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September 25, 2017
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Lesson Plan

Jessica O. LeanoDr. Nanette Tandingan Beed-3A 09/01/11CN 24 Objectives | Content | Strategies | Evaluation | Assignment | In this lesson, the learner’s are expected to: Identify the different attitudes of the Characters Show interest in the discussion through the active participation perform the collaborative activities to reinforce the learning. | | A. Routinary Checking of Classroom Prayer Greetings Checking of attendance B. Review The student will give the characters in the story Give the characters in story of Footnote to youth C.

Motivation who is the protagonist? who is the antagonist? Give the values of the story Footnote to youth Give the Summary using this graphic organizer D. Lesson Proper There are some adjectives that change the word we call these irregular adjectives. Here are the examples Good, better, best Bad, worse, worst Many, more, most Guide Questions. How will you know that this are adjectives? Why are this called adjectives? What did you notice about the sentences? What are the three degree comparison of adjectives? What is positive adjectives?

What is comparative adjectives? What is superlative adjectives? Give examples of Postive. Give examples of Comparative. Give examples of Superlative. E. Groupings Learning Styles Mastery | Intrapersonal | Create Visual organizer to explain the degree of adjectives Have the Students practice the degree of comparison of by using their body | Write the personal narartive report using the degre of adjectives. Make the joint story using the degree of adjectives. | Understanding | Self- Expressive | Analyze the sentences and give the adjectives.

Explain the uses of the comparison of the degree of adjectives. | Make a song to explain the degree of adjectives. Create the natural metaphor for each degree. Draw the picture using the words that you describe. | F. Generalization Recognized the comparison of the degree of the adjectives. Each one of us was given the task and in our life. How will you respond the task that was given to you. How do you manifest your self confindence using the degree of adjectives? Valuing How do you manifest your self confindence? How will you respond to the task that you are given to you? | Go to the last page for the rubrics. Who likes reading story? Make an advance reading about the “The necklace by Guy De maupassant” | Rubrics in English | Unacceptable1pts | Not Yet Meeting Expectations3 pts | Minimally Meeting Expectations5 pts | Fully Meeting Expectations7 pts | Exceeding Expectations10pts | Content 10pts | Unacceptable No scientific information presented. | Not Yet Meeting Expectations Content was not relevant, appropriate, or covered fewer than 3 key points. | Minimally Meeting Expectations Content of the presentation included relevant, appropriate and covered 4-7 key points. Fully Meeting Expectations Content of the presentation included relevant, appropriate and covered 8-10 key points. | Exceeding Expectations Content of presentation was relevant, appropriate, and covered 12 or more key points. Information went beyond what was included in the textbook. | Handouts 4 pts | Unacceptable 0pt No handout was provided. | Not Yet Meeting Expectations 1pts Handout is messy and disorganized. Contains very little information. | Minimally Meeting Expectations 2pts Handout has 4-7 key concepts. No diagram is included. Fully Meeting Expectations 3pts Handout has 8 – 10 key points and has at least one diagram relevant to chapter section. | Exceeding Expectations 4pts Handout has 12 or more key concepts. Contains 2 or more well labeled diagrams. Information is easy to read and understand. | Presentation Quality 6pts | Unacceptable 0 Did not present. | Not Yet Meeting Expectations 1pt Teaching did not engage the class. Voice was inaudible. Presentation was under or over the time constraint by more than 30 seconds. | Minimally Meeting Expectations 3pts Teaching engaged the class some of the time.

Voice was flat and hard to hear. Presentation was under or over the time constraint by less than 30 seconds. | Fully Meeting Expectations 5pts Teaching engaged the class most of the time. Voice and volume used to keep attention of class. Presentation was within the 1-2 minute time constraint. | Exceeding Expectations 6pts Teaching engaged the class the entire time with an entertaining introduction, lively presentation of information, and effective conclusion. Voice, volume, and gestures used to keep attention of class. Presentation within 1-2 minute time constraint. Props/visual aids may be included. |