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December 21, 2017
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December 21, 2017
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Great Falls

Great Falls How awkward it is to come home to a young stranger in your kitchen and your wife upstairs packing her suitcase. In the story, “Great Falls” by Richard Ford, an unusual example of a marriage gone wrong is given, but at the beginning of the story it was said that, “This is not a happy story, I warn you” so I guess it wouldn’t be such a surprise when the story ends so sadly.

The mother in the story had obviously not married Jack for love because on page 41 she simply left him for a young and good looking man by the name of Woody even after saying, “He doesn’t love me, Jack” when Jack was considering blowing Woody’s head off. She left her son Jackie and husband Jack for Woody that night without hesitation and the son wished he hadn’t let her go. The mother then wants to meet with Jackie one evening while she stayed by herself in a hotel room without the presence of Woody.

Once they meet, she states that she wants to live a “less domestic life” and then she catches a taxi and leaves her son and husband for good as her son tries to understand why his father wouldn’t let her come back and why she did what she did. Since then, Jackies dad had left also and had died and during that timeframe Jackie had seen his mother from time to time with one man or another. It would be safe to say that she truly did marry Jack so they could leave the sticks and see the world together, not so much for the love.