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Kingfisher Can Manage Yield To Come Management Essay

Airline CEO and the beer-king, Dr.Vijay Mallya is fighting really hard to maintain the Kingfisher Airlines afloat due the increasing fuel costs and fuel revenue enhancements.

In the past few months, it had cancelled 200 flights in order to cut down its debt from INR 6,500 crore to INR 3,000 crore. Kingfisher has suffered a loss of INR 1027 crores in the past financial twelvemonth, which have added in its heavyA debts.

What we can believe is this because of the entire failure of the direction inA Kingfisher air hoses? Then we should reconsider it once more. Kingfisher air hose is non the first and lone air hose in the Indian air hose market to endure the bankruptcy in air power sector but others have merely managed to wing despite the jobs they were confronting. But what are the chief jobs to do money in air hoses concern, particularly in the Indian scenario? Let ‘s have the basic apprehension on the most common jobs for which air power industries are enduring across the universe.

Recently an on-line intelligence portal, Statesman.com, had discussed the chief issues and jobs faced by the air hoses that finally affect them adversely and take to their ruin. When the Indian authorities deregulated the air hose industry, all the jobs had started.

Highly expensive labour contracts, continuously increasing fuel monetary values and other better conveyance options available to riders were the chief jobs. More over, dearly-won aircrafts, fright of terrorist act etc, added to the long list of its jobs.

Recession – when people confronting the unemployment troubles, finally the air hoses lose some figure of riders. Basically the Indian air hose market is non-cooperative oligopolistic market, the air hoses do n’t collaborate with each other, in fact they normally engage in the non-price competition that forces them to add excess services finally that leads to the higher costs of the services. Some anti-competitive in order to make the economic force per unit area, some times engage in the unhealthy competitory schemes.

The Kingfisher Airline now is seeking authorities bailout and the members of the air hoses are confronting a unusual province of confusion, they have even proposed to sell more than half of its belongings. A The resistance, Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP ) in India, strongly oppose any authorities bailout to assist the Kingfisher air hose.

Even the Chief executive officer of Bajaj Auto, Rahul Bajaj, said against the bailout for Kingfisher, he said “ If Bajaj Auto gets into a muss, would you bail me out?

“ If it ‘s a free market economic system, those who die, must decease, ” Rahul Bajaj told newsmans at an economic forum in Mumbai.

All the air hoses in India, except the IndiGo Airline, are enduring consistent losingss. They are non even able to cover their out-of-pocket costs or the operating expenses. The Jet Airways reported lossesA of $ 158 million for the September one-fourth stoping. This air hose besides faced the losingss due to high fuel costs and Indian currency devaluation. The SpiceJet Airline besides reported a net loss of INR 240 crore.

The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation ( CAPA ) A prognosiss that the air hose industry in India demands at least $ 2.5 billion of fresh hard currency in order to keep their operations, which includes $ 1.32 billion for the authorities air hose, Air India


Kingfisher ‘s demand for the authorities aid and the governments of India ‘s ill air power industry had raised some inquiries that why the authorities of India still non increased the bounds of FDI and non liberalized the policies on foreign air hose investing in India. While recent intelligence suggests that the authorities is sing some programs to increase the FDI bounds and open up the Indian air hose market, at present the foreign institutional investors are allowed to put up to 49 % in Indian bearers. How of all time the foreign air hoses are still banned from puting straight or indirectly in the domestic bearers in India.

Kingfisher of class looking frontward and trusting a favourable response by the India authorities to increase the FDI bounds in the air hose industry, while the Jet Airways is opposing it.

Harmonizing to theA associated Chamberss of commercialism and industries in India, increasing the bounds of foreign direct investing ( FDI ) and leting the foreign air hoses to put in the Indian Carriers will assist the air power sector in India a batch, other things like cutting fuel revenue enhancements and cut downing the airdrome charges will besides be really helpful.


Owned by India ‘s billionaire concern baron, Dr. Vijay Mallya, Kingfisher Airlines ( KFA ) was antecedently one of the best air hoses of India and in Asia. The Bangalore based bearer, Kingfisher Airlines started their operations in May 2005, as a entirely owned subordinate of the United Breweries Holdings Limited ( UB Group ) . The clip when the low cost bearer ( LCC ) construct was introduced in the market that made the middle-class Indians to go via air, at that clip KFA came into the market. KFA was offering three different categories of service -Kingfisher First, Kingfisher Class and Kingfisher Red. Kingfisher First was the concern category service of KFA focused on concern category riders who are willing to pass for premium services. Kingfisher Class was the premium economic system service of KFA focused on the turning middle-class that is voguish, savvy and upwards nomadic. Kingfisher Red was the low menu service of KFA focused on the turning in-between category who are monetary value witting.

KFA wanted to make a typical place for itself by its luxury lifestyle image and by offering a great winging experience with comfort seating, in-flight amusement and services to its riders. KFA has adopted a big figure of marketing schemes since its origin and continued to make that in its growing phase. Its selling attempts aimed at constructing a distinguishable trade name image for KFA that can play a immense function in the success of the air hoses.

After the amalgamation of Air Deccan and Kingfisher, Kingfisher managed its trade name and seamlessly incorporated a low cost bearer in its pool of premium air hoses. It was founded on 25 August, 2003 as Air Deccan and ceased on September, 2011. Bengaluru international airdrome was the hub for this air hose. The company with the motto “ the pick is simple ” was founded by Captain G.R. Gopinath. The dream of Captain Gopinath was to enable “ every Indian to wing at least one time in his life-time. ”

Initially it added the low cost merchandise to it ‘s portfolio to function the monetary value sensitive market section. It entered into a new market section that is the ‘international market ‘ , one of the premier grounds for it ‘s acquisition of the Air Deccan. It covered more metropoliss, specially tier II metropoliss, through its acquired fleet of Air Deccan which was named as ‘Simplifly Deccan ‘ .

