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Education And The Maltese Educational System Sectors

The Maltese educational system is divided into three chief sectors and is based on the British theoretical account: Primary Education ( ages five boulder clay 11 ) , Secondary Education ( ages eleven till 16 ) , and Tertiary Education.

Education in Malta is mandatory from age five boulder clay 16. Parents can take to direct their kids either to State, Church or Private Schools. Therefore as one can see, it provides an extended system which caters for all demands ( Bartolo, D. & A ; Debattista, M. 2000 – 2009 ) . Major alterations are presently undergoing the Maltese Educational System. In 1996, computing machines started to be installed in the Primary School schoolrooms. A new National Minimum Curriculum was drawn and implemented between 2000 and 2001. This is made for all schools including conditions to determine criterions of hygiene, safety, dimensions of schoolrooms and installations ( Bartolo, D. & A ; Debattista, M. 2000 – 2009 )

While an increasing figure of pupils with particular acquisition demands are being placed in mainstream schools, some still receive their instruction in particular, primary and secondary schools.

The bulk of pupils attend the province schools, while approximately 30 % of all pupils attend the non-state sector ( Sultana, 1997 ) .

Inclusive Education

The inclusion in instruction knows its beginning around 16 old ages ago. Representatives of 92 authoritiess together with 25 international organisations produced the World Conference on Special Needs Education. This meeting was held in Spain. From this conference, a new model for action was developed with the chief focal point of this action was that all ordinary schools should suit all kids, irrespective of their physical, rational, societal, emotional, lingual or other conditions. It says that those kids with particular educational demands ‘must have entree to regular schools ‘

Inclusion in schools is a critical issue/element against prejudiced attitudes of such people. Regular schools with inclusive orientation provide an effectual instruction to the bulk of kids and better the efficiency and finally the cost-effectiveness of the full instruction system.http: //

Education in Malta besides caters for all sectors of the population, including kids with particular demands for whom a Particular Education Section within the Education Department is set up. The Department besides offers assorted accessory services, e.g. counsel and guidance, public assistance, psychological, medical, and religious, which enhance the quality of instruction offered.

What is Dyslexia? What is dyslexia: categorization causes etc

Dor here include the definition of dyslexia pls & A ; some causes/risk factors- spell on wikipedia and u ll find ax jien mandix cyberspace u illum indum naqra xoghol.

On norm, In Malta there is about 15-20 % of pupils with a related acquisition disablement ( Bradforb, J. ( n.d. ) )

Harmonizing to Ott ( 1997 ) , early designation can diminish the long term consequence of dyslexia symptoms when it is accompanies by appropriate intervention and apprehension. Early designation additions awareness that there may be failings and lateness in geting cardinal life accomplishments. Secondary emotional and behavioral jobs can be prevented or avoided if appropriate intercession is made early in childhood.

Din factory ktieb How to observe and pull off dyslexia pg 24-25 by Philomena Ott, 1997

Is the Maltese educational system a disadvantage to kids with dyslexia?

Although the Maltese educational system seems to be one of the most efficient and effectual systems when compared to other systems, there are certain keys that in my sentiment are still ill-defined and need farther insights.

Children with dyslexia invest more energy in their ocular accomplishments and they are multidimensional minds. They are normally extremely originative as they focus more on custodies on larning instead than in seeking to understand letters, Numberss, symbols and written words. ( Davis Dyslexia Association International ) .

It is going rather apparent that kids who fail to larn to read will over react in negative ways. Harmonizing to Young and Tyre ( day of the month ) these kids cope with their failure by seeking attending and popularity in anticing or strong-arming. They try to bluff their manner out through school. ( Dyslexia or illiteracy, 1987 ) .pg 98

This was besides apparent by pearpoint & A ; Forest, 1994: “ There are monolithic figure of pupils holding school jobs who are shouting at us with their behavior. They are stating us that school is irrelevant, deadening, dull, non run intoing their demands and driving them brainsick. These pupils drop out of school or acquire kicked out, form packs and acquire in problem and we continue to fault the victims instead than looking deep at ourselves and our school system for originative replies and options ” .

