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Samsung Manufactured Agricultural Products Marketing Essay

In 1930 ‘s Samsung manufactured agricultural merchandises, so in 1970 ‘s they participated in ship building and chemicals. Samsung electronics ( SEC ) was started in the twelvemonth 1969 as a black and white telecasting maker, Globally Samsung concentrated the chief four classs ; place contraptions electronics, trade, finance and services. Samsung as worldwide recognized company in the late 2000 ‘s. The companies headquarter located at Korea and Samsung is the taking electronic company in South Korea. Many of them even do n’t cognize the Samsung Company worldwide until 1980 ‘s, because ab initio they marketed the other concern merchandises into the market under the Samsung name. After that, they started manufacture their ain merchandises from micro french friess to HD telecasting, they entered to Canadian market bit by bit from US market, the chief rival in Canadian market for Samsung is Sony. So, J.S. Park consulted with the senior selling officers in Korea and US, he eventually came up with few thoughts to develop the trade name acknowledgment among the people they are ; cost film editing scheme with new merchandise lines, proper distribution channels through large retail merchants like Wall-Mart, Future store and by carry oning run under the new name. Initially it was named as Samsung and they changed to SAMSUNG DIGITall – everyone ‘s invited. The issue is how Samsung sustained in the Canadian market by viing with its rivals. The chief slogan of the Samsung is non to gain net income instead than selling more figure of their merchandises into the market. The instance issue, analysis and proper recommendation for the Samsung are as follows.

Case issues

J.S.Park, a president associated with Samsung Electronics Canada ( SECA ) , possesses to bring forth a trade name new edifice scheme for set uping Samsung being a quality client trade name throughout Canada. In order to develop a trade name new scheme, this single ought to do a determination whether for doing alterations within the concerns merchandises, charges degrees, advancing financess every bit good as supply scheme. There are tonss of deductions associated with transforming each one of these locations. Therefore, the existent quandary here is how to recognize redefining Samsung being a quality client trade name without to assist make a combustion throughout each one of these locations.

Swot analysis

The SWOT analysis will be used to analyze the Samsung internal and external issues easy. The internal issues will be identified through Strength and Weakness, the external issues through Opportunity and Threats. Harmonizing to the instance the Samsung faced jobs chiefly from internal of the company.







The Canadian is normally a technically advanced state with high degree of Internet penetrate in add-on to technically knowing people.

Knowing clients will surely do more demands in add-on to aims within the merchandise or service.

Young coevals are significantly less trade name name dedicated even for the Samsung trade name name, they chiefly stay with modern engineerings.

financial state of affairs

Canadian $ 2. 3 billion ( 2003 ) sector with many prospective advancement, peculiarly with newly discovered another means purchaser systems like HDTV.

Gradual pecuniary development may good decrease people ‘s blasting out for big priced things like electronic merchandises.


Having name as most effectual lifting maker by agencies of Intra-brand during the last twosome of old ages.

Samsung is one place behind Sony, this company ‘s greatest resistance, every bit good as coming from 2003 to2004, Sony received a3 $ loss of maker deserving whilst Samsung experienced a 16 % addition.

Samsung ‘s greatest rival, Sony is the entirely concern with its single shop that might ensue in this perceptual experience of trade name more than the Samsung. So Samsung should open stores by its ain.

Cultural oblige

Young coevals people were non looking for premium monetary value merchandises

Peoples outlook is to be user-friendly with new improved engineerings

Distribution sound

Partner-like association with sellers through taking portion withA merchandise enlargement.

Insist prediction and replace system will increase the trade name popularity among the client.

Have to hedge mass merchandising and to foreground the forte sellers like future store and best bargain.

Cost and measure are bargained during annual trades meeting, which allow sellers to pull off from a topographic point of authority.

Even though it joined with forte stores like future store and best bargain, but now the present merchandise rate is reduced than in the old gross revenues.

Traveling back from the mass traders will be more.

Long term partnership with the sellers.

Improved control: open up a few Samsung shops much like the Sony retail merchant.