It improved the offering of Deccan significantly and communicated same to the clients.

After a period of 10 months, when Kingfisher had established the fact that people could tie in ‘Simplifly Deccan ‘ with Kingfisher by agencies of the image makeover of the former ‘s crew and fleet, Simplifly Deccan was rebranded to Kingfisher Red, extinguishing the Deccan name wholly, and set uping the motion of the air hose towards the Kingfisher ‘flying experience’7. While Simplify Deccan was a no-frills low cost bearer, Kingfisher Red highlighted the ‘delight of winging ‘ in malice of offering low menus.

The unprecedented growing in rider traffic in India had attracted several air hoses already to put up operations ensuing in a extremely competitory environment. A major development within the industry had showed, this had resulted in three major market portion leaders, that were, Air India-Indian, Jet Airways-Jetlite and Deccan-Kingfisher which controlled more than 85 % of the market. It was expected that this may ensue in a decrease in cut-throat pricing taking to improved outputs and, accordingly, a route to profitableness. The air power industry in India lost, on a combined footing, Rs. 2000 crores during the twelvemonth 2006-07 and it was expected that it would function to take down these degrees of losingss.

At that clip, KFA ‘s gross income was INR 21,423 million as compared to 2006, which was INR 13,518 million, but it due to heavy fiscal charges, fuel revenue enhancements and rental leases it suffered a loss of INR 4,196 million.

Harmonizing to “ Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands ” we can analyse that there are certain demands of every individual harmonizing to their precedence, merely like that we can do a demand hierarchy of riders, harmonizing to that, these are the demands of the riders:

1 Economy of monetary value.

2 Convenience sing on-time public presentation, baggage-handling.

3 Comfort sing in-flight reading stuff, nutrient.

4 Luxury and amusement.

The Kingfisher Red was more focussed on the last two demands of the riders instead than concentrating on the first two demands i.e. price-sensitivity and on-time public presentation.

Peoples were confused about the difference between ‘Kingfisher Airline ‘ and ‘Kingfisher Red ‘ as both were offering same sort of services and there was a really little difference in their pricing schemes. Kingfisher Red was positioned someplace between a full cost and low cost bearer. Kingfisher was non able to understand the demands of the riders decently. From the consequences of a primary study it was found that 55 % + of people say that there is confusion between the trade names Kingfisher and Kingfisher Red. The word association trials that were carried out on the respondents indicate that “ Red ” is the first word that comes to one ‘s head when Kingfisher Airlines is mentioned.

It led to cannibalization of KFA by Kingfisher Red. A Air Deccan reported a net loss of INR 3.4 billion for the 15-month period between 1 April 2005 and 30 June 2006. At that clip its executives stated in forepart of the media that they did non anticipate to gain net incomes until 2008 as a consequence of intense competition because of the launch of several other new air hoses. Air Deccan turned profitable at the terminal of October-December 2006 one-fourth, posting a net income of INR 9.64A crores. The “ Less than expected ” growing in the Indian air power sector coupled with several jobs and cut-throat competition between the air hoses resulted in about all the Indian bearers, including Air Deccan ( kingfisher red ) , ran into heavy losingss. The Kingfisher Airline was confronting a batch of jobs that clip due to heavy losingss in their concern.


1 To understand whether the job of the kingfisher air hose is industry particular or company particular?

2 To analyse how kingfisher air hoses failed to pull off its output?

3 To cognize how rivals adjusted themselves and what schemes do they adopted to last in the market.

4 To happen out how it ‘s debts adult high and it negatively affected the operating public presentation of the company?

5 To happen out what schemes should be used by kingfisher air hoses to get the better of this state of affairs?


The study has been conducted within a short clip frame of 100 yearss.

The survey is self financed, and being a pupil, non a batch could hold been done.

The research is based largely on secondary informations available on the cyberspace and books in the library.

There were restrictions with information available on the cyberspace.

Necessary informations and information are neither equal nor made available by the Airlines.

The survey was conducted by one individual there are opportunities of holding mistake in any phase of informations aggregation, informations entry, informations organizing, informations presentation, reading of consequence, etc.

The research is a descriptive one, because the employees were non willing to give interviews.


vijay malya said “ when the province air hoses ( Air India ) given INR 8000 chromium aid, if I have been given this sum I could hold raised 40 air hoses. ” But at present the one air hose that vijay malya is heading is on the brink of a entire closure.

This thesis assesses the present inauspicious state of affairs faced by the kingfisher air hose and how the air hose can bring forth and heighten the output to come out of this state of affairs and how it can last and turn in the market. Kingfisher Airlines began its operations on 9 May 2005, following the rental of four Airbus A320 aircraft. The inaugural flight was from Mumbai to Delhi.

On June 15, 2005, it became the first ( and merely ) Indian air hose to order the Airbus A380. It started its international operations on 3rd September, 2008. On December 19th, 2007 Air Deccan and Kingfisher Airlines decided to unify. In May 2009, Kingfisher Airlines bearer over a million riders that provided it the highest market portion among the air hoses in India. But the present state of affairs is the licence of the air hose has been cancelled. How can it keep the stableness in the Indian and international air power markets? The addition of investing in air power, the offering of long draw flights, airdrome enlargement and the purchase of new fleets are impacting the hereafter of air power market.

The Indian air power industry is one of the fastest turning markets in the universe. But now-a-days it is in the intelligence for different grounds and that is the failure of one of the taking air power player-kingfisher air hoses. The air hose has been confronting fiscal issues for many old ages, till December 2011, kingfisher had the 2nd largest portion in the Indian domestic air travel market.

