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A market strategy for a wedding reception venue business

Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception is a freshly established marrying response locale concern that caters for twosomes of ALL ages, nationalities and traditions who wish to prosecute in the beautiful sacrament of matrimony. The exclusive proprietor of the concern, Ms. Amanda Abboud, will take full duty for any debts incurred in the concern, and having no net incomes during the establishment stage of the concern, doing it a Exclusive Trading Business, that is, an unincorporated concern with limitless liability.

The constitution and growing stage of Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception will decidedly confront obstructions at times, but with greater advertisement, a batch more consciousness of the concern, and consumer trueness, the concern is certain to go successful and profitable, and satisfies all clients.

Although the concern consists of one proprietor, employees are needed to help the running of the concern including a director, receptionist, caterers/cooks, servers, a host and cleaners. The concern needs to guarantee that all employees abide by all statute laws, including OH & A ; S and EEO statute law Acts of the Apostless, to forestall hurt and prolong a great and gratifying working environment at all times. Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception consists of no more than 20 employees, and because it is a non-manufacturing administration, is classified as a Small Business.

Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception is located in the Bankstown country as the concern dressed ores on hosting chiefly traditional Lebanese nuptialss, because of the high figure of Lebanese occupants in the country, every bit good as other multicultural banquets and jubilations which helps fitting demand. Although Bankstown consists of a figure of really popular nuptials response locales already established, it increases competition for all concerns, but will besides supply greater assortment for the community, as merely one large nuptials response in a big suburb will non do.

In order to set up and keep a successful concern, a mission statement is utile for determination devising for the concern ‘ long term hereafter. The chief aims include –

Deriving consumer trueness and trust

Prolonging a healthy environment to work for employees

Supplying sufficient sums of net income

Expand consciousness by advertisement outside the local country.


Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception concern was created to give consumers a broad assortment of options to offer the fairytale nuptials people dream of through nutrient, catering, ornaments and puting. Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception is a third industry whose premier map is to supply a service for those twosomes ready to take each other ‘s manus in matrimony. It is besides a market niche, as it specialises in supplying jubilations of matrimony. It aims to derive consumer trueness and trust by supplying honestness and great service to the populace, prolonging a healthy environment to work for all employees, bring forthing sufficient sums of net income in order for the concern to spread out and go national, and spread out consciousness by advertisement outside the local country through assorted signifiers of media.

The legal construction of Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception is a Exclusive Trader where merely the proprietor takes full duty for any debts, and receives small or no net incomes during the establishment stage. Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception will hence be an unincorporated concern, which comes with limitless liability, which means that any debts incurred in the concern will fall entirely under the owner/s duty, that that they must refund debts by selling individual assets in order to gain any beginning of financess. The constitution and growing stage of the concern will decidedly confront ups and downs, particularly as the proprietor is an enterpriser taking the hazard in opening a new concern with small accomplishment or cognition, but with greater consumer awareness the concern will hopefully go successful and profitable. Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception will incorporate no more than 20 employees, including caterers, cookers, cleaners and interior designers, doing it a little concern.

The location in which the concern will open is the Bankstown country because it concern will concentrate on hosting chiefly traditional Lebanese nuptialss with customary nutrient, music and amusement because of the high population of Lebanese in this country, every bit good as many other multicultural nuptialss and banquets which will assist run into demand. Sing this country contains a figure of other marrying response locales, it will let larger assortment for consumers.

Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception is associated with supplying a service for those twosomes looking to acquire married. Not merely does the concern provide a locale and nutrient, but will make an gratifying ambiance for all ages during a great jubilation. Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception is a responsible event organizer and offers what any other concern would plus much more. This concern is decidedly recommended because the service is outstanding and consumers will acquire precisely what they ask for, which is the cardinal quality of supplying a great service to the community.

