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Dramatic Techniques Used In Hitchcocks The Birds Film Studies Essay

Hitchcock was really impressive in his dramatic techniques because the tenseness is built in assorted scenes which besides makes this movie carry through the horror genre in add-on to suspense. Initially the audience believe the movie is a comedy because it is improbably ordinary in add-on to the usage of bright visible radiations and warm colors. Hitchcock makes us as the spectator acquire an apprehension of the characters back narrative before unleashing the panic in the remainder of the movie. The film was really modern for its epoch, as a consequence of the usage of new engineering to the 60 ‘s hence the scenes are realistic which adds to its unrevealing plot line. The usage of Technicolor added to the horror during the movie because it was really new. Through hapless false belief the ambiance is set in most scenes, for illustration when Melanie Daniels and Mitch Brenner are in the bird store it is really bright and colorful which is reflected in the characters behavior in the scene. Besides towards the terminal the lighting and coloring material create a dark and eerie atmosphere.

The slayers in ‘The Birds ‘ and ‘Psycho ‘ were credible nevertheless the characters remained uneven and guiltless characters. The debut of the movie with the character is familiar shows her sense of security nevertheless when she moves to a rural country we see a vulnerable character with unfamiliar milieus. Hitchcock may hold chosen a little town because it is seen to be more unsafe but in this scene it is more unsafe as it is isolated.

The movie features a mass usage of the coloring material viridity for illustration in the scenery whilst Melanie is driving the boat the landscape is green and bluish to Hitchcock ‘s liking and besides Melanie wears the same green coat throughout the movie. This makes the coloring material green important to Hitchcock ‘s movies. Green is non normally associated with panic and fright but Hitchcock used this to do the audience feel uncertainness in the movie. When Melanie is taking the birdcage to Mitch she is viewed from the waist down demoing her in a green frock. This is a mention to birds being adult females because Melanie is blonde hairy and is have oning green, the love birds are xanthous headed with green organic structures. This suggestion is besides made in the beginning when Melanie is walking down a busy street and hears a wolf whistling towards her. This sound is similar to a birds sound. Hitchcock besides used the coloring material viridity in ‘Vertigo ‘ the Female lead wears green. Hitchcock besides uses crisp objects in many ways for illustration the beaks in ‘The Birds ‘ and the arm in ‘Psycho ‘ .

Most of the movie is set during the twenty-four hours which makes the viewer unsuspecting of the birds. Hitchcock does this to demo the composure and peaceful atmosphere which is maintained throughout the movie until the stoping. Vibrant colorss take over the screen preponderantly, during the relaxed scenes whereas before and for the continuance of the bird onslaughts dim, fly-by-night colorss are used. For case in the Tides Restaurant when the birds attack the ambiance is dark which is reflected on the apparels worn, the conditions and the coloring material of the birds ( see image 1 ) . The coloring material plays a cardinal portion in why ‘The Birds ‘ is a successful suspense movie. Through its usage of high key illuming contrasted with low key illuming which creates a cryptic feeling to the audience.

An illustration of lighting is offered proficiently in the dead famer scene. In this scene we see the illuming symbolizing the temper in the scene. It begins with Lydia walking down with really bright sunshine, as she walks towards the door the lighting begins to dip down. Entering the house we see a window with natural visible radiation but no false visible radiation in the house. This absence of light Begins to propose something bad has happened. The manager has used this wonderfully in many of his movies to make unease with the perceiver. Hitchcock was superior when it came to utilizing mise-en-scene to change the visual aspect of things. The room where the famer is found is bright but as the camera begins to uncover his organic structure the lighting is darker. The shadows cover the organic structure merely exposing his face with his pitch-black oculus sockets. As Lydia runs out the conditions has changed to a dark stormy sky. The audience feels that this symbolises the adult male has died and the birds will assail once more. Hitchcock creates a parallel to the book because the chief character finds his neighbors killed because of the birds. The manager does this because he is seeking to utilize ocular techniques such as camera angles and illuming to make a horror movie ambiance which besides creates a more effectual suspense movie. This scene is effectual because of the play portrayed by Lydia it is besides good because we begin to see different facets to Lydia ‘s character.

During the scene where the old adult female negotiations about the scientific facts refering the birds we see bright colorss and graphic lighting but as the birds begin to assail it seems to acquire darker. When the adult male is set alight the fire signifies decease and immorality, every bit good as a warning that more birds are coming to assail. This is another scene where illuming causes suspense. The usage of Chiaroscuro is really effectual in frightening the audience. Besides the usage of long duologue to make suspense is highly effectual because the audience is eager to happen out the cause of the onslaughts and when they will assail once more but this ‘explanation ‘ creates the expecting consequence on the audience.

