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The Future Of Life Sustainable Energy Engineering Essay

Since the universes population will go on to turn for several decennaries, deficiency of energy is going one of the most critical issues which are inevitable in the hereafter. Another challenge that we will confront is how to supply the turning population with entree to clean and affordable energy services that will non decline the job of planetary heating. Reducing the universe ‘s trust on fossil fuels and increasing the usage of clean, renewable beginnings of energy and new engineerings could do energy usage more efficient[ 1 ].

Emissions from fossil fuels are one of the of import causes to environmental and wellness jobs at the local, regional, and planetary degrees. Nowadays, around 80 per centum of all energy consumed in the universe is from firing of fossil fuels[ 2 ]. At the same clip, increasing inventions in energy salvaging engineerings, every bit good as dependable and cost-efficient beginnings of renewable energy such as H2O, air current, solar and other alternate fuels, are available to policy shapers, energy manufacturers and energy consumers. In every portion of the universe, these engineerings are indispensable from both economic and environmental positions[ 3 ].

A Brief History of Solar Cells

Solar power engineering is non a recent innovation. Actually, solar energy workss were developed to heat H2O and create steam to drive machinery during the Industrial Revolution, which began in the mid-1700s and lasted into the mid-1800s[ 4 ]. E. E. Fritts, an American discoverer, made the first solar cells from Se with a crystalline gold foil bed on top and a metal backup. When struck by visible radiation, this crude cell produced a bantam electrical current. It was discovered that the device was truly merely 1 % effectual. Fritts called his device a “ solar battery ”[ 5 ]. See figure 1.

In 1839 Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, a Gallic physicist, discovered the photovoltaic consequence which explains how electricity can be generated from sunshine[ 6 ]. He claimed that “ reflecting visible radiation on an electrode submerged in a conductive solution would make an electric current. ”[ 7 ]However, even though there were a batch of research and developments after his find, photovoltaic power was still really inefficient and photovoltaic cells were used chiefly for mensurating visible radiation. In 1941, Russell Ohl invented the solar cell after the innovation of the transistor[ 8 ].

There was the first long-run practical application of photovoltaic cells in satellite systems when the Vanguard I, the first orbiting vehicle powered by solar energy, was launched into infinite in 1958.The solar power system was so successful that PV ‘s have become a portion of the infinite program.A It is claimed that the Sun gives us eternal nonpolluting energy to the satellite power systems[ 9 ]. These yearss, solar panels are going more efficient due to betterments in design engineering.

Figure 1: Diagram of photovoltaic cell.

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20PV % 20Cells % 20Work.html

Company Profile

SANYO Electric Co. , Ltd. was established by Toshio Lue in April 1947 with its first merchandise as a motorcycle generator lamp. He named SANYO, which can be defined as the three oceans: The Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean[ 10 ], with the ambitious dream that the company could spread out its concern all around the universe. The central office is located in Osaka, Japan and has 176 subordinates[ 11 ]in Asia and Pacific, North America, Europe and South Africa. To carry through the company ‘s doctrine “ We are committed to go an indispensable component in the lives of people all over the universe[ 12 ]“ , The SANYO Group aims to be Energy Solutions by “ making, installation, and conserving clean energy[ 13 ]“ merchandises ( Exhibit 1 ) . In add-on, the company has besides achieved economic systems of range with diversified merchandises runing from ocular merchandises, sound merchandises, place contraptions, air conditioners, nutrient equipment, biomedical and medical equipment, CCTV merchandises, and batteries ( Exhibit 1 ) . To make energy, the company launched eneloop[ 14 ]merchandises as eneloop rechargeable battery[ 15 ]in 2005 and expanded into other merchandises such as electrical intercrossed motorcycles, portable solar panels, and heater merchandises.

Murky Business Environment

Figure 2: Collaboration ceremonial between SANYO and Panasonic

Beginning: SANYO Electric Co. , Ltd. Annual Report 2009

Like other concern sectors, SANYO Electronic Co. , Ltd. has faced concern ruins from the universe ‘s economic recession. Based on the concern public presentation in FY 2009, the net gross revenues decreased 12 % from FY 2008 or about 1,770.7 billion hankerings ; the net income before revenue enhancements and involvements from go oning operation reduced from FY 2008 of 113.7 billion hankerings ; and there was a net loss of 39.2 billion hankerings[ 16 ].

