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Skills And Learning Statement Education Essay

Reflect on what you have learnt from the meetings with your undertaking wise man, including the presentation that you gave to your undertaking wise man?

“ Develop a passion for larning. If you do, you will ne’er discontinue to turn. ” ( Anthony J. D’Angelo )

The twenty-first century is an age of information, globalization and huge competition. It is critical for every human being, no affair what their age or profession, to continually develop their heads and hence, maintain acquisition.

After researching a few subjects I shortlisted, I opted for this peculiar one as I thoroughly enjoyed analyzing fiscal places of companies during my surveies and I anticipated that non merely would this assistance me in polishing my analysis, but besides better my communicating accomplishments. My wise man was Mr Burhan Barlas, who facilitated me throughout my RAP.

I read the ACCA BSc battalion at least twice earlier I went to my first meeting and was certain I wanted to make topic 8 due to several grounds explained in the research study. The job I foremost discussed with my wise man was taking a suited company. My wise man helped me decide this job by reding me to take a company I had an involvement in and for which information would be easy available to me. My wise man besides advised me to do a scheduled and realistic timetable as this undertaking would be a clip devouring procedure. He made me understand composing the RAP would be a wholly different experience to 1s I have had of taking tests and it would necessitate a batch of clip and committedness. I was given tactics on countries I was non wholly certain approximately such as referencing, schemes on which concern theoretical accounts would be most suited, every bit good as tips to bring forthing an outstanding RAP.

The 2nd meeting of mine dealt with deciding jobs I was confronting while composing my thesis such as referencing, explicating the pros and cons of my chosen theoretical accounts with relevancy to my company and using the cognition I had learnt in my ACCA test. My wise man was really suiting and gave me penetration to how the theoretical accounts should be used and that the of import portion was non merely including the theoretical accounts but APPLYING and EXPLAINING their relevancy. He helped me understand how to show the information I collected for my undertaking in a adept manner maintaining in head the word bound. Last but non the least, I was able to place betterments I needed to do and felt confident with the manner my undertaking was determining.

By the clip of the 3rd meeting I was done with the undertaking nevertheless, had left room for betterment. This is the twenty-four hours I besides presented my undertaking to my wise man. Although I had old experience in public speech production, I was peculiarly nervous as I had ne’er presented a undertaking utilizing slides. The presentation, finally, went really good and proved to be a great experience. I improved on my communicating accomplishments further which will surely be utilized subsequently and really supportive in my calling. Subsequently, my wise man had a thorough read of my RAP and gave me tips on how to better it even further. Conclusively, the RAP decidedly helped me broaden the skyline in which I non merely larn how to compose a well-written undertaking under regulations and ordinances in a timely mode, but besides showing it utilizing slides maintaining the reader engaged throughout.

To what extent do you believe you have achieved the RAP research aims you set?

“ Without continual growing and advancement, such words as betterment, accomplishment, and success have no significance. ” ( Benjamin Franklin )

It was highly of import for me to non merely put aims that were seasonably and accomplishable, but besides realistic. Aims that are far excessively hard to accomplish are demotivating whereas, aims that are far excessively easy to accomplish make non let the full capableness of a individual to be tested. I found the SMART acronym to be of great usage when puting my aims.

Having said that, I believe the aims and purposes I set for my undertaking have all been achieved. The intent of my undertaking was to make a fiscal and concern analysis of a company and compare its public presentation to a rival which I believe I have accomplished. I have stayed within the word bound and have referenced and cited all the information obtained from beginnings as it is highly unethical to expose person ‘s work as your ain. The concern theoretical accounts used have been explained in a mode so even a layperson could understand. I was peculiarly concerned about my presentation as I had ne’er given one before and I managed to finish and show it successfully. Previously, I was merely comfy with analyzing ratios in composing but now I am besides able to show and explicate them orally which has truly built my assurance. I wanted to use the cognition I had acquired from ACCA tests and I believe my undertaking shows the practical application of theoretical and concern theoretical accounts I have studied. Besides, I took every word my wise man said into consideration, as he possesses more experience and makings, which aided me in doing my undertaking more effectual. Last, I aimed to develop a good apprehension of accounting houses and their services as it will decidedly be of great aid while make fulling applications for occupations.

As I opted for subject 8, it was highly of import to stress the significance of secondary informations as I was non utilizing primary informations. Hence, all the information compiled has been referenced to evade any misconceptions. I have besides mentioned failings of theoretical accounts used and have tried to get the better of them every bit much as possible in my research.

