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Human Resources management of the London Olympic games

The London 2012 Games is organized by two chief organic structures – The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games ( LOCOG ) and the Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) . The Olympic Delivery Authority is funded by authorities and authorization to develop and construct new locales and substructures for Olympic Games and long term after 2012. LOCOG is funded by private sector which is responsible for fixing and executing 2012 Games.

In this study examines different types of HR issues in ODA and LOCOG. Here discuss about the traditional position of personal direction and new attack of Human Resources Management and discourse the effectivity of rules and processs for supervising employees. This study exhaustively examined how LOCOG, a in private funded organic structure and ODA as a public organic structure, handle certain HR issues comparative to the best pattern.


The LOCOG ( London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games ) is funded by private sector. It is responsible for executing the games. They are be aftering to use around 100,000 people on the Games with 3,000 staff, 70,000 voluntaries and many of contractors by 2012 Opening Ceremony. It is chiefly responsible for executing Memorable Games in 2012. And it is besides responsible for recruiting, choosing and developing staff and voluntaries and supervising of the four twelvemonth Cultural Olympiad taking up to the Games.

The Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) is funded by authorities and it is chiefly responsible to construct and develop locations and substructure for the Olympic Games and utilizing for long-run. Presently more than 10,000 workers work in Olympic park and Athletes ‘ small town. The employees of the ODA cover a broad country of accomplishments such as planning and undertaking direction, transport direction and community affair.

CLM Consortium is the Delivery spouse of the Olympic Delivery Authority. It is owned by CH2M Hill, Laing O’Rourke and Mace. CLM Consortium is working on behalf of the ODA by pull offing programmes of the constructing of topographic points and substructures for 2012 Games. Chiefly it performs project direction for the ODA.


1.1 Because of the competitory environment in the unfastened economic system, Human Resource Management has become the most of import factor for the efficiency of organisation. Human Resources direction arise from the Personal direction. The difference between personal direction and HR direction can be discussed as theoretical. Personnel Management has more administrative environment background. Personal Management trade with Payroll, comply with jurisprudence of employment, supervise related disposal undertakings. But Human resource direction is pull offing work force in the organisation to accomplish chief aims of the organisation.

When recognised the difference between the Human Resource Management and the personal Management, HRM can depict loosely in range than Personal Management. Human Resource Management is supposed to integrate and develop the personal Management, while concentrating on creative activity and development of squad plants to accomplish organisational ends. The personal direction uses a unitary method while HRM uses Pluralist method. The Personnel Management trades with theA choice, enlisting, occupation description and work burden of the employees.

When notice the relationship between employees and the direction, can acknowledge Personnel Management involve for monitoring, oversing and commanding while HRM focal point on nurturing and easing with relationship.

1.2 The function of the HR manager of ODA must parallel with the altering demands of ODA. ODA is more adaptative, strong, easy alteration with tendency and customer-oriented. The Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) is the authorities organic structure which is constructing topographic points and substructures for the Games. As the Human Resource Director of ODA, HR Director needs to steer and pull off the human resource services, policies and processs and programmes for the whole organisation. The cardinal countries have to be directed by the HR manager can discourse as follows.

Enrolling new staff for the ODA

Performance direction and betterment systems

Growth of the organisation

Employment and obeisance with regulative organic structures

Training and Development


Development of Policies

Facilitation of company-wide commission

Administration of compensation and benefits

Employee safety, Health and public assistance

The Human Resources Director initiates HR Practices which provide high public presentation civilization, quality, efficiency and Values, accomplishment of ends and the enlisting and go oning development of a greater work force in The Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) . The HR manager directs execution of services, policies and programmes over his staff. HR Director has to describe to the CEO of Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) and aids and instructs the company directors sing Human Resource issues in the Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) .

1.3 Responsibility for Human Resource Functions rests with every director in an organisation ( Weather et al, 1985 ; Weather and Davis, 1989 ) . HRM is a duty of every director in an organisation. Even when a Human Resource section is created within the organisation, a double duty exists among operating directors and human resource experts. Individual directors involve in planning, choice, orientation, preparation, development, compensation and other forces activities.

