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Management Essays – Implementation Factors

Execution Factors

Factors impacting determination execution

The proposed solution for the organisation is disaster direction in the island of Kava. The island is in demand of it, as catastrophes have shattered the island and a wholly mess up status is at that place on the island. The human resources need to be taken attention of and the island requires a complete rehabilitation. When a solution is decided for a job, it is really of import to implement it at the same clip. Merely geting on a consequence is non plenty till the organisation put it into existent pattern ( Wheelen, Hunger, 2006 ) .

The execution procedure is a measure wise procedure, which starts with the stage of specifying the solution and readying for its execution. After that, the planning for the execution of the solution is done and all the resources are organized and arranged. And so comes the concluding execution of the determination and after the execution, the disciplinary actions are taken if required and the loopholes in the execution are checked.

There are many factors which affect the determination execution in an organisation. The fiscal place of the organisation should be in a province to implement any determination taken by it. The handiness of resources can impact the execution of the determination i.e. if the organisation has equal resources, it can efficaciously implement the solution and if it lacks in resources, it can non implement the determination decently. The allotment of resources is besides of import for determination execution.

The organisation construction and procedures besides affect the nidation procedure. An organisation should be decently structured and the procedures within it should back up in the execution. There should be a proper direction in the organisation and human resources should be organized consistently. The scheme of the organisation is besides one of the impacting factors. Scheme should back up the execution of the determination. The programs and policies should besides be such as to help in the executing procedure. These were the internal factors impacting the executing of the determination i.e. factors present within the organisation.

The determination execution is besides affected by the external factors i.e. factors present outside the organisation. These include the cultural environment of the topographic point where the determination is to be implemented, location of the topographic point and the handiness of work force at that topographic point. The entree and handiness of resources at the topographic point is besides an of import affecting factor. The support of the Government and the people for the proposed solution is besides really indispensable to successfully implement the determination.

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Evaluation of resources and actions for determination execution

The resources required for the execution of the determination are the fiscal resources and physical human resources. Financial resource is the primary beginning used for creative activity and care of other resources. It is of two types, i.e. long term and short term finance. Long-run finance is required for the creative activity of capital assets and short-run finance is for creative activity of capital assets. The organisation can take aid of the capital market beginnings such as equity and loans. It can besides take aid of money market beginnings like bank recognition, trade recognition, and installment recognition. Human resource is required for the direction of forces maps, while physical resources are required to transport out the operational activities ( Wheelen, & A ; Hunger, 2006 ) .

Resources should be available in copiousness, so as to transport out the assorted execution activities. To hold equal resources, the organisation should efficaciously pull off its capital. Some actions need to be taken to set these resources in practical usage. Necessary stairss should be taken for catastrophe direction by the organisation. The organisation can inquire the Government of Kava to back up their catastrophe direction program and assist them financially, as the Government itself wants the organisation to put up its concern programs in Kava.

The organisation should make consciousness among the people and should publicize itself along with the needed information of what they are be aftering for Kava. The organisation has to control the cultural diversenesss of the people and unify them for a common intent of catastrophe direction. It has to put up the needed substructure and the basic installations to implement the determination.

Ethical Deductions

Ethical motives for an organisation is the moral rights and responsibilities between the organisation and the stakeholders. The organisation should implement the determination maintaining the ethical criterions in head. The suggested solution should profit all the stakeholders whether it’s the employees, the organisation itself or the general public i.e. the society ( Alzola, 2008, March ) . It should work for the common net income of all the stakeholders and its work should be based on societal cost benefit analysis. Social cost benefit analysis means to profit the society through the corporate attempts of the organisation. The organisation takes resources from the society, so it should besides profit the society for the cost that has been incurred by it.

It should handle the employees with niceness and should carry through the demands and demands of the clients. There should be a responsible human resource section for fulfilling the employees every bit good as the clients. The employees should be paid the compensation promised to them on the due day of the month. An organisation should non be self orientated or excessively much net income oriented. It should besides look at the development of the employees.

The organisation should take attention that it does non distinguish between its employees on the footing of age, gender, race, faith, disablements, weight and attraction. Fairness of the employment contract should be at that place. Besides, there should be a balance between the power of the employer and the employee. The proposed determination should profit the people and attention should be taken that optimal use of resources should be done ( Hartman, 2004 ) .


From the above treatment, it is concluded that the organisation wants to set up its greater presence in the island of Kava. Kava is an island in the South Pacific with great cultural diverseness. It has a figure of faiths, linguistic communications and folks. The economic system of Kava is rich in crude oil, java, chocolate, spices, sugar, touristry, fishing, etc. But it is an island of great black menaces like tsunami, hurricanes, temblors, volcanic eruptions, inundations, etc.

The organisation decides to make such a thing that benefits both the people of Kava every bit good as the organisation itself. The organisation considers the catastrophe menaces as the chances. It has a good developed organisational construction and processes. It is rich in resources and has such a great concern civilization that the Government of Kava wants it to make something for Kava and spread its civilization in the island.

The instance discusses the issue involved in the concern scenario and assorted organisational and environmental obstructions in Kava. It describes the determination devising procedure, which includes the assorted options of how the organisation can set up its presence in Kava. I have selected the option of catastrophe direction for the organisation. This would be good for the organisation every bit good as for the people of Kava. This will assist the organisation in set uping itself in Kava at the initial phase. This manner, it will besides acquire the support of the Government and the people of Kava. Assorted resources and action programs required to implement the proposed solution are besides mentioned. The ethical deductions from the stakeholders’ point of position are besides discussed.


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