However due to terrible fiscal crises faced by the air hose, it has the fifth largest market portion presently. Even the company has no financess to pay even the wages to the employees and is confronting several issues like fuel dues, aircraft rental rental dues, service revenue enhancement dues and bank arrears. This outline includes the survey of the grounds behind the current inauspicious state of affairs of the kingfisher air hoses and how it can be recovered with the aid of output coevals, the function and importance of output coevals in air power industry, and to what extent is it helpful for the growing of air hoses. What are the restrictions and jobs faced in output coevals in the present air hose concern scenario?

Kingfisher received a notice from the Airport Authority Of India on February, 2012 sing accumulated dues of INR 255.06 crore.

The air hose was runing on a hard currency and carry footing for the six months, with day-to-day payments of involvement amounting of INR 0.8 crore.

As on 10 January 2012, kingfisher has service revenue enhancement arrears of INR 70 crore.

The State Bank of India, which is the lead loaner to Kingfisher, denied giving more loans to Kingfisher unless it comes by new equity itself.

Mr. Prafulla Patel, former air power curate, besides claimed that bailing or assisting the private air hose will take to jobs with the authorities.

Out of its 64 aircrafts, merely 28 are staying as other aircrafts are taken by the aircraft renting company.

If Kingfisher, India enters into any sort of coaction with Etihad air hoses, Etihad, Dubai, UAE, in instance, in future this may truly assist the KFA to shift itself and last in the market.

New Delhi, Dec 11: Dr. Vijay Mallya landed in another major problem when service revenue enhancement section seized an aircraft of Kingfisher Airlines. The 62-seater ATR aircraft has been seized as the air hose direction failed to pay its due service revenue enhancement. At least INR 63 crore service revenue enhancements are yet to be paid by Kingfisher Airlines, informed beginnings. Meanwhile, beginnings besides informed that the air hoses has been served a notice by Mumbai airdrome governments as Kingfisher failed to unclutter INR 22 crore dues towards parking and navigational charges.

Mumbai airdrome governments earlier were quoted as stating, “ We have yet to hear from Kingfisher Airlines on our notice. They were given seven yearss ‘ clip to unclutter our dues and so far neither they have responded to the notice nor have made any payment. ” UB Group Chairman and the proprietor of the air hoses, Mr Mallya owes over INR 1,000 crore in seller and revenue enhancement arrears. Mr Mallya ‘s company besides has to refund due revenue enhancement worth more than INR 200 crore to the authorities, informed gross section functionaries. The air hose has been grounded since Oct 1, 2012 after its applied scientists and pilots went on work stoppage demanding their long-pending rewards. Not a individual flight has been operated since Sep 30.

Mumbai, Dec 12, Economic Times: Kingfisher Airlines lost six more aircraft due to non-payment of rental leases and revenue enhancement dues even as the beleaguered bearer said on Tuesday it was in negotiations with Gulf-based Etihad Airways and assorted investors for extract of equity. Amid studies of a resurgence program before the month-end, the air hoses ‘ problems compounded further with a US-based leasing company taking back four of its Airbus planes following non-payment of rental leases. Beginnings said the aircrafts are now parked at the Mumbai airdrome. Besides, the service revenue enhancement section confiscated two planes from the grounded bearer in the last one hebdomad for defaulting on revenue enhancement dues. One of them was impounded Tuesday, Mumbai Service Tax Commissioner SK Solanki said.

The Vijay Mallya-owned bearer came out with a elucidation on a possible interest sale following media studies that it is all set to subscribe a trade with Etihad to sell 48 per cent interest for INR 3,000 crore. “ We would wish to clear up that the company is in treatments with assorted investors, including Etihad Airways, for equity investings, ” Kingfisher said in a filing to BSE. “ However, no understanding has been reached either with Etihad or any other air hose and the affairs are simply at dialogue phases, ” the statement said.

Reacting to the media study, the market lapped up Kingfisher stock that closed on the BSE at INR 15.67, up 5 per cent — the maximal it can travel in a twenty-four hours as per the exchange norms. The air hose has a market capitalisation of INR 1,267.23 crore as of Tuesday. Coupled with revenue enhancement arrears and seller dues, the air hose has over INR 10,000 crore in accrued losingss, besides INR 7,000 crore it owes to 17 Bankss, which the company has non serviced since January. Etihad Airways, in an electronic mail answer to PTI question on studies of its program to purchase a interest in Kingfisher Airlines, said the bearer has identified equity investings in other air hoses as an of import development of its partnership scheme. In a statement in the dark, Kingfisher said the detainment of aircraft by revenue enhancement governments was “ illegal and indefensible. ” The air hose owes around INR 190 crore to the Service Tax Department, of which INR 127 crore is under judicial proceeding.

Hyderabad, Dec 18, Economic Times: United Breweries Group president Vijay Mallya, who has been in the intelligence of late due to his Kingfisher Airlines confronting an acute fiscal crisis, marked his 57th birthday by donating 3 kg gold at the Tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh.

New Delhi, Jan 22, Economic Times: It seems that Vijay Mallya may hold to confront troubles to restart the operation of Kingfisher Airline. Aviation curate Ajit Singh on Tuesday, Jan 22 claimed that the air hose functionaries must hold to put minimal INR 1,000 crore to revamp the operation of the grounded air hose. While interacting with media, Ajit Singh was quoted as stating, “ The air hose needs at least INR 1,000 crore for re-starting operations. ” The air hose has failed to have No Objection Certificate ( NOC ) from any of the airdrome operators of the state. However, it has managed to roll up NOCs from oil companies, aircraft lease givers and care, fix and inspection and repair ( MRO ) units to re-start operations.

