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Sexual Techniques

Sexual Technique Psy 265 Kevin Martin July 14, 2011 The two sexual techniques that we read about in the chapter are masturbation and sexual fantasy. Masturbation is defined as “Excitation of one’s own or another’s genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse. (Thefreedictionary. (n. d. ). ” Sexual fantasy is the other technique that is discussed in the text that is defined as “ a fantasy or pattern of thoughts with the effect of creating or enhancing sexual feelings; in short, it is “almost any mental imagery that is sexually arousing or erotic to [an] individual (thefreedictionary. n. d. ). ” The connection between kissing, touching, and foreplay are when we are referring to a couple it is a sign of erotic desire, however when kissing is concerned between relative it is a sign of affection but with no sexual desire. Foreplay is the actions taken before and after the actual sexual intercourse is performed and can involve kissing and touching. There are several different viewpoints on the subject of masturbation it is even mentioned in the bible as, early as the Book of Genesis.

This religion viewed masturbation a sin and deemed it to be something that you would be punished for. At one point it was only acceptable if it was performed by a doctor or a midwife as part of a medical treatment for “hysteria” but was still condemned as a form of sexual pleasure. Another point of view is that any expression of sexuality is wrong before an individual is married.

A final point of view is that it is psychologically and physically dangerous that it creates an unrealistic view of sex and may make it harder for an individual to perform and in some cases render a person infertile. References Masturbation. (n. d. ) The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. (2003). Retrieved July 14 2011 from http://www. thefreedictionary. com/masturbation Sexual fantasy. (n. d. ) TheFreeDictionary. com. (2011). Retrieved July 14 2011 from http://encyclopedia. thefreedictionary. com/Sexual+fantasy