Matthew D. Bernstein
December 4, 2017
Steven L. Block
December 4, 2017
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To School or Not To School

English 105 07/26/10 Diagnostic essay To school, or not to school; that is the question. At least it was for me four months ago as I was looking for a leg up in this economy. Having a high school diploma and a can do attitude no longer opens doors in the working world. Now days, having at least your Associates degree and 2 yrs of experience are required before employers will even look at your resume. Since I already had the experience, school seemed like the best option to help me find an employment if the lay off rumors at my current job were true.

Though it was the best option, my up coming wedding, thoughts of starting a family and finding the money were a few challenges that could keep me from completing my business administration program. First challenge was that my single life was coming to an end. I was looking to become the future Mrs. McClain in about five months. Weddings are a lot of work, even more so when you’re planning it all practically by yourself. Would it be crazy to take on a full load of classes on while I’m picking out table linens and centerpieces?

Of coarse it is, but completing school is important to me and my future. Another issue is finding the time. Classes are only four hours each, but I work full time. My schedule is that I start work from 7am till 4pm and then classes from 6pm till 10pm. That barley leaves enough time for homework, not to mention time for the many wedding appointments I make and need to attend. Then there is the honeymoon. If our honeymoon was more than a week long, I could run the risk of being dropped for missing two weeks in a row.

Plus, missing just a week can set me back. I know that I need to be disciplined and focused so that school will not take away from the experience of planning my upcoming nuptials. Another challenge I face while working on my business administration degree is starting a family. Before I started school, the lay off started at my job, so it seemed perfect to try and make a baby soon after the wedding and I can focus on the baby and school. Well, the layoffs have yet to happen, so if I get pregnant I will have to go to work and make it to school fterwards. That will make for long days that may be stressful to me and the baby. Also, trying to focus in class while suffering through sicknesses, hunger and being uncomfortable doesn’t sound all that great either. Needing to often leave early or missing classes due to sickness or being exhausted may cause my grades to slip. These are all issues that will happen before the baby gets here. Once I give birth, then there is the battle of dealing with any complications I may encounter.

Finding out how much time I can take off afterwards, finding daycare and trying to deal with separation anxiety are all issues that may lay in the wake of having a baby. Starting a family while working full time and attending school is something I may need to reconsider. A third challenge I face is finding funding for my education. Student loans scare me. I come from a family that pays for things in cash or get loans that can be paid off in a year’s time.

The biggest loan I have ever took was to get my car, and that came after months of telling myself that I will see that money every time I get into the car. I can see how much I am paying off every time I make a payment. Since an education is not something you can physically see it almost makes it seem like I’m paying for nothing. I currently make too much money, so I don’t qualify for any state assistance. I was trying to wait and see if I would get some assistance if I did get laid off from my job, but the layoffs seem to be taking off the table for the time being. Since I can’t get any