Recently, Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ) has rejected to accept Kingfisher Airline ‘s resurgence program mentioning deficiency of support inside informations. Beginnings informed that the program did non clear up the uncertainties sing any inside informations on the payment of dues to airdromes and may non vouch a dependable service. Harmonizing to beginnings, Sanjay Agarwal, main executive officer of the air hose, did non uncover any information sing any committedness by the air hose ‘s parent company, UB Group, chaired by Mr Mallya. Kingfisher Airline is reported to hold discussed the issue with multiple investors to procure a trade for the bearer, informed Mr Mallya.

The air hose owes an extra INR 40 crore to the Central Board of Excise and Customs, which has threatened legal action if the air hose does non pay on clip. The CBEC has besides frozen the air hose ‘s bank histories.

Kingfisher, which suffered a loss of INR 1,027 crore in 2010-11 and has a debt of INR 7,057 crore, posted a INR 444 crore loss in the December 2011 one-fourth. The authorities has said repeatedly that it would non bailout the troubled company. Kingfisher Airlines submitted a revised agenda of its flights on February 22 based on its current flying capacity. Merely 28 of Kingfisher ‘s 64 planes are presently in usage.


Research Design: –

The research is descriptive as it is conducted on the footing of earlier research that has been conducted in this country. These former researches are taken as mentions to understand the present scenario and the analysis is based on the results.

Beginning of informations: –

The research is based largely on secondary informations collected from –

1 Web sites of several companies and intelligence channels

2 Diaries

3 Conferences

4 Research documents

5 Books

6 Newspapers

7 Magazines

Statistical Tools: –

Graphic analyses in the signifier of charts, histograms, pie charts, comparative survey and other statistical tools are used for informations presentation.

Sampling Technique: –

We did non acquire a opportunity to run into the ailment fated Kingfisher Airlines ‘ functionaries, and if they were non willing to unwrap the facts and figures. Therefore we can non roll up primary informations by personally questioning them. At present I and my usher did non acquire any forces from DGCA or KFA who is willing to supply any facts and figures or any sort of informations. They might be tight-lipped as there are so many court-cases traveling on against them. All these informations has helped in explicating a comprehensive instance survey.

Document Review: – Assorted paperss have been collected like the one-year studies of KFA. The existent signifiers and runing paperss presently being used have been obtained through assorted beginnings on cyberspace. Datas from KFA, DGCA, AAI, IATA and other web sites, Newspapers and daily ‘s have been used.

Observation: – analysing one-year studies and imperativeness releases, verifying the statements made during the interviews related to kingfisher air hoses.

Web Search: – The information related to out side part ( other portion of India and Globe ) studied from web sites and other published documents.

Research of diaries, periodicals, proficient stuffs, electronics/internet hunt, professionals meetings, seminars, treatments etc.


Output is an norm of gross earned per unit of end product sold. The rider of an air hose may be divided into high output riders and low output riders. High output traffic is contributes more to the entire gross of an air hose ; nevertheless their proportion is low as compared to the low output traffic. Low output traffic contributes unobserved value to high output traffic.

The scheme of output direction is simple ; it is sell the right place to the right type of client, at the right clip and for the right monetary value. Since this procedure involves consumer behaviour and past information analysis, it can be really ambitious.

Few features that make yield direction efficient.

Relatively Fixed Capacity

The ground for this characteristic is really simple. If capacity were flexible, there would be no demand for a trade-off. If air hoses could add or take seats or aircraft at will, there would be no ground to seek to pull off capacity. Unfortunately, the plane can non be enlarged ; the lone flexibleness allowed is to schedule the rider on a ulterior flight.

Ability to Segment Markets

Since one of the intents of output direction is to smooth the distribution of riders, to be effectual, the air hose must be able to section its market into different rider classs. Keeping in head that we seek a trade-off between maximal burden factor and highest paying riders, a really good illustration is the comparing between the time-sensitive concern individual and the price-sensitive client. One is willing to pay a higher menu in exchange for flexibleness ( unfastened return, cancellation option, agenda alteration, etc. ) the other is willing to give-up some flexibleness for the interest of a cheaper ticket ( remain overnight Saturday, non come back on Labor Day- which is a peak twenty-four hours ) . Such a scheme allows air hoses to make full seats that would otherwise be empty.

Perishable Inventory

In the air hose industry, plane seats are referred to as stock list. If the plane leaves the gate with empty seats, this stock list can non be stored and is lost. If an air hose can minimise the stock list spoilage, so it will run much more expeditiously. Since output direction determines the burden degree to seek to maximise gross, we see why concerns that deal with perishable stock list can profit from such a technique. Note the analogy with unoccupied hotel suites or unrented autos at a auto rental bureau.

Merchandise Sold in Advance

If all tickets were sold at one time, the right trade-off would be a fixed figure and would non take advantage of client behaviour. Since client demand degree forms vary continually over clip, it makes sense to besides seek to happen the best trade-off over clip. Airplane menus change all the clip, some on an hourly footing others on a hebdomadal footing. The trade-offs occur when a director is faced with the option of accepting an early reserve from a client who wants low monetary value, or waiting to see if a higher paying client will demo up.

Fluctuating Demand

Output direction is a tool that can be used to smooth the demand form. In extremum season, the air hose can increase its grosss by increasing the menu on its tickets and in low season, it can increase capacity use by offering low monetary values. Past old ages informations will offer the director a manner to calculate when these peeps and low seasons occur. Demand fluctuates seasonally ( peak season in the summer and low season in the autumn ) and besides bit by bit ( there is an addition in the demand for reserve until a few yearss prior going ) .

Low Marginal Gross saless Costss and High Capacity Change Costs

We have already talked about fixed capacity, but it is non plenty in this instance. In order for output direction to work optimally, extra capacity should be expensive to get. In this state of affairs, the cost of a plane is high ; furthermore, the slowdown between the order and bringing is important. On the other manus, the cost of an extra rider should be low ( in fact, air hoses have really high fixed costs ) , such as the negligible cost of drinks and nutrient for a client. In fact, if there were low capacity alteration costs, it would be easy to accommodate rapidly by hive awaying a few aeroplanes in modesty.