The MacGuffin alterations throughout the movie. At the get downing the audience feels the movie is a cheerful movie about love but when the plot line develops the spectator thinks: Why are the birds assailing? When are they traveling to assail following? These inquiries can non be answered because they were even analysed by the characters in the Tides Restaurant scene after the birds attacked the school but there was no rational ground.

Hitchcock used the MacGuffin in many of his movies for illustration in ‘Psycho ‘ the characters wonder Where Is Marion Crane with the money? MacGuffin is one of Hitchcock ‘s strong points because he uses it to do the audience have a different attitude to every scene inquiring what is traveling to go on and why is it go oning. This works good because the audience does experience the impulse to happen out what will go on and a figure of other inquiries.

The public presentation portrayed by the histrions in this movie is really effectual as the histrions and actresses are really realistic and can associate to the audience through this. Besides the usage of something as ordinary and mundane as birds alternatively of monsters and foreigners used in modern movies makes the movie relate to the audiences life. This is a movie that can impact a broad scope of audiences because it would hold frightened people in the 60 ‘s because of the fright of bombs assailing. Presents it could be a relation to planetary warming assailing us.

Due to the decease of the husbandman Lydia was in more demand of Mitch ‘s protection but felt she had to vie with Melanie because both were adult females in Mitch ‘s life and they felt helpless. The really traveling portraiture of a needy female parent by Jessica Tandy is astonishing and still makes an impact to people today because this emphasises Oedipus ‘ composite. Mitch is the cardinal character and the adult females seem to go around around him which could be another cause for the bird onslaughts. The supporter in the novelette by Du Maurier is a husbandman and Mitch lives in a barn. This is one of many similarities between the movie and the book.

Hitchcock developed the characters relationships in different ways to make an unsuspicious ambiance. Melanie is the Centre of this as she is a job to Lydia Brenner and Annie Hayworth ( the school instructor ) as they are both adult females who are dependent of Mitch ‘s love. Kathy Brenner ( Mitch ‘s sister ) likes Melanie because of the love birds she received from her for her birthday and is non one of the chief focal points of the movie. The handing of the love bird ‘s ushers to a really deceptive plot line doing us believe it is about the love birds merely because Hitchcock spent a batch of clip constructing the characters feelings and behaviors to make an intense ambiance for the audience therefore making suspense.

In the gap credits the rubric “ The Birds ” was easy pecked away by the passing crows. This usage of bright visible radiation and medium shootings for an debut creates a cryptic tone for the audience. For modern audiences this could be seen as a really affectional movie but long nevertheless this makes the audience even more eager to watch the movie because it does non give off much information in many scenes.

The power of the film is through the usage of camera angles due to the absence of a music soundtrack. Hitchcock uses a assortment of methods which are improbably effectual to bring forth the huge suspense in the movie. In many scenes tenseness is built to make fright and uncertainness in when the birds onslaught. The movie is non highly graphical in the scenes where the birds onslaught yet the panic is shown through his usage of camera angles. For illustration Melanie ‘s phone booth scene, the camera moves about in the point of position of the birds so switches to Melanie ‘s position nevertheless when she is acquiring more and more vulnerable low angle shootings are used to do her expression defenceless ( see image 2 ) . As Melanie enters the phone booth a medium long shooting is used. Birds-eye position is used to demo her alone with the birds assailing the booth. Extreme close ups show her emotion as frightened. The onslaught from the birds is shown with fast paced point of position shootings from Melanie and the birds.

Extreme close ups are used to demo the characters emotions during bird onslaughts. At the start of the movie this is used demoing the characters behaviour. Predominantly when we see Melanie she looks like an upper category adult female with no concerns in the universe through utmost close ups. She is really sophisticated which makes her weak and in danger of onslaught. Hitchcock uses a female supporters in many of his movies such as ‘Psycho ‘ , Marion is entirely and vulnerable and ‘Vertigo ‘ , the female is unagitated and entirely. Through camera angles we can see the similarities in the characters feelings.

Point of position shootings are used a great figure of times during the movie to give you an thought about what they can see and how they see things. For case when Lydia sees the husbandman we walk with her because a point of position shooting is used. The organic structure of the husbandman rapid climbs in three times to demo his eyes. This three-base hit shut up shooting plants good with point of position shooting to make a tense atmosphere. Lydia is a scared old adult female who walks in a certain manner through Camera angles we find out about her demand to be a adult female in authorization.

