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A Self Reflective Journal Written as Christopher Columbus

Imagine that you are Christopher Columbus and you have merely landed on an island in the ‘new world’ . Write in your diary about your experiences over theyesteryear3-5 yearss.

Saturday 21 July, 1498

Our purpose for this trip was to convey supplies for the colonies and research farther South. We have now ventured further south than we have of all time earlier. The air current has disappeared and the sea has an eerie composure. The air is smothering due to the inordinate heat devouring us. The floor boards of the ship had begun to whine in its waterlessness, I fear my boat will finally get down to fire and the work forces will yield to this hot conditions. I can non allow them in on my frights lest they be discouraged. The sweltering heat has caused my crew to stay above deck ; no 1 dares to travel below to take attention of our commissariats, the odor coming from the rotted goods is adequate to maintain them off along with the intolerable heat. We are running awfully low on fresh H2O and the vino casks have become bloated and about to split their barrels, the wheat has become mouldy in this humidness and the salt-cured meat has begun to maturate.

The work forces have grudge against me ; I get the awful feeling in the cavity of my tummy that they may be be aftering a mutiny. I have heard the susurrations ; they believe that I am driven by my greed to go a baronial, that I have deceived them in my pursuit to go a fable. They say that even though many bookmans had implored with me that my pursuit is foolish and there isn’t another path to the East, I have jeopardised their lives, which they are non willing to give up for me ; a alien, non even a true Spaniard. They believe we have a taken a parlous class and are on our manner to certain day of reckoning, they believe in cockamamie superstitious notions: for it is their fright that we would float off the border of the Earth and fall off into limbo. I try to reassure them that this is a myth and that we can non fall off the border of the Earth but they look at me with discrediting eyes.

It has now been eight ( 8 ) yearss stuck in this topographic point, the ship keeps floating for there is no strong air current to do her canvas. God has shown his grace upon us for unlike the first twenty-four hours where the skies were clear and the Sun burned it is now nebulose and raining, the impossible heat nevertheless remains. I am grateful though that the conditions has changed or my crew and I wouldn’t have made it through the combustion Sun. I myself am non experiencing good, I can non kip due to my unwellness with urarthritis, I keep ticker at all times for I am despairing to go forth this topographic point and come upon land. I am going rather frenetic Lord, with your grace I need wind to fly from this ordeal. I swear to you the following land I set my eyes upon will be named after you.

God has heard my supplications a south-easterly air current has filled our canvass and put us free from this horrid topographic point. I have set class in a western way in hunt for land where we can mend our ship and restock on supplies.

Tuesday 31 July, 1498

I give my gratitude to God above who is looking after us ; we have had many yearss of good conditions by His grace and clemency. We are traveling right and heading to the island of Dominica or some of the other islands I have antecedently claimed for Spain ; so that we may restock our supplies. Many birds have been sighted which has given us an indicant that land is nearby nevertheless, this has made the work forces dying and eager to descry land for we have been at sea for so many yearss without coming ashore.

We had headed in a north-easterly way until approximately midday when my retainer Alonso Perez who was on expression out at the mast caput shouted “La Tierra! ” when he saw the extremums of three mountains in front. The find of this island I feel is a great miracle and as I have made my promise to the Lord, I shall call the island “La Ysla de la Trinidad” after the Holy Trinity to whom we give all congratulations and Thanksgiving for steering us here safely in one piece. Immense joy filled our Black Marias as we were presently on our last barrel of H2O. The work forces became gay and began to dance and sing theSalve Reginato our Divine Mother and other vocals of congratulations to God.

Merely after sunset we approached a immense stone which was shaped like a little dinghy, hence I name it “Cabo de la Galera.” We were looking for a seaport but could non happen any so we decided to maintain seafaring south where we saw the most keen coastline we had of all time laid our eyes upon.

Wednesday 1 August, 1498

We have travelled West, about ( 5 ) conferences, where I dropped all three ground tackles for my ships – La Castilla, La Gorda and Santa Maria de Guia ; the work forces are fixing the little boats to travel ashore and look for supplies. We so board and acquire ready to research this new land with hopes of happening gold on our heads.

The work forces hastily row towards the shore in great exhilaration to put their pess on solid land. I myself am excited, and the rocking of the ship does non do good with my illness. The boat grounds into the sand and I jump out into the shore and run my manner up to the sand bank, I drop on my articulatio genuss and do a cross on my thorax and get down to pray, demoing my gratitude and fidelity to my Lord.

God has genuinely blessed me ; I feel great joy in my bosom, that after being on the ocean for such a long clip without coming onto land… to happen one with such beauty… it amazes me. A certain pride fills me that no other European has set pes on this dirt besides me. The exuberant verdure of this topographic point is brilliant ; the work forces have found clear H2O watercourses where we have refilled our barrels. We hear noises in the wood which we think may be caprine animals but it turned out to be cervid, which is plentiful in these countries. There is an copiousness of thenars and aloe workss. As I look about detecting this beautiful land my eyes autumn to the South where I notice another island about 20 ( 20 ) leagues out, which I’ve named “Ysla Sancta.”

