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The Human Relations Approach The Classical Approach Management Essay

In this essay I will reason that the human dealingss approach to direction is better than the classical attack. I will make this by placing 8 of the chief cardinal countries of the Human Relations attack and compare them against the classical attack but before I start the comparings I believe that we should 1st specify what each one is.

Human dealingss attack:

“ Human dealingss pertains to actuating people in administrations in order to develop teamwork which efficaciously fulfils their demands and leads to accomplishing organizational ends. “ ( wikianswers.com )

Classical attack:

“ Classical attack of direction professes the organic structure of direction idea based on the belief that employees have merely economical and physical demands and that the societal demands & A ; demand for occupation satisfaction either does non be or are unimportant. Accordingly it advocates high specialisation of labor, centralised determination devising & A ; net income maximization. ” ( slideshare.net )

I besides believe that the sketch below shows the differences between the HR attack and the classical attack. ( Dilbert.com )

The Official Dilbert Website having Scott Adams Dilbert strips, lifes and more

In the 1st box the director is taking a classical attack to alter by desiring a director to acquire the employees to encompass the alterations that the company wants to do. The 2nd box shows some of the thought behind the human dealingss attack and that is that if you have schemes that make sense and that the employees like so they are more likely to help in doing those alterations which in bend is less likely to make struggle within the administration.

As this is a Dilbert sketch the director of course finds a ground to object to the thought.

Personal sentiment

Having defined what the two attacks are I ‘m now traveling to research 8 of the chief cardinal facets of the Human dealingss attack to direction in more item

Staff are n’t merely motivated by money, they need to be shown acknowledgment and grasp.

Workers are Human and they need to be treated like worlds

An administration works non merely through formal treatments but besides informal treatments

Workers need a high grade of occupation satisfaction and security

Workers need good communicating from directors

Workers want freedom when they are in work

Workers want to avoid struggle and misinterpretations

Employees want to take part in determination devising

( Kalyan metropolis blogspot )

Staff are n’t merely motivated by money, they need to be shown acknowledgment and grasp.

In this twenty-four hours and age people want more than money ; their mantra is that you “ work to populate non unrecorded to work. “ ( thirtysixmonths.com ) The human dealingss approach recognises this and it shows its acknowledgment through wagess and inducements, Recognition can be every bit simple as a good forenoon or a thank you and appreciation can be staff dark outs or similar events. These simple steps can increase staff felicity which can so increase productiveness and this will assist accomplish a company ‘s chief end of doing a net income. Besides by demoing staff that they are appreciated they are more likely to remain with the company long term, this in bend saves the company money as it does n’t hold to look for staff every bit frequently as it otherwise would.

Another popular manner is net income sharing, this means that if a company makes net income so it portions it with its employees, this offers a existent physical manner of demoing staff they are appreciated. ( Human resources.com )

Besides if employees know that they are traveling to acquire some of the net income they will worker harder. Whilst it is a pecuniary wages it ‘s something that the employees will work for and therefore it can be seen as a gift of grasp.

This attitude is the polar antonym to the traditional theoretical account whose attitude is that you live to work

And one time you are paid a nice pay so nil else affairs as money is the agencies to happiness. Whilst this traditional thought suits many immature individual employees one time they start to settle down and have household ‘s so they tend to travel off from the classically managed companies and move to those whose general manner is human resource led as it can offer a better work/ life balance.

Workers are Human and they need to be treated like worlds

The yearss when workers were pawns in a bigger game of net income are gone, they no longer desire to be treated like slaves or 2nd category citizens and if they are n’t treated with regard and courtesy so they will go forth and travel to a company who will handle them the manner they want to be treated and that is with regard.

The human dealingss approach recognises this and it strives to handle each employee with regard and many enshrine this right to esteem in their employees charter of rights. If we take a expression merely one company ‘s charter we can see that it says it really clearly

“ EVE will handle you with a respectful, polite and considerate mode whilst protecting your

Dignity at all times ( with a degree of confidentiality ) as per “ Dignity at Work ” guidelines. ” ( eve.ie )

This is the complete antonym of the traditional theoretical account where staff were spoken down to and treated in a rude and detached mode. if we look the professional kitchen environment which from personal experience is a perfect illustration of the authoritative direction manner caput chefs are holding to handle their staff with regard and the yearss of pots and pans being thrown at staff or naming them unquotable names have gone or are acquiring less and less common and if a junior chef is bullied or treated inhumanly so a speedy word with the responsibility director or HR section usually gets the issue fixed reasonably rapidly.

In the classical attack a word with the responsibility director or HR section would hold led to more intimidation and torment which would hold been over looked as it being abused/ bullied was considered portion of your preparation.

An administration works non merely through formal treatments but besides informal treatments

Even though a batch of work and determinations takes topographic point in the meeting and board suites of companies, many more will take topographic point around the H2O ice chests and smoking huts as people from different sections mingle and confab. Over clip this societal group gets to cognize each other and they can inquire inquiries or raise concerns about issues that they might hold in an informal off the record scene. Once once more traveling on personal experience of being a chef for 10 old ages a director would ne’er inquire me for a favor when I was working as he knew that the reply would be a short crisp no, but if they asked it during a java interruption so would more likely acquire the reply they wanted without anyone being seen to give manner. Likewise if I wanted a piece of equipment fixed I would advert it to the applied scientist during one of these java interruptions and it was done faster than if it had gone through the caput chef. This method of communicating is now being encouraged more and more by companies as they see can see the benefits and wagess of these informal meetings.