The premier map of the concern is supplying great service for the community. Puting a smiling on people ‘s faces is decidedly of import to the concern, as deriving consumer trueness and trust is really of import, which is precisely outlined in the houses mission statement. From fulfilling clients, the concern will slowly go more profitable which is one of the chief purposes of any concern bing.

Not merely does this marrying response locale concern offer a great assortment of response suites, amusement and nutrient, but the concern will besides assist organize a alone ceremonial or any twosomes beforehand. By supplying any demands by to clients to make their dream nuptials, it offers anything you can believe of to make a twenty-four hours that a hubby and his married woman will non bury.


The intent of composing a concern program is to guarantee the greatest likeliness of success to the owner/s. It is of import that all internal stakeholders understand clearly what needs to be done, and maintain existent up-to-date market research in order to derive pragmatism and truth in prediction. This procedure should ensue in taking the most appropriate and good scheme, enabling the concern to accomplish its ends. Besides, the concern program should be updated on a regular basis to guarantee it parallels a altering concern environment. Normally, the major ends remain the same but the schemes used may differ harmonizing to different internal or external environmental factors. The concern program must be realistic in order to run into all ends required.

Writing out a concern program will assist in doing Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception all the more successful, with good planned schemes and ends to bring forth a flourishing concern. A program is a strategy or method of taking action, which will do all elements of a successful concern all the more clear. A mission statement included in the program will originate a start of the vision the concern hopes to be in the hereafter.

Goals are the overall achievements that a concern programs to accomplish in the long-run, short-run and during its daily running. Different ends are set for all concern, ( societal, fiscal, personal and environmental ) and vary depending on their ain single profession. Different ends are listed as portion of the concern program to guarantee that they cater a great service for a broad scope of people, every bit good as deriving a personal accomplishment. These include-


Improve rostering and scheduling procedures of set uping staff.

Use latest engineering to assist concern execute different maps.


Improve direction accounting and studies for simple determination devising.

Minimise debt finance.

Reduce recognition gross revenues.

Strategic Goals


Determine consumer purchasing forms.

Employment Relationss

Increase rewards and wages for all employees.

Better the accomplishments of directors and employees.

Use retained net incomes as wagess to employees.

Reduce overdraft.

Improve accomplishment in ciphering gross statements, balance sheets and cash-flow statements.

Improve lead clip, so production is completed more expeditiously.

Accurately step productiveness to find betterments in the concern. To carry on

Investigate bing rivals in the market.

Ensure employees abide by anti-discrimination and EEO statute laws.

Social Goals –

Provide employment and calling waies for occupants

Contributions towards Charities



Work expeditiously and as a squad with employees.

Keep loyal to anti-discrimination Acts of the Apostless and Equal Employment Opportunity statute law.

Fiscal Goals –

Achieve gross revenues growing

Achieve a net income in the first two old ages of running of concern.

Increasing market portion

Quick growing of service

Personal Goals –

Own a successful concern

Derive consumer trueness and trust

Sense of accomplishment


Friendship with employees.

Environmental Goals –

Use environmental protection enterprises

Recycling plastics and composition board.

Minimise the usage of fuels and procedure sewerage.

A Situational Analysis looks at internal and external environments of the concern to place factors that affect the running of the concern, whether the factors are modifiable or non. It besides helps set up the current place of the concern. A SWOT analysis can assist set up a current place, and helps analyse grounds for the place of the house.

Strengths ( S ) –

Skilled workers

Great repute

Good fiscal place and location

Good engineering

Excellent communicating system

Great advertisement

Failings ( W ) –

Unexperienced directors

Needs betterment in invention

Lack of consumer consciousness

Opportunities ( O ) –

Expanding to newer and bigger locations

Buying out rivals

Changing authorities ordinance

Add-on services for the response locale concern will go available.

Expanding the concern nationally

Menaces ( T ) –


Increased rent

Changing authorities ordinances

Increasing rising prices

Increasing natural stuff monetary values

Increased revenue enhancement

A factor restricting present operations is the new constitution of Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception. The fact that it is freshly opened evades the fast proviso of the service this concern provides. The constitution and growing stage of the concern will decidedly confront obstructions, as any other freshly opened concern, but with greater advertisement, the concern will shortly go successful and profitable and demanded by many.