Selling and advertisement attacks. -Discounted every bit good as low-end sellers including Wal-Mart, Zellers may possibly impede Samsungs attempts at shifting independently as being a higher terminal trade name name.

Customers frequently like acquiring the appliances coming from immense box retail merchants.


HDTV sets in assortment of line extension attracts the consumers

No new inventions in Mobile, Mp3 participants and audio systems like other trade names such as Sony.

Have to better the design standard.

Due to uninterrupted invention in HDTV, Liquid crystal shows and in brassy memory it prolonging its name among its consumers.

Investing more in the R & A ; D sector to introduce their merchandises to keep their client degree.

Impersonator of latest engineerings from exist participants in the field.


The value of the Samsung rose to $ 4.48billion US dollars from 2001 to 2003.

While coming out from the large retail merchants Samsung have to confront large problems by paying money for the retail merchants.


HDTV overseas telegram reaches 6.6 % of houses in Canada.

Sponsorship for Olympic games in 2004 and torch relay in 2001 increases the planetary advertisement.

SEA spends US $ 100 million in the twelvemonth 2003 for advertisement.

Headquarter of SECA in Mississauga – Ontario for less distribution cost.

The ad runs conducted in Canada is non up to the grade as in US.

Among the US $ 15 million publicity outgo, SECA used merely half of the budget for the publicity standards.

Budget for the past five old ages remains the same, So there is no consequence in these above promotional schemes.

They can follow the selling scheme that Sony followed in Canadian market.


Ranked 59th topographic point among the 500 luck companies in 2003.

Canadian, north American and European consumer considered SECA as a follower in electronic sector until the twelvemonth of 2003.

Conducting runs like SAMSUNG DIGITall, there is some opportunity of trade name acknowledgment.

Analysis of the instance

I read the instance and I came to cognize that at that place four instances in this issue, which I clearly taken out from the SWOT analysis. The instance issues are analysed as follows ;

The low terminal merchandises in the trade name are the first issue, the following to that is pricing for the merchandises, and so the 3rd is publicizing and publicity, and eventually the distribution channel of the Samsung.

Harmonizing to my perceptual experience of through SWOT analysis, Samsung should concentrate on the distribution and advertizement through publicity runs. This will increase the trade name acknowledgment among the clients.

The Samsung ‘s low terminal merchandises are non required in Canadian market ; it should concentrate on the client based merchandise developments. The company which serves harmonizing to the client base will win in their path. The trade name equity is the doing money by its trade name name fame itself. Samsung has its ain trade name equity that helps to prolong its clients but even it could better its trade name name. The line extension in the merchandise from the company should be maintained by the R & A ; D section. Brand consciousness and trade name cognition is the basic elements for any administration to see, it states that, how easy the clients can able to remember the trade name name. In that Samsung Corporation name is besides tricky and it can be easy recall by the clients, because it is with bluish background with proper sound. Then by trade name value, Samsung is considered to be a underdeveloped trade name inside the Canada but it obtained a good net income growing in the tear of 2003 and 2004, this shows the trade name value of the concern.

So, I truly believe which the best reply sing SECA is really to acquire the client service in add-on to concentrate on client felicity without changing the merchandises, monetary values sums and the distribution maneuver. First, there exists a challenge with extinguishing many merchandise lines because they are profitable though they will include things like low-end merchandises that is really contradictory on the repositioning maneuver. The corporation should ne’er give up merely about any profitable merchandise line even if connected with reconstructing trade name ; there are other ways to make this. Extra issue relates to the monetary values chiefly because many Samsung points are in the lowest scope of monetary values, plus it may damage their energy in order to mend the trade name realistic. Inversely, raising charges for a few Samsung points may do shoppers to take different theoretical accounts, as the Canadian electronics current market is really monetary value sensitive. Rearing selling monetary value by itself does n’t propose which the trade name is the foremost or even premium. This attributes which make Samsung points non the same as other folks are the first-class and the aid that will shoppers do usage of right after gross revenues. Last but non least, the bulk of the Samsung points can be purchased within sole retail merchants, for case Future Store in add-on to Very best Obtain, along with bulk providers merely like Wal-Mart in add-on to Staples. Geting rid of points coming from majority providers for their price reduction graphic is traveling to weaken their gross revenues size, in add-on to I truly believe that will no-one within direction would probably take pleasance in decreased gross revenues size. The clients were anticipating to acquire the merchandises easy from the topographic points where they can see normally. So, they should non cut down their trade name geographic expedition by cut downing its retail merchant market size.