This fly ‘s in the face of the traditional theoretical account where all informal interruptions were frowned upon and any H2O ice chest confabs were treated with deep intuition. In fact in some company ‘s if you spoke to a individual from another section your director would desire to cognize what you or they were up to.

Workers need a high grade of occupation satisfaction and security

With the traditional attack a individual ‘s occupation was ne’er 100 % safe so they were ever looking over their shoulders inquiring if they would hold a occupation when they go into work, or like the employees of the UBS they merely found out that they had lost their occupations when their swipe cards did n’t work ( independent.ie )

The human dealingss approach recognises that this manner of working is n’t productive to a company and it can ensue in a high staff turnover, low morale and inter departmental competition. The manner that directors tackle this is to give their employees a unafraid occupation and one that is fulfilling to them.

A authoritative experiment is to offer people a occupation of traveling points from one conveyer belt to another, this occupation would offer good wage, good working conditions and nice vacations. But really few people would choose to make it on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing as it was classed as drilling and unsatisfying. The human dealingss approach recognises this and it attempts to automatize the insistent disappointing undertakings such as the one outlined above. The classical attack to the job is to disregard it and non care what the employees thought because once they were paid so that ‘s all that mattered.

Workers need good communicating from directors

The human dealingss attack is to allow employees cognize what ‘s go oning, the ground for this is that if staff know what ‘s go oning so they are more likely to encompass alteration and work with the company instead than defy alteration or new thoughts. Communication can besides open the manner for treatments and new thoughts to develop from the underside up for its non merely directors who have great thoughts but besides their employees and this can take to increased productiveness and staff morale.

The traditional attack scorns the thought of communications and believes that employees will make as they are told when they are told, this traditional method can take to unrest in the company and a company whose employees are managed in this mode are more likely to strike or do industrial agitation.

Workers want freedom when they are in work

The human dealingss attack embracings and accepts that people do n’t desire to be watched 24/7 and that employees have their ain oddities in their ways of working, these oddities whilst non the norm allow the worker to accomplish maximal effiency. Besides if an employee knows that are n’t being watched and they do n’t hold a director take a breathing down their cervixs so they are more likely to acquire a occupation done faster.

This freedom can besides include working hours, if you allow staff to get down tardily or complete early or frailty versa you are more likely to hold happy staff who will remain longer as it could let them to look after their household ‘s demands whilst leting a company to retain extremely qualified and motivated staff. This can in turn lower the company ‘s enlisting costs.

Google allows its applied scientists to work on their ain pet undertakings for approximately 20 % of the clip ( workhapptnow.com ) and its through these personal undertakings that Google has come up with new merchandises and thoughts.

This thought is foreign to the traditional theoretical account where freedom in work is seen as an absolute no. The Classical attack sees staff get downing and completing at exact times and they are n’t allowed to openly show thoughts. The staff are treated more as agencies to an terminal, instead than an terminal to a agency.

Workers want to avoid struggle and misinterpretations

Very few people go to work desiring to hold an statement with person and most people will seek to avoid misinterpretations as its by avoiding these sort of events that allows people to work together and to be more productive in work. The human dealingss attack embraces this turning away and encourages employees to aerate any concerns or misinterpretations.

These struggles can run from values where people with different values and beliefs clang to environmental values. These environmental struggles can be local i.e. local regulations and ordinances to worldwide e.g. the current recession,

The of import thing to retrieve is that the human dealingss attack embraces these challenges and attempts to get the better of them through duologue with the several staff members

The classical attack can be seen to promote struggle because if 2 sections are in struggle with each other so they ca n’t turn against direction. A great illustration of this is chefs versus servers.

Chefs and servers are ill-famed for non acquiring on and ever contending and at that place ne’er rather seems to be a victor, if you look closely you will in fact see that the victor is the direction because there is n’t a cohesive force to contend for alteration and direction will go on to govern by the ” do as I say or leave “ mantra. This can be considered to authoritative direction manner and it ‘s still prevailing in a batch of eating constitutions

Employees want to take part in determination devising

If employees are allowed to hold a say in the determination doing procedure of a company so they are more likely to remain with the company for longer, the company keeps valuable cognition in house and they save on enlisting costs.

Besides if you give employees a say in any alterations taking topographic point so they are besides more likely to encompass those alterations and they will travel with the flow and so they will assist the company implement them and at times improve the proposed alterations.

The classical attack ignores such an thought and this can take as it believes that the lone thoughts that employees have are those that benefit themselves and non the company.


Based on the 8 headers above Its my sentiment that if a company wants to acquire the best out of its work force so it will utilize the human dealingss approach to pull offing its staff instead than the classical attack and by utilizing the human dealingss attack they are better able to accommodate to alter.

Some people might reason that the classical attack is better suited for a yes sir no sir environment such as the armed forces or administrations where there is a clear hierarchal construction and while that may be true it ‘s my ain experience that these type or administrations stifle creativeness and they suffer from a high staff turnover, one time once more I use my illustration of kitchens where the mean length of service for a chef in one administration is 18 months. The mean clip that an employee stays with a company is 4-6 old ages ( linkedin.com ) . This long term remaining power that ‘s created through the human resource attack can merely be a good thing for a company