In the playground scene of ‘The Birds ‘ the camera shootings are used to develop the still environing before the assembly of the birds. The long shooting of Melanie Daniels walking to the bench illustrates she is entirely and the empty mounting frame in the resort area. She is incognizant of what is traveling on and has her dorsum to the birds in the mounting frame ( see image 3 ) . By making this suggests she is exposed and vulnerable and unfastened to assail as she is incognizant of the farther assemblage of the birds but the audience can see this through the medium long shooting. She is lower down under the birds demoing she is in danger of onslaught by the birds. Hitchcock is seeking to research the audience ‘s reaction to this unagitated topographic point being the place of the ‘villains ‘ of the movie because the resort area seems like a topographic point of pureness so the audience believes it is a cheerful topographic point. Normally in suspense movies something begins unagitated but alterations unsuspectingly. Hitchcock used suspense to its extent because the delay in many of his scenes for the birds to come are long. This alteration is when the first bird lands on the mounting frame creates a sinister atmosphere. The camera cuts from mid shootings of Melanie smoke and the birds constructing up figure on the mounting frame. Mise-en-scene is used because Hitchcock makes the landscape reflect onto Melanie ‘s solitariness. The school resort area and the hills in the background make the ambiance normal and do her appear defenceless and entirely. Hitchcock is seeking to research how colorss and bright scenery creates a cold scary atmosphere without the usage of non-diagetic sounds or address of Melanie. The statement that the bird onslaughts are drawn by Mitch could be proved incorrectly as it has three female characters: Kathy, Melanie, Annie. The sounds are really loud and show tenseness such as in ‘psycho ‘ the lone sound in the shower scene is the H2O touching the basin. Melanie is a really vulnerable character because she is an foreigner to the community and Hitchcock emphasises this in many scenes. Annie seems to be dominant and have power over Melanie because she is accepted by the community. Besides Annie feels threatened by Melanie because we see her telling Melanie to sit outside alternatively of remaining with her in the schoolroom.

Tilted angle shootings are used in the terminal scene when we hear the birds nearing. The characters look up towards the ceiling where the bird sounds are coming from. The squawks could be a diegetic or non diegetic sound because they set the temper and as the volume increases the characters are more scared and the temper is intense. Afterwards a low angle shooting is used to demo the defenselessness of the characters.

Wide shootings ( Extreme long shootings ) are used to demo the landscape and the characters milieus and normally it is non visibly detailed. This is improbably thrilling and terrorizing and is shown in many scenes to demo the birds plotting and attacking.

A bird ‘s oculus position camera angle is a really unusual and unnatural shooting but is used often in the movie, non merely in the phone booth scene ( see image 4 ) . Hitchcock could hold used this as a actual panoramic position nevertheless the shooting puts the audience in a God like place because we see it from above. This could be a direct nexus to the opinion twenty-four hours account of the movie as this shooting is used when the birds begin assailing at the gas station.

The first onslaught is referenced in the Tides Restaurant scene when the adult female accuses Melanie of the bird onslaughts because she is the first individual to be attacked in the boat. Long shootings are used to demo the landscape. The warm, composure atmosphere in the scene is shown by the landscape and Melanie ‘s vesture. The long shooting doubles as a point of position shooting for Mitch. We see what Mitch sees as she is attacked by a sea gull. The bird onslaught could be interpreted as Melanie ‘s demand be noticed by Mitch because Melanie would hold gone place heterosexual afterwards if it was n’t for the bird assailing her. Hitchcock uses a scope of dramatic techniques to present the characters and their relation with each other. He does this to make a sense of malaise and do the movie have a deeper significance than merely bird onslaughts. This movie could be about a figure of other things because this scene shows the emotions between the two characters which seems to do the first bird onslaught. If Hitchcock truly wanted to do the movie merely approximately birds he would hold based it more around the book because the novelette has a decision and an account. Besides it focuses more on the bird onslaughts and the scientific discipline than the relationship between the characters.

The female parent and boy relationship is shown in many of Hitchcock ‘s movie for illustration the dominant female parent in ‘Psycho ‘ . Throughout the movie Mitch refers to his female parent as “ darling ” and kisses her often. This is a suggestion of Oedipus ‘ Complex. Mitch is in love with his female parent and the absence of his male parent makes the female parent needy. In add-on to that Lydia and Melanie look highly alike which tells us that Mitch wants his married woman to be his jus like his female parent.

One of the most successful scenes in the movie is Kathy ‘s birthday scene. It has a sense of being a really unsuspicious scene because it uses really graphic colors and has an absence of birds wholly in the landscape. This usage of bright visible radiations and bright colorss make the scene seem guiltless which makes the audience expecting a bird onslaught or inquiring why they are n’t assailing. This gives an thought of artlessness because we see Mitch and Melanie ‘s relationship develop before the bird onslaught and we see their characters revealed which besides adds to a physique up to the flood tide of the birds assailing. We see Lydia is incapacitated by the utilizations of camera angles such as point-of-view shootings and utmost close ups. She is scared when the birds begin to assail and is destitute of Mitch ‘s attending but he is focused on the other two adult females in his life Melanie and Annie. When the birds pop the balloons we hear sounds like bombs which could be a nexus to the Daphne Du Maurier novelette because her book was based in England to demo the fright of bomb onslaughts in station war Britain. Hitchcock was seeking to research what worlds are afraid of which is nature assailing the human race. Hitchcock played on the thought of being afraid of the sky and used birds alternatively of bombs. This scene shows how the manager makes a unagitated peaceable scene make us believe about the universe and nature. Modern films have followed this illustration by the maestro of suspense such as ‘2012 ‘ which shows nature assailing worlds and stoping the universe.