On December 19th, 2008, the company joined a strategic confederation with Panasonic Corporation ( Exhibit 2 ) . These two companies appointed two “ coaction commission[ 17 ]“ to supervise and command the concern schemes and public presentations of SANYO Electric Co. , Ltd. After the acquisition, the gross revenues volume of Panasonic Corporation, the acquirer company, has increased that President Fumio Ohtsubo said in the imperativeness conference, “ Thankss to Sanyo, which is a cardinal participant in solar cells and rechargeable batteries and has strength in electronics devices and commercial equipment, the deepness and breadth of Panasonic group has farther expanded. ”[ 18 ]( Exhibit 3 )

On the other manus, SANYO Electric Co. , Ltd has still non to the full recovered from this coaction. Harmonizing to the adjusted prognosis of FY Ending March 2010 on February 4, 2010, the company tends to bear extra losingss from go oning runing outgos of 10 billion hankerings: 5 billion hankerings from the organisational restructuring and 5 billion hankerings from the offered command by Panasonic Group[ 19 ]. SANYO executive remarked on this concern coaction:


In footings of engineering development, it seems the wake does non interrupt SANYO engineering. The company can still enable to establish its cutting-edge merchandises to the market such as new series of eneloop motorcycle and picture camera.

Merchandise Development

SANYO Electric Co. , Ltd. launched Eneloop Portable Solar on August 10, 2009. As one of the taking companies in solar cell engineering with more than 30-year experience ( Exhibit 4 ) , the intent of this incremental invention was to follow the enormous success of HIT solar cell ( Exhibit 5 ) launched in the market in 1997.

Figure 3 Eneloop individual panel set ( left ) and dual panel set ( right )

Beginning: SANYO planetary web site

Eneloop solar panel merchandise is one new merchandise under ‘eneloop existence[ 21 ]‘ trade name with the construct of a “ lifestyle that values recycling and recycling[ 22 ]“ . The constituent devices consist of SANYO ‘HIT ” solar sheet ( one sheet for a individual panel and two sheets for a dual panel ) in a net bag fastened on the dorsum of the panel organic structure and with two maulerss enabling to be hung in a window, a nomadic supporter with a Lithium Ion battery and a USB courser. The dimensions of a individual panel are 174 ( breadth ) x 204 ( tallness ) x 26 ( deepness ) millimeter and 174 ( breadth ) x 504 ( tallness ) x 26 ( deepness ) for a dual panel[ 23 ]. The appliance has really light weight: approximately 230 gms for a individual panel, 420 gms for a dual panel and 70 gms for a supporter[ 24 ]. See merchandise specifications ( Exhibit 6 ) for more inside informations.

Merchandise Use

Eneloop portable solar merchandise can be used at easiness. You can hang it in a window or set it outside under the Sun and charge power with a portable supporter. Generally, for the full charge it takes about 1.5 twenty-four hours for a dual solar set and 3 yearss for a individual solar set on a cheery twenty-four hours. The full charge continuance depends on four factors: the sum of twenty-four hours visible radiation ( whether it is cheery or gloomy the season ) , the season ( in summer, the bear downing continuance is faster than in winter ) , the sum of bing battery and the temperature. Then link a USB courser to bear down nomadic appliances such as nomadic phones, USB devices, Ipod, MP3 participants, or even a laptop. It takes about 7 hours for the USB charging. For an exigency call, puting a solar panel to have sunshine in a normal conditions is adequate to do a call for 20-40 minute[ 25 ]. You besides can maintain a supporter and devices in a net bag which is on another side of the solar panel.

Figure 4 Merchandise Use

Beginning: SANYO planetary web site

This nomadic solar power generator is presently available in Japan merely. If clients from abroad privation to buy it, they have to reach straight with appliance importers such as from appliance web sites on Internet. The monetary value for a individual solar set is about $ 90 and about $ 150 for a dual one.

iF Design Award-Winning Product

On March 2, 2010 SANYO Electric Co. , Ltd. won the gilded award of iF Design Awards from eneloop portable solar panel at the CeBIT Show held in Hannover, Germany ( Exhibit 7 ) . The internationally esteemed awards are granted for inventions with outstanding designs whose merchandise maps are easy to utilize and advance environmental consciousness. Besides, other SANYO merchandises besides won iF Design Award this twelvemonth. It means SANYO Electric Co. , Ltd. earns international acknowledgment that the company merchandises are environmental friendly in footings of design and constructs. This achievement response to SANYO ‘s committedness “ Think GAIA ” , a Grecian term means “ Earth ” and “ Life ”[ 26 ]. It means the company strongly commits to making concern, which benefits people.

