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Representation of the female masculinity in the boxing movie

Representation of the female maleness in the pugilism film “Girlfight”

Recently there are more and more action films in which the taking character is female one. Work force are more likely to be seen as taking characters in the action movies, but there is a inclination toward seeing more female characters as the supporters of this type of films. Besides the female pugilism films are discussed within the context of the action genre and the chief characters of those films are seen as female action stars. There are two different types of action heroines. One of them is the so called “action babe” . Those characters are physically active but besides extremely sexualized females. We come across this type of heroines in the film “Charlie ‘s Angel” , where the action heroines are contending while have oning high heels and formal apparels. They are accomplishing their ends non merely by utilizing their combat accomplishments but besides by utilizing their sexually attractive visual aspect. The other type of action stars are those female characters who are geting the necessary physical strength and accomplishment in order to derive independency from opprobrious male characters ( “Enough” starring Jennifer Lopes as Slim Hiller – an abused immature adult female ) . Gender influences people ‘s engagement in different athleticss. For illustration athleticss such as football and pugilism are considered to be male whereas gymnastic exercises and figure skating are female dominated athleticss. In 2000 “The Independent Film Channel Production” released the pugilism movie “Girlfight” ( starring Michelle Rodriguez ) . Boxing movies are by and large assumed to be about a male pugilist but this film is about a miss who is seeking to pave her manner in the pugilism calling. Rodriguez ‘s first function as Diana Guzman in “Girlfight” and the subsequent staring functions as Lenny in “The Fast and The Furious” , Rain Ocampo in “Resident Evil” , Chris Sanchez in “S.W.A.T.” , and Ana Lucia Cortez in “Lost” help us tie in her with impressions such as female maleness and hoydenish visual aspect. Rodriguez ‘s heroines are portrayed as a “natural combatant who demonstrates no traditionally feminine qualities” ( Beltran, M. ) .

The film “Girlfight” stand for how one individual coped with the gender stereotypes and get the better of the gender barriers in order to go a boxfighter. The film starts with a shooting of unfocussed crowd walking around a school corridor. Through the spreads between the traversing people merely a individual ‘s trunk propensity against a cabinet can be seen. The individual is have oning loose-fitting pants and ground forces jacket ; custodies are trusted into the pockets in confident and masculine airs. The spectator is unable to acknowledge whom this organic structure belongs to, whether it is boy ‘s or miss ‘s 1. No gender differences are brought into alleviation until when the camera shows the upper organic structure and the face of a miss gazing the floor. Her hair is braided into cornrows along her scalp. Her oral cavity is steadfastly closed, demoing us choler and neutrality. This feeling is strengthened by her regard. Then the camera shows us Diana come ining the female bathroom and the mark “GIRLS” on the door is clearly seeable in the Centre of the frame. Despite the Diana ‘s outfit and her hoydenish manners the “girl” mark puts her on the female side of the gender binary male/female resistance. The scene in the bathroom shows us two misss ( Veronica and Merisol ) combat over a male child. Both of the misss are have oning heavy makeup and girls apparels. The intent of the bathroom scene is to demo us the contrast between Diana ‘s female maleness and the inordinate muliebrity, alien and unprompted heterosexualism that exhales form the other “chica” . Diana ‘s deficiency of concern about her visual aspect and the aggressive behaviour impetuss her off from the standard “lady-like” character. She is non interested in being like the other misss at school who are in the period larning how to chat up and utilize their feminine features to go popular and desirable. The quarrel between Diana and Veronica in the bathroom turned into a battle started by Diana. She solves her jobs by utilizing her fists into whatever and whoever bases against her. If we pay attending to Diana ‘s contending manners we can detect that she is contending like a male child. Most of the misss are contending by utilizing pinching ; biting and rupturing hair while Diana is hitting the other miss with her fists tighten.
The following scene is taking topographic point in a pugilism gym. Shots of different drawerss working out and sparring in the gym surrogate with close-ups of Diana ‘s face, which shows us that Diana is come ining a male-dominated infinite. Diana is in the gym because she had to pay for her brother ‘s pugilism lessons. She found Tiny ( her brother ) on the pealing combat with Ray ( another preparation pugilist ) . Ray punched Tiny in the face after the unit of ammunition was over which was n’t right, so Diana punched him back to support her brother. It is believed that brothers/boys are those who have to support their sisters/girls, besides Tiny is the 1 that is practising packaging. He had to be the 1 that is protecting Diana non the other manner unit of ammunition. Taking a base against the pugilist shows us that Diana is non afraid to contend non merely dolled up misss but besides physically trained male childs.