Towards the terminal when the birds attack the house the feeling of being paranoiac is conveyed through the histrion which implies the feeling of things coming out of the sky. This is a mention to the cold war. This besides makes us as worlds feel that anything can go on to us and nature can do us vulnerable. The book comes to a decision that the birds are influenced by the tide degrees. In the get downing the worlds are in control of the birds as they are caged. The tabular arraies turn when the worlds are locked in their places with the birds intimidating them.

‘The Birds ‘ is arguably a movie about the tenseness between households because the birds attack when different things happen to each character. The bird onslaughts when Melanie starts to acquire feelings for Mitch and when there is tenseness between Lydia and Melanie. Lydia is the overprotective female parent and Melanie is a adult female without a female parent. Melanie is affluent and has everything she wants apart from a female parent. At the terminal we see Melanie powerless she can hardly look up to Lydia but still does in a manner stating that she has found her female parent figure and is demand of aid.

Besides another reading of the bird onslaughts is that because the birds will ne’er halt until worlds change. The birds about fight back after the worlds treat them with inhuman treatment trapped in menagerie and coops. The phone booth scene besides emphasises that because Melanie is environing by birds mocking her in a phone booth which looks like a bird helpless in a coop. This tells us there could be a scriptural message to the movie, Judgement twenty-four hours as discussed in the Tides eating house. In ‘Psycho ‘ , there is a psychologist who concludes the movie by explicating why Norman Bates chose those actions, likewise ‘The Birds ‘ an bird watcher explains the facts about birds and possible replies to their behavior in the Tides Restaurant. The birds could be a warning from something greater than worlds due to the fact that birds are traditionally a symbol of peace but in the movie they connote decease and immorality. Hitchcock reinforces the thought that worlds are in changeless fright that nature will turn against them. Worlds are normally the marauders of birds but in the book they are shown as eating the worlds because of the conditions. However in the book they kill the worlds but no reference of feeding. The worlds are left helpless to decease. Hitchcock could hold besides based this on the bird onslaughts in San Francisco because the birds attacked without an account. Besides ‘Psycho ‘ , Norman ‘s avocation is stuffing dead birds which could be a mention to the inhuman treatment of worlds to birds.

In the get downing the deficiency of any non-diegetic sounds in the movie makes us believe there is no music mark. However Hitchcock uses the sounds of the school kids and birds during the movie. The squawking of the birds is really intense. When it is unagitated the sounds are quiet and high pitched. Before and during onslaughts the bird sounds scope in pitch and volume terrorizing the spectator. Hitchcock refers to Bernard Herrmann, a composer as a music adviser. Herrmann has worked with Hitchcock on many movies such as ‘Vertigo ‘ . Hitchcock seemed to non utilize non-diegetic sounds to make a nervous ambiance which is preserved throughout the movie but the bird noises seems to be internal but is a non-diagetic sound with different pitched squawks. When we are introduced to Mitch ‘s household place Melanie on the piano is another sound which creates and atmosphere. Whist Kathy is pleading for Melanie to remain. The piano sets the temper and slows down in gait as Kathy is turned down.

In the Playground Scene the kids ‘s baby’s room rime is the lone sound which gives the same consequence as a non-diegetic sound. This sound is good used to make tenseness in the ambiance. The kids sing repeatedly to do the scene experience guiltless and to demo Melanie is still naif to the birds assemblage behind her. Although the sound is internal it still builds up tenseness and fright in the movie.

To reason the movie was improbably exultant in making suspense for the audience. The whole movie has a mixture of horror and suspense. This made me experience Hitchcock deserved to be called the maestro of suspense. Although others may experience this is non one of Hitchcock ‘s best movies because of bad ocular effects I think it is worthy of being in the top five of Hitchcock ‘s movies. Through camera angles, coloring material and lighting and the play portrayed by the histrions and actresses the birds continues to be a success due to it being able to scare audiences from different clip periods. The absence of a musical soundtrack is really efficient in making suspense. The movie besides produces an surprisingly compelling plot line and for those grounds Hitchcock will ne’er be forgotten for his astonishing plants.