Some recent output trends are-

Price sensitive leisure travel is turning much more quickly than concern travel.

Long-haul journeys, which are by and large lower giving than short – draw trips, are turning as a proportion of entire journeys.

The riders are more concerned about the monetary value and on-time public presentation, alternatively of in-flight repasts and other installations.

The price-sensitive rider section is bigger in portion as compared to the price-insensitive rider section but their part in the gross is lower so the concern travellers.

Factors act uponing output

Fare Structure- One of the most of import factor that influence the gross of the air hose. The menu construction includes the published and unpublished duties.

Traffic Mix- Demand features, effectivity of the bearer ‘s RMS in protecting infinite on high demand flights for late engagement, high-yield riders, the effectivity of conditions imposed within the duty construction to forestall the recreation of riders from market sections with less elastic demand features to merchandises designed for the more monetary value elastic section being targeted by discounted menus.

Length of haul- Menus per stat mi are by and large lower for long draw than short draw paths because unit costs taper as phase length additions.

Degree of Competition- The degree of competition besides consequence output of the air hose. If the competition degree is really high the air hoses by and large engaged in cut downing the menus and sometimes in non-price competition. In that instance the rider gross of the air hose will be low.

The more monopoly power- If the air hose has some kind of monopoly power sing a peculiar path or the timing of the flight, it may bring forth more gross.

Network Design- Network design besides plays a cardinal function in bring forthing more gross. Effective and profitable origin-destination metropolis braces, which have immense rider demands can bring higher monetary values and outputs.

Main jobs with Kingfisher Airline

1 Business theoretical account analysis- Clarity in an organisation ‘s concern theoretical account is really of import. A concern theoretical account describes how an organisation creates, delivers and gaining controls value ( economic, societal, cultural or other signifiers of value ) . It is a portion of concern scheme. It has different blocks, in instance of an air hose, it may hold these blocks:

I Customer Section

II Value Proposition

III channels

IV Customer Relations

V Cost Structure

VI Revenue Stream

Among these blocks gross and cost are the basic blocks, on which other things depend.

Kingfisher air hose ‘s conditions can be described on the footing of these blocks.

I Customer segment- Kingfisher Airline had captured the market for both price-sensitive and price-insensitive riders. It was chiefly focused on domestic luxury section. The market should be segmented harmonizing to the demands and penchants of the clients. They had divided their services into three classs i.e. Kingfisher First ( concern category ) , Kingfisher Class ( economic system category ) and Kingfisher Red ( low cost bearer ) .

Kingfisher First was the concern category service that was focused on concern category riders who were willing to pass for premium services. Kingfisher Class was the economic system service that was focused on the turning middle-class, who wanted to see premium services. Kingfisher Red was the low menu service focused on the riders who are monetary value witting. Even Kingfisher Red was supplying in-flight amusement, complimentary nutrient and reading stuff to the riders like the former two categories, so there was no important difference in their services.

Kingfisher Red was someplace between a Full Cost Carrier ( FCC ) and a Low Cost Carrier ( LCC ) . Furthermore it led to cannibalization of the Kingfisher Airline as people have preferred Kingfisher Red over Kingfisher Airline because of extra services offered by them at a low cost. So it can be concluded that Kingfisher was failed to section the market decently. Harmonizing to a study conducted by IIM-B, it shows that most of the riders in India have the undermentioned penchants.

FIGURE-I study consequences about outlooks.

The Kingfisher Airline was more focussed in supplying amusement and free nutrient instead than stressing on on-time public presentation and menus of the tickets, and it ‘s clear from the figure-I that clients have different positions.

II value proposition- It can be defined as value of the merchandise from clients ‘ prospective. It ‘s really of import that an organisation place its merchandise really carefully and distinctively in the heads of the clients. A study was conducted by IIM-B, to cognize that how many people can distinguish between Kingfisher Airline and Kingfisher Red. However the consequences were surprising.

FIGURE-II Survey consequences demoing confusion.

It is clear from the figure-II that more than 55 % of people said that there was confusion between the trade names Kingfisher and Kingfisher Red. Peoples responded that “ Red ” was the first word that came into their heads when Kingfisher Airlines was mentioned. It ‘s a clear illustration of Kingfisher ‘s hapless placement scheme.

III channels- A company should choose its channels really carefully as its operations and public presentation depends upon it. Initially Kingfisher was concentrating on tier-I metropoliss like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc, but after some clip it estimated that equal focal point is required on tier-II and tier-III metropoliss ( which are normally 500-600 kilometers off from the tube metropoliss ) as they thought there was a high degree of possible demand on these channels. They even started concentrating on short and medium haul international paths, which they thought best for that market scenario. From January, 2010 Kingfisher Airline was holding widest web coverage of about 63 metropoliss runing over 375 flights a twenty-four hours within India. For an air hose it is more of import to gain net incomes instead than guaranting widest coverage of an country. One should inquire them, how tier-II and tier-III metropoliss can vie with the tube metropoliss, when it comes to gross coevals? So once more they made a error that causes a batch of jobs.

IV Customer Relations- It ‘s one of the most of import factors, to guarantee the endurance and growing of an organisation in the market, to keep good and valuable dealingss with the clients. It is indispensable for every concern unit to pull clients, and retaining them is the most of import and hard undertaking. In the instance of Kingfisher Airline, it was making reasonably good in this country.

Once a rider picked Kingfisher Airline, went for it once more in future, as the services offered by them were more economical and far better than the rivals. During flight, every clip they made their best attempts to do the journey comfy, epicurean and merriment for the riders. It was the first air hose of India to ease In-flight amusement on board and got 5-star evaluation from the ‘Skytrax ‘ . More over it had started ‘Frequent Flyer Programs ‘ for the riders, in which a rider gets free stat mis every clip he/she purchase a ticket from the company ‘s web site, unfastened or update their histories. So we can state that Kingfisher Airline was successful in constructing good dealingss with their riders.

