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Popham The Lost Colony History Essay

For several centuries, American history books merely contained information about two early English settlements, Jamestown and Plymouth. However, another settlement was built, predictably about at the same time but lost for 100s of old ages before its rediscovery. The settlement foremost began when an expedition lead by George Popham and Raleigh Gilbert at second-in-command located their site in Maine, near the oral cavity of the Kennebec River. ( 2 ) The settlement was foremost named Fort St. George, subsequently changed to Popham, after the leader of its laminitis. However, Popham lasted simply over a twelvemonth to be forgotten for the following four hundred old ages compared to Jamestown and Plymouth, which remained for a longer period.

After Popham ‘s autumn, it was left behind to stay inhumed under the dirts of a powerful state until its rediscovery. In 1990, an archeologist named Jeffrey P. Brain, decided to seek for the staying site of Popham when he ( 14c ) learned of its history during a holiday in Maine. While seeking for hints of where Popham was located, he came upon “ The Hunt Map, ” a elaborate drawing of Popham drawn by a settler, John Hunt. The map was dramatic and rare in the fact that it is the lone known detailed map which records what edifices in early English settlements really looked like. [ a- ] The map contained a sum of 18 edifices, including the admiral ‘s house, a chapel, and a depot. [ a- ] Nevertheless, ( 3 ) the truth of the map remained under inquiry until Brian found the remains of a depot located precisely where the map pinpointed the edifice. [ a- ] Soon the map helped happen the full site where Popham existed. [ a- ] However, such a historically of import beginning to England was cryptically found in the Spanish archives. During the period of the colony of English settlements, tensenesss between Spain and England were lifting, doing it more confounding on why the map was found in the Spanish archives. Get downing with the territorial claims of France in America, European states such as England and Spain sought to colonise the New World in order to derive the upper manus in the ferocious economic competition

Archeologists have wondered why Popham seized to last for over a twelvemonth while Plymouth and Jamestown succeeded. ( 6 ) Despite the adversities that Jamestown went through, it survived throughout the ages compared Popham which is believed to hold suffered from fewer jobs. Jamestown is known to hold experienced a loss of about 70 per centum of its population during “ The Starving Period ” while Popham has merely one recorded decease throughout its ain history. In Jamestown, castanetss of assorted animate beings including Equus caballuss, cats, and Canis familiariss were found, bespeaking that they were eaten by the settlers. ( 7 ) Archaeologists found it odd to happen that animate beings of such quality, particularly the Equus caballus, were eaten and assumed that settlers had to be highly hungry to turn to such animate beings for nutrient. Even though conditions in Popham were better than Jamestown, ( 14e ) Popham was wholly abandoned within three incidents. The decease of Sir John Popham in England, the patron of the expedition, inflicted the first blow. Decrease of supplies and support for the settlement caused alterations and more jobs were caused by this loss. In the undermentioned twelvemonth, the leader, George Popham besides died, following the sequence of Raleigh Gilbert, nephew of a nautical adventurer. ( 9 ) Raleigh Gilbert, decided to go forth for England when he learned that he had inherited the household ‘s estates after the decease of his older brother. Without any possible leaders left, the settlers decided to return to England, while some may hold left for Plymouth. Within a short period of merely a small over a twelvemonth after its initiation, Popham was wholly abandoned.

However, Popham ‘s failure proves valuable in two ways. First, the experience and lessons taught at Popham were used by future settlements for their success. Settlers of Popham could hold contributed to the success of Plymouth and Jamestown with their cognition. ( 14f ) It is stated that the failed settlement became the basis of early English America, giving an thought of how valuable its failure meant. Another fact that makes Popham so important is that it lasted merely a twelvemonth, doing it highly rare among archeological sites, which are normally covered with series of human development. Its short timeline allows archeologists to picture the exact image of what early English America looked like. In this manner, it has made an extraordinary part to history. Some archeologists even suggest that Popham ‘s value lies in its failure itself.


The word “ at the same time ” in the transition is closest in significance to

Alternatively – e?ˆi‹ i??e??

Subsequently – e·? i›„i-? , e’¤i-?

Synchronously – e?™i‹?e?ˆe??

Coincidentally – is°i-°i ?i??e?? *


Harmonizing to paragraph 1, which of the undermentioned is true about Popham?

American history text editions contained information about Popham for several centuries-e°?e?ˆ

Popham lasted longer than any other early English colony-e°?e?ˆ

Popham was lost for four hundred old ages along with Jamestown and Plymouth-e°?e°? *

The lost settlement was foremost named Fort Saint George, subsequently renamed after its leader


Harmonizing to paragraph 2 the truth of the Hunt Map remained in inquiry until

Eighteen edifices were discovered at a comparatively similar location drawn in the map-e??iS¤ e¦¬e”©

The individual who had drawn the map was confirmed to hold been a settler in Popham-i-›i†?e¦¬

An archeologist used the map to turn up the full site of the lost colony-e·? i „i?? e?°e??e?? i?¤e‹µi?„ i ?i‹?e?? i•? *

Brain discovered the remains of a depot where the map indicated it would be


What can be inferred from the find of the map in the Spanish archives?