The chief competitory advantages of the concern over rivals is that non merely does it provide for a specific nationality, tradition or age group, but has a broad scope of picks to suite everybody ‘s gustatory sensation or thought of a PERFECT nuptials. The latest nuptials response locale concern in Bankstown will most likely attract attending by a extremely populated country, where they may wish to test the newest concern and comparison to bing concerns nearby. A definite rival in the country is the really popular response locale, The Bellevue. Establishing Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception close-by will decidedly increase competition and tenseness for both concerns, but at the same clip will supply greater assortment for the community, as merely one large nuptials response locale in a big suburb will non do.

Rival Analysis – Comparing a rival ‘s province of their concern by utilizing the SWOT analysis to a new concern ‘ analysis can do clear where betterments need to be made in order to win over the opposition.

Strengths ( S ) –

Great sum of experience

Well-known by the community

Experienced directors

Skilled workers

Great repute

Failings ( W ) –

Poor pick of location

No invention – people like alteration!

Do non publicize

Opportunities ( O ) –

Can purchase out smaller rivals ( they may take to purchase Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception if it is non successful plenty.

Menaces ( T ) –


Increased rent

Increased rising prices

Increased revenue enhancement

Merchandise Analysis – Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception is a freshly formed concern, hence doing it still portion of the establishment stage in the concern life rhythm. Throughout this stage, the concern will confront many challenges ; nevertheless, will besides meet challenges from all countries during its being.

Constitution Phase – Customers/ retail merchants are non familiar with the merchandise or the concern so they might non put in the service of this concern they are unfamiliar with, which may ensue in longer periods of clip for the concern to acquire up and running.. Net income will be slow to get down with because disbursals are higher than gross revenues gross, bring forthing a loss for the concern. The concern needs to set about expensive publicity schemes in order to publicize the merchandise and do it familiar with consumers.

Growth Phase – Rapid additions in gross revenues of service as consumers are more watchful of the house. Adequate hard currency flow must be maintained to go on the rapid enlargement and sustain success. Rivals such as other marrying response locales will be more cognizant of the betterments of the concern, and hence act on these betterments.

Maturity Phase – Gross saless level away and get down to plateau. Focus on cutting costs as net incomes will now be generated. Time to use more experient directors to maintain the concern under control. Introduce a new work squad and pay fillips like periphery benefits to maintain them motivated.

Post-Maturity Phase – Invention, hence increasing cash-flow and will pull clients. Cash-flow jobs may get down to emerge, so cutting down costs will be the best option to take. The province of the concern may stay at a steady-state, or can fluctuate by increasing gross revenues, or diminution.


Whether this is the client ‘s first nuptials, a reclamation of their vows or their anniversary, the concern is interested in every item of their event to be both a enjoyable and a memorable experience. Therefore, Amanda ‘s Wedding Reception concern offers a host of bundles and services specifically tailored to the demands of each twosome. I am confident that this concern venture will be a success. If everything tallies to be after, net income is estimated to increaseA modestly by the 2nd twelvemonth.

The keys to our success are as follows –

Service the clients ‘ demands quickly and expeditiously.

Maintain an first-class working relationship with sellers, e.g. florists.

Keep a professional image at all times

Different aims are necessary in doing the concern successful and achieve the highest possible result. Some aims include –

Better consumer consciousness. This can be achieved by spread outing the cognition of this new concern through different signifiers of advertisement. Ad through telecasting, local newspapers, wireless and hoardings will hopefully pull the right mark market, that is, twosomes ready to observe their matrimony.

Make a great on the job environment. Keeping employees happy with their work environment is indispensable for a successful concern. Making certain they all have equal rights, and staying by the anti-discrimination and EEO statute laws. Besides supplying them with their rewards and fringe benefits they are entitles to.

