system, designed to cut a broad assortment of stuffs and cloths. This system can easy be used cut fabric, complexs, leather, industrial cloths and most others rolled goods for usage in dress industry ( Gerber engineering, 01/01/10 ) .

Automated cutting machine does non care about how complicated the form is, it is immunized against some of the increasing complexness within garment. This system besides improves run uping quality, since every portion is cut indistinguishable and the operator does non hold to set the pieces to fit. This machine requires computing machine aided design of markers, which besides improves the cloth operation ( Warburton and Stratton, 2002 ) .

Electronic informations interchange: EDI is the transportation of informations, electrically exchanged through different portion of supply concatenation, and is compiled utilizing electronic point of sale equipment ( Hayes and Jones, 2006 ) . Quick responses have been possible because of the development of EDI and EPOS. The advanced information engineering is the key to quick response, as it allows the supply concatenation to react rapidly to the real-time informations ( Gerber engineering, 01/01/10 ) . Today ‘s information transportation has grown even more through the cyberspace, which allows the merchandise develop direction to portion the information across the universe.

Product Development Management package ( PDM ) is data-centric procedures that revolve around the direction of all the critical merchandise, stuff, and constituent informations needed to construct a measure of stuffs ( BOM ) , finally making a complete specification bundle for the maker. Specification direction includes major constituents such as measurings and scaling, building inside informations, CAD, or study files, and may include bing inside informations.

It is suited for manner interior decorators who want to travel in front with their trade, If they are believing of developing their ain line of vesture and gets involved with other characteristics of manner design such as publicity, gross revenues and selling ( Howtodothings, 01/01/10 ) . It manages a database of all the information associating to a merchandise and allows unrecorded merchandise development by participants in different locations ( Hayes and Jones, 2006 ) .

Feeling the force per unit area to present more manners in less clip, dress makers and retail merchants are more often turning to off-the-rack PLM applications as the scalable platform needed to back up progressively complex merchandise development processes in the context of business-led supply concatenation schemes.

Modular fabrication and unit production systems: The edifice of artifacts from standardised faculties, subsystems or constituents has been common for centuries.

In the context of technology merchandise design, the faculty system is used in houses that produce standard merchandises. This is designed for dress companies that produce work forces ‘s, adult females ‘s, and kids ‘s athletics wear. It involves cut downing the division of labor.

Modular design resists obsolescence, shortens redesign, enables new designs to be realized by utilizing bing faculties, reduced costs, and easy care. Furthermore, when modular building methods have become widely established, as in electronic fiction utilizing standard constituents ( e.g. integrated circuits resistances and capacitances ) , the design procedure is by and large assisted by sophisticated design and fluctuation tools.


In today ‘s universe, the manner industry is really competitory ; to last in this industry it is suggested to understand the procedure of comparing the cost, rhythm clip, productiveness, or quality of a specific procedure that is widely used, to be able to vie with the other concern. To be successful within this field it is indispensable to understand and fulfill costumier ‘s demands and demands and fulfill these demands to accomplish success. This is where retail merchants like Zara are playing an iconic function in the industry, utilizing fast-fashion scheme with short lead clip to carry through costumier demands, taking to delight costumiers by supplying them with fresh and new designs, whilst fabrication, making and planing in-house in Spain. Not merely are they carry throughing consumer demands but are besides act uponing other luxury trade names to shorten their lead-time.

The term fast-fashion is used to depict the speedy response scheme applied in retails to fulfill client demands, by supplying the clients with choice merchandise at low-cost monetary values, in a short clip. This puts the force per unit area on the costumiers as good and encourages them to see the shop legion times.

The intent of this term paper was to analyze and measure the important engineering consideration taken by the retail merchant that has applied the fast manner scheme, retail merchants such as Zara H & A ; M, Top store, Gap, Primark and etc.

The paper illustrates that by focal point on the quality merchandise at low-cost monetary value, utilizing engineerings such as Personal digital assistants: to mensurate consumer demands, CAD/CAM: to make design, manner and form scaling, automate cutters: can cut complicated form, which is inoculate against some of the increasing complexness within garments. It ‘s this engineering that has developed fast manner and made companies like Zara successful.