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Introducing the Oracle E business

By presenting the Oracle E-business Suite, Qatar Airways has dexterously managed to trap indicate the most affecting of its clients. Partnerships with travel agents have made it easy for it to publicize its services and merchandises, as it uses societal media to its advantage.

Looking at it from the Porter ‘s Five Point Analysis, Qatar Airways can be seen to be self-sufficing in managing providers and purchasers likewise, with its alone merchandising propositions and high criterions of quality. Besides, the company remains comparatively insulated from menaces of rivals – as it is proclaimed the best in the part ( with ground ) – and besides from new reachings, as the air hose industry is really hard currency demanding ; and new companies desiring to come in cognize that it will be difficult to last – particularly in the planetary downswing of economic system.

The attraction and easiness of usage of Qatar Airways ‘ web site has played a major function in increasing traffic to the company ‘s site ; therefore pulling and retaining clients.

By adeptly utilizing the business-to-business format of the e-commerce market, Qatar Airways is easy able to place the most profitable of its clients – and aim them consequently.

Besides, the air hose has ever been at the head of corporate societal duty plans. It has therefore helped alteration countless lives both in Qatar and across the Earth ( particularly in Asia ) with its joint programs/partnerships with other related affiliates.

Its thrust to success as ever been accentuated by the dedication of the air hose to supply quality service and merchandises. This is why clients who fly one time in Qatar Airways, fly with it everlastingly.

Introduction to E-Business:

The epoch of e-business started in the early 1970s, with the coming of the cyberspace. Over the past 30 old ages, nevertheless, the significance of e-commerce or e-business has rather changed. The late 1970ss saw the debut to online shopping, which subsequently evolved into a wider and more complex web of Business to Business and Business to Consumer online interactions in the 1880ss and 1890ss. Keeping at par with this epoch of engineering, legion companies have adopted the e-commerce scheme in order to make out to a wider demographic without the restraints provided by geographic or other barriers.

Qatar Airways is no different. It caters to a planetary population, with the easiness of minutess magnified with the aid of e-business. Having ever had a proactive stance when it comes to the online concern factor, Qatar Airways has therefore ever been one measure in front of its rivals. It has encouraged its clients to transact tickets on-line, and has facilitated them in every manner possible by presenting a user friendly web site. Consumers can book, pay online and besides acquire tickets issued with zero problem via the cyberspace ; the lowest-fare-finder option that Qatar Airways uses besides portrays – to prospective and current clients – the lowest menus offered in a scope of agenda day of the months.

The Oracle e-business Suite is used by the Airline in order to ease its web site ; and this has helped to cut down the air hose ‘s disbursal and do efficient direction, as the company is now no longer dependant on agents. ( AME Info. , 2003 )

When analyzed in the visible radiation of Porter ‘s Five Forces, Qatar Airway ‘s e-business background may be divided into the undermentioned elements:

Supplier Power: Supplying low rates as compared to other air hoses gives Qatar Airways a competitory border. The epoch of on-line minutess has besides made it easier for the company to make out to a higher demographic around the Earth. The outsourcing of its accounting function has provided the company with improved and standardised industry patterns, and at much cheaper rates than those provided locally.

Buyer Power: The cyberspace has provided clients with a big assortment of options to take from. This gives them the opportunity to study other viing air hose trade names and weigh their pricing schemes against those of Qatar Airways.

Menace of Substitutes: As mentioned above, Qatar Airways must invariably maintain in head the fact that clients buying its tickets online have entree to a broad scope of other replacements to the services provided by the company. Qatar Airways has hence attempted rather successfully at retaining clients by supplying advanced merchandises and services, such as the lowest-fare-finder.

Menace of Entry: There is, as such, no existent menace of new entries into the air hose industry, as it requires a really high capital budgeting ; which is non possible for most companies.

Degree of Rivalry: There is a high grade of competition in the air hose industry, with assorted companies viing against one another in order to derive the highest per centum of clients and grosss. Some common illustrations are Emirates and Gulf Air.