Line directors find execution of HR Practices at the operative degree hard and demo deficiency of enthusiasm with their duties. Though, line directors have become accountable for the execution of HRM and hence, their public presentation is serious for effectivity of HRM of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

The Line directors are extremely skilled people. Now they are affecting with demands of employees which create the better working environment in the organisation. They have capablenesss to back up to the employees with many disputing fortunes they have to travel through, as an illustration if an employee could n’t run into his marks at that clip line director would hold regular intervals to make up one’s mind what they have to make and repair a new mark to accomplish.

Front line director have to put clear chances with his employees in footings of what they have to be delivered and how they are traveling to be delivered estimated merchandises. Then front line director has to be involved with taking the public presentation assessments and approved personal development programs. After holding with forces development programs, line directors must detect the failings of their subsidiaries and place the manner of bridging the spread via preparation. The line directors should be able to place the scope of larning and development engagements which bing to them. The Line directors besides responsible for effectual proviso of coaching and counsel and increase the satisfaction of employees, motive and employee ‘s committedness, if the front line director wants to be a truly effectual line director ; he has to place his duty as a patron of his employees ‘ acquisition and development.

2.1 Human Resource Planning ( HRP ) is the procedure of finding future employee demands and make up one’s minding stairss or schemes to accomplish those demands for the intent of carry throughing organisational ends and aims.

The institute of forces direction ( UK – presently known as Chartered Institute of Personnel & A ; Development ) has defined HRP as “ HRP is a procedure which more systematic and uninterrupted to analyse and form the necessities of the human resource that need to be changed conditions and developed regulations and ordinances suited for long term effectivity of the organisation. Because of HR costs and prognosiss both affected by long term cooperate programs, HRP is an of import portion of cooperate planning and budgeting processs. ( Armstrong, 1992, p. 289 )

Information required in HRP procedure are information sing future demand for HR and information sing future HR supply.

Information sing future HR demand is ;

Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) is sing approximately talented, enthusiastic and dedicated employees work within a greater scope of occupation functions. Therefore, there is a high demand for skilled and unskilled people for those from the five London boroughs nearest the Olympic Park.

The Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) is accountable for edifice and developing topographic points and substructures Olympic Games and usage after 2012. Therefore, their strategic program besides decides future HR demand for this undertaking.

Expected figure of retirement, surrenders, deceases and expirations from this undertaking.

Information sing external factors such as economic, societal and political forces predominating in London.

ODA has developed a scheme to sketch how it will make new occupations.

Information sing HR supply is ;

Information of current HR in ODA

There are more occupation chances to back up for edifice of Olympic Park. The Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) has Varity of occupation chances in Professional, Admin, Management, Technical, Information Technology and trades/operation degree available in the Olympic Park.

II Information required for possible replacings.

The Olympic Delivery Authority ‘s Jobs Skills Stocks has obtained 1000s of people for different types of occupations in Olympic Park. The purpose of the ODA is offering more occupations up to 7 % of the on-site labour force in building for people who are unemployed antecedently.

There are five stairss involved in HRP procedure.

Forecast future demand for HR. ODA has forecasted that the three major Stratford-based undertakings entirely – the Olympic Park, Olympic Village and Stratford City development – will make around 30,000 occupations over the class of the building period.

Estimate hereafter HR supply of ODA It can be anticipated by detecting edifice and building industry.

Compare forecasted demand with estimated supply.

Decide schemes to be taken to bridge the spread between future HR supply and demand.

Assess the HRP attempt of ODA.

2.2 Structured procedure for enlisting in LOCOG

The London 2012 Organizing Committee ( LOCOG ) is be aftering to use around 100,000 people on the Games with 3,000 staff, 70,000 voluntaries and many of contractors by 2012 Opening Ceremony.

As the biggest post-war run in the UK, LOCOG is waiting for self-motivated, gifted and dedicated people who represent the diverseness of London and UK to distribute on greater scope of voluntary functions. A individual who selected to volunteer at the event will be known as Games Maker.