Becoming a menace to our rivals. By continuously supplying advanced thoughts and offering the services to the market, where more and more consumers will be fascinated and our house will spread out and run into demand.

Widening direction and concern accomplishments. By bettering entrepreneurial accomplishments of the proprietor, betterments in the ability to do good thoughts will originate that will assist in the profitableness of the house. As accomplishments will increase, so excessively will the ability to finish a undertaking, and hence, they may take to spread out my concern all around the state. Possibly by more experient proprietors purchasing the concern, different thoughts and trains of idea will be exchanged.

Prolonging a good repute! Keeping the communities promises, and supplying them with even more than they expect will decidedly maintain repute at a steady province and perchance increase. This can be done by remaining loyal and true to all clients as they are the 1s taking hazards and swearing us to give any service required.

Goals should be Specific to the country. What needs to be improved and what is being unbroken efficient should ever be taken into consideration in finding how good the concern is making, and if any betterments are required. The quality of the service should be Measurable in what is advertised to supply. Supplying less than what consumers expect can see the demand for the concern to diminish, and face down-fall. The on the job conditions for employees and proprietors should be Achievable, and have sufficient times off work for a interruption and to catch up in their personal lives. Guaranting the concern provides Realistic services to the community, and merely provides what can be promised, based on the sum of resources and financess available. Guaranting the concern runs on Time and what is promised to completed by that minute to fulfill a consumer ‘s highest outlook and beyond, and besides doing certain that quality does non diminish by making this.


Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception specialises in doing the twenty-four hours that all work forces and adult females dream of come true! It specialises in planning, making and bring forthing the whole matrimony jubilation, after the twosomes have agreed to pass the remainder of their lives together.

This twenty-four hours is one of the happiest yearss that any human will digest, and the concern aims to do that twenty-four hours an even happier one! No affair what the age, Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception will provide every facet of the jubilation depending on your penchants.

The concern is unfastened 7 yearss a hebdomad from 8am – to 5pm, which is adequate clip for any twosome to ask about all of their particular offers, and how it is PROMISED to do your twenty-four hours genuinely one you will non bury. Customers can experience free to reach the concern on 97072468 or the concern proprietor, Amanda Abboud, on 0412345678. The website hypertext transfer protocol: // besides provides location and pricing inside informations. It is guaranteed consumers will be shocked on how much is offered.

The concern provides 2 different suites with assorted subjects that will do the jubilation look all the more posh and elegant. The different suites besides cater for the sum of people you are willing to hold to observe the particular twenty-four hours with you. The Ball room is an elegant decor and alone layout, and accommodates up to 800 invitees, while the Pearl Room is an confidant, beautiful room, suiting for 200 invitees. Depending on bill of fare, monetary values range from $ 89- $ 149 per caput.

The Falling Star – Warm and Lavish-

Golden Beach –

Perfect tabular array program package is used in fixing and organizing table agreements for all invitees. It saves typing bing invitees lists from spreadsheets, reference books or other files. It allows you to drag and drop invitee ‘s names onto different tabular arraies in merely one chink, and experiment with table forms and sizes. Equally good as all this, it allows you to publish elegant programs, charts and letter paper, including floor programs, table charts, guest lists, topographic point cards and table cards.

STAFFING Requirements

Although Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception consists of merely one proprietor, employees are needed to help the running of the concern. Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception consists of no more than 20 employees. Because it is a non-manufacturing organisation, it is classified as a Small Business, harmonizing to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Some employees needed include –

Manager – Equally good as the proprietor of the concern, Amanda Abboud is the caput director of Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception, and is in charge of the whole running of the concern, from nutrient, to ornaments and music. The director must guarantee that all employees are working to their full potency, and all statute law Acts of the Apostless are followed. She must besides do certain that employees receive right wage and entitlements.

Receptionist – This individual must be able to socialize with different people, and supply them with any information they require. Answering phone calls and equal cognition of computing machines is necessary in doing engagements and supplying information.