V Cost Structure- It ‘s one of the chief blocks of any concern organisation. A company ‘s profitableness depends upon it. It includes chiefly runing and non-operating costs of the organisation. Operating costs of an air hose are straight related to the aircraft operations and are normally really high due to the increasing fuel costs, lease rents and airdrome charges and by and large air hoses do non hold any control over above mentioned costs. However an air hose can command the non-operating costs by some cost decrease techniques.

Every organisation tries to command and cut down the cost of its operations, but in instance of Kingfisher Airline, it seems that its directors were excessively busy in positioning it as a ‘best life style ‘ trade name instead than accomplishing economic system, effectivity and efficiency in its operations.

As we know truly good that a company normally spends financess for advertisement and publicity during the ‘introduction ‘ stage of a merchandise ‘s life rhythm but even after old ages of its beginning, Kingfisher ‘s non-operating disbursals were really high even when it was confronting enormous losingss.

On 2007, Kingfisher ‘s ‘Advertisement and Gross saless Promotion Expenses ‘ were INR 1,376.10 lacs ( kingfisher one-year study 2006-07 ) and on 2012, its disbursals were INR 17,386.28 lacs ( Kingfisher one-year study 2011-12 ) . So it is clear that Kingfisher was passing to a great extent on non-operating activities. One more large issue was at that place, Kingfisher bought most of its aircrafts instead so renting them.

On June, 2005 KFA ( Kingfisher Airline ) planned to purchase 5 new A350-800 and 5 new A-330-200 aircrafts at the Paris air show, on November, 2005 it once more placed an order for 30 A320 and 20 ATR72-500. However any smart air hose will take the option of renting instead than purchasing aircrafts. Recently Air India sold its ‘dreamliner-787 ‘ aircrafts to rent them and cut down the unneeded disbursement, that is a good illustration.

We can take another illustration of SpiceJet Airline, it gross revenues the nutrient on-board to the riders alternatively of supplying ‘free-meals ‘ like KFA. So there was immense direction job with the cost construction of KFA.

VI Revenue Stream- The whole concern theoretical account of an organisation depends upon it. This is the most of import block of the concern theoretical account. An air hose ever tries to maximise its gross by sing many factors like market portion, output, place factor etc.

In instance of the KFA, in the fiscal twelvemonth 2005-06, its market portion was merely 5 % of the entire air hose market but in January, 2010 its market portion increased to 22 % , which was highest in the market that clip. Whereas, in 2011, it decreased to 19.8 % so in 2012 it was merely 15.6 % of the entire air hose industry. It describes that the air hose was fring its riders or in other words, riders were exchanging to other air hoses.

Its operating and non-operating gross has besides decreased twelvemonth by twelvemonth. From 2007, KFA earned the rider gross of INR 1,70,983.34 lacs where as it was INR 4,71,059.75 lacs, INR 5,62,098.26 lacs and INR 4,91,018.54 lacs in 2010, 2011, 2012 severally. One can see how horribly it has decreased from 2011 to 2012. Its place factor as well was diminishing continuously. So KFA was besides missing in the handling of the gross watercourse.

2 Problem with the Management- The kingfisher Airline had hired the employees with 5-30 old ages of work experience, but still it can be observed that the air hose was holding poor-management job. There was besides deficiency of proficient expertness on the air hose personal businesss. Ii is surprising that KFA had merely two CEO ‘s in entire for all the air hose sections and Dr. Vijay Mallya was taking most of the air hose ‘s of import determinations. This might sound really familiar to that when Air India was headed by a politician, and assisted byA bureaucratsA alternatively of a group of air power experts.

It seems, from the analysis, that their direction squad or peculiarly Dr. Vijay Mallya was over-confident about the air hose and its public presentation in the market. If we look at the one-year study of 2010-11, it reveals that KFA had 7-8 managers, with merely one executive manager, and the audit committeeA had 3-4 managers who did n’t look active, since there were merely 4 meetings during the twelvemonth. Since the beginning of the KFA ‘s operations, three CEOs have came and gone. Dr. Vijay Mallya, the Chairman, controls the company and theA board of directorsA had no active engagement in the route-planning of the company. Their over assurance was one of the biggest grounds for the failure of this air hose. Harmonizing to the Indian authorities, domestic air bearers are non allowed to wing on international paths without five twelvemonth of domestic winging experience, but Dr. Vijay Mallya said that clip, if he failed to convert the authorities to alter its regulations, he would get down an air hose in a foreign state and wing it to India. It reveals the over assurance he had about the success of the concern.

Furthermore KFA had a loss of INR 1027.39 crore in December 2011. As of 31 March 2011, its net worth was negative at INR 3633.08 crore. It was last positive in March 2008, and now the image is blue. Soon, KFA has a entire debt of INR 7057.08 crore and entire accrued losingss of INR 6000 crore.A The Bankss refused to widen farther recognition as the non-performing assets ( NPA ) willA severely affectA the profitableness and liquidness of the Bankss. It is a clear instance of inordinate debt and poorA hard currency flow direction. The state of affairs has bit by bit worsened from March 2008 and in three old ages the capital is wholly destroyed. Better fiscal hazard direction may hold helped KFA in get bying with job. It appears no 1 in the company was supervising the hereafter hazard. Possibly they were winging high on optimism.

