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Looking At The Catcher In The Rye English Literature Essay

Chapter 1- In chapter one, we discover that the storyteller ‘s brother is named D.B. , and that he lives in Hollywood, which is n’t excessively far off from the storyteller ‘s place. After depicting a spot about his household, he starts his narrative which was the twenty-four hours he left Pencey Prep. The school is located in Agerstown, Pennsylvania. As he continues to state his narrative, we can clearly deduce that he does non use himself, because he merely passed one out of five topics ( English ) and was forbidden to travel back to the school after the autumn term. The storyteller Holden, narrative continues on the Saturday before Christmas interruption, when his school football squad is playing their one-year game against Saxton Hall. We besides find that Holden is a spot irresponsible when he reflects on losing the fence squad ‘s equipment on a metro, when on a trip to New York. Holden so walks off from the football game to state adieu to his former history instructor, Mr. Spencer. The chapter concludes as Holden is welcomed by the instructor ‘s married woman, and stairss indoors.

Chapter 2- Holden greets Mr. Spencer and his married woman. Mr. Spencer tries to talk Holden about his academic failures, and he tells him that he must larn to play by the regulations. We can state that Mr. Spencer feels fondness for him, but so once more, he reminds him that he flunked him. The former instructor so makes him listen to one of his atrocious essays he wrote about the ancient Egyptians. Near the terminal of the chapter, Mr. Spencer attempts to convert Holden to believe about his hereafter, but non desiring to be lectured, Holden interrupts and returns to his residence hall.

Chapter 3- In chapter three, we learn that Holden lives in Ossenburger Hall. While he is reading, a male child named Ackley who lives following door interrupts him. The writer describes Ackley as a really annoying individual, who has gross outing personal wonts and hygiene. Ackley ever acts that he is making everyone a favour by disbursement clip with them, when we can see that is n’t normally the instance because he is highly raging. He continues to trouble oneself Holden and prevents him from reading and aggravates him even more by niping his fingernails and allowing them land on the floor. When Holden ‘s roomie Stradlater enters the room, Ackley rapidly leaves.

Chapter 4- While Stradlater is acquiring ready for his day of the month, he asks Holden to compose and English composing for him because he wo n’t hold clip to make so. Holden shortly learns that Stradlater ‘s day of the month is Jane Gallagher, whom he has strong feelings for.

Chapter 5-After dinner Holden gets into a snowball battle with some of the other Pencey male childs. He and his friend Mal Brossard decide they want to travel see a film and invite Ackley to travel along. After they come back Ackley and Holden talk for a piece, and so Holden asks him to go forth because he needs to get down on the English composing for Stradlater. Holden has a difficult clip calculating out what he should compose, but so decides to compose about his brother Allie ‘s decease.

Chapter 6-When Stradlater comes place from his day of the month, he is really displeased with the work that Holden has done for him, kicking that it is irrelevant to the original assignment. Holden so tears up the paper, and the tenseness builds between the two when he asks about Stradlater ‘s day of the month. When he refuses to supply him with any inside informations, Holden attacks him and calls him names. Holden finally gets a bloody nose and walks over to Ackley ‘s room.

Chapter 7-Holden converses with Ackley and so attempts to fall asleep, but when he ca n’t, he leaves and walks out into the hallway. He decides he wants to travel to New York early.

Chapter 8-Holden walks to the train station, and gets on a train that is heading for New York. One of his schoolmate ‘s female parents sits following to him, and they have a conversation. He tells the adult female that his name is Rudolph, which is really a janitor ‘s name. She asks why he is go forthing early, and Holden says he is returning to New York for a encephalon tumour operation.

Chapter 9-When he arrives at the train station he wants to name person but can non calculate out who to name, so he takes a cab to the Edmont Hotel. While at the hotel, he calls a miss named Faith Cavendish, but she is n’t interested in doing programs with him.

Chapter 10-Holden decides to travel downstairs to the hotel ‘s cabaret. Before go forthing, he thinks twice about naming his sister Phoebe. He gives a really brief description of her, similar to the 1 of his brother Allie. In the cabaret, he tries to order a cocktail, but the server refuses to convey him one and he returns to his room.

Chapter 11-As he walks out into the hotel anteroom, he continues to believe about Jane, and says that they had a close relationship. Because he is broad awake, he decides to travel back downstairs.

Chapter 12-Holden takes a cab to a different cabaret called Ernie ‘s, which is in Greenwhich Village. While at the cabaret he has a few drinks and listens to the cheerless conversations around him. He meets one of his brother ‘s old girlfriends Lillian Simmons at the nine, and so leaves to acquire off from her.

