Winston Delano Weaver
November 23, 2017
Jeffrey M. Robinson
November 23, 2017
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English Is Malema a Good Leader?

Is Malema a good leader? Julius Malema, a single man who could be described by many words. A young troubled genius that has yet to find his place. A leader who is critiqued by the media but loved by the masses, the masses that gave him power. A position greater than the young man, I believe not for he shows the quality of a true leader. A leader has ability to be heard, to voice the people, to convey a positive message to the public. Julius Malema, a well renowned politician and comedian worldwide.

He has the limelight and he is a product of Bantu education, he is not the most intellectual person based on his grades but he shows purpose and potential. The media portrays him as a corrupt individual, all leaders are portrayed as, in fact every leader in power has or are being accused of some type of corruption. While many people believe the media and the images they paint of leaders there are a huge percentage that support their vote and believe that this particular individual will bring about a change.

Malema, although he is not in power he still becomes a topic on the news even more so recently than South Africa’s president. Julius finds himself confronted by media and press, he does not entertain the media but these people display greed for information, this forces the media to investigate. An investigation is research done on the particular topic, once the information is gathered and educational guess would sum up the research done, it is considered true until proven wrong. I personally feel that media has a way of going on a “wild goose chase”.

I experienced one example of this so called “wild goose chase”. I was playing a game which is called “I am player” it is based of a real life professional footballers life, so one would choose your own path so the choices you make will result in the type of footballer you will become. The press confronted me over tension between two players and stated, “If you ‘blab’ I’ll make something up”. I learnt an example of being in the lime light during this game. These just displays why Malema is always in a negative light for when you do turn down n interview, they would make something far fetched, personally I would believe the media because whatever they may say seems correct but in terms of our country and the masses he represents on a national level. I myself would not allow someone to enforce others to think we are unethical and behave like hooligans. Any person would withdraw a person who represents a country in that manner, a great example is scholars, when they embark on a journey to another school or country wearing their schools colors, the school sends out the best of representatives or the people who conduct themselves well in public.

Julius may not be the brightest spark but many forget that people were disadvantaged in different ways. Some people had access to external resources while others had to understand from the material they had before them. I conclude by saying that every person has the potential and ability to gain good grades given the material they are exposed to. People should not question the people being researched but should question the people who are researching. Julius displays great traits yet he has to learn to convey it to the public in the way every one seems suited for it or shall I say the manner in which the media seems suited for it.