Present Portable Solar Cell Actual Market – Japan

SANYO ‘s portable solar panel presently is available merely in Japan since August 2009.

Nipponese authorities encourages households in Japan to utilize solar power by publishing renewable energy policy. The authorities hopes that in the following 10 old ages, the solar energy users will increase up to 20 times.[ 27 ]Presently, there are many houses which produce complementary goods which can be used with current electronic devices. For illustration, there are iPhone solar coursers available in Nipponese market for iPhone Nipponese users. Therefore, there is a displacement of tendency towards the usage of portable solar courser. SANYO ‘s portable solar panel success is turning as Nipponese people are more concerned about planetary heating and the usage of solar energy generators.[ 28 ]From the statistic, Germany consumes 39 % of all solar panels in the universe, while Japan is at 30 % , the United States on the 3rd rank with 9 % . This is harmonizing to Solar Energy Industries Association.[ 29 ]

Figure 5: The chief consuming states in per centum of solar panels in the universe

Portable Solar Cell Competitors in Japan

From the twelvemonth 2009, many portable solar panel devices have entered in Nipponese market due to the discoveries of solar cell advanced engineering which have lead to cheaper portable solar cell power generator as many big companies try to cut down the sum of expensive Si required for doing the solar panels. This will do the consecutive merchandise cost have around 10-30 per centum less than their portable solar cell rivals in the market.[ 30 ]See figure 6.

Business Potential of Portable Solar Cell Panel

Portable solar panels will pull environmental-lovers and many clients as modern society depends more on portable devices and portable solar panels become more capable, environmentally-friendly and less expensive than the big size of solar cell panels. Portable generators can besides function a figure of of import maps. It can be used anyplace particularly where the grid power is non available. In add-on, the device can besides bear down all sorts of portable devices such as cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 participants or even gaming devices.

In add-on, utilizing portable solar panel is besides a great manner to present solar energy to your household particularly for your childs since there are many ways to utilize solar energy in a day-to-day life.[ 31 ]The possible market of little portable solar panel can be anyplace in the universe. Portable solar panels would be great for boosting, bivouacing or taking with you on the concern trip. Presently, there are many complementary goods which can be used with portable solar panel. For illustration, complementary merchandises which have USB ports to back up portable solar cell panel from nomadic phone companies such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.[ 32 ]They have made the connections fit with portable solar panels and do the cost more effectual. This helps the clients make their determination easier before buying the portable solar panel as the sensible cost, efficiency, and portability all affect the value of the clean power generator merchandises. Harmonizing to the Pike Company ‘s research, a market research and confer withing house that provides in-depth and indifferent analysis of planetary clean engineering markets, portable solar cell panels is set to increase planetary market portion dramatically.[ 33 ]

Figure 6: Examples of portable solar cell panel providers in Japan market:



Monetary value ( US $ )


Better Energy Systems Ltd

Solio: the universe ‘s most advanced solar courser for nomadic devices



Kodak Company

KS100-C: Kodak Solar Charger with 28 hours via sunshine


Sept, 2009

DoCoMo Company

SH-08A: Hybrid Solar Powered Super Cell Phone with solar panel attached


Sept, 2009

TDK Corporation Japan

Colorful Portable Solar Charger meet demands of manner participants



Japan Senior Research Institute Inc.

Solar Unagi NEO Portable Solar Generator: The small-sized and incorporate ( battery, inverter, converter all-in-one ) merchandise



Crisp Company

Sharp ‘s LR0GC02: The World Thinnest Portable Solar Panel


Oct, 2009

Pirelli Group Company

SolarFold and SolarFan with solar panels attached



Powertraveller Company

Solargorilla: Portable Solar Panel- the ultimate renewable power station for laptops and other devices



Novothink Company

Solar cell panels for iPhone and iPods



Voltaic Systems Company

Laptops and Rucksacks with solar panels attached




What type of invention is Eneloop Portable Solar?

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