How have you demonstrated your interpersonal and communicating accomplishments during the undertaking work?

“ To efficaciously pass on, we must recognize that we are all different in the manner we perceive the universe and utilize this apprehension as a usher to our communicating with others. ” ( Tony Robbins )

I believe communicating is a accomplishment we learn and develop with clip and we should take every chance to pattern and maintain on improvizing. Interpersonal accomplishments are used by us on a day-to-day footing non merely to pass on with others, but besides to listen and understand. There are two methods of communicating used in the RAP: written and unwritten. I have prepared my analysis in a manner that it can besides be comprehended by a individual even if he does non possess background cognition in this field by avoiding professional slang. The theoretical accounts used in my RAP have been clearly explained and clarified to avoid trouble. Graphs have been used, that are reasonably simple to understand, to explicate the comparing between the two companies in a more descriptive manner.

During the undertaking, I was required to hold three meetings with my wise man. Prior to every meeting, I wrote down all the things and subjects I wished to discourse with my wise man. I believe communicating is cardinal and I to the full utilized the chances by conveying frontward all the questions I had sing the undertaking. My purpose was to hold on every bit much cognition from my wise man as possible. We used the three meetings to to the full discourse and interchange information. Listening is a virtuousness and a key to success and I listened carefully to every word my wise man said in order to do the meeting every bit effectual as possible.

While fixing the presentation, I exhaustively practiced on my communicating accomplishments as I wished to maintain my wise man intrigued at all times. To accomplish this, I used a twosome of techniques such as keeping oculus contact, utilizing manus gestures, talking easy but steady, and inquiring inquiries. When I finished the presentation, my wise man was truly pleased and complimented me on my attack. Last, he asked me a few inquiries sing my presentation which I answered based on the cognition I acquired.

Overall, I would wish to state this undertaking has truly helped me in a great extent to improvize on my communicating every bit good as interpersonal accomplishments. These will non merely be used in my personal life, but besides in my professional life such as giving interviews, carrying and negociating, pass oning with people such as senior members of staff, and besides giving presentations to clients.

Reflect on how set abouting the RAP helped you in your accounting surveies and/or current employment function?

I have sat and passed nine of the entire 14 ACCA exams bespeaking I am familiar with countless topics such as fiscal coverage, fiscal and direction accounting, jurisprudence and besides revenue enhancement. Undertaking the RAP has been a entire diverse experience compared to sitting exams as it has given me chance to practically utilize the cognition I acquired from my ACCA documents. The subject I have chosen is “ the concern and fiscal public presentation of a company over a three twelvemonth period. ” This subject has non merely helped me in my analytical accomplishments but besides brushed up my written a long with concern accomplishments.

Although I have passed all the cardinal documents, I still have to go through the professional degree tests and I believe the cognition I have been equipped with while fixing this undertaking will truly give me a head start when fixing for these documents. I have exhaustively studied concern theoretical accounts such as the PESTEL and SWOT analysis which are traveling to be of great aid as the professional degree documents non merely necessitate analyzing the course of study exhaustively but besides professional judgement from campaigners. My analytics accomplishments have besides been improved by a huge sum as I spent a great trade of clip critically analysing the fiscal statements of my chosen company.

One of ACCA ‘s demands for campaigners is to finish the ‘Professional Ethical motives Module, ‘ before subjecting the RAP. Although I have studied corporate administration regulations in tests such as corporate jurisprudence and audit, finishing the faculty truly tested my practical application of the regulations and ordinances I have learnt. I am cognizant that when I start working, my moralss and ethical motives will truly be tested in assorted scenarios and I must possess a strong apprehension of what is of import and why. I found the faculty to be of great usage and will non merely be used while fixing for my P1 test, but besides practically when my ethical criterions are tested.

I have expanded on my apprehension of analysing fiscal statements as now I apprehend how things are done out of the schoolroom and non merely inside it. I collected informations and THEN financially analyzed the public presentation of a company comparing it to its rival. I am presently using for occupations and I believe this experience has truly taught me a batch more about organisations which will help me in calling along with taking companies to use for. Eventually, I plan to get down my ain concern and although I am non confident on what it will be, my apprehension of fiscal statements will assist me in fixing and utilizing them on a day-to-day footing. I have besides gained thorough cognition of concern theoretical accounts and can now use them practically. Conclusively, fixing the RAP has truly helped me develop on accomplishments that I was non exposed to before and I will be using them non merely in my surveies, from here frontward, but besides in my practical life.