Trade Schools

In my sentiment, the Maltese educational system is farther promoting jobs to dyslexic kids. The new reform is heightening exclusion. The fact that trade schools are phased out, it is being of a disadvantage to dyslexic children-this is because many of these kids involves themselves in craft-making. These schools were ideal for dyslexic students. The new system caters more for academic activities instead than extra curricular 1s. Thus this is being more nerve-racking to kids who finds it hard in literacy: ( read and compose ) . With the new system they have fewer chances every bit far as creativeness is concerned. Quality Education for all ( principle 1 Ta cubic decimeter NMC ) is non being implemented. The NMC should supply the context wherein all kids participate in the uninterrupted sweetening of personal and corporate cognition and the development of those attitudes and accomplishments which the community respects as basic and necessary for a individual ‘s holistic attack.

Whilst before after three old ages of secondary schooling, pupils had the chance to reassign to merchandise schools, a system that leads either to employment or to farther proficient instruction and preparation through apprenticeship strategies, now that these schools are phased out, they have much less chances which make these kids at a farther disadvantage. Before pupils who did non accomplish the coveted consequences had the chance to go to an out of school larning Centre.

For all kids to win ( 2005 ) pg 44- this papers is advancing the phasing out of Boys ‘ and Girls ‘ Centres ( ex-opportunity Centres )

LSA & A ; dyslexia

It has besides been problematic whether kids with dyslexia should profit from the service of an LSA or non as portion of their educational demands. In Malta, the educational system does non offer a LSA for kids who suffer from dyslexia alone/only. Parents of such kids feel that this is unethical and is a signifier of favoritism for their kids.

For the above issue, the following involves a treatment to proof the effectivity of LSA ‘s in people with dyslexia. This issue was proven by several surveies done internationally i.e. non in the Maltese educational system.

The LSA together with other members of the squad such as the ACTU can work together for the benefit of these kids and discuss certain schemes such as ICT usage to cut down composing and copying accomplishments. This can be done in regular meetings to run into these kids demands including accommodating a holistic attack i.e. engagement of their parents or defenders.

Dyslexic kids can still larn to read and compose expeditiously but when they use certain methods /unique larning manners. hypertext transfer protocol: // This clearly shows that the LSA can hold an built-in function in their acquisition capablenesss.

Furthermore, Savage & A ; Carless ( 2005 ) besides proofed that LSAs have a function in preventive steps for literacy troubles. In their survey, 6 twelvemonth old kids were used divided into 4 groups. The participants were obtained from 9 schools. Phonic plans were administered to these kids for 9 hebdomads by trained LSAs.

Although the Maltese educational system lacks in certain facets of attention, there has been an addition in consciousness of the LSA function. Whereas before the focal point used to be on one kid, this is no longer the instance. It caters for all the pupils in the category. This fact leaves positive visible radiation on dyslexic kids who do non hold a statement of demands from the CDAU.

Use of devices.

A more holistic attack should be adapted in class- we must allow our pupils with composing troubles use a computing machine with specialised package that enchantment cheques, grammar cheques or recognizes address. I have been working as an LSA in a state/ authorities school for the past six old ages. Although I met several dyslexic kids, unluckily and sorry to state I did ne’er acquire across computing machine usage with them – they were ne’er given the chance to utilize a computing machine during talks.

It has been shown that an addition figure of computing machine programmes have characteristics that meet many of the demands of dyslexic scholars and better their troubles. This can be particularly effectual in the primary old ages where literacy accomplishments are being learned daily. Skond Victoria Crivalli, Moira Thomson, Bodil Anderson fil ktieb Dyslexia in context ( 2005 ) .

Information and communicating engineering can help in written work, which is so frequently thwarting for dyslexics. Planning, forming, composing, spelling, redacting and presentation can be assisted in such a manner that they feel more able to show their intended content and show their true ability. Programs and tools can offer independency for many kids who depend on adult/peer aid in literacy activities.

In the present, the usage of Personal computer ‘s should non be used as a wages or as a penalty as it is being used in some schools. In most instances kids are merely allowed to utilize the computing machine after category work is ready as a wages after completion of work.

