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Movie Are Important to Americans

Are movies an important part of American Life? Movies are a great way for people to tell a story for the simple fact they appeal to people visually and emotionally. Dinner and movie is today a big part of American society; they just go well together. Dinner and a movie go together like peanut butter and jelly, having just one does not make any sense. When I think about watching a movie all I can think about is enjoying the evening with all of the different events that might take place. The way movies play an important role in America is simple it helps entertained, movies can also inform us, and it brings out emotions.

Movies are one thing that just makes or breaks the evening. The thing that makes movies a part of American life is that it shows life thought the movies. In America people of all ages can watch movies, and maybe find a way to relate to the specific movie. How does this entertain people? It can be a date night or even a night out by one self, or it can be a night to relax on the couch and watch a movie. One thing that is for sure a movie can make people come together in weird ways. Sometimes it will make people act like a certain person, and it can also influence others to do what they are doing.

The one thing that I love about movies is they show another side of things, and it brings out emotions. I believe they entertain, they bring people together, and the express emotion in some way. How do movie affect us in today’s society? Movies entertain us in many different ways throughout our lives. When we are children we are introduce to movies. Children look at all type of movies. The most popular movies for children are made by Disney. Disney has perfected the art of making movies that are catered to children.

Childs are entertained because of the character, the colors, and the story line. As we grow are entertainment needs grow as well. When we become sociable youth we use the movies as a location to hang out or socialize. The movie categories we watch also begin to change. In a youths mind going to the movies is a way to get away from parents and enjoy the entertainment value of the movie. As we grow even further in our lives we use the movies not only for entertainment, but for dating as well. The movies have become a social event for young adults and adults to enjoy in each other company.

The effect of movies on us throughout our lives is clear that throughout our ages we enjoy the movies. Movies have a way of bring social groups together. Such as church groups, school groups, friends, and family. When movie take us on a historical journey we enjoy a part of society, which we may not have known about. When movies are about religion church groups typically plan trips to watch the movie and reflect on them. Movies can also have political impact on our society as well. They can inform us of different political point of views in the government, and opinions of what needs to be done.

Movies can also educate us in an entertaining way. It can also inform us of different avenues of education. What life would be without education, and then what life would be with it. Without a doubt the impact of movies has affected us as a society. Movies have the tendency of bringing out different types of emotions. Some couples go to see what most guys call chick flick, because that are emotional and women eat those type os movies up. When a couple goes see a movie they want to see one that is romantic and meaningful.

Other people watch action movie to see to blood and gore. Action movie make people feel the adrenalin in the whole movie. Movies also can have a lot of comedy scene and are based on making people laugh. Then there are the comedy’s that are so stupid it is really funny. Movies play a big part in bringing out the emotions that the movie is trying to express. In conclusion it is clear that movies are a part of our lives. The way movies express a certain meaning is how important they are to America. America uses movies to reach large groups of people.

That will impact on the way they live their lives and different viewpoints of world. Movies start from childhood to adulthood by bringing a story to life. Movies also inform us of facts, and opinions. Movies inform people of different views in history, political, and education. The way a movie expresses emotion is truly an amazing feeling. Whether it is blood and gore, comedy, or romance a movie show that emotion. Movies have a purpose in today’s society. Movies have been away to express the different ways to entertain, inform us of different perspectives, and the emotions behind the movie.