Spain someway obtained the map in order to derive an advantage over England in their economic competition

A Spanish merchandiser lawfully bought or traded the map from England in order to construct their ain settlement – e‹?i-?e§? e‚?i?¤e? i-›i†?e¦¬ *

England deliberately gave the map to Spain since it was of no value in its ownership: e°?e?ˆ

John Hunt was a Spanish settler who was sent by Spain in agencies of collaborating and larning about the New World with England – i-?e?‰ i•?e??


Which of the undermentioned sentences below best expresses the indispensable information in the highlighted sentence in the transition? Incorrect picks change the significance in of import ways or go forth out indispensable information

The territorial claims in the New World made by France prompted European states such as England and Spain to happen advancement in the New World- e§?i??e„? : ( 1 ) e?? ( 2 ) e§? i?¬i•? *

Competition in the New World between European states was augmented when Spain and England began to claim territorial rights in America – e°?e°? : i?« e¶ˆe¶„ ( 1 ) i?ˆ e§zi??e‚? e’¤i-? ( 3 ) e°ˆ i‹ˆe¦¬e?? i“°iz„

Due to fierce economic competition between European states, England and Spain were both collaborating for advancement in the New World, get downing with territorial claims of France – e??iS¤e¦¬e”© : ( 2 ) e?? i?¤e‹µi??e?? e?ˆe??

European states such as England and Spain set settlements in the New World, after France made territorial claims, in order to derive an advantage in the ferocious economic competition


Harmonizing to paragraph 3, why did the archeologists wonder about the speedy autumn of Popham?

Popham had more leaders than the other two settlements – i-?e?‰ i•?e??

Popham had fewer hindrances for endurance than Jamestown

Popham had a larger population than Jamestown – e??iS¤ e¦¬e”©

There were no reported decease in Popham throughout its history – e??iS¤ e¦¬e”© *


Why does the writer reference Equus caballuss, cats, and Canis familiariss?

To depict the despairing state of affairs, affecting famishment, in Jamestown

In order to reason that early settlements normally faced famishment – e?„iS·i•? e‚?is©i??e?? i†?i??e‹¤ ( misdirecting ) *

To explicate that these animate beings were of high quality among settlers – e§?i??e„?

To give illustrations of animate beings that were normally eaten by the settlers – i??e?? e“ e?ˆi??i?? iS?i§•i??e?? i?¤e‹µi?„ e‚?e‹¤


The word this in paragraph 3 refers to

Decrease of supplies

Not holding a patron *

Decrease of support for the settlement

Death of Sir John Popham


Why does the writer reference the decease of Raleigh Gilbert ‘s older brother

In order to bespeak the concluding cause that brought the complete autumn of Popham

In order to explicate why Raliegh Gilbert inherited the household ‘s estates – e§?i??e„? *

To give another illustration of a decease which lead to Popham ‘s autumn – e??iS¤ e¦¬e”©

To propose a ground why Raleigh Gilbert decided to remain in Popham – e??iS¤ e¦¬e”©


The word “ possible ” in the transition is similar in significance to

Prospect – e°ˆeS?i„±

Clever – i??e¦¬i•?

Skilled – i‹¤e ? iz?eS” *

Favorable – i??i??i ?i??


It can be inferred through the autumn of Popham that

Jamestown or Plymouth could hold failed if it were non for the experience in Popham

Other settlements of different states were influenced by the lessons taught from the failure of Popham – i-?e?‰ i•?e?? *

Popham finally succeeded after get the better ofing several obstructions and battles

Settlers in Popham subsequently became of import leaders in New England – i-?e?‰ i•?e??


The word “ depict ” in the transition is closest in significance to

Recall – i??e?°i•?e‹¤

Imagine – i??i??i•?e‹¤ *

Portray – i?? i??i??i?„ e·?e¦¬e‹¤

Build – ~ e±?i¶•i•?e‹¤


Expression at the four squares [ a- ] that indicate where the undermentioned sentence could be added to the transition.

Several characteristics made it highly valuable among archeologists.

Where would the sentence best tantrum? Click on a square [ a- ] to add the sentence to the transition.

Answer: a


An introductory sentence for a brief sum-up of the transition is provided below. Complete the drumhead by choosing the THREE reply picks that express the most of import thoughts in the transition. Some sentences do non belong in the sum-up because they express thoughts that are non presented in the transition or are minor thoughts in the transition. This inquiry is deserving 2 points.

The rediscovery of Popham required consistent attempt and anticipations by archeologist




Answer Choices

Popham was one of the first successful English settlements which settled in the New World – e°?e?ˆ

Fierce economic competition among European states included England, Spain, and France – e§?i??e„? *

Jeffrey P. Brain uncovered the site where Popham lay utilizing a rare artefact which proved accurate and of high value: Paragraph 2

Compared to Jamestown, records indicate that there was merely one decease in Popham, unluckily, John Hunt -e°?e°?

Three incidents, affecting the decease of two influential individuals, and the determination to return to England by another, lead to the autumn of Popham: Paragraph 3

Popham was valued as a failed settlement for its parts to history and the success of other English settlements: Paragraph 4