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Innovative Teacher Education Program: Need, Problems and Suggestions

Innovative Teacher Education Programme: Need, Problems and Suggestions Education is an instrument for preparing younger generation for this complex society. The quality of education we provide to our children, depends upon the quality of teachers, we inject into the education system, which in turn depends on the quality of teachers’ preparation through teachers education programmes.

Education becomes ineffective if the teachers do not have competence to get the students to use them properly. The teachers will have to be an agent of social change, an innovator and communicator. He should be a creative person and be capable of exploiting new technologies to the best advantage. Unless teachers training institutions are infused with the spirit of adventure, experiment and change, teachers can not be expected to accelerate the best of development.

Teacher educators repeat and experiment their own training, which they received earlier, upon their students. A vast majority of teacher education institutions still stand, where they were in the past. In present scenario, when there is a radical change in structure, economy, social needs and social values and when teachers’ responsibilities have been multiplied, there is a need of change in the system of teacher education.

If the teacher training institutions do not meet the challenges of the next decade, they will not survive and also decline the quality of teacher education. So we have to make the system of education more innovative and futuristic in order to respond to the changing demands of the society. The present paper makes an attempt to identify the factors that prevents teacher education at secondary level from being innovative and also suggests some strategies for the quality improvement of teacher education programmes. *