LOCOG recruit employees in assorted ways. They allow using learners, people with disablements, school departers and via a LOCOG engineering internship plan.

Structure for Recruitment Process in ODA

The Olympic Delivery Authority is be aftering to supply occupation chances for more than 10,000 people in a difficult clip for building Industry while seeking to run into committednesss to safety, using, preparation and developing local people and trainees.

A Job agent service, in cooperation with five Host Boroughs and Job Centre plus which match the occupation chances in Olympic Park with campaigners who are populating local countries and elsewhere in the UK,

The National Skills Academy for Construction is funded by The Skills Funding Agency and the London Development Agency. This organizes developing programmes within scope of providers which is including Thames House Training Centre other than a Plant Training Centre for people to turn their accomplishments that need to be success on the Olympic Park and digest their calling development while they are working.

A warrant to another 250 traineeships to be created in the Olympic Park and Athlete ‘s Village including the specific necessities to take on trainees in future contracts.

The Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) collects and publishes figures on the Olympic Park work force which is cod through the enrolment procedure to guarantee transparence sing the work force.

The workers in Olympic Park and Village have to be spent at least five yearss over the period of measuring applied.

They are numbering local workers merely in the Olympic Park and Village who are giving lasting reference in one of the five Host Boroughs.

Before a individual categorized as a occupant at that place The Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) does n’t hold a minimal clip period for the residence. Many of public governments such as Her Majesty ‘s Revenue and Customs, Local Taxation and Valuation utilizing this understanding,

London 2012 is a Game for everyone, so they encourage to employment chances irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or disablement.

Recruitment methods that can be used

Simple word of oral cavity

Job poster and command

Skill stock lists and direction stock lists


Sequence program

Employee referral ( internal and external )

Walk Immigration and Naturalization Services and write Immigration and Naturalization Services

Educational institutes

Employment bureaus

Professional institutes


2.3 Interview as a choice technique

Selection interview is a face to face, unwritten and experimental rating method of measuring an applier ‘s acceptableness with respect to a certain occupation. The interview creates on in-depth conversation between a prospective employer and an applier for the intent of make up one’s minding whether the applier is the most appropriate individual to make full the vacancy being considered.

Interviewing has some distinguishable advantages over other alternate methods of choice. It gives the interviewer with an chance to measure the campaigner in footings of ego presentation, verbal abilities and behavioral features such as manner of speaking, manners and sociableness. Interviews can be adapted to assorted types of employees such as managerial, proficient, clerical, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled employees. It can make full information spreads and enable to clear up questionable responses.

There are some disadvantages associating to method of interview. Mistakes associated with interviewer ‘s usage of inappropriate criterions are one of the disadvantages of this method. Those mistakes are Halo consequence, forces bias, pseudo-scientific premises and over-emphasise on one standard.

There can be jobs with interviewee. One major mistake is inability of interview to listen. Besides the interviewee efforts to act in a assumed mode which is socially desirable. Normal interviewee go toing an interview is nervous and fearful ensuing in that he / she is non in a place to utilize his/her existent accomplishments, cognition and attitudes to confront the interview successfully.

Alternate choice methods that can be used are application rating, background probe of prospective campaigners and carry oning an appraisal centres to place the best campaigners

2.4 To be selected for LOCOG Technology internship plan, they use some often asked inquiries. There web site shows what is expected by LOCOG squad. It is a structured procedure of choice. As an illustration for the inquiry of “ how make I measure up for LOCOG engineering squad? ” would anticipate an reply of set of makings specifically mentioned for each station.

The Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) is the authorities organic structure which is responsible for edifice and developing the topographic points and substructure for the Games usage after 2012. Therefore, they select the most appropriate campaigners for the authorization via learner plans, building contacts, support organisations and offering occupation chances that related to building and direct employment for adult females with contractors in the Olympic Park. ODA has a comparatively unstructured manner of choice instead than LOCOG.