3 Problem with Fleet- Another large job with Kingfisher Airline was that it ‘s swift mix and the dream ofA buyingA jets at an early phase instead than renting them. This was precisely the same ground why ‘Paramount Airways ‘ was shut down, if we remember. Furthermore other successful bearers which fly low cost have ever adopted a individual fleet composing. Like some taking low cost bearers in the universe, e.g. Southwest ( B-737 ) , Ryanair ( A319/320 ) etc. Kingfisher was excessively immature to hold more than 5 different types of Airbus aircrafts as it resulted in immense preparation and care costs. The KFA had following type of aircrafts: –

Types of aircrafts Number

1 A330 5

2 A321 ( double cabin ) 6

3 A321 ( individual cabin ) 2

4 A320 ( double cabin ) 10

5 A320 ( individual cabin ) 13

6 A319 3

7 ATR 72-500 25

8 ATR 42-500 2


So, it is clear that their fleet-mix was besides a disadvantage for them, which resulted in immense preparation and care costs.

4 Problems with the Strategy-

KFA acquired Air Deccan, a low-priced air hose in 2007. Five old ages of operations is a cardinal standard for an air hose to wing internationally. Hence, KFA acquired Air Deccan ‘s international winging right base at the same time entered the cheaper market section. It made the undermentioned proclamation in September 2008 fiscal consequences commentary:

“ The amalgamation of the two operating air hoses into one corporate entity has besides enabled nest eggs on operating costs such as Engineering and Ground Handling, Insurance and Catering. Employee costs have besides been addressed through an integrated organisation which enabled the Company to end the contracts of most expatriate staff and enforce a hiring freezing on new assignments. ”

After the amalgamation, first marks of problem cropped up. As per a Business Today article, it became the largest Indian air hose with 27.5 % market portion, and domestic travel increased by 30 % , nevertheless it did n’t do net incomes. In fact, its chief rival Jet Airways, continuously showed profitable quarters.

KFA showed growing in Numberss while holding lost the scheme. With the amalgamation, it lost its trade name image of a premium concern category air hose. It expanded with the velocity of a jet without constructing a base and deciding the station amalgamation challenges. This set the class for a rough drive.

5 Risk-Crisis Management-

In every organisation, it has a hazard and crisis direction system to supervise and command the fiscal and operational hazards that could harm the operations of the company in future. In instance of an air hose, it may confront the operational hazards in footings of high fuel costs, as the monetary value of fuel is set internationally, to boot the provinces charge heavy gross revenues revenue enhancement on fuel. Most air hoses recover their fuel costs by adding more figure of seats to their aircrafts, up to a certain bound, so that they can do better usage of the infinite available but Kingfisher Airline could n’t make it as it had projected itself as the luxury air hose. The air hose had besides faced the effects of non supervising the fiscal hazard. KFA faced the job of inordinate debt. Its entire debt is more than INR 7057.08 crore. A better fiscal hazard direction system could hold helped them to avoid this state of affairs. It seems that no organic structure in the company was supervising the hereafter hazard that it may confront. They were merely winging high on optimism.

6 Cargo Business- Every air hose attempts to maximise their grosss, including both rider and lading gross. The lading market is turning quickly in the present air hose industry scenario. In instance of Kingfisher Airline, it had significantly started capturing the market for the lading services after 2-3 old ages of its beginning. It was wholly dependent on the rider gross of its income. In 2010, it initiated the thought of get downing their lading services called the Kingfisher Xpress lading services to farther heighten its RASK ( Revenue per Available Seat Kilometer ) .

All the large air hoses in India attempt more to capture the lading market in order to do the best use of its fleet or aircraft infinite. Even if they have less figure of riders in a peculiar flight leg, they compensate the rider gross with the aid of extra lading gross. It makes their concern more profitable. If the Kingfisher Airline could hold captured the lading market early and more expeditiously, its state of affairs would be different today.

So these are the chief defects that Kingfisher Airline has, even today. It is non the lone air hose that had faced such jobs. These jobs are faced by so many other air hoses as good. However they were able to get the better of their jobs in easier ways. By analysing these instances, we can understand the job even better.

Similar jobs faced by other air hoses

Ryanair- Ryanair is an Irish air hose. It is runing in European low-cost, short-haul air hose market. It is the cardinal participant in the low-priced market. Its vision is to wing at the cheapest rates to any of its finishs. Its concern theoretical account is really successful. With the lifting fuel costs, they have ever managed their cost base every bit good. . In December 2008, Ryanair was included in the list of Britain ‘s Most Admired Companies ( BMAC ) .Over the past few old ages, Ryanair ‘s CEO, Michael O’Leary, has been included in the list of the 30 Most Respected CEOs of Barron ‘s, a planetary list of CEOs. Even at the clip of depression this air hose was demoing rather positive consequences.

Its CEO, Michael O’Leary stated a really positive statement, he said “ the great thing about winging is that people will ne’er halt. ” However in 2008, due to increasing fuel costs, lower gross generated and falling figure of rider, it suffered losingss for the first clip since 1997. In its one-fourth 3-2008, it announced losingss of EURO 102 million as compared to the net income of EURO 35 million in last twelvemonth ‘s one-fourth. The chief grounds for its loss were mean menus fell by 9 % , fuel costs rose by 71 % , grosss rose by 6 % . After that the air hose made many strategic alterations and get the better of the state of affairs truly good. Still it ‘s the cardinal participant in the European low-cost market.

Paramount Airways- Paramount AirwaysA was anA airlineA based inA Chennai, A India. It was founded in October 2005. It operated scheduled services, chiefly aiming concern category section. Its hub was Chennai International Airport. It was the first air hose in India to hold the new Embraer-170/190 series aircrafts.

It stared deriving more market portion so due to some legal issue between Paramount Airways and lesser of the Embraer-170 aircrafts its operations were ceased in 2010. In November 2010, it was announced that Paramount Airways had won their legal conflict and will restart the services with a fleet ofA AirbusA andA BombardierA aircrafts. A British tribunal awarded the air hose INR 1,650 crore as compensation in the case in November 2012.A Paramount renewed its runing licence from theA DGCAA in the same month and planned to get down afresh.

