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Distorting The Human Figure Film Studies Essay

The captivation with falsifying the human figure has a long and varied history get downing in the 14th century with tight intertwining girdles. Over the old ages the silhouettes created by girdles changed. In the last 60 old ages character costumes have been introduced into our society and the human signifier has one time once more been changed by dress uping.

The earliest signifiers of organic structure sculpture began in the twelfth century in China with pes binding, this was a procedure that bound the pess and caused terrible distortion. The distortion was desirable as it gave the lady the semblance of “ ideal ” little pess. The adult females with bound pess walked with a peculiar pace that was desirable among the adult females with unbound pess. Modern character costume besides creates a typical walking manner reminiscent of the early organic structure sculpture patterns.

While pes binding was common in China, in the fourteenth century other civilizations developed corsetry. The early girdles were made of silk or velvet with Fe busks to give the coveted form. Through the old ages the girdle has enjoyed many different embodiments and a assortment of forms, in the fourteenth century the manner was for a level chested, conelike form. The form of the girdle in 1810 changed to a curved form with a little, accentuated waist, and throughout the remainder of the century the emphasise was on a little waist ( Kunzle ) .

Both pes binding and corsetry altered the human organic structure by limitation and the effects could be seen when the lady was n’t have oning the bindings or girdle. Another signifier of organic structure sculpture is seen in the add-on of cushioning, this is a common characteristic of character costume and the pattern can be related back to the farthingales and rotter axial rotations. The farthingale was worn from the late 15th century through to the seventeenth but it was chiefly for formal frock. In the 1820s skirt breadths began to spread out and hoopskirts appeared. In 1864 the hoopskirt changed form and the dorsum was emphasised, as a consequence the hoopskirt was superseded by the hustle.

The historic signifiers of organic structure sculpture were all designed to stress the wearers figure and to conform to a stylish silhouette. Through clip the deformation of the human organic structure has continued but in modern times the deformation has changed focal point from endeavoring to uphold manner to amusement or fetish intents. In amusement the most obvious signifier of organic structure sculpture is seen in kids ‘s amusements where character costumes are common topographic point. They are used as characters in movies, telecasting and are besides common in advertisement. The earliest known illustration of a full organic structure character costume was Splurge, who was a violet monster looking in Hey! Cinderella. The movie was made in 1965 and Splurge was created by Jim Henson, in the same twelvemonth a character costume was used for advertisement and was known as Delbert the La Coy Dragon ( YouTube ) . These costumes appear cumbersome and the motion of the performing artist is restricted, the La Choy firedrake is constructed in the same manner as many subsequently costumes. It is operated by a individual performing artist who uses their dominant manus to pull strings the caput and their leftover manus to pull strings one of the characters weaponries. The other arm is either allowed to hang loose or is connected by a monofilament that allows it to travel in resistance with the other arm ( Muppetcentral ) . The most celebrated of this type of costume is that of Big Bird in Sesame Street, who foremost appeared in 1969 and has remained a regular through the old ages.

Modern character costumes are constructed from light stuffs to let for easiness of motion. The most common stuff used in recent old ages is assorted classs of froth ; the organic structure is made from one inch froth. In order for the organic structure to travel the mid subdivision of froth is frequently cut out and replaced with a concertina of basketballs, this allows for compaction without falsifying the form of the organic structure ( Chapman ) . This series of basketballs is evocative of the hooped half-slips worn in the yesteryear ; they besides guarantee the organic structure retains its form. Filter froth is a more porous type of froth that is used to mask any spreads in the organic structure ; the spreads may be for airing or visibleness. The caputs are normally made from plastizote which is really heavy froth that can be manipulated into a assortment of forms.

The froths used in the costumes are man-made and hence really adaptable ; they are used so extensively because they are tough but light in weight. More modern froths can be cut and carved like clay ; they allow a huge scope of motion and retain their form ( Braddock and O’Mahony )

Maria Blaisse is a interior decorator who uses foam extensively in her designs for modern-day dance pieces. She has developed froths and gum elastics into costumes that are big and light, without curtailing motion. The forms are inspired by natural signifiers and the creative person can pull strings the costume easy and the response of the froth and gum elastic is indispensable to her attack.