3.1 There are five stairss involved in wage direction procedure. They are occupation rating, wage study, occupation pricing, accommodation of single wages and eventually monitoring and update the wage system.

Job rating is a subjective procedure. It is a systematic method to find the comparative values of occupations which are available within an organisation. This is a proper and methodical comparing of occupations to modulate the value of one occupation comparative to another occupation and finally grade in wages and rewards hierarchy ( Dessler, 2005 )

The intent of occupation rating is to guarantee that basal wage of a occupation possess a good grade of comparative equity. Under occupation rating, forces traits of employees are non taken in to consideration

There are five stairss in occupation rating procedure.

Appointment of a occupation rating commission.

It is better to make occupation rating through a commission, specifically set up for the purpose consisting of individuals who are more knowing about the occupations.

Examine occupation analysis information

To analyze occupation analysis information, there must be clearly prepared occupation description and occupation specification for each of the occupations available in the organisation.

Decide the method of occupation rating.

There are four methods of occupation rating.

Job ranking

Job rating

Factor comparing

Point system

However, it was identified that the best method is the point system. Otherwise factor comparing method can be decided to utilize as the alternate method of occupation rating.


This measure involves measuring all the occupations available within the organisation

Rank the occupations harmonizing to comparative importance

After occupation rating, it is possible to determine comparative worth of each occupation. Harmonizing to the comparative worth, all the occupations must be put in order of importance. They must be ranked harmonizing to the importance of the occupation. In fact, it is possible to construct a hierarchy of occupations arranged by comparative importance. After this ranking, fiscal values should be introduced.

Factors of finding the wage are,

Government / Legal demand

Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) is a public organic structure which is in control to construct new topographic points for good and temporarily, works on present athleticss topographic points, planning and execution of conveyance substructures and installations to assist the Games, restituting the Olympic Park digesting after the Games. Chiefly ODA has to do certain the new criterions of undertaking for sustainable development. Therefore, ODA must construction its wage system conformity with Acts of the Apostless and regulations of rewards and wages imposed by the authorities.

Trade Unions

Influence of trade brotherhoods to find rewards and wages by commanding labour supply is a often seen fact. Trade brotherhoods use their power in order to increase rewards and wages by prosecuting in corporate bargaining with employers ‘ representatives.

Cost of Populating

Increase in cost of life may impact to increase rewards and wages. Cost of life of employees is measured by establishing on a monetary value index and so rewards and wages are adjusted harmonizing to alterations of the monetary value index.

Demand and supply for labour

Demand for labour of a certain occupation and supply of labour for that occupation influence on finding the pay or wages of that occupation.


Ratio between input and end product is productiveness. When productiveness additions, organisations may give higher wages to its employees.

Fiscal ability

Organization ‘s fiscal ability to pay is a major determiner of rewards and wages.

Competitive wages

The ODA offers competitory market wages complemented by a performance-related fillip.

3.2 Wagess ( Compensation/remuneration ) include rewards & A ; wages, inducements and public assistance installations.

Pay direction is the HRM map that trades with development, execution, and care of a basal wage system that is just. It is the sum of all the activities involved in developing, implementing and keeping a just base system.

It needs to make up one’s mind whether competence based wage alternatively of occupation based wage is applied or non. Job rating and other stairss of wage direction focal point on a occupation based wage non a competence based wage. Competency based wage is pay given to the grade of competence the employee has when the employees competences increase, pay given to him/her additions. Job based wage is a wage given to the value of the occupation done by the employee. Mathis and Jackson ( 2000, p.421-2 ) describe: “ paying for competences wagess employees who are more various and have continued to develop their competences. In cognition based wage ( KBP ) or skilled based wage ( SBP ) systems, employ staff at a basal degree of wage and receive additions as they learn to make other occupations or derive other accomplishments and hence go more valuable to the employer ”

Aswathappa ( 2007, p.300 ) defines: “ In the accomplishment based wage system, an employee is paid on the footing of figure of occupations he or she is capable of making or on the deepness of his or her cognition. In traditional system, the employees are given salary or pay base on their occupations held.