Caterers/Cooks – Three caput chefs and 5 chefs/caterers will be employed for the function of supplying nutrient and drinks for all invitees. They must be able to make advanced thoughts with nutrient, and presentation must ever be attention-getting. OH & A ; S and EEO statute laws must be understood by these employees to guarantee a safe and injury-free workplace.

Waiters – Ten employees will be hired for the function of the server. A mixture of work forces and adult females will be required. No particular makings are required for the servers, but it is preferred that they have had some experience on the function of waitressing. They must besides understand the OH & A ; S and EEO statute laws, and work together as a squad with fellow employees. The chief recommendation for this function is great societal accomplishments, and being able to listen to what clients and invitees ask and have good communicating accomplishments.

MC/Host – Up to two hosts will be employed for different darks of the hebdomad, and must be great entertainers.

Cleanerss – Up to two employees will be needed in order to maintain response suites clean at all times, to guarantee the concern follows the OH & A ; S statute law, all employees and invitees avoid hurt, and the workplace looks presentable and tidy. Hygiene is really of import for the wellness of clients and workers.

Required Skills and Properties of Staff – Each occupation needs peculiar skills/ makings. Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception requires people who are good at pass oning with clients, confident, trusty, patient, dependable, organized and most significantly happy! Certain occupations require more skill and experience than others, but Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception is willing to supply great preparation and development Sessionss through initiations in order to derive the most from all employees, so the concern is confident that all employees are working to the best of their ability.


Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception purposes at aiming any people ready to acquire married. No affair the race, gender or penchants, they cater harmonizing to what the clients inquire for. Whether it be nutrient, music or even ornaments, Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception will provide to make your dream nuptials. This concern does non specialize in any certain age groups, but will provide for both a traditional or modern nuptials, as they believe no-one is of all time excessively old to acquire married every bit long as you have found your true spouse. This concern will appeal to any twosomes looking to observe their nuptials vowels, and will even appeal to the parents holding to allow travel of their kids. No affair your income, this marrying response concern will provide for people will all allowances, and varies depending on how much you choose to pass.

Although the location of the concern already has a extremely popular response locale, the Bellevue, already established, it will decidedly increase competition for both concerns, but will supply greater assortment for the community, as merely one large nuptials response locale in a big suburb will non do. The latest nuptials response locale concern in Bankstown will most likely attract attending by a extremely populated country, where they may wish to test the newest concern and comparison to bing concerns nearby. A definite rival in the country is the really popular response locale, The Bellevue. Establishing Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception close-by will decidedly increase competition and tenseness for both concerns, but at the same clip will supply greater assortment for the community.

After finishing a market research on thoughts on Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception, the undermentioned statistics were shown based on thoughts of the community. After reasoning all findings, research shows that 72 % of all clients were wholly satisfied with the service of the freshly established concern and would n’t decidedly utilize the service once more.

A dramatic alteration is apparent where 22 % of clients were satisfied with what the concern provided, and would most likely wage for their services once more. Reasons for this may be for deficiency of experience of the concern and/or employees, as it is still new, and running at a slower gait than other experient marrying response locales.

Merely 4 % of clients supposed that they may return back to the services of the concern, and merely 2 % of the clients said they would decidedly non return. Once once more, this may be the instance because of deficiency of experience compared to other good established concern. Another ground may be for the monetary values, as monetary values start off high for the concern in order for them to derive a net income and pay off disbursals, and pay employees.