Then the camera takes us in forepart of the gym where we can hear the conversation between Ray and Adrian ( another pugilist ) . “… . You get slapped by a miss – that ‘s weak Ray” are the words that Adrian tells him. If a male child had punched him it would n’t be a subject for conversation but when the affair in manus is a girl punching him it ‘s considered as a failing. Here we have the gender stereotype that male childs are physically stronger that misss and misss are non supposed to contend against them. Girls are supposed to be cunning, sweet and to move like ladies. In that scene we have another miss who is walking by the male childs. She is have oning tight apparels and makeup and the two male childs give her the oculus and she smiled at them in return. She is chat uping with them whereas Diana is contending physically at least with one of them. Here once more the manager shows us the ocular contrast between Diana and the ordinary misss. Ray ‘s cue to Diana – “ … Guess you ne’er learned how to be a lady…” and the other female character helps us to distant Diana from the female stereotype and to emphasize on her female maleness.

Then we have the scene in Guzman ‘s kitchen when Tiny shared with his household that he received the scholarship application for an Art school. Both his male parent and Diana think that it is a waste of clip to larn to pull. The future creative person calling that the male parent foresees for his boy is non traveling further than him painting houses. In his head it is better for the male child to lodge with the pugilism which will be more helpful in his future life. Boys are supposed to be able to contend non to paint. Later on in the film Diana tells his male parent that Tiny does n’t desire to package, but he insists on the fact that all the male childs wants to package. Harmonizing to his male parent, Tiny needs to larn packaging so he can support himself. Tiny breaks the stereotypes, because he prefers the more female activities alternatively of the male one such as pugilism. Harmonizing to his male parent traveling to pulling categories is misss ‘ occupation.

There is really interesting conversation when Diana went to subscribe for packaging patterns:

Princess of wales: I wan na be a boxer …… . No, for existent I wan na battle.
Hector: Oh, you can develop but you ca n’t contend.
Princess of waless: Why non?
Hector: You merely ca n’t. Girls do n’t hold the same power as male childs.

Girls are stereotyped into quieter, low-level muliebrity. Girls are judged against maleness, whereas male childs ‘ accomplishments are Judgess with respect to their maleness. It is believed that male childs have more natural abilities – most of the male childs are more aggressive and it ‘s shown in their physical abilities whereas misss are more diffident and timid. It is believed that it ‘s natural for male childs to be contending about and to wish it. In the beginning of the film we saw Diana contending with Veronica, subsequently on we saw her standing without fright in forepart of Ray. Later on in the film Diana proves that misss can be every bit strong as male childs, because the physical abilities of male childs and misss can be matched with finding and difficult work.

Hector ‘s lone status to get down preparation Diana is to be paid for her patterns. He did non believe that she will happen the money, and he was certain that she will non demo up once more. After all, he decides to develop her even though he believes it is non right misss to be packaging. He agrees because he thought that she will non able to digest the tough exercisings and the whole preparation procedure and quit. The first preparation sequence in the gym starts with Diana ‘s deformed face image in a mirror. Then we see her baggy and worn-out apparels which show us her build and her organic structure form. Her disconnected image in the mirror and her mentality underlines her hermaphroditism and Diana ‘s battle for a incorporate gender individuality.

During one of the undermentioned preparation sequences Hector and Diana had statement about the continuity in preparation. Hector tells her that contending accomplishments come natural neither to boys nor to misss and they have to pattern in order to better them. For first clip male childs and misss are taken non individually but within one and the same construct – both male childs and misss have to pattern if they want to go physically lasting.