Traditional system means occupation based wage system. Skill based system has some advantages. It will actuate employees to get extra accomplishments which may cut down ennui and humdrum. Then increased satisfaction occurs. Increased skills become utile to the organisation. It will increase employee flexibleness ( holding employees to make different occupations and transferability ) . It may increase effectivity of work squads.

There are disadvantages besides. It increases cost of wage as employee additions their competences. Requests for giving publicities from employees may increase. If employees or trade brotherhoods propose a accomplishment based wage system to be introduced in an organisation that is following a occupation based wage system.

3.3 Motivation is one of the strategic aims of HRM. Motivation refers to the extent to which employees are willing to exercise the necessary attempt to execute their occupations good. Pay direction ensures that wages received by employees meet absolute equity, comparative internal equity and comparative external equity. Sound direction of inducements ensures increasing employee motive so as to better occupation public presentation.

ODA is utilizing these wagess and benefits in order to actuate their employees. They provide competitory market wages, public presentation related fillips, pension, guarantee employee well-being, season ticket loans and gym ranks. When we consider two factor theory of Fredrick Hurzburg, these inducements can be classified in to both hygiene factors and Incentives. Wages and rewards, fillips, pensions loans can be identified as hygiene factors and guaranting employees ‘ well-being and gym ranks are illustrations for incentives.


Establish aims for each occupation and comparison and proctor public presentation based on those aims

HRM of ODA must develop proper occupation descriptions and occupation specification for each occupation and often supervise them and guarantee that they are up to the criterion.

Continuously apportion them in to a series of developing plans in order to guarantee their productiveness.

Frequently measuring the public presentation of their employees.

Making a learning civilization in London 2012.

Implementing unfastened door system and see employee thoughts in determination devising.

4.1 ODA is anticipating a extremely skilled work force for constructing the phase of London 2012 Games will supply workers in London and UK unprecedented entree to new occupations and calling chances. This will go forth a extremely skilled work force that can non merely assist present the Games, but one that is traveling to hold satisfying and sustainable callings in building after 2012. One of the cardinal duties of ODA is to change over the Olympic Park for long-run usage after the Games. Therefore they can absorb some of skilled staff in to lasting cell and let them to keep it in the long tally. After 2012, ODA wishes to absorb other skilled employees to authorities occupations in building side or supply occupation chances in the private sector.

The LOCOG is responsible for executing the games. It is chiefly responsible for executing Memorable Games in 2012. And it is besides responsible for recruiting, choosing and developing staff and voluntaries and supervising of the four twelvemonth Cultural Olympiad taking up to the Games.

4.2 Selection standards for declaring redundancy of employee

In UK the figure of redundancies rises in the class of recognition Crunch, largely in building and finance sectors. In this undertaking redundancies occur when complete the building of London 2012 and when some occupations are no longer needed for Olympic bringing Authority ( ODA ) . The consequence of the economic lag is established by less occupation chances.

The choice standards that traveling to be used by the employer should be identified clearly and precisely, It is normally contain of individuals who carry out same occupations in a specific section, who works at a related site or whose work is expected to make so.

Choice Standards have to be based on aims which including,

Length of service period


Records of Disciplinary


Competences and Skills

Work Experience


‘Last in, First out ‘ ( LIFO ) is non a suited choice method for choice standards, because the workers with less service are to be younger employees.

Courts happy with point system which is hiting to each employees compared with related standards. Scoring should be performed by two or more independent directors who know all employees in the London 2012.The tonss should added together and give sum of them to each employee.

Sometime following grounds may unfair for choice of employees for redundancy and employees can claim under Unfair Dismissal or relevant Laws.

Membership of the Trade Union

Reasons related to gestation or pregnancy

Sexual orientation

Marital position

Race or Skin Color


When choice is completed the employees who selected for redundancy should be notified by in authorship. The London 2012 offer to employees to go forthing the London 2012 to keep their assurance and back up them to happen another occupation,