Marketing Schemes –

PRODUCT – A high grade of client service is of import in the service of the concern to fulfill their people ‘s demands and do them take the concern and want to return to the service. A tricky hallmark and/or logo for the concern is used to place the great services associated with Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception that is provided to consumers, and to distinguish it from its rivals. The concern provides great assortment of intangible qualities to suite everyone ‘s gustatory sensation. At this phase, positioning or degree of services made up by consumers is really of import so the house understands its strengths and failings, and particularly in comparing to its rivals. By fulfilling consumers with what is promised to them, the repute of the concern is certain to expand.C: Documents and SettingsAmandaMy DocumentsGlassWeddingBells536358.jpg

PRICE – Young clients fixing their nuptials jubilations may non hold a high sum of money saved, which is an of import factor in pricing the services of the nuptials response locale to suite all incomes. Higher monetary values may be distributed in order to bring forth a signifier of net income, but monetary values must besides be sensible, where clients are Willing to set the money value. This gives a greater inducement to supply the best possible service in order to derive consumer trueness to acquire them returning to the concern. As a freshly established concern, Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception should non increase their monetary values higher than rivals, or they will lose any possible clients! Through market research, demand pricing will take topographic point in order to see how much clients are willing to pass on the different assortment of services. They would hold besides used its greatest rivals monetary values as a usher to non transcend.

PROMOTION – Sustaining and keeping great consumer consciousness and trust is of import for Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception as they merely aim to supply the best service to maintain their clients coming back, and making the best possible nuptials jubilation for the happy twosome. Gross saless publicity ; this concern offers inducements to the clients through competitions. The employees of Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception besides spend a great sum of clip on advertisement through the media to derive the highest possible consumer consciousness, and to acquire the concern to look attractive and trust-worthy.

PLACE – Exclusive distribution of the service applies to this concern as the services provided to clients are different to those of any other wedding response concern, as they come with advanced thoughts that would do it about impossible for possible clients to defy. Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception has a utile and constructive distribution channel, which can offer the chance to develop an advantage over its rivals. Besides, the concern can hold negociating power with possible clients that debates different monetary values for certain services, depending on the demand and supply for the different services.

Market Research –

Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception


Please circle

What is your gender?

Male Female

What is your age bracket?

18-25 26-34 35+

Do you believe that Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception will be a success?

Yes No

Do you swear a freshly established concern to keep your marrying response?

Yes No

Would you urge this concern to friends and household?

Yes No

Are you satisfied with what you received in relation to what you paid for?

Yes No

Will you be returning to our concern services once more?

Yes No

What most impressed you about our concern service?


What least impressed you about our concern service?


Do you hold any requests/comments/ recommendations?



Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception Balance Sheet – 4/8/10


Current Assetss

Cash At Bank

$ 15,000

Histories Receivable

$ 80,000


$ 120,000

$ 215,000

Non-Current Assetss


$ 1,350,000

Land and Building

$ 500,000


$ 375,000

$ 2,225,000

Other Non-Current Assetss

Good will

$ 200,000

$ 200,000


$ 2,640,000

Current Liabilitiess

Bank Overdraft

$ 141,200

Histories Collectible

$ 75,000

$ 216,200

Non-Current Liabilitiess


$ 1,850,000


$ 1,850,000

Owners Equity


$ 550,000

Retained net incomes

$ 23,800

$ 565,800



$ 2,640,000

1 [ A balance sheet is a fiscal statementA thatA summarizes a company ‘s assets, liabilities andA proprietors equityA at a specific point inA clip. These three balance sheet sections give investors an thought as to what the company owns andA owes, every bit good as the sum invested by the stockholders. The balance sheetA must follow the undermentioned expression: Assetss = Liabilitiess + Shareholders ‘ Equity. ] The old balance sheet shows the entire assets ( what the concern owns ) and liabilities ( what the concern owes ) in August 2010.

Determining the solvency ( ability to pay off long term debts ) of the concern is calculated by adding current liabilities + non-current liabilities, and spliting this figure by the entire proprietors equity.

