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December 24, 2017
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December 24, 2017
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Wk 6 Assignment – Paper on Declining Fish Stock

One of the water source problems is the big fishing fleets have wiped out the ocean of 90% of big fish. There was a 10 year study that showed that there are plenty of the fish in the sea. However, the biggest fish have been pulled from the ocean; leaving around 10% of big fish still in the ocean. This is a challenge that is bringing competition amongst fishermen like never before. A scientist by the name of Jackson states the ocean is not equipped to have continued hunting and gathering at the level we have been fishing. The level we have been fishing is creating a decline amongst species across the ocean.

This is not the only problem that is becoming a reality. He and a team of scientist have been apart of a two year study that identified over fishing adds more destructive to the ocean than toxic pollution or degrading water quality. The damage to the ocean is almost close to being complete; however, Jackson believes that the damage that has been done is reversible. The only way to make this reversible is to drastically cut over fishing. I believe like we have protected some land to remain untouched, there needs to be areas in the ocean that there is no fishing in anyway allowed.

This is indeed a huge task and I am not exactly sure how the ocean could be policed, but this is something that should occur. The management and sustainment plan that I think would benefit both sides is to fist cut down on some of the over fishing. I know this is a far fetched idea, but it could be of great benefit if some of the fishermen were taking on by some of the scientist as consultants of the ocean and marine life to help with their studies and reports. This would cut down on some of the over fishing as well as help the fishermen continue to provide for themselves and their family.

I do not believe merely kicking fishermen out of parts of the ocean is the remedy, but something most certainly needs to be done and taken care of in an urgent way. Also, there should be some type of stricter guide lines regarding the boats allowed in the ocean. While I do believe that over fishing is the large percentage of the activity that is endangering species of the ocean, I also believe pollutants released in the ocean by boats can cause harm as well. I think another great option for management and sustainment of the ocean would be enforcing rules and regulations for fishermen to fish in the ocean.

There should be some type of rules in place to fishermen are held to a certain standard on how much they can fish in the ocean. I’m sure my plan would be received positively by communities because it could realistically contribute to saving marine life and begin the plan of reversing the damage that has been inflicted in the ocean. I also believe that communities would be encouraged by a program that would take on a number of fishermen to assist with studies and research with the scientist regarding marine life.

Kicking fishermen out of the ocean without any assistance would not be a great solution or represent humanity in the best way. Saving marine life while not helping human life moving forward is a statement and goal full of conflict and contradicts the very action of attempting to save life. My plan could view negatively because of implementing rules and regulations to fishermen that feel they have every right to fish in waters that have always been free. Instead of seeing this as a plan for accountability and management of the ocean, could seem to only be a plan of control and hindrance.

Other problems that I believe contribute to the dangers of declining fish stock is the techniques of fishermen in the way they catch fish. As I stated before, there needs to be more regulations and accountability in how this is done. I do not think the fishermen are held to the standard or have the level of accountability that is needed to protect marine life. I believe if we continue to allow the type of methods that are happening; the damage to the ocean will be forever irreversible.

Some of the type of methods I think need more accountability are; pollutant old boats in the ocean, fishing in the same sections repeatedly for large amounts of time and unclean tolls and nets that are used to catch fish. It is important that we not only be conscious of the present, we as man kind look with clarity into our future. We are currently at an all-time low with most species of marine fish and the main source of this activity is overfishing. Big fishing fleets have the capacity to force most marine fish populations to the brink if not totally instinct.

Although fishing is an important part of our economy, different methods and better accountability needs to be implemented or we will only have stories of marine fish of our ocean instead of having marine fish in our ocean. References Zeller, F. (2008). Overfishing spells disaster. Retrieved from http://www. news24. com/News24/Technology/News/0,,2-13-1443_2304032,00. html National Coalition for Marine Conservation. (n. d. ). THE THREATS TO OUR OCEAN FISHERIES: Overfishing, Bycatch and Marine Habitat Loss. Retrieved from http://www. savethefish. org/about_ocean_fisheries_overfishing. htm