Her first pugilism lucifer is with a male child called Ray. His manager advices him “try to be a gentleman” . This shows that cipher takes the fact that she could be a good combatant no affair that she is a miss earnestly. During her first battle Diana proves that she is physically stronger and more powerful than Ray regardless of the fact that the result of the battle is non shown.

There is an interesting conversation between Diana and Merisol in the school corridor. Diana is seeking to state Merisol what she is busy with. Merisol insists that there is a male child that occupies Diana ‘s free clip. Merisol is surprised when Diana tells her that it is non a male child that occupies her free clip but a male athletics such as pugilism. Subsequently on Diana tells her that there is besides a male child entangled in the pugilism narrative and Merisol answers “I knew it” . Merisol thinks that the name Adrian is “a girly name” , but Diana assures her that he is “100 % adult male, if you know what I mean” . For a first clip in the film Diana shows that she is really interested in male childs and non merely interested in moving like a male child. We understand that she likes Adrian and his company. This is strengthened by the scene when they go for a dinner together. Their orders in the eating house are really interesting and grab attending. She is telling herself gilded bacon cheese Burger with excess bacon whereas he is telling soup, garden salad and Italian dressing. Their eating wonts are really different. He is on a weight diet while she is non worried about deriving or fring weight. Womans are more likely to maintain to a diet than work forces but in this film the state of affairs is reversed. Keeping a diet does n’t do Adrian to look more feminine. It is interrupting the stereotype that adult females are those who worry about their weight. On the inquiry why she chose to package, she answered that she did n’t do the cheerleading squad, which is in fact a prevarication. The contrast between packaging and cheerleading contains the thought that she is non accepted in such a girl society as the cheerleading squad so so she tries to happen her topographic point in the male childs society – pugilism.

When Adrian walks Diana place they kiss. He tells her that she tastes Sweet to which she answers “I ‘ve ever thought of myself as salty” . Here we have the binary resistance of Sweet and salty. If the misss are the 1 that are sweet so the male childs should be the salty 1. Adrian perceives her as a miss ( sweet ) whereas she thought of herself as more boylike ( salty ) .

In the following scene her physical powers is in comparing to her miss schoolmates ‘ one. There is a long-shot of her and her miss classmates standing in forepart of a fencing. All of the misss are looking bored with their weaponries crossed on the chest whereas her organic structure is intense, tight and ready to vie. The failing of the other misss during the President Physical Fitness Exam makes the contrast between them and Diana more vivid and shows her physical high quality.

After one of her preparation lucifers Adrian walk her place once more and her male parent sees them talk. When she enters her place her male parent sees her black oculus and the first thing that comes to his head is that Adrian is crushing her. When a miss is holding a black oculus it is more likely to be beaten up that to be take parting in a battle in which she can support herself. So her male parent given is that she has been maltreated non that she is take parting in an equal battle. After an statement with her male parent she goes to Adrian ‘s topographic point to pass the dark. His room is painted in bluish whereas hers ‘ is in girly pink. Parents are those who decorate kids ‘s suites, so they make the differentiation between male childs and misss by placing them with different colourss – male childs are those who are identified with bluish and misss are the one identified with pink.

The following meeting between Adrian and Diana is on Hector ‘s birthday when Hadrian shows up with a girlfriend. This action on his portion shows us that he is confused by the fact that he is strongly attracted to a adult female who exhibits clearly masculine properties. His involuntariness to show his experiencing about Diana publically recalls the thought that the anxiousness around a male ‘s attractive force to a masculine female is rooted in the association between maleness and masculinity, which evokes impression such as homosexual desire.

The first preparation lucifer between Diana and Adrian is saturated with tenseness non merely because they are romantically involved but besides because of the fact that the competition for physical laterality threatens the nucleus of heterosexualism. The battle is missing of action because Adrian garbages to hit Diana, which frustrated her and do her angry. The sequence ends with a shooting of both drawerss keeping each other – outside the pugilism pealing this can be treated as an embracing. This is the minute in which Diana whispered in Adrian ‘s ear “I love you, I truly do” . As the bell rings bespeaking the terminal of the sparring lucifer, Diana punches Adrian ‘s caput. That concluding clout shows us Diana ‘s assurance and her willingness to contend against whoever her opposition is.