Lack of Knowledge & A ; expertees ( eg clip direction ) in preparation

Although there was an addition in consciousness on the function of the LSA ‘s, instructors still lack the necessary expertness to move with such kids in relation with other kids in the same category. This remains a disadvantage on this system. This is farther sustained in the study Inclusive and particular instruction reappraisal 2005 pg71:

“ The Working Group noted that most schools are non equipped, and learning staff are non at all adequately trained, to place and provide suitably for the deductions of this state of affairs. ”

Most instructors base their acquisition schemes on unwritten methods or else seek to do pupils copy word for word. Using this system merely kids who has a good attending span and does non hold jobs with literacy are able to larn. The ideal would be multisensory learning – the usage of more than one sense will assist the student to better absorb further cognition.

Gillingham and Stillman ( 1956 ) said that multisensory learning ‘is based upon the changeless usage of all of the followers: how a missive or word expressions, how it sounds, how the address organs or the manus in authorship feels when bring forthing it ‘ . The student uses the ocular channel ( eyes ) , the audile channel ( ears ) and kinaesthetic ( centrifugal memory ) and tactile ( custodies ) to larn.

Il ktieb How to observe and pull off dyslexia Pg8 Philomena Ott ( 1997 )

One can besides believe of specialisation in the country for illustration holding literacy instructors induced in the Maltese educational system. ( Din nahseb diga tezisti-MANAFX TEZISTIX ICCEKJA NAQRA MA XI TEACHERi?S ) ) )

More co-ordination between the Statementing and Moderating Panel, the Child Development Assessment Unit ( CDAU ) and l-SpLD, is of important importance. Peoples with particular single needs together with their households or parents must be assured and provided with a clear thorough DIN ALA AMILTHA HIGHLIGHTED TEZISTI TA image in order to be able to steer themselves in the whole educative procedure. For this to take topographic point, there should be official representatives from the instruction division ( particularly from the DIRECTORATE services ta DSSIR ) , the KNPD, CDAY SpLD and the module of instruction at the university of Malta.

hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Inkluziva.pdf ( 2005 ) .

Harmonizing to Salend, Spencer, J. ( 2001 ) when “ all members work together to accomplish a common end and portion their expertness and perceptual experiences with others ” will hold better results ” .

A ego interview was done with Ms. Karen Grech, l-SPLD unit worker on the 28/9/2010. Some of the information gathered was that as a unit they offer their services to both kids every bit good as grownups with larning troubles. Unfortunately due to their widespread system of services offered ( some of which include working in coaction with literacy instructors on nucleus competencies, recommendations to LSA s and instructors ) , there is a long waiting list which decidedly will do the state of affairs even worse.


“ Miles & A ; Miles ( 1984 ) examined the consequence of early intercession. They found that ‘ it is peculiarly advantageous if particular instruction can get down no later than age seven ‘ . They concluded that ‘if dyslexic kids are caught early, less clip is needed for catching up, while in many instances they can be helped before defeat sets in ‘ . Furthermore these consequences correlate with those of Badian ( 1988 ) . She reported that ‘when diagnosing of dyslexia was made in the first two classs of school, over 80 % of the pupils could be brought up to their normal schoolroom work ‘ . Chasty ( 1996 ) besides stated that ‘ at the age of seven, a kid with mild to chair dyslexia/specific larning troubles ( i.e. over 80 % of all kids with such troubles ) can be helped within the schoolroom state of affairs by the category instructor or category helper apportioning one hr in short and frequent Sessionss throughout the hebdomad. Din factory ktieb How to observe and pull off dyslexia pg 24-25 by Philomena Ott, 1997


Despite the above mentioned deficiency of services, one besides has to maintain in head that this is non merely a job of the Maltese educational system but besides due to other inflowing issues such as the health care system ( Is at that place adequate professional staff available to measure such kids at CDAU and so forth ) .

A positive thing to state is that despite all these lacks, still a significant rate of these kids end up to third degree of instruction. This shows that the Maltese educational system is effectual sing the deficiency in certain facets of it. However if working in coaction for a more holistic multidisciplinaryGHAMEL LIEMA TOGBOK BOTH CAN BE USED transdisciplinary nahseb attack, I believe that we can take towards better and easy life of dyslexic children/people!


hypertext transfer protocol: //