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Cetafone The Name Suggests The Mark Of Innovation Marketing Essay

Mention a Friend: Now acquire rewarded for mentioning your friends about Cetafone. The more you have friends who sign up, the more free proceedingss you get. You can mention yours friends for both national and international naming programs. It will no doubt widen the legion chances to fit endless wagess. So waiting for what!

Car Refill: Time for no concerns for running out of proceedingss once more! With Cetafone car recharge characteristic refill your naming card at any hr by merely utilizing your debit or recognition card. Whether you are in the center of an of import meeting or speaking to your beloved 1s overseas, you will ne’er be once more off from your loved 1s.


Cetafone the name suggests the grade of invention and innovations in the universe of international careers cards. It has the market bid over the international naming cards and inimitable pagination of telecommunications services, Cetafone provides the best naming rates and sturdy services to its consumers.

Cetafone is a jumble of things required by its consumers while doing the international calls. Unmatched rates, lipid voice quality, granted naming without break and mention a friend strategy.

Our dedication towards the best service ensuing in the consistent clear call quality and heightening the ways to link to your loved 1 ‘s across the Earth.

Cetafone ‘s chief precedence is public presentation and call quality. As holding the communications located around the universe, it enables you to supply the long distance call at much cheaper rates.


We at Cetafone are dedicated to function our planetary visitants with an immediate demand for our outstanding client services, or those who require information on the assorted merchandises provided by us. Having surveyed our clients, we know that cost nest eggs, personalized service, and clip nest eggs are among the most of import inducements that we can offer – and ‘We Make ‘ .

Cetafone offers great price reductions to its clients and provides international services that excessively at local monetary values.

We care for our clients, esteem their clip, value their concerns, and reply all inquiries quickly.

We conduct thorough testing and rating of each service to salvage the cherished clip of our clients and promise to offer merely the most dependable services available.

Cetafone ‘s website characteristics handiness of each and every naming card. You may travel through an array of scope presented and so do your pick depending on your demand.

In order to acquire registered with Cetafone, you merely have to make full a simple enrollment signifier that ‘s perfectly free.

We feature a really unafraid on-line payment method to do your minutess perfectly safe. You may purchase it by utilizing a recognition or a debit card or internet payment options like PayPal or PayPoint.

Cetafone is speedy in presenting practical naming cards and a personal designation figure ( PIN ) instantly to your history.

Acquiring STARTED

What is Cetafone Naming Card?

Merely remembered to name your parents to wish them on their fiftieth day of remembrance but forgot to purchase a naming card or when you have an pressing call to do and all of a sudden you forgot the PIN figure for entree. It ‘s raining to a great extent and you still pull off to make the shop to purchase a naming card and you come to cognize that the peculiar inexpensive naming card merely ran out of stock. The one measure solution to avoid such bothersome state of affairss can be to merely log in and purchase a Cetafone practical naming card. With few stairss on your Personal computer and you are free to do calls to your beloved 1s without worrying about long PIN and name credits.

How Cetafone Calling Card Works?

With Cetafone practical naming card puting international calls are now easy, economical i.e. no more trips to the Telecom shop, no more hebdomadal care fees, and no more connexion fees. Get first-class naming characteristics with Cetafone at best monetary value.

All you need to make is subscribe up and Cetafone provides you with a alone entree figure. When you call the entree figure from your phone ( place, office or cell ) our system will automatically acknowledge your phone figure and will inquire you to dial your finish figure or utilize anyone of your preset Easy Dial figure for the convenience of 1 figures speed dial. It ‘s every bit simple as doing a normal call through your cell phone and that excessively when you have to pay in conformity to your use without any concealed charges. Cetafone practical naming card helps you save every bit much as 80 % on your phone measures. This Virtual Calling Card is a “ Pay-per-Use ” program where you pay merely for the calls that you make.

How to do a call?

Simply dial your local or toll-free entree figure provided by Cetafone. We recommend that you save your local entree figure as a velocity dial figure on your place or cell phone.

Dial the figure you wish to make, its better you preset your speedy dial for convenience i.e. 1 digit dialing.

Talk and bask the Cetafone service!


With Cetafone you will acquire more than any ordinary naming card. Dialing 10 figures PIN before naming is a thing of the past, now the company merely has to dial the entree figure and the finish figure to do a call. With Cetafone, clients are assured to acquire good naming experience through our extremely advanced engineering. We are booming towards to develop user-friendly characteristics to do your naming experience memorable.

Below mentioned are the notable characteristics of our services:

PIN-less Dialing

Online Account Management

1 Digit Dialing ( Speed Dial )

Correct Misdialed Numbers


Balance/Minutes Staying

Real-time history director

Use from any phone / No shift bearers

Over the Phone Re-charge

Electronic mail Specials

Electronic mail Reminders

Customer Service

PIN-less Dialing

PIN-less Dialing characteristic helps in linking your calls in no clip. You merely have to register phone Numberss from which you often call from and so whenever you call from these Numberss, our advanced system will instantly place the figure with our ANI-recognition ( Caller-ID ) engineering. After dialing from Cetafone local or toll free entree figure and after hearing the prompt, merely dial the coveted phone figure you want to name or utilize 1 digit dialing.

Online Account Management

We offer On-line Account Management system, which enables you to reload your history, see your calls & A ; purchase history, pull offing your personal information i.e. recognition card inside informations, reload your history, set up car recharge, pull offing PIN-less dialing, pull offing 1 digit dialing ( Speed dial ) and sing your entree Numberss ( toll free and local entree ) .

1 Digit Dialing ( Speed Dial )

For easy and convenient dialing, you can hive away up to 100 phone Numberss and moreover you do n’t hold to come in 15+ digit international Numberss – merely come in your pre-assigned 1 digit figure. Your preferable list of stored Numberss can be easy managed through My Account.

Correct Misdialed Numbers

It provides the characteristic of rectifying misdialed Numberss, purportedly if you have dialed the figure falsely, merely press the * key to re-dial the figure.


Now your history can be automatically refilled with Cetafone ‘s Auto-Recharge characteristic, you merely have to take how much sum to add and when to add. So whenever your balance goes below the chosen sum, the recognition card which you have on file will bear down it automatically.

Balance/Minutes Staying

Cetafone offers you the Balance Remaining characteristic from which you can find, how many proceedingss you have in manus to the finish you are naming. It besides gives you the pick of turning on the history balance proclamations.

Real-time history director

Check you charges, balance and histories history online whenever you desire to with the Cetafone 24/7 online running history system.

My History

With Cetafone invention to engineering you have the comfort of the nest eggs from any phone. It can be your place, office, cell and a friend or household member phone will besides work at the same rates 24/7 and no alteration in the bing supplier.

Over the Phone Re-charge

CETAFONE understand you and your demands as one can non entree computing machine and other online installations. We offer the aid of over the phone recharge 24/7.

E-mail Specials

Throughout the twelvemonth and when you ‘re on vacations we send you the “ E-mails Specials ” which includes the up to 30 % away recharges as we understand your value for money and our consumers excessively.

E-mail Reminders

Cetafone understand your feverish agenda. For the We have Came up with a new engineering advanced system that will direct you 30 yearss prior to your recognition card run outing and will besides direct you the low balance presentments for your convenience.

Customer Service:

Cetafone Customer Service squad feels pleasance to function its visitant. You may reach us via:

Telephone: 1-866-221-9498

Electronic mail: support @ cetafone.com


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