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The Universitys Mission And Vision Management Essay

The universitys mission and vision is a way for university to success of the academic establishment during confronting with others competition in internationally or locally. Top taking university around the universe has their ain mission and vision statement. This statement will assist their establishment achieved their ends in term of instruction and direction affair. The chief aim of this survey is to happen out the degree of awareness pupils of the top five prima universities about their mission and vision statement. Besides that, It besides represents about how top direction of university take an action in order to develop their effectual mission and vision statement. With have effectual statement of mission and vision can give way to all pupils and staffs about ways to carry through their mission and vision.


Universities born leaders for most of the organisations and states. Universities developed the capablenesss of pupils and trained them to be a qualified and choice work force in the hereafter. The newly-graduated pupils will convey along the university ‘s name whenever they joined an organisation and lend their cognition and attempt for the organisation. The pupils public presentation will still necessitate to detect to find whether the universities they entered have an effectual mission and vision or otherwise. Universities are the incentive for alteration procedure and they are at the ceter Doctor of Optometry alteration when they transform the society ( Newa, 2009 ) . In order to measure the effectivity of the enforced mission and vision, it goes all the manner from the the first twenty-four hours a pupil entered the university until the last twenty-four hours the service an organisation. Therefore, it is an on-going procedure that need to be measured and evaluated from clip to clip.

The mission and vision of universities varies on how they want to function their clients. It depends on the schemes chosen in order to function their clients, how they implemented the schemes and how they evaluated the schemes. Universities need to hold strategic planning to steer them in the whole procedures to function the clients. The full procedure of strategic planning is guided by mission statements ( A-zdem, 2011 ) . Strategic be aftering include direction activities to accomplish the long-run program of the organisation. Strategic planning has been used as a tool for altering and bettering corporations, authorities bureaus and non-profit-making organisations ( Pirtea M. , Nicolescu C. & A ; Botoc C. , 2009 ) . Harmonizing to University of Pretoria, 2011, the purpose of strategic planning is to stand for the foundation of a shared vision and interpret the functions of the university in the context of multiple and altering demands of national, regional and in increasing reciprocally connected universe.

List of world-wide taking universities have been published by several organisations including Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings and Global University Ranking. The organisations have different methods in roll uping informations to find the ranking of the universities. Harmonizing to Center for Higher Education Policy Studies ( CHEPS ) , the current planetary ranking indicate that there is merely a theoretical account that can hold an international standing that is the immense comprehensive research university. The ranking are determined yearly and published by the organisations. Although there are some differents consequences among the organisations, still the ranking can be used to actuate universities to better their public presentation.

In order to better public presentation, it depends on how good the university manage themselves as an organisation. Therefore, the university needs to be able to place what is their mission and vision. The mission statement develops by the university represents the committedness of the university to the pupils and society to graduated with valuable consequences when they join the establishment such as USIU ( Newa, 2009 ) .

Concept of Mission and Vision

A mission and vision statement defines what an organisation wants to prosecute and accomplish, by and large for the success of the organisation. Mission statement has been used as the indispensable direction tool and besides been used to mensurate the degree of excellence of the organisation on the industry ( Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain et al. , 2011 ) . Several writers ( A-zdem, 2011 ; University of Minnesota, 2008 ; Newa, 2009 ; Webb, 2006 ; David 2013 ) specify mission statement as an organisation grounds for being or the intent of the being. University of Minnesota besides stated that mission besides defines what the organisation should carry through. However, ( Newa, 2009 & A ; Webb, 2006 ) besides concentrating on the value and ethical construct in specifying a mission statement.

For a university, a clear mission and vision statement can assist the university in developing the pupils ‘ accomplishment. However, the range of duties of a university is non limited. Universities besides need to function the community and therefore the footings ‘social duty ‘ indirectly exists in the mission and vision statement. Social duty is an political orientation that an organisation should at least benefits the society. Educating pupils to go “ good professionals ” will be an undoubtedly noteworthy part that one could set away in proposing the best manner universities can function the society ( Fernandez, 2008 ) . Harmonizing to ( Webb, 2006 ) , mission statement that explicating university ‘s current status should originate the vision rhythm procedure, so go on with acknowledging the value statements and developed the vision statement. ( University of Minnesota, 2008 ; A-zdem, 2011 ; Fernandez, 2008 ; Nuradli Ridzwan Shah Bin Mohd Dali, 2007 ) agree that vision explains the future way of an organisation with the visual image of success. Nuradli Ridzwan Shah Bin Mohd Dali besides mentioned that vision is a long-run strategic program. To further explicate the definition of vision, A-zdem concludes that vision comprises of present facts, outlooks, aspirations, jeopardies and possibilities.

