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Cultural Narrative

I was browsing through a media’s photo collection when I found the collection from an American Soldier. The media followed the young man from the time he enlisted into the army until the time he was able to return home. This story is analyzed by photographs of the young man, his friends, and his family. A young man sits in his home talking to his father while holding a note with an army recruiter’s information on it. The young boy picks up the phone and calls the recruiter to follow up on his enlistment. As weeks go by the boy receives his high school diploma and is ready to enlist into the United States Army.

Ian, the young man goes to different places and enjoys spending time with his loved ones before enlisting. Ian lived with his father for all of his life. You can tell he is scared to leave his father by actions and emotions expressed in the photos. As Ian prepares to leave for basic training he gathers with his friends and family to say bye to everyone. Ian’s parent were in full support of his decision to enlist as they stand by and watch him being sworn in before his departure to basic training. While in basic training, Ian went through many obstacles.

He received many injuries that made him be described to pain medication. When Ian returned home from training his girlfriend and he got engaged. Ian then returns back to base and returns to his normal daily training courses and his job. On a weekend leave, Ian sits at home with a friend and does not go back to base on time. He then shows emotion about him and his fiance breaking up. When he returned back to base late, he awaits in a higher ranking officer’s office to receive counseling. While on base Ian returns home on another weekend leave. He returns home from this leave also.

Once he returned, he goes to his superior officer and admits he has an addiction to the pain medicine that he had been subscribed to due to his injuries. Ian receives consulting and becomes clean of this addiction. Ian is now getting prepared to be deployed to Iraq. Before this deployment, Ian goes to church and gets baptized. He then spent time with family and friends before he returned to base for deployment. Ian is now prepared for deployment and boards the plane taking his platoon and him to Iraq. While being deployed, Ian is mainly in the front line of his crew.

While in Iraq, Ian earned and received many awards and a promotion. When he returned home, he marries the girl he was with after his first breakup. This story is told by many different photos. These photos were taken at numerous places and times throughout his many years experience. The media taking these photos did a great job by making sure the pictures had enough detail in them to show every moment and emotion in the soldier’s quest. The story or photographs purpose was to show the life of a United States Soldier and his life.

The photos were also to capture his life from enlistment, to basic training, and going to and returning from the call of duty. The purpose of the story was achieved by the photos shown. The photos were very exact and included signs in the background that gave clues to where it was taken. I could see the story taking place and how it flowed with the detail in every photo. Each photo played a great point in the story and pointed out many elements that provided nessacery information for the story to be gathered by the reader. Pictures found at: http://blogs. denverpost. com/captured/2009/09/10/ian-fisher-american-soldier/