After ciphering this with the figures for Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception, the ratio of these figures is good under 20 % , which is considered a financially unhealthy concern ; bankrupt. The chief factor for this is that this is a freshly established concern, and financess do non come as easy, particularly with high disbursals the concern must get down to pay. A new concern may besides happen it hard to pull investing. The legal construction of Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception is a Exclusive Trader, and so the proprietor may happen it hard to raise money entirely to pay off any debts and disbursals, particularly with the force per unit area of limitless liability ( it is entirely under the duty of the owner/s ) . Another factor may be that there is a smaller sum of capital than desirable. Increasing the figure of stockholders will increase the sum of capital for the concern. An addition in capital will increase the sum of Owners Equity, and hence decrease the concerns ‘ solvency ratio. To increase the figure of stockholders, the concern must hold more clients invest money by holding portions, and this will be achieved by higher consumer trueness and trust, every bit good as more advertisement and consciousness of the concern and the outstanding services it provides.

2 [ The grade at which an plus or security can be bought or sold in the market without impacting the assets monetary value is known as Liquidity. ] Determining the liquidness of a concern is merely

____Current assets_______

Current liabilities

From grounds of the balance sheet above, the current assets and current liabilities for Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception are about equal. This shows a stable liquidness ratio, where a great liquidness ratio would read about 2:1. As for solvency, a major factor is because of the new constitution and low net incomes received for the services of the concern. Creditors may name in debts at short notice to the concern, and this can be a unsafe menace for the concern, concern proprietor and employees, as they still have a great figure of disbursals and debts to pay off, before being able to bring forth any net incomes. This can take to redundancy of employees and possible surcease of concern in the hereafter.

Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception aims to cut down the sum of liabilities of the concern by paying off their bank overdraft in the short term, and being able to put in more stock to supply the best possible services for any twosome want to observe their nuptials vows with their concern.

Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception Revenue Statement -May 2010



Gross saless

$ 32,300

Cost of Goods Sold

$ 7,000

Opening Stock

$ 7,250


$ 3,750

Closing Stock

$ 4,000

Gross Net income

$ 25,300



$ 1,750

Water, Electricity & A ; Phone Bills

$ 5,250

Employee rewards

$ 12,000


$ 5,000

Care of belongingss

$ 1,900


$ 25,900

Net Net income

$ -400

During the first month that the concern was established, gross revenues were sensible sing in was an unknown concern. More consumer consciousness of the concern may take to higher net incomes for the concern. Costss of goods sold were determined by adding opening stock and purchases, and so deducting the shutting stock. By adding up the financess generated from gross revenues + costs of good sold, helped find the gross net income. As any concern would, Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception has disbursals that must be paid. The cost of all these disbursals would be subtracted from the gross net income, to so find the concern ‘ net net income.

As this is the first month of running for the concern, it is apprehensible as to why there was no net net income generated, in fact, net net income was negative, hence the concern may necessitate to borrow money from the bank in order to pay off some disbursals.

Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception Revenue Statement -August 2010



Gross saless

$ 47,000

Cost of Goods Sold

$ 10,500

Opening Stock

$ 7,250


$ 9,500

Closing Stock

$ 6,250

Gross Net income

$ 40,500



$ 1,750

Water, Electricity & A ; Phone Bills

$ 5,250

Employee rewards

$ 12,000


$ 5,000

Care of belongingss

$ 1,900


$ 25,900

Net Net income

$ 14,600

As months progressed for Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception, gross revenues gross increased at a more sensible sum. This may be due to the success of the great service provided, and greater consumer consciousness as they begin to bring forth money into more advertisement. Costss of goods sold were determined by adding opening stock and purchases, and so deducting the shutting stock. By adding up the financess generated from gross revenues + costs of good sold, helped find the gross net income. As any concern would, Amanda ‘s Ballroom Reception has disbursals that must be paid. The cost of all these disbursals would be subtracted from the gross net income, to so find the concern ‘ net net income.

In comparing to the net net income generated for the concern in May, the concern has now earned a net net income which can be reimbursed back into the concern to be able to buy more or higher quality stock, given to employees in the signifier of periphery benefits or high rewards and wages for their parts to the concern, or the concern may proprietor may take to maintain this net income for personal grounds.