Robert A. Johnson
December 18, 2017
Chen Mian Kuang
December 18, 2017
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Is It Possible for Science to Go Too Far?

In this day science has greatly affected and improved our world as we know it. Science does a lot of great things, but sometimes it can go too far. Some reasons science can be thought of being used too far are science can be used for dangerous and bad conditions, and new technology can replace the job of many people. People should assume that science can be taken too far. To start off, science can be used for dangerous and bad conditions.

One of the examples of science being improperly used is in the short story Harrison Bergeron, the HG would use special handicaps to handicap people to make everyone equal, and have the same intelligence. This is unacceptable because people should have the ability to express their own thoughts and talents and not be held back from striving to succeed from handicaps invented to belittle them. Another way it is used under dangerous conditions is when the United States used the atomic bomb to bomb Hiroshima. It took scientist to invent and created this bomb which killed and exterminated many people.

In the story “The Sound of Thunder”, a time machine was used to send travelers back in time to hunt and kill dinosaurs. The machine put the travelers in danger by sending them to the past unknown world with ferocious predators. Eventually in the story Eckels stepped off the time machine path, and affected the future of present day. If they were never to go back in time nothing would have changed, and everything would have been back to normal. The advancements in technology and science could also affect us in the future greatly. Next, new technology can replace the job of many people.

In “Harrison Bergeron”, the handicaps limited the people to capabilities of talents and jobs. Ballerinas are supposed to be graceful and beautiful, but because of the handicaps they were just equal to everyone else, and each person had the same talent as them. An example of technology replacing the job of people would be scientists creating robots. Robots could function and do what they are programmed to do like fix cars, or even do chores. This can replace people because it allows companies to use robots to work without paying an employee.

Computers, iPads, and even iPods can replace certain everyday tasks because they are capable of getting information, storing information, typing, communicating and doing business management. The problem of that is that it replaces items such as notebooks, and dictionaries, and makes it easier for people to interact instead of just writing a letter like a regular person. Other people might think that science can improve the world. They believe it makes living and working conditions easier. They also feel science can lead to a better future. However, science can destroy the future.

In “Harrison Bergeron” science and technology limited people to be different, and it controlled all of everyone’s actions as if they were puppets. Another thing is that robots can replace their job opportunities so how could you have better living conditions, if you’re not even working. In conclusion, science could be taken too far. It can be used for all the wrong reasons such as dangerous things such as atomic bombs, and lessen job opportunities by replace humans with robots or computers. I predict that in the future science will hurt us because people will begin to abuse its power.