Up until now in the film we had seen Diana developing merely in the public infinite of the pugilism gym surrounded by male childs. There is a scene in which Diana ‘s preparation is situated in the female domain and intimate infinite of her sleeping room. While packaging in forepart of the mirror in her sleeping room we hear Hector ‘s voice-over reading a missive stating that male and female amateurs within the same weight category are allowed to vie with each other in the ring, so from now on they are equal. In existent life the so called gender-blind pugilism battles are non allowed. Her first public lucifer was supposed to be with a good known female pugilist but the battle is called off. Diana ‘s first public sparing lucifer is against Rays – one of the male drawerss in the gym. When the audience understands that the lucifer will be between adult male and adult female there is a tangible tenseness environing this “battle of the sexes” . This tenseness is caused by the sensed dainty to the dominate gender order which is based on the thought that work forces are stronger and physically superior than adult females. During the whole lucifer between Ray and Diana his involuntariness to contend “a girl” and the fright that he can be defeated by a “girl” is underlined.

Through this pugilism sequence Diana is articulating her continuity in prosecuting her pugilism bearer despite the fact that most of people around her think that it is “inappropriate” for her gender. Diana ‘s male parent shows up at the pugilism lucifer and this is the minute in which he understands that she has been packaging in her free clip. This consequences in a immense battle with her male parent because he is perfectly opposed to hers chase of pugilism, while early in the film it was clearly shown that he pressures his overly emasculate boy into taking boxing lessons. The other ground for the father-daughter statement is that Diana blames her female parent ‘s self-destruction on his alcohol addiction and opprobrious behaviour. The image of her male parent prevarication on the kitchen floor is his last visual aspect in the film. This image can be seen as a violent reaction against the patriarchal nature of traditional gender stereotype that work forces are those who rule over adult females.

First miss battle that Diana participates in is with celebrated and good trained female combatant Stiles. During the lucifer there is a scene in which Adrian admires her moves and clouts. The concluding battle is the most dramatic and intense convergence between her pugilism and private universes. Diana battles for the New York Amateur Championship ( rubric ) . This is her wages for the difficult work and troubles that she undergoes. The fact that Adrian will be her opposition puts extra significance in the context of their romantic relationship. This physical confrontation between a adult male and adult female who are engaged in a romantic relationship draws our attending to the normative impression of gender. The conversation between them before the battle shows us that Adriane feels protective of her non because she is a female pugilist, but because he is in love with her. They both have feelings for each other, but Adrian takes this pugilism lucifer excessively personal whereas Diana is believing of it as another pugilism experience. Right before the battle starts a adult female says to her hubby that the lucifer card says “Diana Guzman” . The hubby state her that it is likely a misprinting. He could n’t even conceive of that a miss could be contending for the Championship ( rubric ) .

Adriane battles with her like she is any other pugilists so does she. Both of them give everything they have and the better one win the lucifer. The image of the drawerss circling and keeping onto each other in intimate embracing implies connexion between packaging and dancing. This scene looks more like a love scene than a fight sequence.
The gender-blind pugilism lucifer between Adrian and Diana strengthens their relationship but besides clears up their pugilism attitudes. In that concluding sequence the word picture of the drawerss is removed from the articulation of a specific individuality – from the representation of the materiality of the sexed and gendered organic structure.

During the whole film Diana is seeking to alter the gender norms and apprehension of maleness and muliebrity and after all she successfully does so. Her violent actions, her physical visual aspect speak for themselves – those are the things that get her into gender problem. But she stands clearly against the thought that human being are divided into two distinct groups – adult females and work forces. By the terminal of the film she had already found, formed and chosen her ain single individuality.

What caught my attending in “Girlfight” reappraisal called “No Winners Here: The Flawed Feminism of Girlfight” by Anju Reejhsinghani is that the reviewer thinks that Kusama, the manager, used the intergender tourney to dramatise the love narrative between Adrian and Diana. I think that one of the uses of those gender-blind battles is so to dramatise the love narrative but it besides carries the thought that everybody should support their single individuality. By those crossed-gender battles the manager shows that equality between male and female is possible.