Qatar Airways follows Rappa ‘s e-business theoretical account ; whereby both clients and spouses are indulged in order to supply full transparence to these stockholders., an Asia Pacific hunt engine, has gotten into contract with Qatar Airways ; the company is hence able to publicize its services and flight menus in different web sites, providing to a big public of possible clients ( Wego, 2007 ) . By utilizing pay-per-click, search engine optimisation, streamer ads and majority mails, the company has managed to increase its advertisement tenfold – and as a consequence, its selling budget has widened range. ( Ramos & A ; Cota, 2009 )

Subscribing to online forums has helped Qatar Airways make out to those who are non frequent travellers, and therefore has increased gross revenues during vacations. Besides, by achieving personal information of clients – with their permission – the company is able to successfully improvize on its services and merchandises, by agencies of concentrating on different client demands.

Social Media has besides been at the head of major selling betterments in the past decennary. Qatar Airways is no exclusion when it comes to utilizing this medium in order to make to a larger patronage. Facebook ( Refer to Appendix B ) , YouTube, and other media related to v-logging, societal forums, blogging etc. are some of the societal media used by Qatar Airways. ( Young, 2007 )

In line with its above-stated selling scheme, Qatar Airways has besides late announced the launching of its Vietnamese Expansion Drive. This opens flights to Hanoi and besides flights along the Ho Chi Minh City Route.

This addition in constructing client involvement to larn more is followed by Qatar Airways ‘ scheme to take at the desire constituent of the AIDA theoretical account. This is done by supplying a alone mix of merchandises aside from the lowest air menu.

These merchandises include Qmiles ( which are awarded based on the engagement category the consumer purchases ) , and are based on whether the client is a member of Qatar Airways ‘ Privilege Club Program. This offers price reductions and excess milage ( as mentioned above ) to particular clients – particularly those who are frequent flyers.

Besides, the company provides clients with an on-line practical circuit of its services and merchandises, doing clients to desire to see the delectations first manus.

Qatar Airways has besides made it effortless for clients to book tickets online, via custom-making the merchandise he/she requires. For single clients, charge is done outright, whereby the client can match up the sum foremost, and after being wholly satisfied with the consequence, pay his due. Corporate clients are offered a higher advantage by the company, and are normally issued bills.


A good web site is of paramount importance in order to pull and retain clients. A company must ne’er ignore the importance of a good online web site ; as research shows that the first 30 seconds are the most important in make up one’s minding whether the client will travel through the problem of traveling through the web site. Most clients are excessively busy to scroll through the full layout ; therefore the web site must be designed in such a manner that the most of import information is given right at the top, with snippings of extra information given either further below the page – or linked through different portals. The most effectual design is one which allows the user to derive entree to maximum information with minimal sum of chinks, while besides maintaining in head the attractive mentality necessary in order to delight the client ‘s oculus. ( Foraker Design, 2005 )

Qatar Airways ‘ web site ( see Appendix A ) is designed in such a manner that even the most insouciant visitant is incited to travel through the web site at least one time, in the least sum of clip. At the top right manus corner of the web site is a question box ; this contains all the questions any client could perchance hold in head. This is a really attractive characteristic as it tells one everything one could perchance necessitate to cognize ( from latest flights inside informations and flight agendas to variable monetary value rates, etc ) .

The invitation to subscribe to the company ‘s newssheet is right at the underside, beneath the engagement corner at the left ; which besides has other options like flight position, check-in, etc. An invitation to fall in the privilege nine of Qatar Airways incites the client, as it glares at one in bold magenta. The web site ‘s home page besides features different freshly added services and flight programs, displayed in little boxes on the underside right manus corner. At the top of the page are links that lead a visitant to different countries of involvement such as Engagements, Particular Offers, Privilege Club, Holidays, etc. The About Us nexus is at the top corner, merely before the little question box.