Chapter 13-After go forthing the cabaret, Holden walks forty-one blocks to the hotel. The lift operator offers to direct him a cocotte, and he accepts the offer. When she arrives, he declines and pays her five dollars to go forth. When she demands ten, he refuses to pay her the excess money, and she leaves in an angry mode.

Chapter 14-While Holden remembers and incident with Allie, he hears a knock at the door. When he opens it, he finds the lift operator demanding the excess money he owes Sunny. When he does n’t give him the money, the operator pins him against the wall, while she grabs the money from his billfold. When they leave, Holden eventually goes to kip.

Chapter 15-The following forenoon, Holden calls Sally Hayes and makes programs with her, and checks out of the hotel. Then he describes his female parent as non experiencing excessively healthy after his brother Allie ‘s decease, and he is disquieted about her. He goes to breakfast, and meets two nuns. He feels sorry for them and gives them ten dollars for their charitable cause. But, he realizes that he needed the money for his day of the month and declinations giving it to them.

Chapter 16-After breakfast Holden goes for a walk, and thinks about the nuns and their altruism. He describes them as being really generous and says he ca n’t believe of anyone he knows that tantrums those features so absolutely. He so goes to Broadway to purchase a record for his sister called “ Small Shirley Beans. ” After that, Holden buys tickets to a show called “ I Know My Love ” for his day of the month with Sally. Holden goes to the park to seek and happen Phoebe, but meets a miss that knows her and tells him that she is on a school trip to the museum. She so remembers that the trip was the twenty-four hours before, but irrespective Holden walks to the museum and reminisces about his memories at that place when he was younger. Holden says “ that every clip he went to the museum, he felt that he had changed, while the museum had stayed precisely the same. ”

Chapter 17-Holden foliages to run into Sally at the Biltmore Hotel. The two so travel to the drama Holden had bought tickets to earlier. After the show they go ice-skating, and while taking a break Holden negotiations about how anomic he feels. Then he suggests that he and Sally run off from society together. She says that his thought is pathetic, and he gets really angry. Sally is upset with him, and Holden leaves the skating rink without her.

Chapter 18-After go forthing the rink, he goes to a apothecary’s shop and calls a male child named Carl Luce, and they make programs to run into up for drinks subsequently that dark. Holden decides he needs to kill some clip, and goes to see a film at the Radio City Music Hall. When the show concludes, he starts walking to the saloon where he is supposed to run into Carl.

Chapter 19-At the Wicker Bar Holden says he finds Carl Luce really amusing, although he is a hypocrite. When Carl arrives Holden asks him many inquiries, and he gets really irritated. He tells Holden that he needs to travel see a psychoanalyst, and when Holden responds with a “ smart ” remark Carl leaves the saloon.

Chapter 20-Holden corsets at the saloon and gets really intoxicated. He so walks to the pool in Central Park, and along the manner Holden drops the record he bought for his sister and interrupt it. He so reflects on losing Allie ‘s funeral because he was in a infirmary, and he becomes sad and wants to speak to Phoebe. Holden leaves the park and starts his long journey place.

Chapter 21-Holden arrives at his household ‘s flat and takes the lift up. He sneaks in the flat and hunts for Phoebe. He finds his sister and awakes her and he is really aroused to see him. Phoebe realizes that he is home two yearss early and she claims that he must hold gotten kicked out of school, and that their male parent will “ kill ” him. He tries to warrant his behaviour, but she refuses to listen. He so leaves to acquire coffin nails.

Chapter 22-When he returns, he eventually gets her to listen and he explains what he hates most about school. When she asks him what he wants to make with his life, he responds “ If a organic structure catch a organic structure comin ‘ through the rye. ” He explains that he “ wants to stand at the border of the drop and catch the kids when they come excessively close to falling off. ” Holden finally wants to be “ the backstop in the rye. ”

Chapter 23-Holden leaves Phoebe ‘s room to name Mr. Antolini, one of his old English instructors. He invites Holden to pass the dark at his house. He returns to Phoebe ‘s room, and after a few minutes they hear the door unfastened and Holden goes into the cupboard. Their female parent walks in to insert Phoebe in. Before Holden he leaves he tells Phoebe that his purposes are to travel out West on his ain, and she gives him her Christmas money she has been salvaging. Holden leaves for Mr. Antolini ‘s house, and on the manner out he gives Phoebe his chapeau.