A mission and vision may be a wide statement, but these statements really play an of import function within the organisation. Most of the organisations survive and sustain in the today ‘s market because they have a good mission and vision statement that can actuate them in every facet including work, behavior and public presentation. Mission should be able to show what the organisation needs to be and to whom it needs to provide ( A-zdem, 2011 ) . Most of the organisation dream of the success of the organisation, but how good does the organisations defines success and graduated table for their success? Therefore, developing the mission and vision statement helps organisation to place their ends. Mission statement affect the endurance and branch of the concern ( Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain et al. , 2011 ) .

A clear mission and vision statement helps to steer the universities in developing a good craft among the staff and addition public presentation of pupils. Based on an observation in United States International University ( USIU ) , 90 % of the module members seemingly noticed that USIU has vision and mission statement which stated unclearly ( Newa, 2009 ) . Harmonizing to ( A-zdem, 2011 ) , all the stakeholders of the organisation must grok the vision of the organisation. In order to allow the information flow from the top direction to all staffs and pupils, effectual leading is a necessary. Leader must be able to pass on the mission and vision of the university and research the best channels to administer the information. However, dedicated educational leaders besides depend on the ability and capableness of the module to execute activities that align with the mission and vision ( Webb, 2006 ) . Thus cooperation from many all related parties lead to better execution of mission and vision.

Developing Effective Mission And Vision

To develop effectual mission, all parties should recognize about mission and vision. Usually mission and vision are way for university about where they want to travel and what they want to accomplish. Some taking university achieved their success without have betterment program for their development program to success. We must recognize that outlining program merely is non plenty but university should demo their beliefs and committednesss during demonstrate enthusiasm for what coming on following. Hope that university mission and vision that established will give clear outlooks for pupils and staff ( Farmer, 2009 ) .

While top direction shows illustrations of mission and vision to others team members, clip should be given to them to guarantee squad members can discourse each other about their sentiment. After that proctor treatment with whole squad. Besides that, positive relationship should be constructing with pupils and of import function by leader are needed to actuate pupils about content of mission and vision statement. Leader should portion vision and mission to staffs and pupils, this can do their university members more understand and can empowerment in their day-to-day life ( Webb, 2006 ) .

In order to hold an effectual mission and vision, a statement must be written in a linguistic communication which can be understand by pupils and their households members. Besides that mission statement sometimes give way about doctrine of beginnings, type of preparation provided, learning way, scholarship and besides approximately calibrated plan features. In other manus, community of university already seting results of mission and vision in annual catalouges of university. Catalouges that consist of mission statement will be given to new pupils during orientation clip. Management of university communicate result of vision and mission through senior experience classs. ( Opiyo-Newa ) During internships and community service plans besides can give advantages to pupils see about mission and vision.

Following, university should reexamine their mission and vision statement. ( Feras Mmohamad Al-Azzah, 2010 ) Example of this process should be supply to let scientific planning for overall activities and effect provide possibility of measured to cognize about attainmentof university ‘s mission and vision lso to mensurate what really achieve about mission and vision. In order to find about vision, mission and nonsubjective integrating in the papers of planning, Quality direction system should be follow up to assist achievement of mission and vision. This action should be continued by functional stairss that support university to accomplish their planning.

Simple guideline should be followed when making a mission statement. Important to retrieve that mission statement should be simple and consecutive forward about what they want to put or achieved. Have a grounds from research worker that stated mission statement must be kept between 30 annd 60 words merely. Several university merely have one sentence mission statement. A mission statement normally should covered three countries of classs which is chances that university have, way of university and besides approximately values that guided a university. mission must be alone and determine overall of university or organisation maps. Other than that, mission statement should be differentiate and have a competitory advantages compared to others organisation mission and vision. Strong mission and vision must hold a good coveted competitory and clear concern definition ( McMillan, 2012 ) .

Comparison Among Top 5 Leading Universities in the World

There are list of top 5 taking universities which is California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford and Princeton University.

First, California Institute of Technology or besides known as Caltech is a private research university located in Pasadena, California, United States. Caltech has six academic divisions with strong accents on scientific discipline and technology ( Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.htm ) .

Second, Harvard University is an American private Ivy League research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, established in 1636 by the Massachusetts legislative assembly. Harvard is the oldest establishment of higher acquisition in the United States and the first corporation chartered in the state ( Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.htm ) .

Third, Stanford University besides refer to the Leland Stanford Junior University is an American private research university located in Stanford and established in 1891. The university is organized into seven schools, including academic schools of Humanistic disciplines and Sciences and Earth Sciences every bit good as professional schools of Business, Education, Engineering, Law, and Medicine ( Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.htm ) .

Fourthly, University of Oxford informally Oxford University or Oxford, derived from the Latin, Universitas Oxoniensis is a university located in Oxford, England. It is the oldest university in the English-speaking universe, and the second-oldest surviving university in the universe ( Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.htm ) .