The stuffs used in the costume varies depends on the map of the finished merchandise, the costumes used for advertisement are constructed as described but costumes for public presentation are modified. The visible radiations in theaters and studios mean the performing artist could overheat so more filter froth is used in the costume to supply more airing. The psyche of the pess are modified and made dilutants so the performing artist can experience the floor. The psyche of character costume are normally made from plastizote and gum elastic matting which are thick and restrictive. For a phase or movie public presentation the psyches are made from leather-board. For advertisement intents the performing artist can have on a full caput with filter froth over the nose and oral cavity for vision but for a public presentation the same costume would hold a different caput with the face of the performing artist more seeable to the audience ( Chapman ) .

A full organic structure character costume is favorable to a marionette because the full sized costume can comfortably portion a phase with a regular performing artist.

Early public presentations that include character costumes are from the manager Robert Wilson whose love of animate beings from an early age is reflected in his public presentations. The image below is from the 1972 public presentation of the Life and Times of Joseph Stalin.

Figure 1: The Life and times of Joseph Stalin ( 1972 ) ( Design-museum )

The costumes of the ostriches are simple but improbably effectual, the performing artist is dead set over, and the ostrich caput would be attached to the performing artists head and held in topographic point with straps. The chief issue with these costumes would be visibleness as the performing artist is looking straight at the floor. To get the better of this issue the performing artists would hold been exhaustively choreographed as in other exposures they are running around the phase. Robert Wilson frequently used character costume in his public presentation ; one illustration from the 1970 public presentation of Deafman Glance is a more traditional illustration of character costume.

Figure 2: A character costume from Deafman Glance ( ) .

This costume is a simple character costume as there is no froth determining to the organic structure. The costume would be more comfy than the foam costumes under the visible radiations and the performing artist would non be in uncomfortableness if the costume was worn for long periods of clip. Full froth character costumes can non be worn for more that 45 proceedingss at a clip and normally come with warnings ( Chapman ) .

The development of character costume has a direct correlativity with technological promotion and the development of new stuffs. Outwardly the costumes from 1969 and the costumes of today look similar but the modern costumes are much lighter and easier to pull strings than the early 1s. The chief difference being visibleness, the La Choy dragon performing artist was virtually unsighted but with the development of filter froth and varaform in modern costumes the performing artist can see without being seen. In Films filter froth and varaform would be obvious and shatter the semblance. A solution to this has been developed ; an illustration of this engineering is demonstrated by the costume of Ludo in Labyrinth. Ludo stood over eight pess tall, he was fundamentally a really big costume with a batch of sophisticated equipment along with a puppeteer indoors. The puppeteers had two proctors strapped to them, one demoing the action on set as filmed by one of the cameras, the other demoing the position from a bantam camera hidden in one of Ludo ‘s horns. It was this bantam 2nd camera that prevented the performing artist bumping into anything. There were three extra puppeteers who controlled the costumes facial looks ( ) . Most character costumes do non necessitate this sum of attending, this type of costume would merely be suited for movie or telecasting work. On phase the costume needs to be much simpler because there is no range for redacting and re-recording sections. If Ludo were built today, merely one puppeteer would be required to accomplish the same consequence and the performing artist would be more comfy and have more freedom. However the character costumes are uncomfortable and hard to maneuver to the untrained performing artist. A character can merely look realistic if operated by a skilled performing artist.

The costumes used on phase vary depending on the public presentation, dance character costumes are made to heighten the motions of the performing artists

Figure 3: A Dance costume from Allegory ( V & A ; A )

This costume was designed by Alwir Nikolas for Allegory, by wholly befoging the performing artists head and organic structure he hoped they would go one with the entire theatre environment alternatively of trusting of their ain individualism. This costume would increase the performing artist ‘s motion ; this is true of many character costumes. By befoging the face and organic structure the histrion is forced to counterbalance by overstating gestures, this increases staginess and the usage of infinite is greatly improved ( Pavis ) . The absence of human characteristics has an consequence on the audience, up close it is upseting to discourse with a performing artist in a full character costume. This feeling of malaise is due to the fact that as an audience member you can non see who you are speaking to but you have the cognition that they can see you clearly.

It is now a common sight to see a character in costume advancing events and movies and they are in immense demand as a freshness at premieres.