Formulation and rating of options

For the repositioning of trade name instance there are some sensible alternate which I could propose are, The first option which I suggest for the corporation is the Samsung should take the low terminal merchandises. To the grounds revealed antecedently mentioned, I suggest SECA non to of all time bring forth merely about any changes within these types of a few locations. As an option, SECA truly should buy the client service in add-on to concentrate on client felicity chiefly because though the trade name is really premium, electric points may nevertheless ensue in a trouble. If the corporation rapidly handles merely about any problems in add-on to pays clients ‘ wants in add-on to wants, they may turn out to be devoted on the trade name in add-on to bring forth Samsung moderately limited trade name.




Removing low terminal merchandises

It will increase the trade name O premium class.

If it removes the low terminal merchandises from their merchandise line, it might impact the company ‘s gross.

Proper Product service Centre

This will pull more figure of clients

Have to get down the new service Centre ; it might be some disbursals for the company.

Giving replacement merchandises

This will increase the trade name name and client count.

If this rhythm is non maintained decently so it affects the concern name.


This could be a better manner to do the Samsung corporation recognized by the Canadian clients.

The proper publicity like advertizements in newspaper, telecasting and magazine should be concentrated alternatively of giving free publicities.

New good versed technological merchandises with disposed pricing.

It will assist to vie with its rivals.

The merchandise pricing should non be priced more than other rivals. Then the merchandise wo n’t win.

CDMA nomadic connexions in Canada.

In US it got success and in Canadian market it may achieve a good market.

The freshly developing GSM phone connexions were the rivals in the communicating line.

phone bill of fare

It should be user friendly

In Samsung the bill of fare operations are rather hard when compared to Nokia.


Samsung need to increase their retail merchants count. This helps to spread out their market in broad scope and it can provide ample of merchandises into the market in a sensible pricing.

If it reduces the retail merchant stores and starts more of their ain stores it will impact its distribution.

Can maintain premium pricing

Premium pricing agencies should incorporate good characteristics. This helps to achieve more net income and premium trade name name.

If the merchandise dissatisfies the client with premium pricing will impact the full merchandise line.

New sub-brand

To advance the eliminated low terminal merchandises individually under the new sub-brand name will better the trade name value by increasing the gross.

Will causes the confusion in trade name.


From the above options I recommend merely few recommendations for the Samsung Corporation to be concentrated more to win in the Canadian market by viing with rivals. They are as follows ;

By doing a separate service Centres to serve the technically job devices of the purchasers.

Then by giving a replacement good featured merchandises for the premium pricing.

Should non take the retail merchants this will impact the mass market, the people will wish to purchase merchandises which are available following to the door.

Need to take the unwanted merchandise line and low terminal merchandise lines that could be helpful in advancing it as a premium trade name. Then the removed merchandises can be sold under the new bomber trade name name that could non impact the gross of the administration.

Brand consciousness should be created more by carry oning more runs like “ Samsung DIGITall ” and by more advertisement in Medias.

Can recycle its waste merchandises by its ain – “ travel green method ” .

Execution program

Among all those options and recommendations which I mentioned above are all can be a prompt suggestions for the administration. Even though I would wish to filtrate the best execution for the Samsung are ;

Segment 1: I like to propose for extinguishing the low degree trade names which are non successful. So, the research and development sector should concentrate to bring forth more advanced merchandises which could pull more clients.

Segment 2: They should concentrate further on the premium merchandises after extinguishing those unsuccessful merchandises.

Segment 3: They already advancing the trade name through runs, still they have to advance it as premium trade name by those runs.

Segment 4: The waste merchandises from the Samsung can be recycled by its ain ; will assist to “ travel green ” in the universe.