The air hose is be aftering to re-start its operations by May, 2013. It is clear from this instance that after having the sum of case, the air hose made the determination to get down afresh. Fiscal support will assist it to get the better of the state of affairs.

Air India- Air India is the flag bearer air hose of India. It is portion of the authorities of India owned Air India Limited ( AIL ) .

Air India has faced many jobs, including uninterrupted immense fiscal losingss, from September 2007 to May 2011.

Air India ‘s domestic market portion declined from 19.2 % to 14 % , chiefly because of cut pharynx competition in the air hose market. In April 2012, the Indian authorities granted another bailout bundle to Air India, of INR 300A billion of subsidies.A In order to raise financess for Reconstruction, Air India decided to sell and rent back all its Boeing-787 Dreamliner aircrafts.

Indian authorities has many profitable concerns so it can allow any figure of subsidies and bailouts to the Air India because it is a authorities owned air hose. Similarly the UB group ( Kingfisher ‘s parent company ) besides has many other profitable concerns like the spirit, drinks concern and it even has IPL cricket squad, so it can besides utilize the net incomes of those concerns to assist their current state of affairs. Why they expect from the authorities to throw a life jacket for them?


From the analysis of the Kingfisher ‘s state of affairs, it is clear that it had many restrictions and defects, which one after another, made its state of affairs worst.

Get downing from its concern theoretical account, every component was falsely designed. Customers were non even able to distinguish their trade name Kingfisher and Kingfisher Red.

The complete assurance of Dr. Vijay Mallya was besides one of the biggest issues that is still keeping it back.

The manner it was using its fleet, was non efficient for an air hose. More over its fleet-mix was besides a job, which led to unneeded addition in its care and preparation costs.

It was non capturing the lading concern market decently, which could hold been an extra beginning of gross coevals.

The air hose was passing a batch on advertisement and publicity, even after old ages of its beginning in the industry.

It was to a great extent dependent on the operating grosss and its non-operating grosss were invariably falling.

Such jobs were faced by other air hoses as good but they managed to come out of their inauspicious state of affairs.

Suggestions that could assist Kingfisher Airline

Corporate fiscal structuring-

Corporate restructuring is the cardinal alteration in a company ‘s concern or fiscal construction with the motivation of increasing the company ‘s value to stockholders or creditors. Corporate restructuring is loosely divided into two parts: fiscal restructuring and operational restructuring. Fiscal restructuring relates to alterations in the capital construction of the house, operational restructuring relates to alterations in the concern theoretical account of a house, with the purpose of increasing overall stockholder value.

In instance of KFA, we should see the debt structuring.

This procedure will let KFA to confront the hard currency flow jobs in a better manner. It will assist in cut downing and renegociate its increasing debts in order to better or reconstruct liquidness so that it can get down its operations. A debt restructuring is normally a less expensive and more preferred alternate to bankruptcy. The major grounds for debt decrease are keeping healthy debt/equity ratio, cut downing high involvement costs and using hard currency militias.

It had already reconstructed INR 8000 crore worth of debt in which it ‘s all 18 loaners agreed to cut involvement rates and change over the portion of their loans given to kingfisher into equity. After the recast its involvement rate came down to 11 % , helped the air hose to salvage INR 500 crore every twelvemonth on involvement cost. But still the debts are excessively high, kingfisher needs another loan to surge over its on the job capital crunch. It can cut back its unprofitable sectors and services to several metropoliss. It has programs to raise $ 200 million through GDR that will besides turn out to be good.


It describes the value of the merchandise in the heads of the clients. From the analysis it is clear that, KFA was failed to make proper placement in the heads of its riders.

So the air hose should seek to heighten its image in the eyes of riders. This would assist the air hose to increase the market portion and hence addition the gross from rider operations.

It will make long term benefits for the air hose.

Proper Risk Management

KFA faced the job of inordinate debt. Its entire debt is more than INR 7057.08 crore. A better fiscal hazard direction system could hold helped them to avoid this state of affairs. So the direction should now, give a batch of attending to the hazards that the air hose may confront in the hereafter. It should implement a proper ‘early warning system ‘ that will inform the air hose about close hereafter hazards and the effects of avoiding the hazard.

Both fiscal and operational hazards should be given attending, as both may harm the air hose really severely. KFA ‘s current state of affairs is an illustration of it.

Cargo concern

As we have already discussed, that the air hose was chiefly based on the rider gross and non taking into consideration the importance of the lading gross that the air hose could hold earned, if it had captured the lading market more expeditiously.

It will besides assist to do the best use of its fleet or aircraft infinite. It will do their concern more profitable.


The air hose should follow the cost cutting techniques that will assist the air hose for a long tally. It is analyzed that KFA was passing to a great extent on advertizement and publicities of the air hose.

Initially they had hired ‘Yana Gupta ‘ and so the taking actress ‘Deepika Padukone ‘ for its fun-liner trade name. When the company is enduring continuously losingss, what is the point of disbursement so much on publicities? For every air hose it is a must to cover at least its operating expense or out-of-pocket cost, even if it is non able to cover its fixed cost. At least the air hose should make this, to guarantee its endurance in the market.

So cost-cutting will be good option for the Kingfisher for doing its state of affairs better.

Uniformity in the fleet-mix and better use of fleet

Kingfisher Airline was holding 5 different types of fleets. But uniformity in the fleet type will assist the air hose to cut its care and preparation cost that will finally cut down the losingss earned by the air hose. It will besides convey efficiency in its operations. Better use of fleet will ease to gain extra gross without increasing the capacity of the aircrafts.

These are some suggestions that will assist the air hose to get the better of the current inauspicious state of affairs.