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November 4, 2017
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November 4, 2017
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Bastard of the Party

Bastards of the Party The Bastards of the Party documentary was based upon the Crips and the Bloods who are the bastard offspring of the political parties such as the 1960’s. The Great Migration occurred upon African-American migrating from the south in order to escape racism and prejudice in the south as well as to seek industrial jobs. There was a train that would stop through every town but blacks could only depart at Central Avenue. We as blacks were limited to certain neighborhoods and places we could live and go for entertainment.

The 1960’s or 1970’s is when gangs were originated. Gangs became a formation of protection against racial crimes being committed by whites. There were quite a few popular gangs such as the Slausons, Gladiators, Businessmen and so forth. Spook Hunters were whites who attacked the blacks because they thought black people were spooks and they were gone to take them down. Once African-Americans defeated the Spook Hunters purpose they began to retaliate among each other. The 1940s and the 1950s Central Avenue was an exciting cultural landmark where musical Jazz and junkies were.

The California Eagle newspaper was for the black community as a source for information and resources but often ignored or negatively portrayed by the white press. The police such as the LAPD extorted millions from clubs in order to look the other way. William Parker was the police chief of Los Angeles police department. Parker recruited Southern officers who had military backgrounds with strong racist attitudes. He supported the city’s racist power structure. The 1960’s and 1961 White Flight took place where a large amount of whites began to migrate to the suburban area.

When this happen crime became an issue because the area was filled with the same nationality African-Americans. Gangs began to turn on one another due to the lack of opportunities and programs especially for the youth. Poverty is considered an issue of its own which can become destructive to its society. Don’t let people label or stereotype you as a person. This can pressure you into thinking you have to live up to its full potential. This can lead you to accept anything and self-destruction. We can try to break the cycle by calling each other by our real names instead of nick names which doesn’t have anything to do with the real you.

In 1948, lynching became a part of police brutality. They stereotype blacks as animals instead of humans. African-Americans had no rights or equality as whites did. Police consider white kids who committed crime were misguided but black children at the age of 14 to 15 were already hardcore criminals. In 1965, the blacks became brothers and fought back for their community by trying to drive out the LAPD. The Black Panthers was a national organization created in 1966. This organization represented the African-Americans protection among their neighborhoods from police brutality.

They brought resources to the community such as free clinics and free lunch at school. In 1967, Bunchy Carter was known as a true hero to his people. He would hold meetings and try an influence the people by knowledge of history. Carter was a member of the Slauson who reflected a mirror of the ghetto. He was courageous, intelligent and quite political man. April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King was killed which was a tragedy. The US and Black Panthers organizations had different philopsy which made them clash among one another.

The Counter Intel program intercepted between the two organizations by conducting projects such giving the media false reports and psychological warfare. This created tension among the two groups and turned them against one another. January 17, 1969 John and Pratt the minister had being killed during a visit at the UCLA campus. John was the leader of the Black Panthers who made such a difference. The 1970’s movement of the youth revolution took place and everything change from clothing to individuality along with the entertainment such as movies.

Superfly was the number one hit film. They began selling images which people took as the right way to live. They were using this to exploit blacks. There were three black strong males name Stanley, Jamel and Raymond who were a part of the cribs. Power equals violence and there’s no leadership it loses its value. The lack of knowledge will lead you down the wrong path of destruction. Blood and the Crips gang was a rebirth of the Black Panthers. In 1972, there were many killings among the blacks. They changed Revolutionary to Reform which changed the direction of energy.

The gangs began to measure who was gone to exist and who was not. The media began to promote the Crips in the worst way. During funerals the gangs would terrorize the whole funeral. Poverty pimps is those who collect money from pretending they were creating programs to curb gangs. In the mid 1970’s jobs began to disappear. 14 of the biggest factories shut down and relocated. Young black men were torn from work opportunities. In the 1980’s there were slang and banging going on in the community. Neighborhoods became rich and they could do anything they wanted to.

Drug business was a mass production which Cocaine became popular. When the Blood and Crips came together once again they were back at one another because they had lost their agenda. There was no leadership in order to keep the purpose alive. There must be leadership and a purpose in anything that a person does. If there are lack of resources and main components used to support it then it will overturn to nothing. This new millennium is still continuing this very cycle of issues along with the different gangs.