Chapter 24-He arrives at Mr. Antolini ‘s and he inquiries Holden about his ejection from Pencey Prep. Holden says that he did n’t like the regulations and ordinances at the school. Mr. Antolini tells Holden that he is really concerns about him, because he seems “ primed for a major autumn. ” He explains that the “ autumn ” is experienced by people of all ages that can non cover with what is around them. But he adds that if Holden applies himself in school, he will recognize that many persons have besides been affected by this, and that he will larn more about his ain head in the procedure. He lets Holden travel to kip after a long talk. But, all of a sudden he awakes and hurries out of the flat when he feels Mr. Antolini manus stroking his caput.

Chapter 25-After departing from the house, Holden goes to Grand Central Station, and he spends the dark kiping on a bench in the waiting room. The following twenty-four hours, he decides to thumb west and ne’er come back to the country once more. He goes to his sister ‘s school and writes her a note stating to run into him at the Museum of Art. As he waits for her reaching, he passes out. When she eventually arrives to the museum he sees that she had brought a bag with her, and she begs him to let her to come along. Holden so explains that she can non perchance come, and that makes her really angry. He so offers to take her to the menagerie, and after looking at the animate beings they confront a carrousel. Holden tells his sister to sit it and tickers as she goes about and about. He feels so happy about to the point of cryings, as he watches his sister.

Chapter 26-Holden concludes his narrative, but does n’t supply any inside informations of what happened after his twenty-four hours with Phoebe. He says that he will be traveling to a new school in the autumn, and has programs of better using himself at that place. Holden wishes that he would n’t hold discussed his experiences so much because “ speaking about what happened to hum makes him lose all of the people in the narrative. ”

Ideas and Quotation marks:

“ The best thing, though, in that museum was that everything ever stayed right where it was. ”

I think this quotation mark shows him a portion of life that he can truly understand. Museums ever stay the same and seem to “ stop dead. ” During chapter 16 when Holden remembers his school trips, he describes the show instance incorporating the Eskimo as “ ever sitting over a hole in this icy lake, and he was angling through it. He had about two fish right following to the hole that he ‘d already caught. ” Holden says that nil of all time was moved in the museum, and that you could travel at that place a 1000 times and that Eskimo would still be at that place with the two fish sitting following to him. It seems that Holden can judge the shows, such as the Eskimo 1 and he will ne’er acquire judged in return. Later in the chapter he says “ You ‘d merely be different. You ‘d hold an greatcoat on this clip. Or the child that was your spouse in line the last clip had got scarlet febrility and you ‘d hold a new spouse. Or you ‘d hold a replacement taking the category, alternatively of Miss Aigletinger. Or you ‘d heard your female parent and male parent holding a terrific battle in the bathroom. Or you ‘d merely passed by one of those puddles in the street with gasolene in them. I mean you ‘d be different in some way- I ca n’t explicate what I mean. And even if I could, I ‘m non certain I ‘d experience like it. ” I genuinely believe that this “ manner of life ” he describes is something he wishes that he could populate. I find it interesting that during the chapter he switches from first individual to back individual when he uses the word “ you ” and how he decides non to come in the museum. My idea is that he did n’t desire to live over the memories of his childhood inside the museum doors.

“ I ‘m standing on the border of some brainsick drop. What I have to make, I have to catch everybody if theyA startA to travel over the cliff-I mean if they ‘re running and they do n’t look where they ‘re traveling I have to come out from someplace and catch them. That ‘s all I ‘d make all twenty-four hours. I ‘d merely be the backstop in the rye and all. ”

This quotation mark is said by Holden in chapter 22, when Phoebe asks him what he wants to make with his life. This is likely my favourite quotation mark, merely because it is where the rubric of the book comes from, and I believe it ties the whole narrative together. I think this quotation mark truly fits Holden because throughout the book we can state that he would instead fall back to his fanciful position of what is about him, instead than world. I find it diverting how he is holding this conversation with his younger sister. His quotation mark is mentioning to kids, and he is speaking to a kid. I think this portion in the book truly shows his worldview, as being really simple and unrealistic. Holden believes that kids are so simple and guiltless, and grownups are really complex. My idea is that he wants to protect the young person of his clip.

I truly enjoyed reading this book. I thought it was really cagey of the writer to utilize the portion of Holden ‘s quotation mark as the rubric of the book. I besides liked how he used vivid inside informations to depict things, such as Holden ‘s memories of the museum, and merely the overall significance of the narrative. One thing I did n’t wish, in my sentiment, there was n’t truly a immense flood tide or high point. I kept reading in hunt of a turning point or something major to go on. Although I would state that the flood tide is when Holden watches Phoebe on the carrousel. Holden truly changes in that portion of the book. Alternatively of step ining when he thinks she may fall off, he does n’t. He learned to allow travel. But, other than that, I truly liked this choice.