Other links ( known as Quick Links ) invite clients to look into out a battalion of other options related to Qatar Airways, such as callings, corporate travel, and the similar. The web design of Qatar Airways is ask foring and cheery, as it easy conveys the most of import messages in the shortest of clip.

Business to Business:

Bulk engagements have ever been really profitable ; and Qatar Airways in no exclusion to this premier beginning of gross. Business to concern minutess are much cheaper and more efficient than Business to consumer minutess.

It is a really attractive portrayal for purchasers and providers likewise. Buyers can easy get the best information sing several goods and services in the travel industry. Suppliers benefit every bit from these minutess, as they can easy impact gross revenues on the cyberspace with minimal costs.

This is possible because the cyberspace provides a free platform for interaction between purchasers and providers ; aboard unrestricted information about viing providers, which can be used well by other providers.

Learning about how competing companies are utilizing different alone merchandising propositions online in order to bring forth greater gross helps providers better their ain merchandises and services. ( Lapidus, 2000 )

Qatar Airways is hence a forefront participant of the Business to Business minutess. These minutess help the company absorb its assorted clients into a broad scope of corporate client portfolios ( little and average companies, big corporations, etc ) . This helps the company really efficaciously aim its most moneymaking clients.

The figure of clients subscribing up for Qatar Airways ‘ newssheet besides reveals to the direction the popularity of the newssheet in assorted geographic zones. This helps the direction in make up one’s minding the content that must travel into the newssheet, in order to fulfill the maximal sum of clients.

Ethical Aspect and Corporate Social Responsibility:

Corporate societal duty goes a long manner in edifice images of companies. Fallen companies can deliver themselves in the eyes of the consumers by indulging in corporate societal duty.

However, most companies – Qatar Airways included – demand no persuasion to indulge in what is merely their societal responsibility.

They help with the societal public assistance of the society in order to hold a healthy society to work in.

Qatar Airways has indulged in a broad array of societal duty activities and plans over the past old ages.

The Oryx Flies Green Project ( 2009 ) was an effort by the company to set a smiling on the faces of kids belonging to one of Qatar ‘s biggest orphanhoods. “ Dhriema ” is the Qatar Orphan Foundation, whose kids had ne’er been aboard a flight until Qatar Airways took the enterprise to take 100 kids from the orphanhood on a free trip aboard Airbus A321 over the province of Qatar. This particular 20 minute flight was a alone gift to these underprivileged kids, who were – to their delight – accompanied by their Plutos, local media and the Chief Executive Officer, Akbar Al Baker.

Keeping in position the danger the environment today is confronting, Qatar Airways organized the 9th National Green and Clean Campaign in by directing its crew to clean Al Wahkra Beach. More than 50 bags of refuse were collected in this run. Its fuel efficiency plan besides focuses towards consistently cut downing the dependance of the air hose on fossil fuels, in order to forestall air hose exhaust exhausts from lending even more to green house gases and planetary heating.

The company has besides donated $ 450,000 to ROTA ( Reach out to Asia ) , a charity organisation founded in 2005 in Qatar. This undertaking seeks the joint enterprise of Qatar Airways and ROTA in supplying quality primary instruction to the underprivileged. The chief end of this enterprise is to better grownup literacy by 50 % and besides provide free instruction by the twelvemonth 2015. ( Qatar Airways, 2009 )

Decision and Recommendations:

Relentless in its chase for flawlessness and excellence in service and quality, Qatar Airways has acquired one of the top places in the air hose industry. With an extended budget allocated entirely for internet advertisement, Qatar Airways has genuinely used the e-business format to its advantage.

The air hose industry, nevertheless, is highly competitory – with even the slightest errors bing companies 1000000s in losingss. The monetary values of air power fuel show no inclination towards cut downing as they continue to lift exponentially. Qatar Airways needs to keep its high quality criterions – if non continuously better them – if it wants to stay at the top.