Last, Princeton University is an American private Ivy League research university located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. It is one of the eight universities of the Ivy League, and one of the nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution. Princeton provides undergraduate and graduate direction in the humanistic disciplines, societal scientific disciplines, natural scientific disciplines and technology ( Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.htm ) .

Table 1: Mission and Vision Statement of Top 5 Leading World University Ranking ( 2011 – 2012 )




California Institute of Technology

Expand human cognition and benefit society through research integrated with instruction and besides look into the most ambitious, cardinal jobs in scientific discipline and engineering in a singularly collegial, interdisciplinary atmosphere, while educating outstanding pupils to go originative members of society.

Extinguish all barriers to educational chances and supply ongoing year-around preparation and professional development plans for the full Caltech community.

Harvard University

Create cognition, to open the heads of pupils to that cognition and to enable pupils to take best advantage of their educational chances.

Forge partnerships with directors, module, and staff across the School and University, and, we often re-evaluate our capacity and systems to better and spread out bringing of services already in topographic point, and place new demands.

Stanford University

Support and progress the instruction, larning and research activities of the University through publicity of a safe and healthy campus environment by supplying and organizing plans and services that minimize safety, wellness, and environmental and regulative hazards to the Stanford University community in a mode consistent with responsible financial and environmental stewardship.

Provide quality services to our clients by understanding their single demands, by acknowledging and specifying our functions and duties, by authorising and necessitating answerability of our staff, and by mensurating our effectivity.

University of Oxford

Achieving a transnational pupil organic structure by pulling the really best pupils from across the Earth to analyze at all degrees, irrespective of background or circumstance.

Lead the international research docket across the University ‘s disciplinary spectrum and through interdisciplinary enterprises.

Princeton University

To raising and advance the acting humanistic disciplines at Princeton University by supplying and back uping a quality auditorium installation that enables the creative persons to supply their absolute best public presentation to our audiences.

To be a first acting humanistic disciplines venue that enhances the educational mission of Princeton University.

( Beginnings: digest of writers from university site )

Table 1 shows the mission and vision statement of the top 5 prima universities. As for California Institute of Technology, the mission are expand the cognition through surveies integrated with instruction and besides reexamine the challenges faced and the basic jobs in scientific discipline and engineering in a regular, subject and educate pupils to go members of society who are originative and able to vie. Then, the vision for this university is to take all barriers to educational chances and fix throughout the twelvemonth for preparation and professional of development to the full Caltech society.

Following, we looked at mission Harvard University, the mission is to make cognition, to open the pupils ‘ thought and aid pupils benefited from the best of educational chances for them. Whereas, for vision Harvard University is set up partnerships with directors, module and staff throughout the School and the University, and we are frequently return and assess our ability to better and spread out the bringing system of bing services, and place new demands.

Then it had been followed by the Stanford University, their mission is to back up and advance the instruction, larning and research of the University by advancing a healthy environment and a safe campus by supplying and organizing plans and services that can cut down the safety, wellness, and environmental hazards every bit good as the regulations for Stanford University in a mode consistent and responsible in financial and environmental. Their vision is provides quality duties, empower and necessitate the function of our staff, and do our effectivity measuring.

The mission for University of Oxford is to a point for a multi-national pupil by pulling the best pupils from around the universe to larn at all degrees, irrespective of their background or fortunes. Then, for the vision of that university is led the international research plan that includes all subject in spectrum and through the attempts the University can train.

Last, the mission for Princeton University is to further and advance of executing humanistic disciplines at Princeton University with supplying quality comfortss and help an auditorium which allows the creative persons to giving their the absolute the best achievement to our audience. The vision is to go a universe category university with locations of public presentation art which increases the instruction mission of the University of Princeton.


In decision, mission and vision statement is of import elements that provide future way and intent of each university. When the universities have set their ain mission and vision they will accomplish the higher public presentation and will cognize their strength. Even though some of taking universities have the different mission and vision but their aims are still same way which want to be more competent and capable compete among others universities in the universe. Strategic planning besides of import because without program the mission and vision will non be implement good in the universities. A good mission and vision statement must be clear which mean easy to understand the content. Besides that, each of the universities need to standardisation of the mission and vision to the demands and demands of institutional environment to guarantee that they can do a good determination. Meanwhile, the universities must hold the ability to mensurate the degree of consequences and measure the extent of which the public presentation of the mission and vision of assessment. Without clear statements about the vision and mission, the universities can non bring forth a good consequence about the mark to be achieved. University direction must guarantee that each mission and vision is harmonizing to predetermined criterions and harmonizing to the guidelines. Then, the universities besides must continuously do alterations comparable with the end to be achieved so that is non outdated and ever up to day of the month.