As we journeyed farther inland researching and seeking for rations, we stumbled upon a quaint small small town. The houses were big and were either in a rectangular or conelike form. The head of the folk greeted us while the others stood oddly in the background looking at us. They seemed like a warm and friendly people and I decided I would non take any slaves they were typically reasonably tall, brown tegument – but fairer than the 1s we had met in our old journeys. The work forces seemed to be really immature – at the extremum of manhood. They were non beautiful, but had good defined muscular organic structures. Their hair looked like that of a horse’s tail which they wore long and over their oculus foreheads. Some of the work forces were marked with pigment seemingly after some rites of transition or possibly they were warriors. The adult females did non even cover their chest and wore something like a breechcloth but merely a small longer. They knew nil of arms of war for I took out my blade which gleamed in the Sun ( due to my changeless shining ) and showed it to them ; one eager single grabbed it and cut himself in the procedure. He stared doltishly at the blade so back at his manus as the blood trickled down his fingers. The head looked at my glistening blade in wonder and obfuscation.

He so invited me inside his hut were he offered me a place and tried to discourse with me. Immediately I noticed the hut was separated into two floors. The top floor has these seats, large plenty to lie in and was suspended from the support beams ; I assumed they were for kiping because a female parent was swaying her babe in it. They seemingly besides used both floors for storage. The head was have oning a aureate headband on his cap and some of the others had piercings with gold pieces swinging from their anterior nariss and ears, I became aroused, I had found what I came for. It was hard to pass on with him as he did non understand our linguistic communication or any of the gestures I used. I pointed to the gold piece and made a gesture as to inquire where I could happen more, the head happy that he could direct me pointed south. We exchanged bangles such as bells, beads and other brass points ; they brought to us beautiful multicoloured birds, little pieces of gold jewelry and shells. We so made our manner towards the South in hunt of more gold… more so the legendary metropolis of El Dorado which harmonizing to fable was about here. As I departed I thought they were a soft people and would no uncertainty change over easy to Christianity as they seemed to hold no faith of their ain.

Thursday 2 August, 1498

We sailed west along the south seashore and the strangest thing happened, in the distance was a dugout with many people nearing the mainland. I assume they were returning from a day’s gimmick and were doing their manner toward some huts which were a small farther inland, but seeable from here. Equally shortly as they spotted us they rowed their canoes closer to the ship and began expressing inexplicable croaky sounds – which most probably was the linguistic communication they spoke. Bing the adventurer that I am, I showed them glistening bangles to seek to acquire them on board, as this had worked before, they edged closer but did non come, they seemed more intelligent or leery somehow than the 1s we antecedently met

I urged the immature work forces on the ship to entertain the indigens and do merry and dance. This gesture proved to be a bad thought as the indigens mistook it for a war dance and began to hit pointers at us. I instantly stopped the gaiety and ordered some cross-bows to be loaded and two fired, merely to frighten them. They made their manner to one of the smaller ships and entered under the highest deck of the ship. The pilot of the little ship entered into the canoe with the Indians and gave a gift to the 1 who seemed like he was in charge. As if to offer grasp, they offered to take him to shore, so he could see what they had. The pilot came to me so and asked permission to travel with them, which I evidently refused, for they seemed hostile and I heard of fables where tribes Ate human flesh. They turned their boats and left when they saw he was non coming and we ne’er laid our eyes upon them once more.

Saturday 4 August, 1498

I swear to Almighty God that this is the largest river I or my crew has of all time seen. I believe I have found the Garden of Eden for I have ne’er seen such enormous sums of fresh H2O so near the sea ; the warm clime I believe reinforces this position. I certainly believe this river comes from Eden, if non ; positively there is no other phenomenon as this, in the known universe, a river so huge and deep. The oral cavity of the river looks terrorizing, the H2O brutally swirls with a mighty current and threatens to submerge even the strongest of swimmers who fall in ; the indigens say this river is called Yuyapari ; it sounds as though canons are being fired or boom is rumbling from above, the work forces and I fear we will non get away from this hazard. The sea and the river currents have countered each other and have created a series of powerful crestless waves. I have ne’er witnessed such a thing in my life. I feel fear in my organic structure and I pray that God may salvage us from hurt. We are trapped between the shoals to the forepart and the current at the dorsum. The ship perilously leans towards the Waterss. I all of a sudden hear the work forces shout from one of the other ships ; I look towards them and see the boat move without control. Due to this experience I have named the bay “Boca de la Sierpe” because the ship’s ground tackle snapped after a series of violent moving ridges.

We somehow manoeuvre our manner through and head toward a channel which seems as though it has many little islands. It is about merely ( 5 ) conferences in front but the impulse that this great river has and the disruptive moving ridges of the sea makes this consecutive expression unsafe, it reminds me of a dragon’s oral cavity and I name it “Boca del Drago.” The currents are huge, slapping against each other and the pouring of the rain makes it more disruptive and hard to pull strings. The gulf is surrounded by land ; there is no shore for the moving ridges to interrupt upon and the brand a ferocious elan upon the drops. We still haven’t found any harbour yet but I have placed all my religion and trust in the Holy Trinity to see us through. At dusky as we made our manner around the island I noticed there was an island to the north-east from here, the Sun was puting upon it and the mist over the land, which a lovely form, created a beautiful orange freshness falling upon it. I’ve named it Bellaforma because of this.


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